Real Housewives of Vancouver Premiere – Love it or Hate it?

After weeks/months of anticipation, media cattiness (the women aren’t really part of Vancouver high society!) and scandal (The Province’s reveal that cast member Reiko Mackenzie’s husband Sunny Mackenzie is Sun News Lal, a man acquitted, along with “notorious crime boss Bindy Johal in Vancouver’s sensational gangland murder of brothers Jim and Ron Dosanjh” in 1994), the Real Housewives of Vancouver premiered April 4 on Slice TV with two back-to-back episodes.

Like many Vancouverites, I was intrigued enough to see the Vancouver version of the franchise—the first Real Housewives franchise set in Canada—to watch the premiere, despite not being a Real Housewives fan.  Personally, I thought the build-up and pre-show scandals were more interesting than the show itself. (Let the cattiness begin!)

In the first episode, we meet the five women who comprise the Real Housewives of Vancouver’s main cast: Jody Claman (whose personal style is all about huge jewelry and furs, thus reminding me a bit of Miss Piggy), Mary Zilba (former beauty queen/singer who I’m guessing will be the “nice” one), Christina Kiesel (the “young one” who gets birthday botox at home from a dentist named Dr. Doug), Ronnie Seterdahl Negus (the “bitchy one” who buys Christina an unfunny “goldigger/hooker” t-shirt for her birthday), and Reiko Mackenzie (who, despite the aforementioned scandalous history and a penchant for Ferraris, struck me as the most well-adjusted).

Since they’re setting up the cast and relationships, the first episode doesn’t really get going until the second half, when the ladies head to Whistler for a “girls getaway.” Before that, it’s mostly Vancouver real estate porn: we get a glimpse into Jody’s West Vancouver condo, Mary’s Yaletown condo, Christina’s Coal Harbour pad, Ronnie’s $10 million West Vancouver mansion, and Reiko’s Shaughnessy home, which has a rather hilarious outdoor pool that looks like it was made out of faux rocks, Las Vegas-style.

Once the women get to Whistler, the real Real Housewives “plot” appears, with Jody cutting down Christina for not wanting to work (Christina claims earning spousal support from two ex-husbands involved plenty of “work”) and Mary for sleeping with her ex (which Jody thinks is a sign that Mary is weak and “needs therapy”), while Mary’s frenemy Ronnie looks on and Reiko acts uncomfortable.

That was the whole first episode.

The second episode was, for me, quite tedious. The “plot” centres around Christina’s 30th birthday party and Mary and Christina’s preparations for “confronting” Jody about her take-down at Whistler, but the confrontation itself doesn’t happen until the last ten minutes of the episode and isn’t very dramatic or interesting, anyway. The rest of the hour is mainly some shopping, drinking, and Christina’s at-home botox. Yawn.

Though I wasn’t entertained by the ladies’ interpersonal drama (that’s why people watch the Real Housewives, right?), I did get a legitimate kick out of the travelogue-style view of Vancouver. The city looks amazing, which can only be a boon for tourism. I mean, the Real Housewives of Vancouver don’t just live in better houses than you or ingest better, custom-made vitamins, they also live in a better Vancouver, where it’s always sunny, Whistler’s fresh air is “euphoric,” and everyone in the Downtown Eastside’s Sunrise Markets loves rich ladies from West Van.

It was fun to see the women popping up at Vancouver hotspots and local favourites: Mary rides the Aquabus from Yaletown to Granville Island, Christina’s pals have drinks at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, the ladies grab a bite at Cactus Club, Mary and Ronnie shop at Obakki in Gastown. But even with the Vancouver glamour shots, I don’t think I’ll be tuning in again; it was just too boring. These ladies will need to ratchet up the melodrama and bitchiness if they’re going to make this a multi-season show.

Enough about my opinion—What did you think? Did you love the Real Housewives of Vancouver or did you hate it? Discuss!

5/3/2012: Thank you to everyone commenting! To keep the conversation going, please stay on topic—keep the focus on the RHOV—with no personal insults toward other posters! Let’s keep this light and fun, please, so we can all enjoy it.

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347 Responses to Real Housewives of Vancouver Premiere – Love it or Hate it?

  1. Gemma Elizabeth

    Just a little edit- Coal Harbour is spelled as such, not Cole.

    • Inside Vancouver

      Thanks for catching the typo!

      • I THINK IT SHOWS THE WORST OF WOMEN TOO. Do they not have better things to do than to carry on like Jody and her daughter?Jody says she is upfront and honest which is just an excuse for being cruel and rude to people like she was with Christina. Ronnie is also involved in this crap too. I am embarassed to be a Canadian. I have never talked about my friends this way or treated any of them this way . My friends wouldn’t dream of acting like Jody, her daughter or Ronnie.

        • Willow

          Never watched it, never will. I feel “reality tv” is made up of no talent wanna be actors and actresses. Just my opinion.

          • Shelley

            Only watched it once, the first day it was on….realized how ridiculous these women were, and have never watched it again. So dumb.

        • samantha

          YES! It’s like Jody was dropped on the head as a child. She doesn’t make sense.

          • Lucy

            It clearly shows that Jody and Mia are the type of uneducated, close-minded, evil women. most importantly they are aware of how ugly they are inside out and exactly their obnoxious behaviour is the best way they can do by bashing out at the others (though nobody is perfect) and look down at people. Well… Karma does exist and it will always come back at you both LOL

          • kelly

            jody and mia I used to shop at your store but no more your rude pathetic and I thought you were better than that but no really you act like trash good luck I have spoke to all our friends that shop there and no more so good luck in dropped revenue funny

          • rachel

            Jody is over opinionated and it makes my skin crawl when she dishes out opinions like its her business.. IF IT DOESNT INVOLVE YOU , BACK THE F OFF! Shes mean , cruel , and 110% a bully!!

          • northern girl

            jody for the love of god stop focusing on mary, u sound like a high school kid who gets her kicks out of mocking others.
            your a bully jody, get a decent hair style, and the firs have to go, seriously…………tsk tsk tsk
            do u even watch these episodes later on , do u hear yourself……………….such a hyprocrite………… not wasting anymore words on the likes of you, its point less………….grow up

        • hey dont be embarrass being a canadian it just sad that they had to pick a person that has no heart and the person they had to make anti bully day. jody is the most mean cold, evil person and she shouldnt be on the house wives of Vancouver. out of all the house wives she is the worst they need to rename it house wives and the devil of Vancouver and have jody standing under the word devil.

        • JLR

          I agree. I would rather be poor and have a good attitude than rich and THINK I have a right to behave such as these woman are. It is deplorable. I watch several other HW series and I have to say, these woman are the worst!! I wouldn’t trust any of these women at any time! I guess changing the channel would be cheaper than wanting to live anywhere else than Canada! Clean it up ladies. I was hoping for Canadian women being involved in charities and careers. Sadly the only storyline I saw was drinking, gold digging, using husbands and behavior my grandchildren would never think of using ANYWHERE!!

        • Linda

          Amen to the comment on Jody and her daughter , i too am ashamed to call them Canadian women , just because you can be a blank doesn’t mean you have too , grow up ladies and get a real life and behave ! you are representing the Real Canadian women ! and we just don’t act like that.

          • carrie

            OMG Jody and her daughter make me sick. Jody is the most shameful shameful feature of Vancouver house wives. I just watched the show and had to turned it off because of her…. you’re one pothetic jelous old ulgy woman I’ve ever seen on TV, just how sad that you represent this pround Van city as a housewife. Absoulutely disgusting…..YUK!!

          • Ja mie

            Is Jodi on crack? She just sued Mary for saying negative things about her buisness,( and she did not say anything close to as bad as some of the mean thing Jodi says to all of the other cast)

            Then she says she will not allow anyone to disrespect her buisness, she better take her name off any buisness that she owns because she will go bankrupt representing any buisness with her attitude , I feel embarrassed for her family.

          • sam

            My advice to anyone out there that doesn’t want to watch this type of show is TURN OFF THE CHANNEl! It occurred to me through all these comments and insults that we are saying the same things that they are hurling only they are getting paid for it. We must represent the woman and young female teens of Canada, that we have class and we choose better entertainment than that of which Housewives of Vancouver portray. I would like to protest that everyone who watches the Housewives of Vancouver shut it off. Don’t glorify them any more!!!!! Please respond & email me if you agree to this protest.
            God Bless all of you for stopping this nonsense.

          • Gale

            I can NOT believe she is a Cunuck,,,or a beautiful west-coaster,,,,She is a not very good looking,fur wearing mean spirited Bitch

        • grace

          should be called “the real bitches of vancouver” makes me ashamed to be a canadian woman

          • grace

            changed my mind, i am not ashamed to be a canadian woman, these girls should be ashamed to show their faces on t. v. and give the general public such a horrible view of our proud country. i am proud to be a canadian woman and always will be. they all can kiss my grits.

        • Dear Joe from Cambie St.: I agree with you so much. Your friends and other yong women in Canada could benefit so much from good role models and help when they are starting out. My daughter just finished University and College getting a degree in PR. My other daughter just finished working for a company that closed down. Both of them could benefit from help from other established women. Yes, there truly needs to be real substance in these women. I was rather shocked to see some of their actions as I didn’t know people like them existed.

        • I watched the latest show and was so surprised at how Jody treated Reiko. Wow, just kidding. Reiko had it coming in my books. She finally saw exactly what she was dealing with in her friend Jody. Jody was hurt that Reiko had left the table when she and Mary were having their discussion. I understand that Reiko felt it was none of her business, but this has been her MO all through the show. She treated Mary terribly at the fashion show and in the hotel. Now Jody who is her friend attacks her for leaving the restaurant. Reiko finally got her just desserts. Jody has drawn the lines of battle and it is up to Reiko to make the next move. I think it looks good on Reiko myself because she has been letting people bully others and has never intervened. As far as Mary goes she spoke her mind to Jody but I wish she wouldn’t have lowered herself to Jody’s level by calling her evil like she was called at the birthday party.

          Jody was up to her old tricks when she called Ronnie to meet and told her about the Mexico trip and the new drink that Mary is involved in. If it were my friend I would be happy for her but not Ronnie. She thinks everything she does Mary does. It is the greatest form of flattery Ronnie and after all it is a free country so everyone is allowed to do what they want. My girlfriend and I like to write and we always encourage each other. There is no jealousy or competition between us so Ronnie should try to think that way. It might give her a little peace in her life. I don’t know why she was upset about the trip to Mexico. She and Mary weren’t exactly in a good place with their frienship. Ronnie couldn’t see that Jody was just tryig to cause trouble between herself and Mary. It was great to see Ronnie’s little daughter and to learn about the hurdles that this little girt has gone through. However, I wish the child had been wearing a helment when she was bicycling. All in all it was the same old thing.

        • I agree that I think Christina is really thirty. She does not need botox at all. Way, way too young for that nonsense. I have noticed that young women look older nowadays though.

        • Too bad for Jody’s business. She has sure taken the heat off of Ronnie and Reiko. Come on now how long will Ronnie and Reiko stay on this ship of supporting Mary? They truthfully all need to grow up. Christina is the only one who speaks the truth. Mary acts innocent but is she really? They all are self involved in their own lives and it is just a train wreck. Thankyou Joe for your lovely words and I too agree that you will be recognized soon one day. You are already a hit on this blog too. So sad abouot your mother and my heart goes out to you.

        • KIKI


        • coco

          i think Mary is very sweet and I’m glad she put jody in her place and if i could i would put mia in her place as well. Jody, Ronnie and Mia will have they’re time to be put in theyre place and not be supported by the other ladies. As for Christina, GOOD FOR U GIRL… she was smart enough to have the life she wanted…

        • Krista

          How does Jody watch the show and not see how low class she carries herself? Its awful to watch, like watching a train wreck. So sad, I pity her.

        • Victoria

          Jody needs to get the eff off the programme and take her nose with her. She’s rude and mean and her voice quite frankly sounds like nails on a chalk board.

    • Jess R.

      This show is an embarrassment for Canada.
      My pride as a Canadian is our trait of quiet politeness.
      Leave the grandiose to Hollywood south of the border.

      • Cruella

        Oh my. Let’s read through these comments from fellow Canadians and revel in the quiet politeness of of the citizens.

        • sarahj


        • sam

          Cruella or Jody?
          Are you actually Jody on the show?
          Because you seem to react to every comment or insult when anyone says anything about you or anything else on the show. You kind of look & act like Cruella Deville in the show. If this is really you Jody and I apologise if I’m wrong, is that what to are trying to acheive?
          I think this show is very over confrontational by always trying to be the worst person on the show. Jody you beat them all. And I’m truly sorry to say that its not a compliment. Please try to be a little more kinder to Mary especially. God is watching.
          Leave the acting for the real actors in Hollywood.May God Bless you Jody!!!

    • Dear Betsy and Olivia: I have nursed for years and have never heard of anyone being without oxygen for that long of a time that Ronnie says happened to her daughter, twice. I looked it up on the Mayo Clinic site and after 5 to 6 minutes of benig deprived of oxygen brain cells are damaged and dying. I am glad that the little girl is better though. I agree that Ronnie was being phoney talking about her daughter. Ronnie’s character is still the same-selfish, self centered and a bully. I also noticed that the other girls never gave her any sympathy so they must know what is going on. It certainly did not give me any sympathy for either Ronnie or Jody. Ronnie likes Jody because she says she sticks up for her. I guess comments like Jody said about her-hitting the booze again or having bags of money behind her referring to the wine launch, aren’t noticed by Ronnie. Ronnie plays it all up because any smart person would realise that Jody is just being friendly to her to upset Mary. Truthfully these women have turned me off of the housewives franchise.

      • Zen

        I agree re: Ronnie and her daughter. I lost my 13 year old brother when he “didn’t take a breath for 24 minutes”. While I feel for that little girl, I was disgusted and offended by the mother sensationalizing her daughter’s choking event to try to extort sympathy from the audience. If I had been inclined to be sympathetic toward her, that sympathy has certainly turned to disgust.

      • i agree that Ronnie is very phoney around her daughter Remy and it’s quite uncomfortable and unnatural how she behaves when the girl is around. Remy shouldnt be defined by her handicap, but that’s all Ronnie talks about. I have a feeling that baby was born early because she was being pickled inside Ronnie’s womb with Pinot Gregio. Season 2 is even more brutal with the choking incident and watching Ronnie hover over the kid eating dessert. The girl is so cute and sweet but isn’t stupid, she knows her mom is a booze hag! Thank Gawd the maid was there when Remy choked, as her drunk ass mom passed out. Geesh.

  2. John

    Reiko seems to be the most balanced, and healthy. And showing her husband with tattoos and all, plus a shot of her mother looking after her children, really made her a ‘real’ Vancouver-ite. IMHO. I might watch again, might not. I do feel a smudge of guilty at being entertained by unhappy and angry people.

    • John

      *a smudge of guilt.

      • Cruella

        It should be smidge John, short for smidgen which is preferable.

  3. Thirty and already divorced twice? Eek.

    So glad I don’t have cable. :)

    • Cruella

      Maybe if you were divorced you could afford cable.
      See how it feels to be judged when we don’t even know one another? Way to keep that female reader whose husband beats her every night in a screwed up relationship. Since to you women who are divorced twice should be branded with a scarlett D.

      • Georgina

        so you obviously know these ladies or are one of them… Truth hurts. I too fully agree with all of these comments, especially the ones about Jody and her evil spawn Mia. Those two ladies need to start acting their age instead of portraying themselves as immature evil women. They should be humble for what they have and achieved, because we all know the 15 mins if fame will blow out.

  4. Cdnviewer

    I agree completely with Dana Lynch’s review.
    So dull; don’t know whether it was the editing or what but hope there’s more of a ‘storyline’ in the future. Didn’t care what happened to any of them.

    • concerned

      Hi just watched the show a couple of times, I will pray for Jody. I think she is really lost inside. I’ve never honestly met anyone that mean and shelfish. I don’t think its good for her business.

  5. Westside Mom

    One big ad for Botox and Juviderm. Sad to see almost 30 year old Christina enjoying botox. Ladies look like a bunch of clowns in prom dresses. God awful entertainment with terribly staged family members looking for 5 minutes of fame.

    • Nax

      So much Botox. So many faces and lips that barely move.

    • Cruella

      You are a Mom? Maybe for Mother’s Day your kids will get you a box of kindness or a manual on how to set a good example using social etiquette.

  6. kelly

    i thought it was hilarious…im guessing the claws are slowly going to show itself soon. it’s just a guilty pleasure watching trashy tv….no different than jersey shore or the bachelor. i do hate how they portrait vancouver though….it’s bad enough vancouver has this pretentious view from outsiders, this doesn’t really help.

    one thing i do have to say though; im 29 and i’m glad that when i turn thirty, i dont look like a cougar in the making like christina. god bless my asian genes!!

    • Smith

      I hope you don’t look as cougar as Christina. She could look so much more youthful and gorgeous if she hadn’t tried to “augment” her body

  7. I love Vancouver! I also love Bravo’s Real House wives franchise. And then its all comes to a screeching halt with The Real house wives of Vancouver. OMG!!! Like, this show is a reality check that money can buy you a lot of things and make you look “pretty”! But it has also done a great job making these ladies, ( and that is being kind), look like a bunch of anger, vicious bitches.

    I feel that these woman, totally showcase a negative stigma to Canada and Vancouver.

    Honestly, although Jody may come across as a nasty bitch. Really I think she is just keep’N it real with these fake woman who don’t have a clue. It takes brains and stamina to be self made. At least Jody is a independent & very strong woman.

    • Alice

      Jodi is NOT self-made!! She came from a VERY wealthy family, had a huge leg up. But yes, she is not lazy. She does know how to work.

      • helene michaud

        I seen the show last week and I was a bit disappointed in one cast member, Jodi, I think that she thinks that she is above everyone and always saying some kind of negative remark of Christina. Now that is pure jealious, she is young and beautiful, she is enjoying her youth. So my advise is Life is too short!!!! Why waste time and energy on mean remarks.

        • Cruella

          You are absolutely correct. Look at these comments though other than your own. These people hurling insults and calling women they don’t know ugly bitches are the same people who claim to be worried about Vancouver’s image. Do they not understand that they are representing Vancouver in these forums?? If this animosity is any indication of what I’ll find in Vancouver, I’ll stay away.

    • ashlee

      keeping it real???lol,this is a woman who sits with her horrendously awful extensions (guess she doesm.n’t make that much money) and her tacky faux furs and passes judgement? i mean wearing slippers to a lunch where she proceeds to school someone…get dressed before you leave the house and every scene with her equally vapid offspring is so fake,their acting is awful

    • mimi

      Jody is a bitch on wheel who has hit menopause shes not indepandent successful come on , she got a cook to cook her food… real people are not full of themselves and think the whole world revolves around them.

