Vancouver food carts: 12 new vendors to arrive in March

Photo Credit: Flickr | Kris Krug for Tourism Vancouver

Vancouver food carts keep on trucking. Sometime this month the City of Vancouver will announce 12 new, stationary food carts after conducting taste tests in late February.

If patience is not your strong suit, I sympathize. The suspense is killing me. In the meantime let me tell you everything I know about the 25 vendors shortlisted from a pool of 59 applicants. 12 of them will appear on a street near you in the coming sunny weather.

Details on Vancouver’s 12 new food carts after the jump.

About Vancouver’s  street food scene 2010 to present day

Vancouver’s street food explosion began booming in 2010 after city officials repealed the 1978 law allowing only hot dogs, chestnuts and popcorn to be sold from street food carts. Since then, Vancouver diners have met several exciting, new food trucks a year.

While the 2010 street cars were chosen by lottery, the 2011 carts were picked by a panel of judges comprising chefs, food bloggers, activists and business people. There are currently 103 food carts; the City of Vancouver is aiming for 130 by 2013.

The 12 new food carts set to appear in 2012 were also chosen by a panel of judges including the Vancouver Sun’s food editor Juanita Ng. Lucky for us she documented all the shortlisted applicants as she tasted, and that’s the primary source of this scoop.

Photo Credit: Flickr | veronique_m

About the applicants for Vancouver’s new food carts

According to the Sun’s coverage, most of the vendors’ dishes were priced under $10, many were gluten-free and environmental friendliness was the norm. Here’s a list of the food styles from potential, new Vancouver vendors. 12 will become permanent fixtures.

  1. A pork lovers’ cart with bacon-inspired goodies
  2. Mediterranean/Middle Eastern flat breads
  3. Sweet and savoury Belgian waffles
  4. Contemporary Chinese snacks and dim sum
  5. Authentic Thai street food
  6. Sustainable meat sandwiches/dishes
  7. Wood-fired pizzas ($10)
  8. Salvadoran cuisine with emphasis on pupusas
  9. Italian subs
  10. Ethical burgers
  11. Organic British pub fare
  12. Modern Japanese fusion
  13. Seasonal and local-inspired Mediterranean staples
  14. West Coast po’boy sarnies and salads
  15. British-Indian cuisine served up in tiffins
  16. Innovative pierogies
  17. Vietnamese
  18. Korean tacos (again, but Coma is closing)
  19. North Carolina BBQ sandwiches
  20. Italian pasta
  21. Wood-fired pizzas ($6-8)
  22. Asian sticky rice, stir fry and rice paper wraps
  23. Smoothies
  24. Julia Child meets French bistro
  25. Australian hand pies

Hungry yet? Take masochism a step farther with this photo gallery of Vancouver’s potential, new food carts.

What type of food cart would you vote for? Weigh in by commenting below.

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