Vancouver-based reality show Family Cook Off premieres March 1

Photo Credit: Food Network Canada

This has been a big couple weeks for Vancouver and cooking shows.  First, Top Chef shot its season finale at several restaurants around the city, including Bao Bei, Black+Blue and Coast (airing Feb. 29 at 10 p.m. on Bravo USA).   Now, a brand new competitive cooking show set in Vancouver is about to kick off.

Family Cook Off premieres on Thursday, March 1, at 9 p.m. on Food Network Canada.  The show, which has been described as a kind of Iron Chef for non-professional cooks by the Vancouver Sun, pits two families against one another as they race against the clock to cook the best meal.

And Vancouverites will instantly recognize the show’s backdrop.  Family Cook Off was filmed outside on the dock at Stamp’s Landing, on the edge of False Creek.  As families furiously cook away, you can make out sailboats floating by in False Creek and the glitzy new highrises of Yaletown on the opposite shore.  Plus, the show was shot last August during a stretch of gorgeous days – Talk about some great advertising for the city.

So how does Family Cook Off work?

Each team consists of four family members (sometimes mom and dad and the kids, sometimes groups made of grandparents, siblings, step-families, etc.).   Each family then splits into two teams.  One team has just 20 minutes to whip up a main dish.  The other team gets the same amount of time to prepare a dessert.

Photo Credit: Food Network Canada

When time’s up, their creations are evaluated by a panel of judges whose names should be familiar to Food Network Canada fans.  There’s Anthony Sedlak, who stars in The Main and is also the chef at American Cheesesteak Co. (which has a newly opened branch on Davie Street).   The other judge is Trish Magwood, who’s in the show Party Dish.

So what’s the prize for all this family cooking mayhem?   Winners get  $1,000 in groceries and – more importantly – the coveted Golden Frypan trophy (and bragging rights for life).

Family Cook Off premieres Thursday, March 1, at 9 p.m. on Food Network Canada. 

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