      • Cruella

        Real people take some interest in proper grammar as well Mimi. Maybe your keyboard is also in menopause, since you infer that menopause is something that involves erratic behavior and something that sheds negative light on women. Way to be supportive Mimi.

        • Pansy

          ‘imply’, not ‘infer’ Cruella

          • KGR

            I think it’s hilarious how Jody, I mean Cruella, mangles the English language. Salvitate!!!

      • Jamie Lalonde

        Why would anyone watch such a low class hateful women like Jodie and her daughter. She can have all the money in the world but she is a bully and she should not be rewarded for this kind of behavior . Anyone one who acts the way she does has no selfasteam . I feel very imbarressed for her and her family.

  8. AJ

    Reiko’s husband is a notorious gangster that goes back to the 1990s in Vancouver. Full stop.

    • John

      Its an accurate portray of Vancouver ‘money’. Dirty money is still money (esp. on TV) My home is Vancouver, and I love where I live, but from my experience a big % of the money in Van comes from shady means. (drugs, stock scams etc) I like that Reiko is on the show because it shows the reality that a fortunes are often made in not-so-nice ways.

    • Cruella

      Full Go! Stop. Full Stop. Half go.
      Anyway…gangsta got mad whips and you just hatin playa.
      I have no idea what I just typed but in my head it goes along with someone typing full stop as if a period wasn’t a sufficient sign to indicate I should stop.

      Three Quarter Pause.

      • island girl

        O.K. Cruel person. Who are you, really? I just know we’re related… (the program made me call you that…your actual ‘name’ was deemed a ‘mistake’ when I tried to call you by it.)

  9. Kerry

    I think alot of Canadians will tune in just to see footage of Vancouver’s beautiful scenery and potential summer home! Please, please show more of this gorgeous city! As for the cast, I wish this show would potray the ethnic diversity of rich women in this city; many of the richest women in Vancouver are non-whites. The first two episodes were really dry-sorry ladies, none of you are very entertaining-dumb is not entertaining or attractive. They should have chosen highly educated housewives ie. a lawyer, a novelist, a scientist, venture capitalist, etc. to make for smart and funny entertainment.Highly educated women are just as competitive and catty from what I have seen. None of these characters are really dynamic or interesting enough to keep our attention for long..too bad, so sad.

    • candice

      Throw me a pillow and a painkiller please…These women keep telling us that they just ‘want to entertain’, but they’re not doing a very convincing job of portraying an exciting life in a city of under a, Ronny, and Christina admitted themselves, that they had never done a girls day out, even if it was just up the hill on whistler, which says volumes about how interesting, and socially connected these women really are lol. These women are high society wannabes who have been largely excluded or ignored by vancouver’s elite.

      I think the show would be alot more spicier if they included husbands, boyfriends, and lovers of these women. I’d like to see the dynamic between these ‘trophy wives’ and their men. I’d be suprised if this show lasted even 8 months, unless some kind of major scandal were to surface on the show.

      It’s time to find new cast members only after two episodes!

      • mar

        The name of this show should not be the “Real” Housewives of Vancouver.

        It could be “Pathetic” “Fake” “Shallow”

        What a waste of network time. I shutter to think of the message this is sending to impressionable young women.

        • david

          The show is a sickening commentary on ostentatious wealth and shallow superficiality. These women humiliate themselves with their catty behavior and pathetic self worship. Somehow, somewhere someone thought that this show would offer some value and they couldn’t have been more wrong. All the proceeds from the show should be used to get these women into serious counseling.
          What is most offensive is that they have allowed their children to witness this debauchery. No child should grow up thinking any of these behaviors are acceptable.
          In native cultures, anyone that owned significantly more than they needed were considered to be mentally ill. Unfortunately, our culture celebrates the conspicuous display of wealth and reveres it.
          How sad for Vancouver, and more importantly, women in general to be displayed this way.
          These people exist in a spiritual vacuum.

          • Susan

            Great comment in general and this, in particular:
            “….anyone that owned significantly more than they needed were considered to be mentally ill” ……….what a revelation. It staggers the imagination to think what our world would be like if this was the prevailing preception.

          • Lmimi

            Strongly agree with you David , but for some odd reason people like to watch shallow women with massive drama over the tinniest things.
            I know Canadian women have more to offer than taking care of kids, cooking and injecting their face with poison.

        • dot

          Just want to weigh in with my humble opinion of this show and those women– those “ladies” are a waste of space
          just clones of each other, who behaves like that when they know they are on camera( Obscene) It would be not so bad if they had something worthwhile to say but the way they portray themselves I doubt they have ever had a sensible thought. Suffered through one episode and that will be it.

    • Cruella

      Kerry, you are right. You should pitch your idea for a series. A National Geographic nature oriented, scenery based show with various interviews with charitable people and activists. I guess you still haven’t come to the realization of the following facts:

      1. People only watched National Geographic for the naked aborigine women with the tire swing mammaries.

      2. Watching people pack their bags with tax free money in the hopes of taking us all along on their guilt trip is right up there with watching paint dry on most people’s list.

      But really….pitch it. How about Real Charity? The Real DoGooders of Vancouver? The Giving Scene(ery)

      • maggie

        i seem to only agree with you on this site but really whats wrong with these people are they just sad ass people and jealous of these woman so what if they have botox and fillers all the botox and fillers in the world cant make you beautifulyou still need good genes these woman on show look fab but hey they are watching show ha ha last laugh on takes guts to do a show like this and yes this is real life woman are catty in real life oh unless you are fat ass ugly they are nicer to you why dont they all look inside them self ah yes they fricken wish they looked like them and had life style to match

      • i seem to only agree with you on this site but really whats wrong with these people are they just sad ass people and jealous of these woman so what if they have botox and fillers all the botox and fillers in the world cant make you beautifulyou still need good genes these woman on show look fab but hey they are watching the show ha ha last laugh on takes guts to do a show like this and yes this is real life woman are catty in real life oh unless you are fat ass ugly they are nicer to you why dont they all look inside them self ah yes they fricken wish they looked like them and had life style to match lighten up people its tv and its canadian and better then american housewives

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  11. Malcom

    So fake. Cars all leased these are people pretending to be better off then they are.

    Funny 10 Million dollar place in West Van on water.

    Nonsense – Talk to any agent and you will get a different price.

    Nice boat funny it is registered in Edmonton. Tax man why is a boat registered in Edmonton in West Van?

    Anyone with any class would never do such a show. Where are the quality shows.

    • Cruella

      Bitter…party of one..your table is ready.

      Disclaimer:this comment has been leased and the property in which it was written has a grossly inflated value. All vowels have been rented and shall be returned upon completion of this comment.

      • Jenny

        You are hilarious! Where have you been all my life???

  12. shannon

    With the exception of Jody, all the ladies have a deep sadness in their eyes, like they’ve been abused, used and dumped several times before they’ve reached their pot of gold. no one ever talks about how many unpleasant relationships these women have had to endure to get their lavish homes, which may explain in part, why they look so tired, beaten down, and much older than their biological ages, despite cosmetic enhancements and organic produce. i don’t know whether to feel sorry for them, or crucify them for doing it to themselves. If i was a serious golddigger, I would marry a guy who could front me the money to start a venture to make my own money, and dump him later if he ever cheated. Why any woman would want to be totally financially dependent on a man, is beyond me, but more importantly, at what cost.. hm?

    • Finnelle

      Completely agree with your comment about their “sad eyes”. This show angers me and disappoints me about the way in which women are portrayed but it is also really sad to watch.

      I feel like they all want to get along but they are so obviously drawn into the whole idea of the housewives franchise that I don’t think they really care how they are portrayed…which is the really sad part.

      Unfortunately with that said, I enjoy watching these types of shows and mainly because I like seeing the interactions between people, I do it while having a coffee outside a coffee shop – love to people watch. Sometimes you just don’t like what you see!

    • lisa

      say no to bullying, Jody u’re a bully….hate u so much. i feel sorry for marry and Christina that have to take u’re bullying get a life old cargo….

      • nancy

        Hey, learn to spell or at least go back to high school

  13. ziwy

    We don’t like American culture, so please put this American garbage show to the dumpster. We would like to see real Vancouver women, with diversity, pride, responsible, hardworking and love.

    Real money show off didn’t send positive sosical value to the public.

    This show is really not my cup of tea.

    • Honey

      Speak for yourself

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  15. Terri

    I almost turned the channel when Mary had the son’s friends over and the hugs were a bit too friendly. “Whos spending the night?” CREEPY COUGAR!! Eeew eeew eeew.

    And do they all have the same plastic surgeon? Why do they all look the same, with the “I look surprised and happy and my face is frozen!” look?

    The real reason though, that I may not watch, is the story behind Reiko’s husband. Where exactly does that money come from?

  16. Michelle

    One of the most boring shows I’ve seen in ages. I lasted 20 minutes and switched channels. I guess I am just not interested in spoiled, over-indulged women who look like plastic mannequins

  17. Hallie

    Wow what an embrassment to Canada, making use look like stuck up snobs like the USA, egad … that Jody is a pure joke, holy 79 years old dressing like a prom queen reject, with a skelton necklace, lol … the horrid hair, & puff dress, LOL …. if that’s class & rich I’m laughing, she looks like a old hag from a Conan the Barian movie in here hideous fur wraps, & her mean temperment only shows she feels like the ugly girl from high school when in a room with pretty girls. Let’s talk about Ronnie, so full of herself, trying to make a name to be on T.V at the expense of her so called friend, any time she wants to kill a cow I’ll let her come on out & see what Miss Priss can do .. she sounds like a smuck & anyone with no heart o animals is a person destine for hell … then there’s the mafia wife, she married his ugly crime ass for blood money lol …. let’s just say I’m ashamed of Canada for showing trash phony bully chicks, show real Canadian women, not glamour trolls, looking to be Americans & be super shallow … so it’s click … off button on this crappy fake made up show !

    • Smileee

      Ok, this is what I think. Mary and Christina are the nice girls. Reiki is the smart one. Jody wants to be the alpha female. Jody really cares that people see her as that. She is really the most needy of the bunch. Her daughter is a joke and she and her mother are jealous of Christina. Christina has looks and charisma but lacks intelligence. Golddigger. She is fun to watch, crazy as she is. Mary is gorgeous, she looks like Priscilla Presley before plastic surgery and a very good hearted person, that shines through. I don’t know why she needs crazy Ronnie’s friendship and I can’t figure what Mary did wrong that everyone left her party. Ronnie was the nut case. Ronnie is an alcoholic. She has a nice house her husband bought, but fI have to wonder about him why he would marry a alci and self involved person like her. I do wonder what Reikos husband does for work. I don’t think it’s ligit. Honestly, I am embarrassed to be from Vancouver after watching this show. I don’t know anyone that lives this way. This is totally not the norm and for the record I would never hang out with back stabbing people like this. I do enjoy the show though. Too funny.

  18. godiva de maus

    I watched it and I found it beyond boring, but repulsive. The over-botoxed faces (Mary and Her Frenemy were perhaps the most naturally beautiful). The others’ unnaturally high arches were continually distracting, as if some of the overkill on the jewelry wasn’t overkill enough. Vapid women who seem to substitute consumerism and brand recognition for substance.

    But this isn’t a new recipe for the franchise, it’s just a little more saccharin, a lot more plastic and seems to revel in out Rodeo driving the real Rodeo Drive.

    I won’t be watching. I’m sorry I wasted even one moment on this show. Oh, it’s ironic that a region so famous for natural beauty, outdoorsy wholesomeness should have such a mine field of plasticity in the wax sort of wives of Vancouver.

  19. This is a truly craptastic television show. Far worse, it’s ridiculously boring. If someone is going to take the time to showcase the most embarrassing women in this city, couldn’t they go that extra mile (km?) and serve up something with actual entertainment value?

    A massive loser on all fronts.

  20. Nushi

    Jody’s cocktail dress reminded me of the thing my granny used to cover toilet paper rolls sitting on the back of the loo. I am a Vancouverite, born and bred. These women are transplants or implants or whatever but, they are not representations of the women who really move and shake things in my fair city.
    Soooooo boring

  21. Sandra

    I am sorry but these ladies need to get a life. I watch all real house wives shows and I have to say the Vancouver show is the worst. They are so awful to each other right of the bat reminds of highschool crap. They need to grow up and maybe do charity work helping the less fortunate. Vancouver is a beautiful city with beautiful people and I think these ladies give Vancouver a bad name. PS I think Jody needs to get stylist too, she does not know what is in style and what the hell was that bath mat she was wearing.

  22. Sasha

    Christina 30 years old?? Who is she kidding. She’s mid 40s. Faking your age is fine but be realistic. And what’s with Jody’s strange accent? Is it a rich bi*ch accent? Vancouverites don’t randomly roll their Rs…Ronnie looks so sad, actually they all look as if they’ve been used and abused to me. Jody is mean and likes to slap people in the face with her therapy suggestions. everyone needs therapy if you talk back to her. I think these 5 women are offensive and mean spirited! Vancouver women, being born and raised in West Van, I know you’re classier than these 5 named as the ‘real’ housewives. Vancouver is so much classier and so are the women who live here, rich or not.

  23. Joe from Cambie st

    I tuned in to see some of Vancouver, a city near and dear to my heart. I must admit I was intrigued as to what this would yield in so far as entertainment. As a graduate of Emily Carr on Granville Island, I recognize nearly all the landmarks and even once, dined at Araxi for a very special occasion out in Whistler.

    The cupcake woman is pretty much the only one I sort of respect because she mostly made it on her own with a few breaks along the way. However, I give them all a resounding F in their characters. These are some of the most rotten and horrible people I have ever seen. A self admitted gold digger whose accomplished nothing at all with her life questioning why she is not liked. Dumb, fading looks, amoral character and lacking of any dept of character. I think the men who she was married to, twice divorced before the age of 30 says so much. Not that you dumped them, they dumped you as men, real men, don’t want parasitic leaches for wives. Also, isn’t there some legal precedent which says once you get married again, the support from the ex stops?

    Then you have the wife of a mobster. Oh yeah…stay classy SLICE TV for selecting good people. She is nice but lets get serious here for a moment. Big money, shady background, and lacking of any real depth.

    Then you got the hot mom who likes to jet set…oh yeah. Well congratulations to you for all your financial wealth but quite frankly, I feel sorry for you because you too lack any real morality and depth to try to get involved in meaningful projects, people and events to try to help people. You just make me sad because you say you don’t want to spoil your kids, yet you rent or own or partially own a private jet. You are sad.

    As for all the women. I feel sorry for you all because you are caddy, materialistic and mean spirited and hyper shallow. You lack depth, character and not to mention kindness and sincerity. Your lives bore me. If the elites in media want to distract us from the corruption of today, they will at least have to generate something of a bit more sophistication than this drivel.

    If you were down on your luck and I mean really down, and you once called these people a friend. These people would sooner urinate on you than you help you, while the whole time mocking you.

    Why don’t you do a real show about the reael housewives of Vancouver and tell a contrasting story about the single mom like my friend Carrie who struggles to make rent raising her son whose deadbeat dad won’t contribute to making their lives better and she does everything possible to make her home livable. At least with that, you would at least show a real character, real lives and real challenges rather than this mockery of women as a whole in a beautiful city. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the women of Vancouver want to be represented by such classless, horrible and shallow people like this.

    Keep your cars, I’ll keep my real friends who I treat with respect and its reciprocates.

    • Joe from Cambie st

      Sorry about the spelling errors.

      • Sopheeah

        Just FYI, a caddy carries golf clubs. Catty is the word you were looking for…as well as reciprocated.

  24. You have GOT to be kidding? Was that for real? I am Canadian, proud, gay and pretty open minded, I say live and let live, but I am just OUTRAGED by these pathetic moron’s. I spent 5 years in Vancouver and am well aware of how easy it is to find shallow self-involved botoxed shrews in any city, but Vancouver has SO much more to offer, it’s a one of a kind city with a lot of really nice people doing a lot of great things they can and should be proud of. I am pissed the RH “brand” chose Vancouver as their first Canadian locale because when it comes to really shallow shrews Toronto takes the cake honey. You can’t touch Montreal or Vancouver for lifestyle, for a kind of class that is special to both those cities, so why RH didn’t start in Toronto where there are an abundance of nasty bitches and instead chose a city that is truly stunning in so many ways is beyond me. I choose to believe you had a RH agenda you had to stick to and that’s the only reason you chose these 5, because they DO NOT represent Vancouver, in fact they don’t represent Canada. As someone else so wisely stated, they are all transplants with implants. They represent the RH brand and that’s it. The show was pathetic, but because I’m so in love with Vancouver I enjoyed the great coverage. As for Jody, don’t tell me she actually stands on her terrace wearing a Davey Crockett hat while sipping out of that pretentious prissy little espresso cup. Someone with her apparent resources should hire a stylist because she is CLUELESS when it comes to fashion. I don’t care if she shops in Paris or Bellingham, I’ve seen hooker’s on the Downtown Eastside with more style! She has the nerve to look like that then sit there judging Mary? With a face that looks like an old rubber boot? And that daughter of hers, Mia? She sat at that restaurant looking like a duckbill platapus chewing on a wasp! I mean c’mon! Oy vey already! Just keepin it real!

    • alice

      oh my gosh- great comment- loved it!

    • Joe from Cambie St

      Re: The suffragists and Nellie McLung.
      Well said. These woman would be lambasted and ripped a new one by Nellie.

      Well said.

    • Cyree

      Uhmm…leave Toronto alone. Last time I checked Vancouver had the larger drug scene. Any response will be taken as having touched a nerve…hahaha!

    • whoops, the sidenote was meant for Elizabeth and Ilora, not Mary and Ilora! I had Mary on the brain and typed in her name when it should have been Elizabeth’s! Oy, never a dull moment!

  25. Frustrated

    It is depressing to see just how much women have changed for the “worse”…They really have joined a very negative element of behavior and thinking , that use to be reserved for mean spirited, narcissistic, men. I find these women, selfish, superficial, narcissistic and just plain stupid. They set terrible examples for our youth and they really are advocates of falsity and arrogance. It is a shame, to see so many women from my generation who are hooked on Botox and all they care about is their looks and money, money, money.

    The women of Vancouver, have a terrible reputation, with men abroad and this show does not do the women of Vancouver any favors…this show is so bad, that i would not even grant it one star…

    • Bobbi

      Just wondering, where did you get the idea that the women of Vancouver have a terrible reputation? I’ve lived abroad and found just the opposite!

  26. Bored

    Boring people with boring lives make for boring TV. I watched this show once, but won’t be planning to watch it again, unless I’m bed ridden for an extensive period of time. These are largely uninteresting people that I would spend 3 minutes of time at a party, then move on. The awkwardly heavy handed way that the producers of this show are trying to create some drama in a bunch of otherwise boring lives, is painful to watch.

