Tix on sale: VanDusen Botanical Garden’s Great A-Mazing Easter Egg Hunt

Typically one doesn’t think of Easter in March unless rolling by the supermarket Easter candy displays that appear 20 seconds after Valentine’s Day. Saint Patty’s Day doesn’t get enough attention from chocolatiers. But that’s another blog post.

Easter 2012 falls on April 8 this year, and tickets are on sale now for VanDusen Botanical Garden’s Great A-Mazing Egg Hunt that takes place Friday, April 6.

The annual Great A-Mazing Egg Hunt is a beloved Vancouver event for families with children ages 2-10. This pastel fun fest sells out early every year, so don’t sit on your haunches if you plan on attending.

Details on how to get tickets and what’s going down at the Great A-mazing Egg Hunt after the jump.

Photo Credit: VanDusen Botanical Garden | Peggy Heath

The Great A-Mazing Egg Hunt, as the name implies, involves kids hunting for eggs. What makes this cooler than most egg hunts? The eggs are tucked away in VanDusen Botanical Garden’s amazing maze.

Inspired by the hedge mazes of Renaissance England, VanDusen’s maze is one of only six mazes in North America. The VanDusen maze is made of 3,000 pyramidal cedars (Thuja occidentalis ‘Fastigiata’) planted in the autumn of 1981. I haven’t tried to navigate it yet, but from what I hear, it’s pretty tricky.

There are two time slots available for kids participating in the egg hunt Friday, April 6: 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. The 10am-12pm time slot usually sells out first. Tickets must be purchased in advance, in person at the Visitor Centre Admissions Desk. They won’t be available April 6 at the event gate. Prices are as follows: Children (ages 2-10): $6:50; Adults: $10.75; Seniors: $8; Garden Members: free with membership card.

Photo Credit: VanDusen Botanical Garden | Kerri Burgi

In addition to the thrill of the chase from egg hunting, VanDusen is offering onsite crafts plus interactive fuzzy and prickly friends ( (think giant Easter bunny + Purdy’s Philbert the Hedgehog). The Vancouver-based Purdy’s Chocolates is the Great A-Mazing Egg Hunt event sponsor.

To find out more about ticket availability, call VanDusen Botanical Garden at 604-257-8463.

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