Top Chef Finale Features Vancouver restaurants Black+Blue and Coast

Dungeness Crab Cake

Stay with me on this one.  Two Vancouver restaurants are being featured in the upcoming finale of Top Chef: Texas.  Top Chef is the hit reality cooking show on Bravo, where chefs face off in a series of culinary challenges.  This season – judged by Emeril Lagasse, among others – is set in Texas and focuses on southern cuisine like pit BBQ and chili.

But the final episodes have been filmed right here in Vancouver.  The finale is set in two very popular restaurants on Alberni Street: Black+Blue and Coast. Catch it when it airs March 12 at 6 p.m. on Food Network Canada (or Feb. 29 at 10 p.m. if you get Bravo USA) – or head down to ritzy Alberni Street yourself for a first-hand look at the featured restaurants.

Black+Blue is a brand-new, upscale steakhouse that’s already winning acclaim for having the best steaks in town.  The meat, displayed in a big cooler right when you walk in, includes ultra prime steaks like Snake River Wagyu – North America’s equivalent of coveted Kobe beef.  Plus, with 38-foot ceilings and an elevator to a roof-top patio, Black+Blue ranks high in the style department.

Glowbal Black + Blue | Dine Out Vancouver

Right next door is Coast – equally trendy and equally popular but seafood themed.  The highlight of a trip to Coast is sidling up to their massive downstairs bar for the signature platter: a tiered tray filled with Atlantic lobster, jumbo prawns, crab legs, mussels, sashimi and oysters, all on ice.

Exactly what went on inside Coast and Black+Blue during the Top Chef finale, we’ll have to wait to find out.  But, if it’s anything like last week’s Vancouver episode of Top Chef, it should make for good TV.  In that episode, chefs faced off in series of absurd, Winter Olympic-themed challenges.  They had to whip up dishes in a moving gondola; hack through ice blocks to access frozen ingredients; and participate in a biathlon, skiing and shooting in order to win ingredients for use in competition.

Anyone been to the new Black+Blue steakhouse?  How was it?

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