    There is nothing appealing about any of these women. They are not sexy, not funny, not intelligent, not fashionable, nor interesting in any way that I would ever want to know any of them. The only one that seems to have half a brain in Jody, and she clearly appears to be there to promote herself and her “brand”. The rest, all appear to be looking for some sort of validation of “making it”, whatever that actually means.

    This shows seems to be the work of some woman hating producers, who have figured out how to put the worst aspects of gender, modelled by some of the poorest examples of women on display, then added in a bunch of overly-contrived story lines in order to get them to perform.

    I wonder if there’s anyone dim, or damaged enough out there, to watch this show with any glimmer of aspiration? God, I hope not.

    • Susan

      Could NOT have said it better:

      “This shows seems to be the work of some woman hating producers, who have figured out how to put the worst aspects of gender, modelled by some of the poorest examples of women on display, then added in a bunch of overly-contrived story lines in order to get them to perform.”

  27. Eileen Dover

    First off, there is NO WAY in the world that Christina is 30…not a chance in hell…..more like late 40s. Obviously no class to go on TV and lie about her age like that, what a conehead.

    Secondly, why is Mary even on this show? She’s originally from the U.S. for crying out loud. And she’s had 7 Top 40 Hits? Reeeeeally? Until this show, I’ve never heard of her or any of her songs and I’m a pretty big music buff.

    Shameful that the wife of a known thug gets air time. Some people have no shame. Love how his last name is Mackenzie, nothing like a (and SCOTTISH, no less) fake name to try and throw people off your criminal past. What kind of woman would marry a thug like that? Guess some people will do anything for money, even dirty money and blood money.

    A shameful lot, all of them. It’s sad to see what levels of “low” some women will go, just to have 5 minutes of fame. These are not the real successful socialites of Vancouver, because the real ones wouldn’t be caught dead on a show like this and they don’t have to try and flaunt their homes and jewels and cars in order to feel good about themselves.

    Won’t be watching this slop again — it’s a total insult to the viewers’ intelligence and a real slam against truly successful, empowered women in Vancouver.

    • Bobbi

      Right said!

    • Lucie

      Jody and daughter are big bullies that u try to get away from since they have no class and no respect for no one but themselves…..And I do believe Christina is 30 but the mistake she did …BOTOX…

      • angel2006c

        Don’t blame it for getting cancelled after how much of an evil jealous troll Jody is. She only hates Mary because Mary is beautiful and Jody is an ugly person inside and out. She has to get her sidekicks Mia, Amanda and Ronnie on her side to look better and to make everyone hate Mary. She also is the one that pushed Ronnie and Mary to not be friends as she wants to be top dog and cant stand it when people like Mary. Take Amanda for instance if she wasn’t friends with Jody and Mia I think she would like Mary but she cant form opinions for her self and has to follow. I also can’t believe how Ronnie could treat her so called good friend Mary. You don’t treat friends like that Ronnie and you are supposed to have her back as a friend but you had the troll Jody’s back more shame on you Ronnie your a really un-loyal friend. Jody you act like a jealous school girl and hate on Mary. grow up you 60 year old jealous troll Jody

    • Lucie

      Jody and daughter are big bullies that u try to get away from since they have no class and no respect for no one but themselves…..And I do believe Christina is 30 but the mistake she did …BOTOX…BUT STILL a very beautiful woman…and like Katrina it is TV !!!!

  28. Katrina Lorinc

    Wow, I think people have forgotten this is TV and anything portrayed on reality TV is going to be staged or over done. I don’t think these women are really being shown in their true form. It would be boring and no one above would have anything to talk about if that is all we saw! That’s what reality TV is all about….give the viewers what they want to see and something to talk about… Come on people, any one with common sense would know this is not what Vancouver is about. So what, you see 5 catty women on TV and you feel this is what the world is going to see us as….really? I don’t see California, New York or New Jersey by their shows. All I see is women portraying characters for TV viewing, the spicier, the better. So, get real yourself Vancouver and remember, this is only TV and not the real world !!!

    • Cruella

      Thank god, a voice of reason. This IS only a TV show. What is alarming to the reader is that the majority of these commenters are exhibiting the very same mean, catty and judgemental behavior they claim the actresses exhibit. Most of these comments rip these women apart under the guise of protecting a city from adopting a tarnished reputation. If anyone actually believes that these women are key appointed officials with the power to effect negative imagery in regard to Vancouver, perhaps they have wrapped up a bit too much reality with their reality tv. I simply cannot stand women taking the time to type a character assault on other women while at the same time claiming to be taking the high road. Also, In my opinion, any gay commenters who adopt the bully attitude in this forum should be absolutely ashamed since the gay community as a whole has been ridiculed and picked apart publicly in the exact same manner. Have you learned nothing if you haven’t at least shelved the belittling and judgemental attitude?
      At least these women are being paid to be drama heavy and confrontational, what’s your excuse?

      • Finnelle

        You both beat me to it!
        Exactly what I’ve been thinking reading the comments.

        A lot of the comments on here are “catty” and “mean”, just like the show. Women are very quick to talk behind someone’s back, its done on the show and its done right in forums.

        The funny thing is though, as much as people whinge about the show, they’ve all seen it and felt the need to comment about it as much as they despise it and the women in it….it’s all very entertaining if you ask me.

        Like I said in an earlier comment, I like to people watch and terrible tacky shows like this are exactly that, a way to watch people interact even if it is completely trashy and over the top.

        But that’s TV for you – I never turned the TV on to watch this show expecting it to be completely and utterly amazing!!! :)

      • Yes Katrina, the fellow was on The Millionaire Matchmaker. and he did exactly what you said he did. I made a comment on this awhile ago. I hope he doesn’t repeat this activity with Christina. He gave the impression on the Millionaire Matchmaker that he was inlove with himself. I don’t like to say that about people but he certainly acted that way on the other program with the young lady. He wants a housewife to do what he wants. I hope he treats Christina better than he did the other girl. Truly I don’t see the attraction myself. He thinks he is gorgeous but as I said before he has a weak chin.

    • Funduck

      I agree that this is entertainment. We are supposed to be judgemental of all of the ladies on this show. I’m sure they are themselves at home but on this show they have to put up a front and they use it to be confrontational. Love it of hate it, it’s not supposed to represent anything but excess and false intimacy. I like Jody’s evil character(but only from a far). I wonder how her customers view her. Ronnie has a drinking problem and that’s one thing I don’t think is entertaining. I like Christina but if she’s going to be on the show she should hide who she is so much. Anyway, the show is what it is.

  29. C Fremeau

    I watched the show for 20 min. and fell asleep The second time it came on I watched it for an hour. It really isn’t Housewives of Vancouver. “Trailor Park Girls” would suit the title. At least Trailor Park Boys had humour.

    The show is an embarassment to Vancouver & CANADA. I found the show trashy, tacky, so fake & really boring. I won’t watch it again

  30. Fiona

    Jody is ignorant, domineering and lacks manners. I find it hilarious that she gets so bent out of shape about the lack of class she feels Christina displays when her behavior is actually more offensive. Actively trying to make someone feel poorly about themselves while posing as a “mentor” is completely manipulative and far more vulgar than any drunken photograph. What a sad old woman fighting the clock.

    • Cruella

      And you, Fiona, seem like such a sweet girl. The difference here is that Jody is a paid actress, you are just being judgemental, insulting and mean about someone you’ve never met….without compensation. Who exactly comes across as more pathetic now?

      • Charlie

        Jody, an actress???? Hahahahaha!!!! Can’t wait to see that. What movie is Jody going to star in? A pirate movie? Or maybe a muppet movie?

  31. All these perceptive smart comments make great reading for someone like myself who is opinionated and who worships Vancouver, the city and it’s people. Yesterday someone asked me why I’d waste my time watching the RHOV if I hate it so much, which is a perfectly valid question. The answer is a simple one, I watch it because the footage of Vancouver is incredible. Really truly heart stoppingly stunning, it takes my breath away. And of course it’s almost impossible not to comment on what these women say and do because I know a lot of people in Vancouver who represent their city in a positive proactive manner, who wouldn’t be caught dead behaving or associating with the likes of a Jody or a Ronnie. I want to point out a few specific observations about last nights show because once again these shrews were just horrible. By the time last nights episode aired, which was the 3rd one I’ve seen, I was wondering if any of them have realized exactly what’s happening, if they’ve figured out how pathetic they look and sound or are they too self involved to care? If the RHOV is following the same format as the American show’s that would mean none of the women know what’s coming, they have to just sit there like the rest of us and watch their show as it unfolds, and in that case if I were any of them, at this point I’d be on the phone to my lawyer faster than you can say ” My name is Ronnie, know your limit, stay within it” because there’s no way they are sitting on the couch watching themselves and feeling proud of what they’re seeing and hearing. Especially Ronnie who blamed Mary for her drinking with one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever heard in my entire life, a real nugget of intelligence that went like this.. “if I order myself a glass of wine or two, no problem, but don’t you be pushing it on me”!!! This is the same woman who was already, in her words, “massivly buzzed” before arriving at Grace Studios where the first two words out of what’s left of her original mouth was “got wine”? Didn’t she also say something like “rehab was great until happy hour arrived?” Considering the content of the first three shows there’s no way I’d ever believe these women are still jumping with joy at having been picked for the first Real Hosewives Canadian edition. How do you recover from this? They are who they are and they chose to put their business out there for the world to see and judge. If it was me I’d be humiliated beyond description, just witnessing their bullshit already makes me feel humiliated for them. Another point I wanted to make is about editing. You can only blame so much on the editing process, the majority of their behaviour can’t be explained away by editing. For me the only thing I find really interesting about this show beyond the footage of Vancouver is how these women will recover their reputations. To begin with, Ronnie and Mary both need to give up their memberships in the Shannon Tweed Fan Club and choose another more realistic life example, something or someone who isn’t so preoccupied with themselves. There’s a lot of room in Vancouver for giving, certainly when it comes to homelessness or Native issues or drug abuse, there is no shortage of need. Look at Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project! It was her own initiative and it’s changed so many lives. It’s the perfect example of a simple idea with results that are widespread and that will be affecting people for generations to come! So c’mon girls, create some cool letterhead, throw some fundraisers and clean up the Downtown Eastside! Jody’s good at organizing and networking, she can clean up Pigeon Park and pick up a few fashion tips at the same time, that way everyone wins!

  32. Chris

    Does anyone really believe that Christina is just 30??? C’mon….I wanna see a birth certificate.
    I’m guessing 39 just turned 40.

  33. PS…what a compassionate heart warming talk Ronnie and Jody had about Mary. Their concern was really touching, right down to the undeniably delusional Ronnie who gave serious consideration to taking Christine “under her wing”. Oh shit, I thought I’d heard it all from this Shannon Tweed wannabe, but to watch as Ronnie and Jody sat there discussing Christine’s need to be mentored was yet another pathetic highlight from this freak show. I wanted to mention one more thing about editing. I’m going to give you two examples involving Mia and Jody where the editing process was tweaked to make them both look bad, but ya gotta stay true to the housewives brand! These are the only examples I could find out of three hours of tape where their behaviour wasn’t to blame. Do you remember the first show when we saw Mia and Jody together at The Glass House? Jody is talking about Mia, how smart and beautiful she is and how she has the whole world at her feet, anyone remember that? Well right when Jody says the word beautiful check out the camera’s angle as it shows Mia in profile…that was a deliberate shot at making Jody sound like an idiot. The second time Jody looked like a moron was in Whistler when the five of them were walking down the main drag. It’s a very quick shot, but if you look at it again I want someone to tell me if the way Jody is holding her hands looks natural? I swear I couldn’t contain my laughter when I saw them walking arm in arm trying to look fascinating, relevant, young, interesting, rich and famous when the truth is the only thing they looked was desperate. I’m not someone who lives on the internet commenting on everything I see but there was no way I could read all these perceptive intelligent comments and not add my own. What’s more fun than venting to fellow ventors who feel the same way? I wonder if a show about Vancouver or Montreal housewives would attract the same attention if the focus was on women who are doing great things for their communities, who lift each other up instead of tearing each other down? I’d like to think people would support that kind of exposure but this is a culture where venom is rewarded and where vicious selfish behaviour means high ratings. The last thing I want to say is, color me shallow, but when I saw that red luggage that came with Reiko’s new car I almost had a seizure..I can’t be the only one who thought it was the bees knees? All I can say is who gives a flying shit about the car, fork over that luggage!!

    • Katrina L.

      Cyrus, you crack me up………….lol love the comments and I’m glad I’m not the only one who know’s this is a TV SHOW and they are giving the audience what they want to see !!!!

      • Mar

        Yes, it is a TV show. Most of us realize that, however, there are a number of impressionable young women who may think this is the way to be.

        Most of us realize that reality TV is not reality but the very fact that it is called The “Real” Housewives of Vancouver is scary. Young women who have had little guidance in life will aspire to be like these women – tanning booths, spas, salons, botox, multiple marriages/alimony – total self absorption will seem like the norm.

        Plus, I’m proud to be Canadian and I’m proud of some of the TV productions we have but this one lowers our standards.

  34. sheri

    I LOVE RHOV !!! Ronnie is two faced B and Jodi is super irritating but Im soo addicted! I love Christina and Mary! I have only seen Real Housewives of B.H which Im so in love with but this one is now equally as entertaining! What can I say, Im a reality TV junkie and it’s just fun to watch and see what these Rich chicks lives are like! It’s good entertainment for my guilty pleasure.. : )

    • I get a good chuckle out of some of the comments like the red luggage and when Jodi said that she and Ronnie are allot alike-they cut you down and then dust you off and you are ready to go. I agree that Ronnie and Jodi are two peas in a pod. One day they will not have anyone to attack and then they will be against each other. You could see the alcohol taking over Ronnie when she attacked Mary in the hotel room and Mary asked her to leave. How could Jodi think that was normal behavior and support Ronnie’s actions? It is a sad thing to see Jodi and Ronnie gang up on Mary. Poor Christina wanted to stay and yet was ordered to come with them by Jodi. Quit picking on Mary and Christina. I wonder who Ronnie will attack next when she doesn’t have Mary around.

  35. Piaffeprincess

    What a snooze fest! The lamest of all RH realities.. It’s an embarrassment to Canadians! Where did they find this crew? Jody, the Yenta,, (very poor take off on Jill Zharin),, Ronnie, very mediocre looking, lush with a vendetta against the only two good looking ones. Christina rocks the house! Yea for bringing some euro chic fun style to the show..

  36. Leanne

    Ultimately the show is ridiculous. Most annoying of all is how Jody thinks Christina should “act her age.” I think Jody needs a reality check. Christina has just turned 30. By Jody “mothering” Christina and thinking it’s her duty to discuss behaviour only makes her seem like an old mother goose. Perhaps she should be having these same conversations with her daughter Mia who is roughly in the same age category as Christina.

    • Ella

      I agree with you. These aren’t real housewives. They’re fakes. They should do a show on the real deal housewives. PAC parents,fundraising,cleaning house,cooking,volunteering etc….so they pay these rich b….. to do the show. The rich gets richer n the poor get poorer. Go figure!

  37. I found the show to be very boring, it was like they have
    funny made up accents also. They seem to be acting and
    not natural with their emotions.

    • Bobbi

      Yeah! I can’t make out where some of their accents come from! I like Christina, but what accent is that? My kids thought South African.

  38. Karie

    Just watched the show for the first time. What a nice group of down to earth women….lol!!!!

  39. Karie

    I’m with you Chris about Christina’s age. I actually think starting all that botox at a young age…ages you

  40. Scared of the freaks

    Gross! There’s one that looks like a klingon from Star Trek! What’s with all the horrible plastic surgery? Did they go to the amateur plastic surgeons who were still in school practicing face lifts??? They should fly down to cali to get their faces fixed correctly like the housewives of oc.
    Most of them sound dumb.
    jody, the yucky one, tries endlessly to mother the rest of them.. so obvious…
    the one from rehab, looks real haggered looking… those vitamins you’re taking are poison.. look in the mirror.

    • RH of TO pls

      The plastic surgery work on these women is ridiculous…and their hair is pretty much horrible all around (really bad colour/highlights and terrible cuts). Their makeup is sadly lacking. The women on this show look like the poor and ugly white trash cousins of the REAL RH.

    • Cruella

      Scared of the freaks?? Physician heal thyself.

  41. islandgirl

    So glad someone mentioned the accents. WTF? How did these Canadian women all of a sudden become british? This show is a total cringe fest. My eyes were half open because I was so embarassed for them. Absolutely disgusting and I think Ronnie is the most disturbing of all. She is mean, pathetic and miserable. Jodi is just dried up and angry, Mary is a marshmallow has been and Reiko is odd. What’s with her weird blond hairstyle? Girl, you need bangs and a color. Christina is the only one that actually appears to be honest though her botox and injections have aged her ten years. Yes she has been married and lives off of alimony but at least she owns it. The girls are so mean to her which is a disgusting display. Ugly is on the inside ladies. I’m not sure they could ever recover from this. You can’t unring a bell so enjoy the rest of your lives in Vancouver being laughingstocks! Hope it was worth it!

    • Bobbi

      I like Christina, but I find she and maybe Jody have odd accents. My kids think Christina sounds South African. There’s nothing on where they are really from on the net.

    • Cruella

      If its true that ugly is on the inside, after reading your laundry list of insults, you must have swallowed a troll.

  42. Michelle

    10 more minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I checked out the American “housewives” and even though they are also equally bitchy and plastic, at least they are entertaining.
    Vancouver’s ‘housewives’ are just catty, plastic and boring. How about featuring real women who have some pride in themselves and believe they are worthy without mutilating their faces and bodies?

  43. Cyrus

    I heard about this organization Jody is involved with called Larry’s Lunch Bucket, or something similar sounding, and apparently she does outreach at the Mission, I don’t know if she actually does any hands on work or maybe she just does the catering for soup kitchen’s, you know, if they are in a certain area, yuk yuk, so I’m somewhat hesitant to sound like a complete bitch about her because I think that kind of exposure, especially for someone like her, tends to give most people a clue about the real world, but at the end of the day that’s not the vibe she’s promoting on the show is it? This may be a stupid question but if I could ask the producers of RHOV one question it would be “what’s the point your trying to make?” I mean why are they allowing these women to totally insult and misrepresent every gain the feminist movement has made in the last 40 years? Granted I don’t know a whole lot about the specific challenges women had to overcome to be recognised as free thinking independant respected members of society, but I do know enough to know it was a struggle that took a lot of determination and courage and when I think about women like Rosemary Brown or Nellie McClung and then I look at women like Ronnie or Jody and I have to wonder who educated these women? Slice can go f..k themselves too because they’re the one’s who gave these useless idiot’s a platform! That’s it for me, now that I see things from that perspective I think any woman with an ounce of self respect would be outraged by the women on this show AND the producers who are pimping them!

