Meet the Real Housewives of Vancouver: Official Cast Revealed

The Real Housewives of Vancouver Cast

Last week, I wrote about the upcoming Real Housewives of Vancouver, the first Canadian version of the popular Real Housewives reality series, “the world’s number one lifestyle reality franchise.” The series, which will premiere on Slice TV sometime soon (no official air date is set)*, had been hush-hush about its main cast, though rumours were flying over which Vancouver ladies would be the new Housewives.

Today, Slice TV officially announced the identities of the five main cast members of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, plus a bit about their bios (and a YouTube promo, of course):

The Real Housewives of Vancouver are (descriptions courtesy of Slice TV):

Reiko MacKenzie – “A Japanese-Canadian bombshell…[whose] fleet of high-end vehicles consists of nine luxury cars including Reiko’s favourites – Ferraris 599 GTO and 458 Italia valued together at $1 million”

Christina Kiesel – “Twice divorced, Christina has been left well provided for…A modern day Brigitte Bardot, Christina is content to play the field and enjoy her freedom. As for girlfriends, she chooses to keep her list short. She generally finds women to be competitive and backstabbing. So her best friend is hairdresser Kevin Chase, an outspoken, much sought-after stylist to Vancouver’s elite.”

Jody Claman – “A very successful clothing store owner and self-made businesswoman, Jody…[has grown her catering] company into a multi-million dollar empire and now likes to refer to herself as “Martha Stewart on acid.” Today, she also owns a wildly popular West Vancouver boutique specializing in high-end luxury labels, as well as a baby-wear store…She is also a strong believer of giving back and established a charitable association to help fight hunger in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.”

Mary Zilba – “Prior to starting a family, Mary had a very successful singing career including numerous songs on the top 40 chart…Mary lives in a luxurious waterfront penthouse condominium [in Yaletown] with her teenage boys, ages 16, 15 and 13.” She’s also a former Miss Ohio who competed in the Miss America pageant.

Ronnie Seterdahl Negus – “Owning four houses side-by-side in an exclusive, waterfront gated area of West Vancouver only begins to showcase the lifestyle that defines Ronnie. A yacht, a private jet, and a 200-acre Napa Valley vineyard, are just some of the toys that Ronnie has at her disposal.”

Here they are in their own words:

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*UPDATE: The Real Housewives of Vancouver will premier April 4, 2012, on Slice.

UPDATE 4/4/12: The Real Housewives of Vancouver Premiere Reviewed – Love it or Hate it?

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23 Responses to Meet the Real Housewives of Vancouver: Official Cast Revealed

  1. LangLing

    Interesting they picked Reiko, Her husband is a notorious drug dealing gangster that was involved with bindy johal and is still current involvement with the hells angels

    • Dana Lynch

      Well, it would add to the drama!

  2. Vancouverite

    I think this show will bring opts of good and bad but everyone in the states that think we live in igloos up here in Canada can see what a beautiful city we live in and the beautiful women that make our city. As for Reiko live her alone and if her husband is bad news at least he is taking care of her and his daughters, everyone has skeletons in their closest.

    can’t wait for April 4th!

    rock it ladies

    • another BC tax payer

      Sorry did you just more or less say its ok to be a drug dealer as long as you have a family getting a piece? Noone has to leave anyone alone if they want to be on reality TV they are fair game for people to ask about their backgrounds

  3. Laura

    Initially I thought this show was a ‘Housewives’ parody and the women were drag queens. It wasn’t that their facial features or body types are masculine, I just don’t see Vancouver women so made up and dressed up.
    I think the drag queens would make for a better show.

  4. Just watch wait and we shall see! My guess is that you will be hocked after the 2 hour premiere! Notably part 2 of the 2 hour premiere is all about Christina and her 30th Birthday celebrated at a good close friends home with all of the lovely “WIVE’S” together in Christina’s honor!!!

    Ladies and Gentleman fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the ride :)

  5. Irish

    Just another chance for some women to embarrass themselves along with the rest of Vancouverites. Isn’t enough that we have to see them in the US now they’re bringing it up here! All I can say is Canada should be a leader and not a follower, I mean we do have studios up here that are quite capable of producing some good shows and not trash that is all over the tv these days, don’t you think?

  6. Teena

    Can’t wait to watch! Love to see apparently women of a higher class making fools of themselves!

  7. I own 1 of the best auto spas in greater Vancouver. Our location is in kitts and we have over 12000 sf of space. We own the coolest and fanciest auto spa in town and we would love to detail all the cast’s vehicles free of charge.

    1696 west 5th ave,

  8. I think Mary andChristina are terrific. Too bad that one person blames another one for their drinking problems.

  9. Gayle

    I never watch serial TV – except for this show. I guess being Canadian has made me curious and hopeful we will not be made look like the ‘less-cool American ‘cousins’. Delightfully our LADIES are just as glamorous and snippy as all the others. I’m now at the 4th program and love all but Jody. I do hope she is acting her part; because if her bigotry/spite against Mary’s obvious youthfulness and beauty is sincere she is a poor role model to which she hoped women would aspire.
    I love Christina – she seems to be sincerely a woman seeking the best in other women. A woman after my heart – good luck to her!!!
    I.m enjoying the show -and very pleasantly surprised!

