Refuel Closing March 24; Top Chef Canada’s Trevor Bird to Open ‘Fable’ in Its Place

Refuel's authentic and awesome fried chicken. Photo: Dana Lynch

If you keep up with the Vancouver restaurant scene, you’ve probably already heard this news: Campagnolo owners Tom Doughty and Robert Belcham have sold their first restaurant, Kitsilano’s Refuel, to Top Chef Canada Season 2 “cheftestant” Trevor Bird, who plans to open his first restaurant, to be named ‘Fable’, in its place.

If you haven’t been to Refuel—or had planned to visit any time after this month—I urge you to go their before they officially close their doors on March 24. In my full review of Refuel (from June 2010), I talk about how much I adore this neighbourhood place, how fabulous the food is, and, especially, how divine their fried chicken is. Seriously, Refuel’s is the best southern fried chicken I’ve had in Vancouver, ever, and I say that as the daughter of woman from Atlanta, Georgia, who grew up on southern cooking. If you even remotely like fried chicken, get to Refuel before March 24!

There is one more chance to dine at Refuel after March 24: They are having their last Late Night P.I.G. Dinner on March 28. Refuel’s whole hog and pig dinners have quite a culinary following, and this last “Pig Dinner” on March 28 will happen at a “secret location” and involve “refuel bacon & R&B beer.” There are just seven of the $59 tickets left, so move fast!

Personally, though I’m excited about Trevor Bird’s first restaurant, I’m truly sad to see Refuel close. But here’s at least one piece of good news: According to Scout Magazine, all of Refuel’s staff have jobs at Doughty and Belcham’s other restaurants (including their new venture, Fat Dragon), so no one is out of work.

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