    • Cruella

      I was with you at first but your comments get more ridiculous and mean spirited as you progress. First the show is just reality tv and should be taken as such and then it is so very serious as to undo the feminist movement?? Really, that comment is borderline insane. If anything “undoes” the movement it’s women making snarky comments about other women they’ve never met on public forums. Don’t roll boulders down a hill into your own glass house. The fact that you have enough spare time to type 409 letter comments on reality tv shows you’ve watched pretty much speaks to your social expertise.

      • Mrs. Darling

        Yet it would appear you do nothing but hover over these comments all day, every day, and pipe in with your (pointy) nose-in-the-air witticisms. Those Muppets aren’t going to skin and throw themselves over your back, you know. Better get to it.

  44. Cyrus

    I think what I said about these botoxed shrews giving independant, smart self reliant women the bird is true, but the more I thought about it the more I realized how prevelant their kind of behaviour is, I mean it’s EVERYWHERE! Britney, Lyndsay, Paris, Kim K…all of them are responsible for the parts they play in this culture of trash. And girls who are young, impressionable and looking for a hero just eat it up, it’s pitiful. I was on the streetcar a few weeks ago about 3PM, when school had just gotten out and this group of 7 or 8 girls sat near me and they were behaving like they were the only one’s who could hear! They were texting and talking on their phones and using the filthiest language I’ve ever heard to describe fellow classmates, all the while there were 2 little old ladies sitting right in front of them, not even 2 feet away!! I was pissed, I wanted to apologise for them, ya know? After the Trayvonne murder Bill Cosby, who is always so smart about social issues, especially within the black community, after he said it was about a gun, he said parents are to blame because they let their kids run wild, he was specifically talking about African American parents in that instance, but as far as I’m concerned there’s a cultural decline in responsible parenting and responsible behaviour. That’s why these women get the attention they do because there aren’t any role models who are standing up and calling them what they really are! Parents are watching this crap with their daughters! For the record I’m in my late, early to mid 40’s, so I’m not that old, 49 to be exact, but I remember “back in the day” coming home with a lousy grade and being ORDERED to my room until my Dad got home and you can bet I was scared shitless! Because I cared about pleasing him, about making him proud. No one gives a shit anymore and it’s only gonna get worse because the entire planet is online now and it’s harder to really monitor what kids are saying and doing. It’s possible but it’s not as easy as sending them to their room without dinner! Now it’s without dinner, without their IPod, their computer and their phone! My life is rough, let me tell you, so watching people throw their money around can really work my nerves, but there’s a difference between conspicuous consumption and all out financial wreckless abandon. When I saw Ronnie showing off this restructuring job she was about to undertake, turning 3 huge homes into one mammoth megahouse for just herself and her family I couldn’t help thinking she must be really sad, really empty emotionally. How much internal happiness does she feel when she’s showing off her property? But then again, let’s face it, I’m poor, how much internal happiness do I get from believing she’s rich, miserable and obsessed with her age? A veritable shitload homies! I ain’t gonna lie!

    • Cruella

      Read your first few sentences. You claim these women are shrews while at the same time claiming to be horrified at how prevalent mean girls are in society. Once again I advise….Physician, Heal Thyself.

  45. Cyrus

    Someone else said the same thing, that Jody came from a family with money, but until this show I’d never heard of her or her family. What does her family do? Same with Mary…well, actually, it’s the same for all of them, I don’t know any of them. But I’ll tell you this much, I’m a fanatic for music, every kind, from the Andrew Sisters to the Scissor Sisters and I’ve never heard of Mary, I have absolutely no idea who she is. How rewarding and personally satisfying it must have been for her to win the talent portion of the Miss America Pageant, where she represented Ohio, before meeting and marrying a Canadian man then moving to Vancouver where she “parlayed” her beauty pageant fame into a career as a Canadian pop star! WOW! 7 top 40 hits? You go girl! I’m sorry, but that’s just sad. Doesn’t she think people might check? Who knows, maybe I’m wrong, maybe she really is a pop star in Canada? Ya think? Does anyone know anything about her music career? I’m hard pressed to believe it’s a total fabrication, especially after seeing that clip of her son saying how cool it is to have a Mom who’s a pop star. Why would he say that if it wasn’t true to some degree? It just doesn’t add up, no one is that publicly delusional unless their names are Danielle Staub, Janice Dickinson or Donald Trump! None of these women are Canadian..someone else on this board said “they’re all transplants with implants”..what a perfect description, I read that and fell out!

  46. go

    not quite as fake and bitchy as the Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, but hopefully they improve with more episodes and we see full on bitchy mode

  47. ssmith

    OMG sad, sad, sad! The ‘poor’ children is whom i feel sorry
    for..they don’t stand a chance w. all these pathetic examples for humanity! I’m embarrased on so many levels! Will not be watching again!

    • Cruella

      Ha. Yet some of your fellow commenters actually posted that they watch this WITH their children. Maybe it’s them you should direct your vehement disgust.

  48. the weay they treat Mari is wrong and if she is a person that is sick. that just shows how they treat sick people that is sad. i am person and that say it as it is i have heart i know that there is a place time and right way to say it how it is i would also say it but i come from a sincere place not at other peoples expense. it is sad that they had ask a person like jody to be on the show so to let other people know that she is the reason why we have anti bully day now in Canada

    • Cruella

      Would you like to buy a shift and period key? I have extras.

  49. gennxo

    some of these women represent everything that is wrong in the world. money certainly doesn’t buy class. crass maybe but not class. in the game of life ronnie and jody clearly feel that they are the winners – then why so unkind? ugly, ugly women. flammable with fake hair, nails and tits. since when did this become the measure of a woman. grace, elegance and class? neither have come within a mile of traits our grandmothers thought were important. is it any wonder we all admired princess diana and now kate? disgustingly vulgar is the way all of these ‘housewives’ women behave – interesting that no matter what part of North America these women live, they are all acrylic – it’s like a hideous uniform that most men find embarrassing to be with. always drunk on too much wine, bottles being consumed nightly, playing at kissing their girlfriends in front any man who will watch, shouting to the universe that they only where Dior or Loubies as if this some how ‘makes’ them special? these women do not represent me or millions of others who find it embarrassing to watch their behaviour and self destruction while they vomit ‘skank’ all over themselves. shame, shame on them and those of us who encourage them.

  50. kam

    OMG, They are all old, christina is never 30! NEVER.

    I think i know that David guy, he went to Art school.. A total loser and a jerk, his parents are rich, not him…

    He is totally superficial and cheap, cheap, cheap… he dated one of my girl friends, she said they would buy clothes for events and return it the next day!

    He just came to the show to get famous! UGH

  51. shide

    WOW… Im a tennis player, they are horrible tennis players,,,,


    WHAT A SHAME OF THAT GORGEOUS TENNIS COURT to be used by these show off shallow people, who doesn’t have a clue how to hit a tennis balll….


  52. Lulu

    With that kind of money they have no excuse to look a bunch of scary clowns with blond wigs. Seriously, do they go to their surgeon and ask for the “chucky” face? They look like the love childs of chucky & Pam Anderson. Let’s start with obnoxious and delusional Jody who owns a high end clothing store yet she looks like fashion road kill, and someone please tell her daughter a stripper in Vegas is looking for her fur wrist cuffs, ultra tacky! the classy mob wife? At 36 she looks like she’s one facelift away from passing as Joan River’s twins. Then there’s the nasty drunk with 20 too many Botox injections, anymore and her sausage lips will be the only thing we see on her face.

    This show is a perfect example of money can’t buy it all, money can’t buy class/beauty/style and taste. These poor women are victims of their own wealth.

  53. i think half these women are about 10 years older than they say they are. reiko is 36? christina is 30? really?

    jody and her daughter are awful. just awful. the worst style i’ve ever seen, and that’s by RHO standards no less…

  54. melinda


    ha ha ha.. Reiko is 36???? yeah right, then my grand mother is 42… hehehe…

    Reiko’s husband looks like a gang member…

    They look HORRIBLE…. marry is a bit normal looking but the rest UGH.

    These are not real housewives, they are all sticks with fake boobs, tacky tans and sausage lips.

  55. Cynthia

    Reading over the remarks from real honest-to-goodness Canadian women makes me proud to be Canadian.

    Good to know I’m not so out of step after all!

    This show is proof- positive that money can’t buy breeding, class, style, and elegance.

    My 16-year old daughter and her friends are mature beyond their years compared with these so-called grown-ups.
    I won’t watch this show again, I hope the network discontinues this embarrassing spectacle.

  56. Joe from Cambie st

    I have to admit, that watching these women and their families is like watching a cultural train wreck and I would be so embarrassed to be on this show. Okay, well I say, let these people embarrass themselves, especially with their sanctimonious attitudes and weak character. All the women and their kids are just really embarrassing and if I was those kids, I would refuse to be shown out of fear of being mocked.

    Like what have these women accomplished on their own? Nothing of merit….I would have to say we’re watching a show abut parasites that feed on men who use money to get what they want. And whats up with that guy who was on Millionaire Matchmaker trying to poke his nose in the show? Yeah, ok I get it, you’re pathetic and classless.

    I say enjoy watching this disaster of a performance and congratulate Slice TV for producing a train wreck of a cultural commentary on what this show is. The executive producers should win awards for producing a show that is of such drivel…by award I mean a Razzie….

    Jody and her pathetic store, pathetic life, family, pathetic daughter and all the other really sad and pathetic women who have no identity of your own, you have to find one through the man you are with.

    I have a bit more respect for the singer, or woman who is trying to make it as a singer, at least she is trying, but come on, lets get real, she is no Sara McLaughlin and something tells me, she would not be caught dead on such a pathetic example of what its like to be “Real”.

    I say enjoy the spectacle. Laugh your ass off at them, because its so pathetic, that its actually okay to laugh AT them. If they have the stones to show their lives on tv and show how insignificant they and their lives really are, sort of like the retarded idiot jumping up and down saying “look at me” (with all due respect to those mentally challenged people, who I may add I have more respect for), then I say, laugh, mock and take them for who and what they are…half baked clowns with no character, no class, and nothing real to offer and if they want to showcase themselves in this manner, then let them. Let them show the world so when they walk around Vancouver, they are laughed at for making such fat pompous fools of themselves.

    Ahhh Slice TV…making fools of people who want to be made fools of….or….Slice TV, Shallow and Pathetic people with way too much money on their hands and nothing real to offer anyone.

    • Cruella

      Joe, please don’t take this the wrong way because I certainly don’t know you but your entire commentary screams divorced embittered man and/or grossly underpaid working guy who has had a dominant mother and perhaps a father with a substance abuse issue. You mention several times that you abhor women who steer towards a man on a materialistic level as if that is the only decisive factor. My Mom used to say “if you marry for money you will surely end up paying in another commodity. Most of the time you end up sacrificing love and true happiness. However, men throughout time have conditioned women to view them based on their capability to provide. Whose fault is that? Best Answer – Chosen by Voters
      . Men tend to trade off. That is to say that men trade money for an attractive partner. Women tend to trade looks for wealth/status/power/etc. That isn’t to say that all men and women do this, but it is a tendency that men and women have. However, if you don’t have the money, then physical attractiveness is usually the most important thing. Women do tend to like tall men. The taller the better, up to a certain point. If one were short, stout, and poor, chances of finding a life partner quickly diminish. Human beings tend to pick others that are like us, but if we can move “up the ladder” so to speak we tend to do that as well. As for personality, if one were both rich and tall, then the Halo Effect would probably take over, people would treat the rich and tall man better, and thus the rich and tall man would act more congenial. The arrow of causation points the opposite of the way most would think it does. As long as a person isn’t a jerk, personality tends to have little to do with “falling in love” with another person.

      • Joe from Cambie st.

        Hello Cruella,
        You most certainly sound like Jody’s defensive little daughter, or someone who wishes they could be just like them. Sad.

        No, I’m not bitter and for the record, my mom died of breast cancer when I was 8, along with many other family members cut down long before their time. My dad is a working professional but has also seen his fair share of professional misconduct and fraud taking place on his firm, including a priest overtly stealing hundreds of thousands from us.

        I am not divorced, I am single by choice and have no children or dependents, although I do miss my dog. In the later stages of her 19 year old life, the last 3 years I refused to leave her side because she would howl in fear of being alone. I didn’t go out on any dates, movies or nothing because I was paying her back some of the best years of my life for giving me hers. When she did pass, it was to the music of The Flower duet and I ended up cremating her and burying her in a painting of her portrait.

        I would be considered one of the romantic men out there, that if I ever came across someone like you, even on a date, I would, based on what you just wrote, after just talking with you, I would never want to speak with you again because you sound like an unfulfilled, bitter, wealthy troglodyte and I’m into women of class and grace.

        Just because you may have wealth, does not translate into class and in some cases, quite the contrary as it in some circles that you may be running with, which I’m sure, spools itself into a self licking ice cream cone of elitism and pretentious characteristics.

        I’ve come across women like you, who want to be like these women on this show, and quite literally they should be embarrassed to want to be them. When you watch loved ones die from cancer, a slow and horrible death, it places life into an entirely new light and sadly, I just don’t think you get it, and I hope for your sake, you never do. I know what the important things in life are, I enjoy talking about things that matter with people who in your eyes, may not even merit being spat upon.

        This show if anything showcases the profound dysfunctionality that exists in today’s world in the bubble of Vancouver. Jody is an elite mean spirited person, who has been manipulating for so long, that that’s the only thing she knows how to do. She cannot see, based on how this show is cut, the harm she has caused by her immature character and exceedingly rude behavior. Mary seems like the only normal/semi-normal one/better rounded, but even then, its doubtful. At least I can see how someone who is close to normal, would present a threat to those “alpha female wannabes” in Jody and Ronnie. I really hope she does some recoding as I think its her excreting her own dreams and vision into reality and for that alone, I respect her.

        Then we have Ronnie the drunk. She may be good looking for an older woman, but lets call one thing right now, she is a drunk. I’ve been around compulsive alcoholics in the past, and this woman is one. A major substance abuser who needs major intervention, but because she married rich, or inherited her wealth, she thinks she is entitled to be like this. One thing for certain, I feel for her kids because you know there have been nights, thanks to her arrogance, her kids try so hard to intervene, but are ignored. It does not matter how rich one is, when you have an alcoholic in the family, that family begins to tear itself apart. I feel for her kids.

        Then we have Reiko, the gold digging, wife of a real life idiot gangster who goes announcing to the world, that “look what we can do!”. She probably never had a real job in her adult life and did everything possible to avoid working, including marrying a rich drug dealer who was involved and questioned in major crimes. Real amazing standards there. You can see how she revises real history, as was the case with the conflict between Mary and Ronnie as a way to rationalize her ongoing relationship with Ronnie. I’m sure she employs the exact same skills when it comes to dealing with her criminal husband and his business….just turn a blind eye and revise that history so you can actually handle it.

        Then we have Christina. Well at least she admits she is a gold digger. No surprise she can’t hold down a relationship, thanks to her highly probable abuse as a kid. She is incapable of forming long standing relationships with men and has fallen into the rut of using them for money, horses, houses or anything else her manipulating heart can get her. At least she has the stones to be supportive of Mary against the rest of the women. She appears to need some major therapy in life.

        As for your Cruella and your hate filled comments, you honestly either sound like Jody or her daughter, either of which, you don’t interest me, you bore me and I would suggest that perhaps you go and become a missionary in Africa working with starving kids and learn a little about life, rather than looking out from your perfect and bitter glass house.

        As for me, I’m a happy gentleman, taking steps to avoid the bitter and crazy people like you. I would rather remain single, happy and alone, than being that lost and confused person who cannot carve their own reality out of the character stone of life because they are too scared to be alone. People like you who only identify who you are by the person you date exemplify weakness in all areas and when the time comes, in those dark moments when hardship comes, you lack the depth of any real character to help your friends walk through the painful hallway of torment into the light of reprieve.

        I have no negativity born upon these women, I just find them pathetic, uninteresting, in denial and quite frankly, not worth knowing. How can anyone respect anyone with these qualities is beyond me and most everyone.

        As for you “Cruella”…”Absence from those we love is self from self – a deadly banishment.” -WS

        • Dee

          Jody and Mia…oops Cruella is certainly responsive. About the only people who have that much time are women who are working in a retail store that is soarly lacking in customers. I was just in Gucci and not one style is online on the GH’s website, they’re old styles, the same goes for the Dolce & Gabbana.
          I wonder how long it will be before Hermes files suit against these two? The lies thsee two tell, they make the Beverly Hillbillies (the ClamPets) look like the upper echelon of society. These two are white trash pretending to have some money…

  57. Joe from Cambie st

    I’ll just say this…these women are hags and quite frankly, are horrible people not worth knowing.

    I would rather befriend someone who is mentally challenged and in poverty than these hags because at least you know who and what you are dealing with. These women are just grotesque in every sense of the word. From the Shannon Tweed double who is actually a cheap drunk alcoholic, to Jody the “its all about me” attitude, none and I mean…NONE of these women are not worth knowing as they have not a single redeeming quality.

    • Cruella

      Bulletin: there’s a hater on Cambie St.

      • island girl

        Bulletin: I think ‘Cruella’ is a guy.

        • random

          anyone else think that cruella is jody? cause she sure says the same things like you need to go to a physisian for help haha come on that should be a dead give away she also has the same rude, snide remarks as jody

  58. Patricia

    Ronnie Negus is a mean drunk… I know these shows are looking for drama but she appears to be the real deal with a drinking problem. When I watched this I realized she reminded me of a girl I knew in junior high and then I realized that’s her… She has never matured at all. She’s a nasty drunk who wants to have everyone frightened of her. I cant even stand the sound of her voice. Ronnie… Karmas a bitch only when you are one!

    • Joe from Cambie st

      What was she like in school?
      Yes, she has a major drinking problem. I’ve known hard core alcoholics and she is definitely one.