  10. Elizabeth

    Ugh! No wonder the female gender can’t get along. This show, The Hills, Pretty Little Liars – all designed to mess up women even further. 9.5/10 women do not aspire to be anything like these women on this show.

  11. Tammy

    The ONLY reason I watch this show is because I view it as a soap opera/comedy…..the lips, the cheeks the childlike jealousies…..these women ARE NOT role models! They are entertainment!

  12. Brenda mccall

    I have watched this since day one and I an still in awe that all these women can dump their long term friendship for someone who….and all of Canada sees this……is the biggest bully and liar on the show! There is no doubt that Mary lied to get out oft this sad dinner and maybe she should have said ….screw you ,I am sick of being your punching bag.What everyone in Canada sees is Jody is a very trashy lady and is jealous of Mary and wants to take her down. Shame on you Ronnie and your friends that are so worried about your positions in social circles that you put your friends out to dry. Jody is just your style….her daughter has a rep…check it out. And you use you daughter as a crutch for your shitty behavior…shame on you. I understood from the beginning of this show you and Mary had an 18 year friendship! I think you need to take a look at what most of Canada thinks of Jody an her daughter!

    • Christine davies

      Ronnie, wake up and see the evil! Jodie starts any drama that you blame on Mary. Thank God I dont have friends like you or Jodie. I’d happily be friends with Mary, the Russian or the Texan!

  13. Jo

    Jody – pls leave the show as you are almost impossible to watch anymore. No, you are already impossible – I fast forward thru any of you or your daughter’s segments! Mary & Robin appear to be the only one’s on the show that don’t bring “SHAME TO CANADA” !

    • Barbs

      I have just watched this show over the last week and can’t believe it! You call yourself a good Jewish girl! As a jewis LADY I am ashamed of you. You ar mean and spiteful and I hope that you will soon be out of this show. You don’t know how to behave. Friends in the UK here have also checked out the show and u fortunately, they have the same opinion. I doubt that I will be watching again. There’s nothing worse than a bully!

  14. lynn

    I watch the show every week, I find Jody to be rude, to old to be around such a gorgeous cast. She reminds me of Phiyills Diller, looks like her laugh and talks like her.and those ugly fur things {rats or rabbit} my lord. BUT I really like Mary, she really is a lady classy honest, poor Jody is very jealous of Mary, because deep down she knows she has no class, just a big mouth. If having a lot of money, like Jody I’d rather be broke. Mary your the best, I love your song your my Hero. And Jody I have a man for you , Don Rickels, or Charles Manson.

  15. melissa *Australia*

    OMG, I agree with you all. Jodie should be turfed out of the show, right on her backside. Surely ratings, shouldn’t come at the cost of humiliating some one. Also on such a regular basis. She should not be allowed to treat Mary or others, so disgustingly & publicly.. Jodie truly makes me sick to my stomach. It is so obvious she is extremely jealous of Mary & is intent of hurting her in every way. Shame on the girls, to give Jodie a minute of there time. Jodie only wants people, with out a backbone. So they will just follow her outrageous behavior. Kick her to the curb Producers *SHE”S NO GOOD*
    MARY * ROBIN *UILIA* & CHRISTINA ROCK – & REICO come to her senses, woo hoo. By the way love love your cars

  16. joshua81

    guys give them a break for all of us its hard u get the nasty ones ans the people with a good personalty take remmy for example cutes thing alive and shes all of our hero she deserves respect som havent got any thats a sham and if i could give remmy the biggest gift i could i would give her a teddy stuffed with sweets wich says to a verry special hero and give her it while i shake her hand and sing the national anthem :)

  17. rit stockley-haylock

    i live in the UK , however, my husband is Canadian, i have watched the first season, looking forward to the second season, without the Evil JODY , and her offensive daughter,Mia, here in the UK we do things kind of different, if someone speaks offensive to another person, we stand up to them and tell them exactly what we think of them!!!!! which is what Mary should do to Jody, we have extremely good fashion here in the UK, maybe Jody should pay Harrods or Harvey Nicholls here in the UK and take some advice on fashion…….her and her daughter really are the “PITS”

  18. Jan

    I watched the first series in one week, I wanted Jody told what a bitch she was in the reunion but no nothing. Rekkio and Christina I miss dearly but I do like robin and
    Iloula (Russian girl). But why still such a fake Jody and her disgusting daughter Mia now ganging with Amanda. I don’t understand why Mary joins these women when she knows Jody will be there. There is more to life than the back stabbing of a trashy furred up bad dresser. Please life should be fun, women do not spend hours backstabbing or is it that normal people have better lives than the rich and spoilt.

  19. Lena Ericsson

    I live in Sweden and would like to tell you that Jody and Ronnie are just as hated here as enywere else! Bullies is not a strong enough word for their behaviour! With friends like Ronnie who needs enemies!? Mary! The world’s got you’re back! All the way to Sweden! /Lena