Featured Vancouverite: Stacy Hall

Hometown: Various Alberta towns, with Calgary being the most recent.

How long have you been a Vancouverite? 29 years

As an entrepreneur, I co-founded Justin Stitches 25 years ago, and now run the company on my own. I’ve now morphed the business into two distinct entities: renaming Justin Stitches to Make on Granville Island, a totally unique and creative retail experience and Promosapien, promotional products for the human race. At Make, we offer custom options, such as digital printing, embroidery, and laser engraving.

Favourite Vancouver artist:
Peter Kiss – Peter is one of the most creative, interesting, intelligent, fun, and generous people I have ever met and all of these qualities shine through in his art. His whimsical and clever twist on “people” in his sculptures, plus his inventive titles for them, are my favourite. His wife Tania also designs the best jewelry ever. Of the four pieces of jewelry I own, two are hers.

Five essential items for a Vancouverite:
A dog that needs lots of exercise. This is the best way to ensure you get out and enjoy (or sometimes just endure) Vancouver’s stunning parks and forests and mountains every day in all kinds of weather.

Some sort of watercraft sans engine. Whether it’s a sailboat, paddleboard, kayak or other. We are blessed with beautiful ocean at our doorstep, and some of my best moments in Vancouver have been on English Bay.

Waterproof 3/4 length hooded jacket. Umbrellas are too hard to handle when you’ve got a leash, your bag, and a coffee!

Katkam.ca saved as a favourite on your computer. I look at this almost daily for the stunning live webcam looking west from somewhere above the Burrard Street Bridge (plus it has a link to the Environment Canada weather forecast), along with Vancouver is Awesome and Scout Magazine – two virtual ‘zines that celebrate and keep you up-to-date on what’s great in Vancouver right now.

Favourite Vancouver memory:
So many! All of them outdoors for sure. Here’s one that really stands out:

Racing in the snowflake series on English Bay one extremely chilly and windy Sunday in January on a boat called Havoc. There was a huge westerly and we had been pounding into the wind for miles. We tacked for a straight run towards West Vancouver and the finish. My teammate Russell failed to get the runner off quickly enough and within moments the boat was laying on it’s side with huge waves crashing into the cockpit. Russell was underwater trying to release the runner, somebody yelled “we’re going down”, our teammate Paul threw up into our other teammate’s Jeff’s open jacket and I, who had been standing on the foredeck clearing the sail, was now hanging by my fingernails to the mast track, feet on a stanchion and the lifeline with the ocean up to the top of my thighs.

I have no idea how long this lasted, but after what seemed like quite a long time, Russell got the runner released, the boat lurched itself right, we got things under control and headed for the finish. I have no recall of how we did in that race. The long broad reach to the finish was full of excited chatter as was the pub afterwards as everyone recounted each of the seconds of the knock-down and what they were doing and what they were thinking (except for poor Paul, as he was pretty done in). Scary, crazy, and exhilarating; a favourite moment for sure.

Best way to spend $20 in Vancouver:
Spending it at Granville Island. Parking for 3 hours: free, coffee from JJBean: $2, doggie fun at the hill at Ron Basford Park (east end of the island): free, cool hunting in the galleries and shops: free, warm beet salad and a glass of BC wine under a blanket on the deck at The Sandbar Restaurant: $18. No matter what the weather, this is a perfect afternoon!

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