  59. maggie

    What is wrong with Ronnie’s face?? It looks like she had a stroke and never recovered… sorry don’t mean to be insensitive but so much cosmetic alteration, and botox and whatever else they’re doing to their faces, they look so unreal… perhap it should be named the unreal housewives of Vancouver.
    They look worse than all the other American gals put together, but I also do wish they would do more with their time than fight and compete with each other…. perhaps get involved in some charitable work at least…

  60. Wow! I just saw the latest episode of RHOV and let me tell you.that was beyondo mondo! Fresh off the runway’s of Bedrock! Jody, Fred Flintstone called and he wants his coat back! WTF is going on with this woman’s wardrobe? I have NEVER in all my days seen ANYTHING like it! It defies description, and whoever mentioned Mia sporting stripper cuffs was bang on! As for the other goils, even if Mary’s a tad delusional about her Billboard chart status she still doesn’t come close to the nastiness these other women seem to excel in..I felt bad for her this week, just leave her alone for God sakes! And as for Ronnie? You have GOT to be kidding? What a BITCH! She’s 2 faced, 3 faced and four faced! Doesn’t she hear herself when she speaks? Ya wanna talk delusional and pathetic? Does anyone remember her “parting shot” after she was kicked out of the hotel room, that it’s Mary who is sick and drinks too much? What can anyone possibly say in Ronnie’s defense after such a stupid comment? I just don’t know what to think. Well, that’s not altogether true because I remember thinking how humiliated I’d feel if that were me or anyone I knew and how I wouldn’t be able to show my face in that town ever again! But that’s supposing Ronnie has a conscience and since she obviously doesn’t she probably couldn’t give a shit! She can always get wasted and stare at her tennis court. I have a feeling that this is not going to end well for Ronnie. I know people and she’s got serious psycological issues that are winding her up like a spring and one of these days she’s gonna lose it and she’ll find herself in a nuthouse. The proof is in the details, in the way she interacts with people and the way she perceives others are treating her. I’m not saying this to be catty because it’s hardly something to be flip about, so I hope she gets her life under control and understands just who’s responsible for her drinking. I like Reiko, she’s ok, you can tell she loves being a Mom. Christina’s a bimbo but harmless. In closing just let me say that when I saw that shot of Jody standing on the street in her Betty Boop shoes and her Fred Flintstone original I wasn’t ready, I lost it! I was on the freakin floor! The poor thing, it just proves the old saying that money can’t buy you class or style or dignity is just as true for Jody as it is for Janice Dickinson, Danielle Staub, Britney Spears or Lyndsay & Dina Lohan! Us poor folk get a kick out of watching people who think they’re better than everyone else acting like moron’s. And if you don’t want people criticizing you don’t put yer business on the street for everyone to see! What I’d give to be a fly on the wall in the livingroom’s of these women as they watch themselves for the first time! Can you imagine? Oy vey, I’m sure it wasn’t pretty!

  61. Cyrus

    why are all these weird numbers and letters popping up all over my post? I don’t type like that ya know! I know how to spell and everything so why it came out like that I have no idea! Sorry about that, but I don’t feel like rewriting it again..

    • JLR

      Cyrus – not sure what symbols and stuff your are talking about, the comments are coming through clean and clear….maybe cryptic on your end so you don’t go back and change any of your insights! Well said! :)

    • Cruella

      Maybe your keyboard is a girl and she is screaming profanities at you for using her to spread your ridiculous opinions. That’s why only you can see it.

  62. Debi Walls

    Jody reminds me of a younger version of Phyllis Dyler. If you’re old enough to remember Phyllis you should be able to see the resemblance physically and every time she opens her mouth. This is by far the worst Housewives I’ve ever seen and a very poor representation of the women in Vancouver.

  63. Ilora

    All I can that Jody and her little twisted side kick Ronnie are full blown sociopaths. Sadly enough, there is no therapy that can cure it, hence they’re trying to tell beautiful Mary and Christina to get therapy. Psychological projection, beautiful thing. Then there’s Reiko…thinks she’s neutral when you know full well she thrives off of watching the girls argue…but sits back and plays the role that she gets on with everyone. Sadly it’s the dynamics of most real relationships..abusers and the abused…always co-existing….and they call human beings the most intelligent race? Can’t be possible when all history does is repeat itself.

  64. Lola

    Jody gets her fashion sense from vintage Paris Hilton? Seriously, wearing tiara at 48? unless your the fucking queen of England you have no business wearing a tiara with bad extensions at 48. We know it’s a cry for help and we hear you…now put that shit away Lolz. Someone please tell Jody to hire a stylist, by stylist I don’t mean her daughter who is much of a fashion train wreck as her mother. The awful furs and that stripper wrist cuffs wore by the daughter, yuk!!! How sad is it that you can’t tell the difference from a 25 and 48, that just goes to show bad taste doesn’t not discriminate, it can happen at any age Lolz.

    • Ella

      Jody and Mia are the meanest and most ignorant people. Jody thinks she’s so that,well get your daughter some help in etiquette and yourself too. Why would you want to ruin a friends b-day? Having friends like you,you’ll never need enemies. It’ people like you and your daughter that the saying RICH BITCH was invented.

  65. Katrina

    Well I have to say, I get more excited waiting for Cyrus’s comments, then I do the next episode of RHOV. They should hire you to do the commentary after each show. Love how you just put it out there as it is !!! lol


  66. Brenda

    O M G !!! Jody is a typical jewish bitch , COLD , EVIL MEAN SPIRITED , I mean what do u expect from someone who is God less ??? They do worship sa*t*n after all… as they claim them selves .

    • JLR

      Ouch….that is a pretty harsh and mean spirited comment.

    • Mar

      Godless? You should read the Old Testament and educate yourself.

      • M

        Get out of here, Brenda … your hatred is NOT welcome!!

  67. Westside Mom

    Good people of Vancouver, although I do enjoy reading your very entertaining posts….I think we it owe to ourselves and to the rest of the world to stop watching. As long as you keep watching and these review exists, this train wreck will continue. This is exactly the kind of response that keeps this show alive.

    • sam

      AMEN!!! I have been trying to stop this train wreck by letting everyone know that they are being just as mean as the girls on VHW’s. Thanks for a great comment. God Bless.

  68. Cyrus

    WOW Thanks for the nice words Katrina! I’d LOVE to get a job where I could dish about this show or that show, but the only thing I’ve got going for me in that regard is my humble ol’ wit! :o) I have no experience I could use on a resume. But then again maybe it wouldn’t matter all that much if I were able to make an income off nothing more than my opinions what kind of background would I need? I can hardly imagine! What a dream come true a job like that would be! Unfortunatly now that everyone and their next door neighbor have become real live bloggers, the marketplace is just saturated with opinions. You have to be on your best game to compete with the Perez’s and the Cindy Adam’s! But I’d certainly do it if the oppurtunity showed itself!! Oh wait, that’s not how it works in the real world right? Those kinds of jobs wouldn’t just come to me, even if I prayed really hard? I’d have to actually be proactive and seek them out? Forget it! (I’m being sarcastic!) I’m still waiting to hear from anyone who saw the episode in Whistler where the girls were walking hand in hand down the middle of the road on their way to dinner? I’m just dying to hear what thoughts came to your minds when you saw the way Jody was holding her hands? She’s just so expressive. It has to be seen to be believed! I just lost my mind when I saw it the first time, but then as I started to understand Jody and her attitude and how impressed she is with herself I realized the way she held her hands was a crystal clear indicator of what was to come from her in the shows ahead! I’ve never seen anyone walking down a street holding their hands that way! Too funny!

  69. Cyrus

    Just for the record, when I’m finished writing a post for this board it always leaves my end clean, it never has any of these weird numbers or letters or lines in the text, they only appear at the other end! I don’t want people to think I’d actually send something out looking like that! Just sayin!

  70. Ramona

    I know that “reality tv” must have its sensationalism but to show case two women (Jody and Ronnie) who are so obviously bullies is a poor example of a true Canadian woman! Reiko is obviously oblivious and can’t seem to see “the forest for the trees”! My heart goes out to Mary and kudos to Christina for standing with Mary against the bullies of the show. It is devastating to see women being so catty and malicious.

  71. laney

    Its great to turn on a reality tv series and watch someone elses life so much more messed up than your own.
    It just goes to show that money does not buy class.
    Instead of botox, i suggest they spend their money in therapy sessions and perhaps some medication. Its difficult to wrap your head around supposedly grown women and see playground behaviours, where are their limits, put some filters on ladies…….
    Poor manners, denial of addictions, and bullying, sad thats what they think entertainment is these days.
    Im embarrassed for these women .

  72. Cyrus

    Oh oh, someone hit a nerve with Jody, I mean Cruella. I’ve seen these kind of e-mail tantrums, lashing out at anyone and everyone and remember reading a study put out by the Mayo Clinic that attributed these kinds of blind unprovoked fits to bad botox, the need to correct everyone else’s spelling is another side effect, but that tends to find it’s origins more in their need to feel superior to everyone else! Back to the subject at hand, which is how we feel about The Real Housewives of Vancouver, I find it hard to watch these women and not give an opinion about their behaviour because any show or any person who makes a spectacle of themselves and uses the city of Vancouver to do it will get my undivided attention. I don’t think it’s especially positive to be nasty, I know that, but what do these women expect after exposing themselves this way? Jody can’t expect to appear on national TV wearing something Liberace wouldn’t be caught dead in and expect everyone to be surprised she doesn’t have her own fashion line!. If she were a bit more humble about who she is and the way she treats people, especially Mary, perhaps the feedback wouldn’t be as intense. I mean c’mon, I saw that get up and realized it was the same outfit Little Richard was wearing in the 70’s when he toured Poland and was really surprised to see her wearing it! Um, hello,Stevie Wonder dresses better! Don’t take things so seriously Cruella. it’s hardly worth it! Where would I be in terms of gay rights and haven’t I learned anying? I’ve learned to survive the hate I’ve experienced personally as a gay guy by laughing! That’s how I deal with pain in this life. If there’s one hard lesson I’ve learned it’s that if you have Comedy and Music in your life you can climb any mountain. And yes, I know there are other elements more important to other people, but that’s them. With me it’s comedy and music, I can’t imagine my life without either.

    • Katrina L

      Once again Cyrus, you have my attention !!! lol Keep on keeping on :o) I’m going to watch the show and throw back a few comments myself ! As for all the haters out there, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch the show !!! uggggg !


  73. Cyrus

    Listen Tootsie, Joe’s not a hater! Are you sure we’re reading the same board? He graduated from Emily Carr and also loves Vancouver for heaven’s sake! That’s it for me, I won’t respond to you again, your too defensive and ignorant for my taste. Plus you’ve already been given more of my time than your ignorance deserves. Chill out, find your centre, light some incense and have a bath ok? Ok!

  74. Ilora

    Cruella….get a life. Seriously. I watched two episodes, that is it and gave an opinion based on what I felt which was invited, as per everyone else here, for their opinion.

    You are contradictory, pointing fingers at everyone else criticizing and the like…and I wouldn’t have said a thing except this website unfortunately makes you place your e-mail into it whilst leaving a comment.

    OK…so I checked off the “Notify me of follow up comments via e-mail” box as I was interested in reading the views of others. Certainly have not viewed the show since the second, nor am interested in your trying to make yourself appear as someone so incredibly brilliant online. Leave them to their opinions, quit stirring up more issues and find a hobby. If you’re incapable of this, Lord help us and welcome to the World of mental illness.

    Funny enough…it was I at one point who tried to turn myself into a mental institution, only to find out I “am not crazy enough”. The psychiatrist pointed a finger at a room full of folks physically, verbally and emotionally abusing others and said “they don’t even question their behavior….sane people always question their behavior. The day you do not, and you simply dictate…you fall into mental illness”. So run along…grant people their opinions and basically…shut up.

    • Ilora

      Then again if I paid attention to reality..I would also know that you’re a waste of time and my efforts are fruitless as you are incapable of any type of compassion, understanding nor existence other than your own existence. My bad, and thank you life for teaching me another lesson.

  75. Cyrus

    Ilora, I think your smart and brave! Is that really the barometer for mental illness, having an unbalanced thought process and not realizing it? So all these years I’ve been wondering if I was off my rocker actually speaks to my sanity? :o) I have to say the subject of your comments came across as such a wingnut in her first few postings but as her comments progressed she got more wingy and more nutty! lol Right? Physician heal thyself? WTF? Are you serious? What does that mean? When you said “ok, so I checked the box to read the opinions of others here” (or something like that) I just died laughing, good for you! But then I thought you don’t owe anybody an explanation about anything, especially in this kind of forum and especially when the comments are so obviously hateful, but you gave one anyway and I admire you for not just rolling over and letting her ignorance go unchallenged.. I know how much people enjoy nasty humor, I get that, but I’ve always wondered why social commentators can’t be respectfully nasty. Is that a contradiction in terms? Maybe. For instance I don’t get Perez Hilton. He draws penis’s on people’s faces and says really horrible things. He’s SO ignorant and so childish and SO successful! I don’t understand it. I’m a really sensitive person and I know how easy it is to hurt people and find an audience for it, but I’m not interested in that kind of behaviour. When I say “hurt speople” I mean people who don’t put themselves out there, who are just living their lives. People like the RHOV are on a very different level. I love sarcasm, but not really vicious barbaric sarcasm. The line between what’s acceptable to say and what isn’t really depends on the situation. Ok, well, I’m going to tell you something Ilora, because you’ve been open and I felt as if you were kind of defending me in your comments, not just me alone, but I felt like you may have meant some of your words for me. When I came out to my family I was 14 years old. This was on a Saturday morning in 1977. By Monday morning I was “put away” in the most horrific place imaginable and disowned. They took me to this place, dropped me off and drove away. That was it. No one in my family ever spoke to me again. Ever. Tt’s 2012 and they still haven’t. I was adopted and have always thought that played a part in their decisions, that it was easier for them to disassociate what they did to me from who I really was. I wasn’t a “real’ son to them so it wasn’t as if they were betraying a biological family member, ya know? Shortly after that I ran away to New York and have been on my own ever since. It’s hard not to look back because of course it hurts, but when someone questions my loyalty to gay rights or implies I haven’t learned anything from that struggle it hurts me personally because I paid a very big price for choosing to come out of the shadow’s and live in the light, to be honest and open. So that’s why her comments were hurtful to me and why I appreciated yours! I better get back on topic..I love Vancouver! Hows that? But seriously, I really do and I love that many people watching the RHOV are doing it for the same reasons I am, because the city is so gorgeous! The wives of course are nothing more than shrapnel, but even shrapnel has it’s victims! I like Mary, there’s something about her that makes me think she’s been really hurt ya know? Don’t quote me, but I get the feeling she’s also really sensitive and that the betrayal by Ronnie cut real deep. You can’t pick up a phone and call your “friends” family in an effort to rally people to your side and not call that a betrayal. I don’t like watching what Ronnie and Jody have been saying to and about Mary behind her back or right in front of her face. The way Jody gathered all her little soldiers up and marched out of the drinks tent was really abusive and must have hurt Mary terribly and all I could think about was wishing I was there to hug her, to tell her shallow malicious heffers don’t deserve her friendship. Christina stayed and I thought that was great and I respected her for that. Yeah, Mary doesn’t quite fit in with the whole Housewives scenerio of vicious gossip and worse. Surely other’s have picked up on her vulnerability? The way Jody tied that scarf around Christina’s head? Just so disrespectful and ignorant. This “Cruella” person is claiming these women are actresses? Really? When using the editing excuse to explain away their pathetic behaviour no longer works, let’s try blaming their behaviour on a bad script! Oy vey already, what next? Tanning bed fallout? Don’t laugh, watch it show up in the American Medical Association’s (AMA) literature as an actual condition! This Mom in New Jersey who was busted for bringing her daughter to the tanning salon? I love her, she’s hilarious! She’s harmless and dizzy and there’s nothing wrong with that! She had lip liner on just her bottom lip! Are you ready? She was on The Today Show this morning ranting and raving about how someone who is fat and ugly has it out for her, all the while she’s looking broiled or bar-b-qued or something, the American’s sure know how to pick ’em, hence The Housewives!

  76. Karen

    I am truly embarassed to be Canadian. If these women represent Canada we are doomed. Ronnie and Jody are real bullies that we teach our kids to stay away from! Ronnie is the biggest bully out there and yes she does have a drinking problem! Jody is nothing but a drama queen who likes to rule the roost. What a bad example they are sending to their kids and kids out there, that it is okay to be rude and pick on people with no repercussions. Reiko goes along with her head in the sand and is a follower instead of a leader. That is why she has fast cars to hide her insecurities.
    I was watching this show, but I don’t plan to anymore as it is truly a disappointment to see these Canadian women act like this! Mary and Christine I hope this is worth the money you are getting paid to do this show and to put up with the garbage you are getting! As a Canadian women I am really sorry you couldn’t have found a better class of women to do this show (Ronnie,Jody and Reiko). And Mia you follow in your moms foot steps and see how that works for you?

  77. gennxo

    OMG how stupid are Ronnie and her son? I love watching people with zero business experience getting into a venture they know nothing about. She actually believes the professionals are asking THEM stupid questions!! All she cares about is the label! Typical. I bet she got her ‘binuss’ cards from ‘Vista’ a week ago and is now a Vintner?

    She’d be better to surf the web with her cut and paster button at the ready to pick some clip art and a sexy font all by herself then call it a day.

    I would fire them as a client so quickly their heads would spin. I hope the agency cuts her loose quick! Ronnie and her son are so ignorant of the process they are embarrassing to watch. Where is her poor husband? He can’t possibly be impressed by her behaviour especially her ability to consume wine and be terribly unkind. This normal though. Money to burn so “come on gang, let’s open a business”!! Yet another dumb ass woman wanting to sit at the big girl table. Each wives franchise has their own budding designers with zero education putting out jewelry lines, clothing lines, handbag lines, shoe lines and now a wine – without ever thinking there is more to it than saying “oh my god, I just love shoes, handbags, clothing etc” so I’ll call myself a designer now!!

    Oh, why am I torturing myself even watching this train wreck of of nasty, flammable girls? Mary – just – cut and run. I hope your new album is a hit – and move back to LA.

  78. Camille

    This show is embarrassing to all Canadians, these women are stuck up, rude, and arrogant. They are everything Canada is not and I am honestly worried about the reputation they will give Canadians.

  79. Cruella must be a friend of Jodi’s. Cruella takes pot shots at the sexual preference of the young man. What a way to treat someone. I couldn’t believe that Ronnie actually contacted Mary’s sister and mother, regarding their situation. I hope they watch the programs and see who truly started the fight in the hotel and all of the other curel remarks made about Mary. Ronnie even mentioned that she was texting someone concerning a friend when she and her son had that meeting with the advertisement company. She said she was texting her friend’s sister because they were both worried about said friend who is Mary. Talk about obsessed. Ronnie is even trying to turn Mary’s family against her under the guise of being so concerned.

