Baby Fish and Jellies at the Vancouver Aquarium: Babies Exhibit opens March 9

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

It’s universally agreed that all babies are cute, cuddly, adorable and irresistible.  At least, all human babies.  But what about baby jellyfish, wolf-eels, poison frogs and sea horses?  Are they just as cuddly?

You can find out at the Vancouver Aquarium’s new Babies exhibit, opening Friday, March 9, which highlights newborn versions of some of its beloved sea creatures.  Special displays have been set up to offer visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the aquarium’s newest arrivals: hundreds of bouncing baby fishes, invertebrates and more.

But where did all these slimy, scale-y little bundles of joy come from?

It turns out that the Vancouver Aquarium is also an expert breeding facility.  Over the last 55 years, it has successfully bred thousands of fish, reptiles, birds and invertebrates (No word on exactly how they get jellyfish “in the mood” for romance).   Every year hundreds of newborn animals join the aquarium’s collection – and this year is no exception.

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Swing by the new Babies exhibit and you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the moon jellyfish life-cycle (but were afraid to ask) at the baby nursery.  Or you can head over to the Pacific Canada Pavilion for a peak inside a very special maternity ward – filled with baby clown anemonefish and seahorses.

Daily shows and interactive exhibits explain how the aquarium’s inhabitants breed and care for their young, while also answering such pressing questions as what’s a baby stingray called and why do seahorses make such odd parents.

There are even babies on the big screen.  Adorable baby penguin Mumble stars in a special version of the animated hit Happy Feet showing in the aquarium’s 4-D theatre  (which combines a 3-D movie with special sensory effects like wind, mist and scents).  Will Mumble’s dancing feet save his endangered colony?  There’s only one way to find out.

Babies at the Vancouver Aquarium opens on Friday, March 9, and runs through May 6.  For more info, visit the Vancouver Aquarium website.

Been to the exhibit?  What’s your favourite baby sea creature? 

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