Featured Vancouverite: Shana Lee Gibson

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

How long have you been a Vancouverite? 14 years (wow)!

I’m a Psychic Medium and Mystic Mentor. For more information, check my website at www.shanaleegibson.ca.

My public work began in 2000. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of reading for thousands of clients in person, by phone, on my weekly Blog Talk Radio show Spirit Talks, and was recently added to Psychic Investigator, Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Online Directory. As a child, I was naturally clairvoyant and mediumistic but it wasn’t until the age of 15 when I predicted and witnessed my mom’s car accident that I recognized the need to understand my spiritual abilities.

My studies began with The Course in Miracles and Paramahansa Yogananda’s SRF lessons where I learned about meditation, discipline and soul perception. I later studied at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England where I was inspired by many brilliant mediums including BIO TV’s psychic medium Tony Stockwell. My spiritual portfolio is diverse and includes producing inspirational mentoring programs for teens, documentary film, radio, writing and public speaking. Trust your gut!

Favourite place in the city: English Bay

Best way to spend a Saturday in the city:
Getting out of the house and shopping at Banyen Books in Kitsilano. I could read there for hours and always find something unique to leave with. I’d then head to Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe and Pie Shop for homemade rhubarb pie, and would cap it off with a massage at Saje on 4th Avenue (always a good time – rain or shine). I also love the store Presence in Horseshoe Bay. I could spend all day there.

Favourite Vancouver restaurant: Organic Lives on Quebec Street

Top insider tip for visitors:
Commercial Drive is buzzing with culture and community. Enjoy the eclectic atmosphere as you stroll down the Drive or stop by Marcello’s for a slice of Italy – and of course, be open!

Do you know someone who would be a great featured Vancouverite? Let us know in the comment box below!

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One Response to Featured Vancouverite: Shana Lee Gibson

  1. KristinaZ

    I met Shana about 11 years ago when moved to Vancouver from Russia. She has always been my inspiration and a guide; a true friend. She has alwyas been my tutor in life and English! Oh, not everyone could understand everything I said my Enlish was very poor at that time, but Shana has always been very patient with me. Those who know Shana are lucky to have her as a friend!
    Keep up the great work and continue to inspire Shana!