  80. Cyrus

    That’s exactly what pissed me off the most, Ronnie’s bullying. She took it to such an extreme level, attacking Mary through her family, I thought that was just the lowest! And the meeting with the advertising agency just blew me away, she’s so determined to bully Mary to the point that she’s doing it around complete strangers and in settings where her issues with other people couldn’t be any less unimportant or irrelevant! I really hope they have a reunion show because I’d like to see how Ronnie explains away her behaviour, either it will be an exersize in denial and she’ll react defensively or she’ll have a breakthrough and get real. I just hope she’s not infected with Kelly Bensimone-itis! And as for Jody, I love people who “do their own thing”, any form of self expression is fabulous and should be encouraged, let your Freak Flag Fly sister, but Jodes, as Mia calls her, you can’t be serious about your wardrobe? But ok, whatever. I remember the first time the country got a good look at K D Lang. It was at The Juno’s in the early 80’s and she was wearing army boot’s with a wedding dress which I thought was truly fantastic. If I’m not mistaken I think that was the same year Scott Thompson sat in the FRONT ROW at The Juno’s wearing a white sheet for a dress, a huge white towel on his head the way we twist it after a shower, and TIN CANS that he stepped on so they’d fit as shoes! He just sat there with his head held high, lord have mercy, I for one loved him for it. So who knows? Maybe Jody’s onto something? What she wears is harmless, it’s not like she’s hurting anyone’s feelings, right? Then again, it could be considered as a mild form of bullying! :o) I’ve been trying to figure out the biggest differences between the Vancouver housewives and the American housewives and it’s not easy. I guess because it’s filmed in Vancouver and I love the city and it’s people so much I get really defensive just because I know in my heart it’s not an accurate portrayal of the city or those who live there. I’m dying to know what’s going on behind the scenes, you can’t tell me they’re thrilled being exposed this way? I know if I were Jody or Ronnie I’d be freaking, I’d have to do SOMETHING to counteract the perceptions we as viewer’s are feeling. I can’t help wondering if these women have figured out why people are responding with such venom and if our opinions might change if we had an oppurtunity to see them in other settings under different circumstances. I know it wasn’t until I saw Teresa on Celebrity Apprentice that I had a change of heart because she came across very differently than she does on Housewives, CA gave us an oppurtunity to see her under pressure in a situation where she didn’t have the security of family and I was pleasantly surprised, ya know? I’ve said way too much in this forum because reactions have come very easily, and I’m sure the root cause is our love for Vancouver. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, let me, once and for all, respond to Dana Lynch’s original question, what we loved and what we didn’t about The Housewives Premiere. In the negative category, what sticks out the most is Ronnie’s delusional perception of herself and everyone around her. I’m talking about scary delusions here, not your garden variety delusions, like claiming your thinner or younger than you really are. The bullying insensitive ways Jody and Ronnie have treated Mary sticks out the most. Like their shit doesn’t stink. On the plus side of course there’s the stunning coverage of Vancouver. I’ve also grown to like Mary, watching the way the others have treated her is very painful, what in the hell has she done to deserve it? And I’ll dismiss any claims by Ronnie or Jody that we don’t know the full story because of what we don’t see as a result of editing. I don’t care about the “full story”, I know what I’ve seen and that’s enough. I still want to see some kind of program that highlights THE TRUTH about Vancouver and the people who live there. The entire province of British Columbia is stunning. I spent a whole year on Gabriola Island and can say that the local’s, even in small markets like Gabriola and Nanaimo, are kind hard working people. I loved the segments of Reiko working out and riding her bike etc because that’s what I think of when I think of the people who live there. Fitness and health are front and center because of how the city is positioned with the mountains and the ocean visible from all points, everything about that place makes you want to get healthy and stay active. Ok I’m done, I’ve fallen into the comments trap and just let it rip so I should probably just retire my RHOV opinion’s and move on! People have been really nice on this board, it just kind of caught fire and I’m sure it’s because of how much we all love Vancouver and because we know much of what we’ve seen on RHOV has NOTHING to do with the Vancouver we all know and love.

    • I love it- the true story. Yes that old excuse to hide behind. We see from the beginning when all the ladies met that even though Ronnie was supposed to be Mary’s friend she was sarcastic and a way out of line. I am talking about the first time at Whistler. Jody started in on Mary right away about getting counseling. When Mary tried to defend herself at Christina’s birthday party Jody completely dismissed her. I love Vancouver too and lived there in the seventies. Jody has tried to turn Christina against Mary too but it hasn’t worked. Yes I hope that Ronnie doesn’t get like Kelly B. either.

  81. Cranberry

    Reiko looks more like 48, not 36. What’s up with all these “housewives” (Alex Mc Cord etc.) claiming they are 10 years younger then they really are and think they can get away with it? Cause they get a little botox every 6 months they can cut 10-15 years off their age? That Ferrari dealer saying to Reiko 36?? really? wow.. LOL Reiko probably thought he meant she looked younger.

    • I agree about Reiko. She does look older. Her skin seems like it is stretched tightly over her face. I guess she did have botox on that one program. Her eyes never seem to move. It is too bad because you can see that she was attractive.

  82. Joe from Cambie st.

    I wonder if these women or the producers take the time to actually read what posting here.

    I think this show is more of a sexist comedy than anything else now. It shows women in their worst form, opens them up to sexist attacks by men who refuse to date any woman over 30 and shows how bad they are in business.

    Ahhh yes, there is nothing like watching a drunk make a fool of themselves. I wonder if they will show footage of Ronnie passed out after peeing herself.

    There is a reason why these women are not in Vancouver’s high society. They lack the merit of character worthy of being respected.

    Its pretty sad when collectively people laugh at you, rather than congratulate you on a job well done to help others. Can you imagine if just one of these women sells one of her cars and donates the money to providing food for the homeless in the Downtown East Side and oversees distributing that food while in the process says “Although I may have money, does not negate the fact that here in Vancouver, we have a major issue with drugs, poverty and the homeless and I’m doing what I can to help out these people and raise awareness that we as a nation can and should be doing more to solve such cultural quagmires. Since I am a “Real Housewife of Vancouver” I want to show that here in our city, we do stand up for what is right, what needs to be done and I intend on using this forum to enable a vast discussion to take place focused on the disparity of wealth.” ……can you imagine if one of them stood up and said that and brought a camera crew down to East Hastings?

    Instead we have a focus in on how a facial must take place, or walking a runway or getting hammered over a 1000$ dinner in Whistler.

    Yeah, its a sexist comedy and we should just laugh at these people. Laugh at them and Slice for producing such a mockery of a show. “Oh….I thought this was a comedy? How can I take Jody’s store serious? Oh buying something from you? Oh Darling…that’s so funny. You know I can’t buy something from someone I consider a joke.”.

    It says something that these women cannot stand on their own without the backing of a wealthy man.

    There should be a massive screening take place in Van where the theme should be a joke, interview the hundreds watching and edit it together to show how these women and this show is a joke.

  83. Cyrus

    I was talking to someone recently and we both had the exact same kinds of questions and observations you mention in your post Joe. Are they really that shallow and that self involved to the point that anything beyond the scope of their petty superficial little lives they deem useless, not worth their precious time? If it can’t make them look younger, if it doesn’t have a label, if the right names aren’t dropped or if their conversations aren’t peppered with words and phrases like “Ibiza” “Paris” “jet fuel” “my staff” “my properties” or “my tennis court” then it’s a conversation not worth having? “Jodes” is the queen of pretentious hyperbole, it’s hard to top “my staff” or “jet fuel” I mean Jet fuel? Are you serious? That’s the limit in terms of her “everyone look at me” pontifications. I mean it’s a good day for me if I can find enough change in the couch to put air in the tires of my bike! LOL! I guess at the end of the day the most obvious take away is exactly what was mentioned in Joe’s post. The lack of compassion or even acknowledgement of other people living their lives, just trying to get by one day at a time. Danielle Staub is a complete train wreck, oh my god, she tops her personal best everytime she opens that leathery stretched mug of hers, same with Janice Dickinson, but at least Danielle did mention the importance of supporting a family who’s little girl was dying of cancer by attending a fundraiser at The Brownstone..the fact that she arrived with Hell’s Angel’s wannabe’s and proceeded to make the whole night all about her is secondary to helping this family raise the money they need so desperatly for their little girl. And actually, come to think of it, if anyone who likes the American versions of Housewives knows, most of the episode’s revolve around some form of charity..hey, what an eppiphany! That’s right!!! Jill has “Creeky Joints” or something like that, a charity she started because her daughter Allison has arthritis (I think that’s what it’s called and what Allison has), almost every episode makes some mention of giving back, something that hasn’t been mentioned, even in passing, by the women of RHOV! So there it is! Point blank! Perhaps that’s why these women have turned into magnets for critisism and resentment. I should at least mention that I don’t think the girls are 100% to blame because Slice is ultimatly responsible for what we see. I find it hard to believe not one of these women care about or participate in organizations that focus on giving back. Of course that doesn’t mean the things we’ve said about them are any less true, it just means that among the 5 of them at least one must care about things that don’t promote focus on self. I guess tonight will be the 3rd or 4th show I’ve seen so far and yes, I’m so looking forward to it! Actually I have to mention this. Ya know how Cruella likes to get all “uppity” and “clever” about the way she “deals” with our opinions? And we also know the episodes aren’t screened by anyone except the producers before they air right? So let’s keep our ears open tonight for the phrase “physician, heal thyself” which I think will most likely fall out of Mia’s mouth. I’m not worried about blowing my cover or giving her the head’s up she needs in order to watch what she says because the show is in the tube, she can’t edit herself now. I CAN’T wait! If anyone comes across any lengthy interviews with any of the ladies please post it or let me know ( I can’t seem to find anything worth reading! Don’t forget to keep your eas open tonight for the phrase “Physician, heal thyself”

  84. cranberry

    Ronnie Seterdahl Negus is from the board of the B.C. Centre for Ability, a charity for children with disabilities.

    • Ronnie maybe on the Board of Directors but that does not mean that she isn’t a bully, with a drinking problem.

  85. cranberry

    I’m aware, was just replying to the person above me.

  86. Cyrus

    WOW, Ronnie and Jody deserve each other. Delusional, malicious shit disturbers, the both of them. Mary didn’t say shit about Jody being Jewish. And Mary isn’t the one who owes Ronnie an apology, it’s the other way around. Someone wrote that if they were hired by Ronnie to work on a label for her wine they’d kick her to the curb so fast her head would spin. Um, yeah, that’s the long and short of it because her business acumen is�lacking, she’s just merrily skipping along, trying to come up with a competitive name between hangovers! She’d fit well into a work week that gave her every second day off, work one day, recover the next, work one day, recover the next. I’m more pissed at Jody, she’s just such an obnoxious holier than thou bully, period. I’m disgusted by the way she lied to Mia about Mary. Wow. And then when Mia makes a comment about confronting Mary at Ronnie’s party, she tells her to relax sbecause confronting her is too much like high school. Are you kidding? Of course Mia’s gonna have a bee in her bonnet but Jody’s the one who put it there not Mary! Jody seems like both a coward and a bully. She’s the type who likes to cause a lot of shit then sit back and let everyone else fight it out. She’s got no class, no humility and no empathy. What’s worse than a rich woman with a face and an attitude like a boot who thinks it’s okay to be a shit disturbing witch as long as your wearing Chanel? Jody, listen boo, the Davy Crockett Hat Collection has got to go, it’s just so 18th century! Being an asshole in Dior is still being an asshole, just because you snatched it off the runway’s of Paris doesn’t make you any less appalling. Next to you Anna Wintour is warm and fuzzy sister! Does anyone else see the irony of Ronnie constantly talking about drinking, she’s so deep in her denial that she’s almost validating her alcoholism by turning it into a business venture! The “rehab” “happy hour” comment stopped sounding witty the first 500 times she said it. Can you believe these women? I don’t know what to think. I was hoping for some hint of humanity out of these people who have the resources to do something of substance, but once again the shallowness they are wallowing in rises to the top! Just gross. Shame on them. Ya know while watching them tonight I came up with this analogy about responsibility. When someone is being beaten and 100 people are watching it and doing nothing that makes them part of the problem right? Well when you have enough money to blow on self indulgent pursuits like Ferrari’s and trips to Ibizia while right down the street someone is losing their home or can’t make their rent, there’s a lack of responsibility on the part of those who could help without feeling it. No one has the right to dictate how one spends their money, but buying a $7000 dress to wear for one night is so far off the scale of acceptability that it becomes crude and wasteful. I don’t know. Whatever. I just know that for me personally $7000 is like winning the lottery! Can anyone fathom going out for dinner and ordering a $1500 bottle of wine? Oy vey, I wonder what Ronnie will charge for her wine? It should reflect her dedication to quality and the years she’s put into creating the perfect blend. Light and airy yet firm and full. Oh my god, that sounds like something she’d say to her plastic surgeon when she goes in for her weekly check up! “Make them full yet airy, I want them to move but they can’t sag and they have to move in unison yet retain their ability to move independently of each other should the need arise”.

  87. Cyrus

    I don’t care if Mary was wearing a gorilla suit, nothing came close to the ugliness Jody and her hook nosed spawn displayed. Unfreaking real. I don’t feel bad about anything I’ve ever said about either of them now because there’s a fine line between what is sarcastic and what is hurtful and I don’t want to be hurtful to anyone, but then I heard Mia say “I wanna knock her out” and all bets were off. You ugly little skank, I am so not surprised you turned out the way you did considering who you came out of. Don’t you have any self respect? Are you proud of yourself? It’s a good thing I didn’t witness your mouth in action because this is one fag who doesn’t cotton to little girls wth big mouths. The fact that Jody not only caused the entire thing but participated in the attack tells me everything I’d ever need to know about the both of them.

  88. Yes Jody was up to her old tricks. First of all Mary never said anything about her being Jewish or not. Jody tells her daughter this and gets the pot stirring. I could not believe the carry on of Jody and Mia about Mary’s stomach showing. Jealous or what. If I had a waist like that I would show it off too and I am 61. Jody and Mia were way out of line at Ronnie’s party when they attacked Mary about what she supposedly said about their Jewish heritage and the sight of her belly button. Jody called Mary EVLL. Boy that woman sure is jealous. Jody’s and Mia’s actions are just vulgar. I think that Mary and Ronnie will rekindle their friendship. They have been friends for too long and you could see how they reached out to each other at Ronnie’s birthday party. I do aagree with one thing that Ronnie said and only one thing and that was about people never saying they were sorry. I too have had exxperience with this and it can be most frustrating. People who don’t know how to say sorry are totally in denial. I got a chuckle out of Reicko when she said how difficult it was for her in the morning with her children. How pathetic is that. She has her mother to help and a maid or nanny who was also available. I certainly agree about seven thousand dollars on a dress is ridiculous especially when it could be used to help others. I would also feel like I won the lottery if I had that amount of money. It would be great to see others helped who are less fortunate. I watched that David that everyone is so head over heals when he was with Christina. I said before I thought he was on the Millionaire Match Maker. I don’t know why everyone thinks he is handsome. The guy has a weak chin and is not attractive at all. Just saying.

    • Charlie

      He was on the Millionaire Match Maker.

  89. Charlie

    I think it is time for Jody to be kicked off the show. She is a bully and to raise her daughter like that is very embarrassing. Come on producers, Jody sounds like a pirate, what kind of show is this? What Captain Sparrow does with her treasure? She needs to be taken down and I can’t wait to watch upcoming episodes when we will see it all happen. When someone is a bully they deserve to be punished.

    • Does anyone think Ronnie’s cheeks are real or implants?
      I think the reasoning for having a lower slcohol content in Ronnie’s wine is ridiculous. The fact that you won’t get as bad a hangover is silly. You will just drink more to get a buzz and therefore a hangover.

      I was shocked when Reiko said she would go after Mary at the hotel, because she takes martial arts and it could be considered a weapon. Be careful who you threaten. I was shocked when Mary said she would win this war. I wish she would rise above it and act like a class act. Chrstina seems like the only one with any couth.

  90. Cyrus

    I agree with everything you said Elizabeth, but I’m not sure Mary owes Ronnie the apology, I think it’s the other way around, no? As for David he’s not so bad, I couldn’t stand him at first and I’ll tell you why. Some people won’t like this, but I have such a low tolerance for “snippy I’m all that fruits”, Ugg, I have no patience for attitude and that’s why he turned me off initially because I think it was on the first show when he was going on about his friends cream Bentley, which made him sound superficial. But I’ve seen him and Christina talking together a few times when he was empathetic towards her and I’m pretty sure he’s a good friend. That’s the vibe I get anyway. Who said Reiko is like a an ostrich? That is so true, she doesn’t have much of an opinion about anything, but I’d rather be around someone who’s neutral to the point of complacency than someone who’s nasty and spiteful. I don’t know why I’m feeling this way, but I saw a few moments of kindness towards Mary from Ronnie last night that seemed pretty genuine. I don’t want to think she’s as bad as she seems sometimes but here’s a newsflash, I think it’s just when she’s been drinking that she becomes belligerent and she’s been belligerent a lot so maybe it’s time for her to put a cork in it? Did anyone notice her husband? Shit, if I had a husband like that I’d make sure the home fire’s were always burning! Of course we haven’t heard him speak so we don’t know what his trip is, but he is certainly handsome. And please Cruella, don’t educate me about how superficial it is to talk about a man’s looks. Just be grateful I chose to comment on his and not yours!

  91. Cyrus

    Exactly! Amen! That’s the bottom’s about Jody’s bullying! That’s the issue with Jody and Mia right there! A badly dressed bully is still a bully, it just makes it all the more desperate! If Charles Nelson Reilly and Paul Lynde had a lovechild, it would dress like Jody! And trust me, neither one of them would take responsibility for it either, they’d take one look at her and finally realize it’s time to quit drinking! Color me bitter, but I get a kick out of slagging off Jody because she’s just so insufferable! I wouldn’t be talking about her this way if she exhibited one tiny little shred of decency, but I’m sorry, after last night’s performance she deserve’s everything she gets! Pulling people away from Mary at the bar last night, after doing the same thing at the hotel and at the luxury car gala. Her high school behaviour was hurtful to Mary and to those of us who watched it. Who is she performing for? Why is she acting this way? What does it accomplish? Those are valid fair questions. Is she being a bitch because she worships Alexis Carrington? And to pass it on to that daughter of hers, perpetuating that disgusting behaviour to a whole new generation of moron’s. What a sad commentary and what an unfortunate reflection of all that she’s accomplished in her life because to be a successful woman while retaining your kindness and a desire to help others is what makes someone a success. Being an accomplished person isn’t about money or the accumulation of things. You are not successful because your company had record returns in the first quarter! Your successful because of what you do with your success! Isn’t that true? Anyone can be successful. I better chill when it comes to these fits of opinion because I’m taking up way too much space and I don’t want them to 69 me. I hope Jody cares about herself and her reputation enough to step up and start behaving like the successful woman she is. Her snotty attitude isn’t a good look, it’s so 1980’s!

  92. A real RHOV

    Mary…the most previously famous
    Ronnie…the drunk
    Jody…the one with the worst hair extensions
    Reiko…the one who looks most like a man
    Christina…the one who looks the oldest

    First off, none of them are housewives. Two of them aren’t even married. Real housewives are stay at home moms or wives who take their kids to school, volunteer at the school, help their kids with their homework, clean the house, grocery shop, make dinner…and a million other productive activities. All these women do is show off and stab each other in the back. The scriptwriters really went overboard with this theme; worse than the other shows in the franchise. Women can be catty, but this show makes it seems as if all they know how to do is be shallow, hurt each other, and embarrass themselves and their poor kids. Who would want their mom to be portrayed like this on TV?

    Reiko brags a lot about her cars, but why is their no mention of her gangster husband? With all the women in Vancouver, why would any man, let alone the rich kind Christina goes after want to date a 30 year old who looks 45, brags on TV that she’s a golddigger, and would appear in a show like this? I guess I’m supposed to envy the lifestyle that these women have, but instead I’m glad I have a much more fulfilling life, although of course, this is all made for tv “reality “.

    • Laurie Grant

      I agree totally with you, all these women are a disgrace to Canadian women everywhere. Please, please, cancell this crap you call reality. Thank you peeved in Ontario. P.S this is embarassing for us Canadian women CANCELL TY

  93. I agree that most of the time Ronnie has bee drinking when her problems come out. I didn’t mean that Mary should apologise to Ronnie, I just meant generally. I didn’t find David very kind on the Millionaire Match Maker. He was full of himself. He flew a girl to Vancouver used her and then ditched her. I just don’t trust a man who is so full of himself. Just my opinion and he does have a weak chin. I just want Christina to be careful with this guy. Hell what do I know I am a 61 year old grandmother.

  94. Carati

    Jody’s daughter looks like a mental patient.

  95. Ilora

    Cyrus angel, firstly I want to apologize for my delayed response to your thoughtful, insightful and most importantly raw honest response. I work two jobs and also am doing Website design work on the side, just started a month ago and have landed 3 clients. Needless to say, recreational time is dwindling very fast :)

    And yes! Interestingly enough, that is the barometer for mental illness, so go poor yourself a drink and marvel in the fact that you are evolved enough to question your existence and the effect it has on others. Bravery and courage some will say also!

    Physician heal thyself…no comment. I tried to understand, but I don’t. And don’t expect a rational, educational piece to be written about it if I did ask.

    Thanks for laughing about when I said I checked the box to read the opinions of others…granted, I didn’t owe an explanation as you say, I was just playing it as a game of chess. That’s how I deal with life all of the time and proves to be effective. I figured in a mind such as hers, she’d be looking for any way to destroy and bring me down. I didn’t want to give her the ammunition.

    In all fairness, in regards to your comment about contradiction, of course it will exist in many aspects of our lives. It’s dependent on so many different factors…mood, emotional levels, environment, the type of day we’ve experienced. For example…one day you can call me fat and I’ll laugh at it because I know I’ve indulged in a few extra chocolates that week. But if it was a day that I’ve been picking up the pieces and the ball that people are dropping at work, you’d best believe my response will be a 360 degree eruption justifying every reason why I needed those few extra chocolates. So contradiction has to exist, but there’s a place for it. And in my opinion, there’s no place in it if you have the nerve to dictate to others in a defined situation that they should behave in one manner, all of the time, when your own behavior, changes as frequently as your underwear. What comes to mind? Do as I say and not as I do….yeah…right… perspective: Lead by example in the situation.

    I am also a very sensitive person. Something people have told me all my life I need to work on. Well, I have. BUT!!! I haven’t let all of that gift go, because it’s a necessity for balance.

    I want to commend you by the way, for your honesty also in opening up to me and a public forum as you’ve identified about your life and the situation. I won’t lie, I went away for a few days and reflected on it all, felt through the emotions it brought me as I can relate to you on some levels, and in the same, for those I couldn’t, I had to put myself in your shoes so I could try to understand. All in all, here is what I came up with, just a perspective that may provide some healing for you or may not, but the main thing to remember here, is it’s out of respect, care and compassion for the person you are.

    When it comes to family who abandons you, I had a family that may as well have as I used to think I’d rather be away from those that are supposed to love me than be abused. But your situation assisted me in realizing, stay or go, abuse can happen on either side of the fence.

    It saddens me terribly that you were put away for something that your “family” could not accept. For that, there are no words, but instead in my heart, it cries and I wish I could give you a hug. However, I also know that it’s those people who endure such suffering, that emerge into the caring and loving beings we are if we’re strong enough to not let it beat us. Not let us turn into the abusers. You my dear, are one of those success stories and for that, hold your head high.

    As for the family bit….”blood is thicker than water”…yeah? Well sometimes it’s contaminated. That’s why I make my family wherever I go in this life. They had all of my love, forgiveness and still abuse it. After so much searching..this is a life lesson they need to learn, and believe me, they will.

    And just as you said, when someone questions your loyalty to gay rights or implies you haven’t learned anything from that struggle, the next time that happens, sit back and look at the source. Look at how they treat everyone and realize they’ve just been fortunate enough this long in life to have not suffered. But remember what I said..there’s always a balance. So they will suffer in their own way, in their own experiences and hopefully sooner than later so they can stop hurting others with their ignorance. Not that I wish pain on anyone, but it is a necessity for growth.

    You are brave, strong and I adore your grace through your experiences and also your ability to come out the other end and still be an advocate for the good in life. Incredible. Sending you loads of love!

    Speaking of getting back on track…;) I really have enjoyed reading the views of others. It’s nice to see that a lot of us feel the same and don’t promote the behavior of Jody and Ronnie. If we want good in our lives, we have to fight for it! :)

    Have a great night everyone! And thanks for all the good reading! Oh and good point Cyrus…Van is beautiful. Myself, I live on the Island in Victoria as I don’t like big cities, however, for those that love it and call it home, I’m glad they’ve nestled in!

    • I agree and my heart goes out to Cyrus. Just think of the beautiful experience his family is missing by not including him in their family. Love is love whether it is between two men, two women, a woman and a man. My brother and his wife have acted this way for several years even though we used to be close. I have apologized for everything I can think of that I may have done. I have put myself out there but it is always the same. Cyrus is a brave and beautiful person.

    • Cyrus

      Hey Ms Ilora, your words were so kind, they were just so kind and warm but I couldn’t read them all at once because after the first couple of lines I realized what was happening and for whatever reason I just wasn’t ready to recieve them. I’ve finally read through all of it now and while I know I’m off topic I’m hoping the moderator might understand the nature of your words and my response to them and overlook the rules by allowing me to post my e-mail address. Even if it’s just up for a day or two hopefully you will have seen it in that time frame and then they can delete it. Elizabeth’s words were also warm and comforting so this comment speaks to her as well. Who could ever have imagined the level of kindness we would find and participate in on, of all things, a message board about 5 brain dead botoxed self indulgent shrews? Stranger things have happened! I’ll most likely comment on tomorrow’s show but for the most part I think if we want to open up and share with each other the twists and turns that have defined our own lives we probably shouldn’t be doing it here anymore, simply because this board has a specific defined purpose. Ok then, here’s my address, ( I’d be thrilled to hear from you so feel free to write me whenever you have a few moments and feel like kvetching!

  96. proud to be canadian

    It’s sad that Jody thinks her option is valuable and right. What a nasty person she is and to think she is raising children. She showed us that she is is a bad mother at Ronnie’s birthday party. Talk about mean girls and i do mean, mean . Jody is nothing but a bully. I wonder if these women would just stand by and watch if their children talk to people like that. They seem to not say a word when Jody acts like a mean bully. I personally have a lot of friends and thank goodness we would never dream of speaking to each other that way or anyone else.
    GET SOME CLASS JODY. I was going to say ladies, but i can’t even call them that, stand by and listen to this crap they are just as bad.

    • Yes it is sad to think that the other ladies would stand around and not intervene. Christina tried to in the hotel and she just got yealled at by Jody and Ronnie. My friends and I never talked like this either. It is all foreign to me, not that I am perfect. This comes down to good manners and class. Reiko is ceratinly guilty of this too. She invites Mary to her car show and then never speaks just walks out of the tent when Jody commanded it. She seems like she just cares about herself.

  97. Cyrus

    From the preview clip of next week’s show it looks like Reiko may be starting to see Jody and Mia’s true colors. Ugly is such a complex concept, seriously, the way we perceive what is or isn’t ugly and what influences those perceptions. For sure we all have our own idea’s because of our own personal experiences. The way Jody/Mia went after Mary was ugly on many level’s. Jody wastes no time telling the world what she thinks is innaproprate and appalling, but does anybody remember the first blow she leveled at Mary that wasn’t said under her breath, she said it so Mary and everyone else could hear it? Mary is 10 feet away when Jody calls Mia over and pointing directly at Mary she raises her voice and proceeds to ask her daughter what she thinks of “that look”. It upset me a lot because of how unprovoked, vicious, mean and hurtful it was, ya know?. Why Why Why? I have little doubt that the day they heard they had been accepted for RHOV their agenda skipped the interactive nature of the RHOV, they just wanted to get it over with as fast as possible so they can start pitching their own show!! Their appalling behaviour, their lack of manners and their need to make a scene where there isn’t one tells me they think being ignorant stupid judgemental and insulting is what will determine their fate! They think the nastier they get will bring them more face time which in turn will bring them closer to a deal of their own. But the opposite is true isn’t it? Because not one single person who’s seen them in action has anything positive to say, in fact everyone is disgusted and appalled by their ignorance. What I wouldn’t do to be a fly on the wall in the boardrooms of Slice. There was another fleeting, and I mean fleeting, moment when Ronnie said she didnt know what had been said to Mary but that it wasn’t nice. That comment seemed genuine to me because the look on her face as she said it was one of disgust and intolerance. But who knows? Shows like this thrive on anticipation so who knows what will be aired. By next week I’m hoping Ronnie will have admonished her spine for being MIA, for deserting her when she really needed it and address the disgusting behaviour of her “friends” Jody and Mia. On a sidenote to Mary and Iiora (sic?) I was really touched by your kind words and I posted a rather lengthy reply but because it was off topic and so long I guess it must have been deleted because I can’t find it anywhere. Of course I understand why, they need to make sure we stay on topic, it’s that simple. Please just know I read AND felt your comments and that they meant something to me. Ok? Okay!

  98. Joe from Cambie st.

    You know, you just sit back and think for a moment about these women who lead a life of privilege and first of all think about just how sad they are for being the way they are, with their rude, selfish, caddy and prevailing sense of meanness and more, but then you sit back and look at all the wasted potential these women have for not doing more.

    It sort of like someone who owns a business whose not operating at 100% efficiency, for every day you’re down, you’re losing profit, and in these women’s cases, they could be doing so much more to invest, encourage and inspire young women to achieve the historically unachievable, they could be investing in young women’s business’ and giving them the business support they could truly use. I am friends with one of Canada’s most inspiring and visionary fashion and textile designers and she is close to False Creek in Vancouver and she like so many other artists and designers face the struggles like so many others do and it would be such a refreshing change to say take a portion of “your 10 million dahling……” and split it up to make investments into young female entrepreneurs, designers, artists, scientists, engineers and more. Use say 3 of their minutes to expose them to the world, encourage the viewing audience to visit their website, buy their goods and support Canadian industry, arts, textiles, fashion and so much more.

    It is such a discouraging thing to see such character drivel, bereft of morality, intelligence and vision, to allow such descent, hatred, drama and more dominate moments which could conversely be populated with inspiration, imagination, vision and hope.

    These women come to represent the worst that Canada can field and its offensive to so many others in Vancouver that are having such a hard time with life because rents are so high, jobs so scarce, and people…as exemplified here on this show, shallow, fake, superficial, hollow and just plain sad.

    Just imagine all the young women that could benefit from their help, and now, think for every show, its so many young women who are not.

    I enjoy reading your posts everyone. I just wish that there was real substance in these people. You know, the kind of character where you just sit back and go “wow!” and you are left in awe. Sadly we have these incredibly pathetic women.

    • terry

      Does anyone get that a lot of the crap that Jody lays on Mari comes from Ronnie? Mari never confided in Jody about her failed relationship. That whole lecture Jody gave Mari in Whistler came from things Mari told in confidence to her ‘so called friend” Ronnie, who then related details to Jody in a very negative way. The comment Mari made about being surprised that Jody was Jewish, was made to her ‘friend’ Ronnie, who twisted it into something negative.
      The comment about Jody having a second hand, or vintage store was made, again by Mari to her friend Ronnie who again made it into something negative. Then Ronnie sits back and watches Mari get slammed by the gruesome twosome, Jody and Mia. Ronnie is bad bad news, and what the hell is with her lips???

  99. Jojo

    I have a love and hate relationship with the show. It’s quite sad that the world is fighting so hard against bullying and yet we have people like Jody and her daughter who are exactly what we warn our kids about. They are grown women who feel the need to pick on people in order to make themselves feel better. I saddens me that a mother would teach her child such bad behaviour. Reiko and Ronnie in my opinion don’t make things any easier. Its quite clear who their loyalty lies with. You can see the classiness that comes from both Mary and Christina. You can tell that they are good hearted people. I really hope that Jody and Mia get a taste of their own medicine. Bullying is a big problem in the world and they are pure examples of the typical bully.

    • Mimi

      Sorry but I don’t see any classiness in Christina. None whatsoever. Just simply a gold digger using her body to get what she wants. Living off two former husbands and looking for a third to add to the bounty.

  100. Joe from Cambie st.

    Well the big news in Vancouver today was the Snakehead Fish making its presence known, on another note, BC Fish and Wildlife discover an invasive Asian fish which threaten the native fish on the west coast.

    Well, it seems I got sucked in enough to the show, mostly because I love Vancouver, the scenery and the wonderful memories of my city. Tojo, such an amazing and classy Chef, contrasted against the cast really showed something.

    Mary, is simply, and I admit that I was initially wrong about her, she is simply classy and its amazing to see her strength come out to stand up against old, leathery skinned, sad, way past their prime, women like Jody and her daughter. Jody and her daughter are an embarrassment to Jewish women in my humble opinion. Mature people, if confronted with a statement about questioning ones religious heritage would politely question the validity of the event and correct them and be done with it, not go around poking their fingers into the chests of much more powerful people. Quite frankly, I was embarrassed for her and her family for the way that little girl acted, and she’s lucky she has not been punched in the face by now, because most people would not tolerate little annoying ugly girls getting up in their business.

    As for Mary and her Blue cocktail drink she wants to market, good on you. Copying an idea like marketing a beverage is not unique and so anyone who thinks that she is stealing Ronnies idea is delusional. Her idea about her wine and how to market it is a joke. If I was consulting, and forced to use that name, I would recommend that “the wine is so good, you need Rehab to pull yourself away from it…”….

    I’m glad they escaped and went to Mexico. Mary is a hotty and most certainly the most desirable out of everyone of them. The only drawback was having to have that annoying gay BFF tag along. I suppose everyone needs to have people like that….lazy, shallow, holier than thou, refusing to take their own bags kind of person, but really?

    Look at Jody and her attack on Reiko and she showed her true feelings about her and her husband by referring to those cars as stolen…so we now see how she views her relationship….Jody acknowledges that Reiko and her family derive their profits from crime. Sad but true and even more pathetic. However, Reiko was in the right to get up and leave as it was a fight between two people: a classy Mary with a real backbone and a raging mutt in heat.

    As for Jody…ahh listen hunny, you made a comment about dogs and if you lay with them, you get fleas. Hunny, I don’t know what you think you are, but I would rather sleep beside my dog, in my bed, than you….any day of the year….and I would rather get her fleas, than yours.

    The drama…oh the drama….why would anyone want to hang out with so much drama is beyond me. At least seeing Tojo again was awesome! YAY TOJO!!!!

    …..such horrible shallow mutts.
    I have more respect for dogs in the SPCA than Jody and her daughter.

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  102. molly123


  103. I have just watched all the episodes of RHOV tonight. I am relieved after having read all the comments that I am not the only one that sees how cruel and evil Cruella, I mean Joky oups, I mean Jody and her awful daughter Mia are. The ugly smile Jody has when she is about to say something mean or hurtful just sends shivers down my spine! I can’t believe someone so evil really exists. Reiko and Ronny seem to be very weak personalities, accepting to follow the evil witch in her wicked ways. Even though I don’t like the way Christine portrays herself as a gold digger , I love her personality , her honesty and faithfulness towards her friendship with Mary. I sense that she has a very low self esteem and that is very sad because she is such a beautiful person. And Mary, so sweet ! But I am happy to see that she took a stand against Jody and her ‘gang’. I think that they are just jealous of Mary and Christine, because even with all their money and surgeries they will never be able to be as beautiful as Mary and Christine are.
    Funny seeing Jody and Mia trying to tell Mary how a 50 year old shouldn’t be showing her stomach when they themselves could truly use some fashion advice….seriously!!!! too funny They dress up in second hand clothes and look like clowns. I found Ronny at her best when she was with her daughters. It was so touching to see how much love she had for them. One of the only times I found her truly beautiful.
    I am hooked on this show now …. can’t help it , I can’t wait to see if something good comes out of all this circus. Right now , the best part I got out of this show is reading beautiful and touching comments from people like Cyrus and Joe. Being the proud mom of a wonderful gay man it really hurt me to read how your familly has treated you , but they are the ones who have lost someone special, because even if I don’t know you personally , your beauty as a wonderful, caring and sensitive person comes out in your comments. Take care

  104. Joe from Cambie st.

    Yes, having parents that are intolerant and hateful for ones sexual orientation is something I cannot imagine. I think the internal struggle to figure out who and what one is, what they like, they don’t is hard enough, it should not be compounded by parents who are homophobic, bigots, racists or ignorant idiots. Its times like that, in which it seems the hot fires of tribulation serve to temper the strength of the sword of ones character, quenched in the pools of wisdom, the blade through experience is ground into a fine weapon of justice, character and wisdom. Although I’m not gay, I believe that Canada needs to be shaped into a tolerant society in which freedoms must be enshrined, protected and safeguarded against the draconian nature of some hyper Conservative groups that wish to punish those who are, rescind womens rights to control over their own body, their right to vote, civil rights, science and so much more.

    When Prof. Marshall Mcluhan stated that…the media is the message, we can sort of read these words, plunked upon a screen by keys on a contraption that go into cyberspace and arrive in our email inbox, regardless of if you are ignorant to the means by which they arrive, or if in the case of Ilora, a web designer, understands the nature of Cascade Style Sheets, posting through an HTML interface running on Linux servers, connected with fiber optic links to massive back end networks, etc…. (yeah, I’m a web designer too)…the medium of this, from the computer or mobility device, to the TV, to the very medium of what the camera crews by virtue of sitting, shooting and being present while these characters are being recorded, I think is the message in this converged world.

    With cameras only documenting, with media servers delivering that shaped message, one shaped by the Executive Producers at Slice, that shapes a caustic and hostile message that erodes respect for women, the struggles that the suffragists endured is the real message for me and how this message has been warped into a perverted sense of realism is the one I’ll take away.

    With as much poverty that exists in this world to this day, the elites or one percenters…and I assure you, these women are not in that bracket….those are in the multi billion dollar range…its a sad commentary on the womens movement in general. My mom died of breast cancer when I was 8 and I’ve always felt compelled to speak for her and articulate, with passion and force if needs be, the message of equal rights for women, minorities and injustices that occur, right across the board, regardless of how flaky, superficial and unintelligent some may come across as.

    As someone who loves loves loves yoga, I cast my gaze upon these women with a profound sense of sadness because at the end of their days, when all life has left and the great accounting happens, when one looks backs at all they’ve done, accomplished, inspired and more, they will have contributed so little when given so much potential, that I feel nothing but sadness. Case in point: Cyrus…why can’t Christina help articulate with passion, given that her friend is gay, a message of equal rights “Okay, so today we are going to an assembly defending the rights of Gay and Lesbian groups…”…etc…using this medium, to promote an intelligent, compassionate and visionary agenda, even if, they have very little control over what is shown on the show.

    As an entrepreneur, with great ideas, access to some of the most intelligent minds in the world, with dreams of success, it pisses me off that women like this spend money on fast cars as a hobby, when if put in my hands, I can build a massive industry around renewable and sustainable energies. If anything, it serves as an inspiration for me to just further engage in mockery as along with their lack of integrity to promote on a higher order, the rights, movements and issues of the less fortunate, in todays interconnected world, as I speak to you, my random friends, I am even more disillusioned because of this lack of access, ability and interest to actually fund up projects. Granted this may fall outside the mandate of the Real Housewives, but who says Housewives cant be investors and innovators?

    Its sad and pathetic because it seems we have been so intentionally distracted from socially engaging that we have degraded ourselves into a society of cats, nearly impossible to herd, but easy to distract.

    They contribute nothing, they add nothing and promote nothing of real merit. I’d rather befriend someone whose endured real pain, hardship and survived the trials of life and overcame, than someone who simply inherits their station in life, rather than fighting with their soul to earn their place.

    I suppose I’ll close by citing Judge Judy, an exceedingly intelligent women and one of if not the highest paid person on TV today because she owns her own production company, along well…with being a Judge. She mentioned Paris Hilton and what it would be like to sit beside her over dinner and how intellectually vacant someone like her is and how boring, sad, pathetic and uninteresting someone like her is on course to be. These women, especially Jody and her sad angry daughter, will be those that no one simply cares to be around because they “think” they are “it”, when the reality is, they are no one of any real significance, merit nor standing.

    I would like to wish you all the very best to you all, remember release your dreams and fly free above the clouds of despair, doubt and opposition in the blue skies of inspiration. When in ever you are in doubt, upon those rainy days of sadness, go with throttle up and remember, only 20 000 feet up is blue skys. :)


    • Christina kiesel

      Please get in touch with me.

  105. Irish

    I really don’t know why they want to embarass the good people of Vancouver. I mean really! Are they so hard up for some good tv that they have to put these 5 on? Jodi needs to get her some to change her poker face into a genuine smile and not be so uptight. Then there’s what the murder’s wife. When does it become ok to be rewarded for living that kind of lifestyle of taking another’s life? As far as I’m concerned they should yank the piece of garbage of the tv. That’s all I have to say on that matter.

  106. mary

    Just watched for the first time yesterday. That Jody is something-something nasty and just so ordinary. Meanspirited, not very attractive, bad bad hair – how the heck did she get on TV?
    I think Ronnie is the one with the funny lips-please-just let the collagen go away.
    I know the shows are edited but all I could think was more botox than brains. If these are considered real housewives, them something is seriously wrong with people in television.
    Won’t be tuning in again.

  107. keppy

    I agree with so many of the posters here, in that this show is an absolute embarassment to those that pride ourselves as being Canadians.

    Even the worst housewives of the Amercian series don’t come close to the nastiness and utter shallowness of these women.

    I can only hope that those viewers outside of Canada won’t paint the rest of us with the same brush by which these “velociraptor s” conduct themselves.

  108. mary eva

    Jody is the most embarrassing. She’s disgusting: so jealous of everyone else and so materialistic and shallow. I read some article where she was going on about how her kids go to private school and how she belongs to private clubs. She’s nouveau riche at its worst…utter classless trash. and her daughter is such an horrible excuse for human being. The two of them are like hyenas (although not as good looking), waiting to pounce on the easy targets.

  109. Cyrus

    WOW! Joe! You are too much! I love reading your perceptions, especially when they talk about how special I am! (I’m just being daft!) I’d like to think my ultimate life journey finds me in a place of justice, character and wisdom today, but it took a long time. And a ton of screw ups. I’ve been clean and sober for 10 years so I didn’t escape my pain without any fallout. The best thing that happened to me as a result of being committed to the most terrifying hospital you can imagine and then completley disowned has been my need, not just desire, but my need to assure other kids out there that #1 they aren’t alone and #2 they HAVE TO think long and hard about coming out. It’s easy for these gay organizations to herald the beauty of being true to oneself and showing all your colors, but what I’ve learned is every situation is different and has to be treated that way. I will tell you that I was 14 when I was put away, and I think what protected me emotionally was the fact that at 14 we have a lot of resilence, ya know? We can bounce back. I loved music and life and laughing so that sure made life easier to deal with. The unit I was on was The Child and Adolescent Ward, so there were other kids there that did NOT belong in a place like that. So out of neccessity we created our own kind of family. There were about 25 of us on that floor and maybe 5 truly belonged there. I will never, as long as I live, forget the most beautiful little girl I had ever met named Lynn, she was in this horror show, living on the ward with the rest of us and she was, get this, 5 years old!! I didn’t give a shit what ANYONE said, what could be more abusive and irresponsible than to place a 5 year old girl on medication and put her in a mental hospital? She couldn’t have done anything to justify placing her there. Thinking about it still pisses me off. Most of us closed ranks around her and did what we could to make her feel safe, but that is a memory that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Her self esteem will be something she’ll need to work through because she will spend the rest of her days wondering what she did to deserve being dumped in a place like that. I was VERY different. I knew I didn’t belong there and I also knew they had a legal responsibility to feed and shelter me because I was a minor. It only took me a few weeks to figure out the lay of the land. I was just discovering clubs and partying and “going to the disco” (I miss Donna Summer, I loved her music so much, everything she put out from 1977 to 1981 became the soundtrack to the whole gay movement as well as my life personally) This was 1977 so disco was the name of the game. Once I realized they HAD to feed and shelter me no matter what rules I broke or what I said, I’d go downtown, party till 6 in the morning, hop on the streetcar back to Lakeshore, ring the bell and when a staff member opened the door I always said the same thing
    “I’m hungry and tired, outta my effing way!” I’d eat, sleep, shower and repeat the cycle all over again. After 6 months I had all I could take from that place and finally ran away to New York for good. I got messed up on drugs but stayed out of jail. I could never hurt people or steal or any of that stuff, but I still managed to survive. How I managed to never be arrested for dope or a lot of other things I did, things that were self destructive more than anything else, I will never know. I just raved on to make the point that what saved me was resilence, music and laughter. You have to find your courage and your support where you find it, we all need love and hope and if you have no family, which is where most of us get the tools we need to defend ourselves as adults, then we spend a lot of our lives searching and it’s the hunt that can wear us down and take us places we shouldn’t be. It has been really really difficult living on this planet without a nurturing family. There is so little support out there for those who are truly alone. As the years have passed I’ve learned some important lessons and I’ll tell you the one that I think has served me better than all the others. Even though what I’m going to say seems like such a simple obvious conclusion, it still took me years to figure it out. We all know Christmas can be rough, but if you take a moment to think about the lives of people in other countries living through unimaginable violence you’ll discover that your situation is much less painful than it may seem. I remember Oprah reuniting these 2 girls with their families, they had been seperated as a result of war and these girls didn’t even know if they were alive. I will always be affected when I remember the stories they and others like them have told. I could never imagine surviving that level of pain. This one girl had her entire family slaughtered while she watched from the bushes. They killed her whole family, raped her Mother and her Grandmother, beat her father then burnt their house to the ground. Who in the name of God am I to feel sorry for myself because I’m alone at Christmas after considering what that young girl lived through? Yes, I know my pain is valid, but when you stack it up against what others have lived through on this planet it almost becomes a joke! So these kinds of truths made such a huge difference in easing my pain. It took me so long to figure that out, can you imagine? I don’t know why, because it’s a very logical thought process. I guess I had to deal with whatever I had to deal with before I figured these things out. Hope is so important to our growth, what kind of hope do you think these experiences left their victim’s with? I can’t imagine. When it comes to painful issues of family I’m not sure any of us truly heals because family is our backbone . I know you will always love and miss your Mom Joe. You were just a young boy of 9 so I hope you were embraced with love by the other member’s of your family, that even though you couldn’t understand why she left you, which is how a young boy might react to losing his Mom, you were embraced and protected and that your family honored the legacy of your Mom by instilling the same character traits she would have demanded of you herself. I will tell you one thing I’ve discovered about Cancer and I’m not saying this to make you feel better, wait, that’s not what I mean, lol, I just mean I’m saying this because it’s been my own personal experience with Cancer. I guess I’ve lost 5 people from Cancer that I loved, but I’ve also personally lived through the pain of my friends losing a loved one from it too and let me ask you this question. Have you ever known an asshole who died of Cancer? Everyone I have known or heard about who passed from Cancer have been exceptional human beings! I’m SERIOUS! They have all been extraordinary loving compassionate people, it’s something I can’t deny because I’ve experienced it personally. I mean I guess assholes do die from it, the Lockerbee terrorist is one example, but that’s not relevant because even though he had to be an asshole to do what he did I never knew him…I’m talking about the people I’ve loved who have loved me. Really beautiful special people. Look at who else you have known in your life who have passed from it and tell me if, in hindsight, they were special, that what I’m saying rings true! Now, about the RHOV. It works my nerves when people say “if you hate it so much why do you watch it?” SHUT UP! Because everyone loves a circus, um, hello! Especially a circus with Vanouver as the background! Another thing that bugs me are those who think that because people are watching and talking about it it’s a success! “There must be something you love about the show if your writing all this stuff about it.” Yeah, the city. I’m hoping Ronnie gets a clue and kicks Jody and Meeea to the curb. There were a few hints of good character I got from Ronnie last week. The footage of her with her daughter was very heavy and very real and it showed us a side of Ronnie none of us even knew existed! Another thing I noticed that I forgot to mention has to do with Ronnie’s son. I thought he showed great compassionate mature character in the way he spoke to Mary at the bar. So that says something about Ronnie too. I don’t want to sound like a parent, but I was really proud of him for doing that. There isn’t shit Jody or MeMeiiia can do now to change my perception. Too late. As Meeeiiia says “I don’t know if that kind of behaviour is reversable!” Yes Meeiiia, if someone claimed they didn’t think I was, say, Catholic when I really was I’d be pissed, I’d NEVER speak to them again, HOW DARE THEY! We’d have a real problem, they better keep their distance or “I’ll knock them out”. This girl ain’t too bright! You’d think she’d have the brains to know what is worth addressing, or at least the brains to know this is NOT something that rises to the occassion of being “irreversable”. Gees, remember when she said that she was SO serious and deeply deeply disturbed that anyone would make such a statement, oh yes, it deserved some serious contemplation. I am dying to hear someone from this show say the words “physician heal thyself” I CAN’T WAIT! I swear we’re gonna hear it from someone before the season finale. The second I hear it I will think of everyone here! So you guys keep your ears open too! It’s such an identifying statement because whoever uses it does so often because they think it sounds witty! I just spent an hour writing this, I hope they will let it be posted! Michelle said some nice things too and I must say, it’s been heavy for me because the kinds of things I’ve said about my past aren’t things one shouts from the rooftops ya know? We have to stay focused on RHOV! :o) Tonight will be another fun filled hour! I don’t know anything about Reiko, but boy was I ever disgusted at Jody for the way she spoke to her, even if it’s true, that the cars are stolen, her glee in saying it was so obvious, she’s really pathetic. That’s what those 2 are, pathetic. I’m sorry, but every single time they open their pie holes another piece of their mental puzzle falls into place, revealing them for the morons they are. If that was me I would pack my bags, change my name and hightail it to Corsica! They have no integrity. Now that we all know exactly who they are what card are they pulling out of the deck now? They tried the editing excuse, but everyone does that. When that didn’t work they graduated to the acting excuse! Whoever Cruella is she’s been very assertive in her protestations that the women on this freak show are all paid ACTORS working from a script! Are you ready? Well what genre is it then? Non-Fiction Reality? Um, hello, speaking for myself, I’m ugly not stupid! I hope they don’t yank this from the board because it’s so long!

  110. Katrina L

    So, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out where I saw that guy from that Christina has had a few dates with, and guess what, I finally figured it out. He was on the Millionaire Match Maker show and picked up some little hottie in LA, brought her up to Kelowna, got his way with her and through her to the curb. I’m kinda wondering what he is doing with Christina other than being on another show? He seemed like the type who liked them young and dumb! Ok, I can hear all your comments already!

  111. Cyrus

    Holy shit, LOOK AT MARY!!! Right on Mary! She looks incredible, not an ounce of fat on her! Let me tell you something kids, I can’t think of a better way to make Jody and Mia look like complete fools considering what they said about her showing her tummy last week! LOL! Mary doesn’t have to say a single word, she can just stand there because she’s already carrying all the ammuntion she’ll ever need against those 2 shrews! Yeah, I like Christine and Kevin and Mary, the other ones should take a page out of their books. Why all the drama ladies? Can’t you just be happy that Mary looks so good and is having fun with her real friends? Shit I LOVE IT! I’m SO happy for her! I wonder if the thought occured to Mary that once they had footage of her in a bikini showing how great she looks it would send the perfect message! Oh I can’t believe Ms Mary, she’s too much! I’m just so happy, I can’t help it, because all the shit they threw at her about how she dressed reversed it’s course and wound up in their faces! Just desserts!

  112. Cyrus

    “I just can’t allow this to happen” “I don’t speak like that” “it’s not the way I speak Mary”.. ROLL TAPE!! Dancing is a free form of expession, it should reflect how you feel, and even if you dance like Elaine on Seinfeld the goal is the freedom to express yourself in any way your body feels! Let your freak flag fly Marika!

  113. OMG! What a great show tonight! Jody is finally loosing her followers , they are starting to see her as she truly is ….a number one B….ch! As Mary said, she is absolutely delusional. Is a person alowed to do this? Serve her for things she never said? Weird. Anyways, Christina , I liked you before but now I LOVE you! So proud of the way you are as a true friend to Mary. And the way you played ‘detective’ to see what Jody had to say was so funny. But the BEST was when you threw them out of your get together at The Room. I laughed out loud. hahahaha And seeing the faces of Reiko and Ronny , as if it was the revelation of their lives…..Jody really is in need of physcological help.
    Cyrus , I think that your hint that Cruella is Jody , another clue is I think I know where she got her nickname , remember at the fashion show , she said that her supposedly friend Reiko , looked like Cruella….et voila Now we just have to wait for the famous words that she keeps repeating here “physician heal thyself’ …this is so much fun!! I know I really am getting addicted to this show even though I should be doing something productive ,,,,but I do that during the day , wednesday nights I reserve to see beautiful breathtaking views ot one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I had the privilege to live on Vancouver Island for five years and seeing these views makes me miss the place and its REAL people. So friendly and laid back .
    And I also love to come here everydayy to see if my two favorite boys had something to say. Joe, you are so interesting to read You write with intelligence , and open your heart to touch others. Cyrus you are such a sweetheart thank you so much for taking the time to share with us, you alos touched my heart ,
    I’m sorry if my english vocabulary is limited , it’s not my primary language , probrably full of spelling errors which Cruella will probrably correct for me …..

  114. Cyrus

    I’m so thick sometimes I swear! I’m sitting here wondering why no one is commenting tonight when it finally hits me that I’m on the East Coast and RHOV is on 3 hours before you guys! Well your in for a doozy tonight, all the birds are coming home to roost! You can’t behave and treat people the way Jody and Meeiiia do and not expect any fallout. All I can think about is thank god I’m not them tonight because if it were me I’d be too humiliated at the way I acted to show my face anywhere in Vancouver. Ronnie is finally rising to the occasion and showing us she can be a loyal friend to Mary and I’m relieved for Mary because she’s sweet and sensitive and a good person, this nastiness is alien to her and that shows. Even if someone you hate says something hurtful to you it’s still hurtful no matter what the source, I can’t stand to see Mary hurting, especially when she did NOTHING to provoke the behaviour she was confronted with tonight. She’ll be okay, we as viewers know the score, we have eyes and ears. I hope Mary knows or someone sends her this site so she knows she’s got a wack of pissed off commenters at Inside Vancouver on her side! :o)

  115. Marie Caron

    I live in the north, visit Vancouver lots from my experience so me of those women do represent the worst Vancouver has to offer. It is a tv show and there wouldn’t be a show without a drama queen, a victim etc, etc the show is designed to get viewers and nice doesn’t sell. It’s like Vegas it wasn’t built on losing money now was it? I enjoy watching it for what it is hillharious entertainment it makes me laugh my ass off every week I love it.

  116. Loki

    I just started watching the show, taped episodes, this week with my husband and 2 teenage sons. The boys lasted 5 minutes, saying they would be humiliated if any of those women were their mother.
    My husband watched, liked the long legs and skinny bodies (I haven’t seen one of them eat yet).
    I find it fascinating. The life you thought you wished you had.
    I once had Jodi cater a party, in 1997, and it was very professional and well done.
    Why on Earth would any of these women do this show?

  117. Joe from Cambie st

    Here is a little lesson for all of you kiddies out there. The truth is an absolute defence to slander. Jody it seems has an ego which writes cheques her performance can’t cash. Yes, I’m sure she has done an amazing job in the past with catering. Opening up some Mac N Cheese and getting some buns is pretty easy. Real Chefs and professionals have a higher standard that this woman.

    Who cares if you sell second hand? I don’t. It must be a princess ego thing.

    As for Ronnie and her wine, for as much work as they put into this show, filming months and months ago, no progress has been made on her wine and “” is not even registered to her. She actually does not “own” the domain and I highly doubt she owns the trademark. Under the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, she can apply for a trademark, provided its somewhat unique and through that, she can force people off her domain name if needs be. Anyhu…my web side coming out I suppose.

    You know as an entrepreneur, film maker, artist and more, struggling like many of my contemporaries, I find that their behavior, conduct, character and more, is just plain insulting. Its so hard to get anything going these days, get any investment, build anything of from the ground up and so much more, that when I see the way these incompetent hacks, over funded, under appreciating the fortunate position they find themselves in, I am just left shaking my head. Not because that in some cases they are not nice people, but because they are incompetent and have incompetent people flying with them. If I really wanted to, I could position Ronnie, right now, into a defensive position, take all the intellectual property of “Rehab Wine” and force her out. If you think I’m kidding, I’m not. Am I interested, no. Will I? No. But from a strategic perspective, it would be interesting to examine the magnitude of weakness these women have in their ventures…sort of like examining the strategic weaknesses of Jody and her operation. It would not take long “Dahling!” to lock her up, stitch er up and take her down” because of the ineptitude of her business character.

    That is I suppose my point is. Money does not equal intelligence, nor does it purchase character, nor add to the depth of yours. Mary is someone who in this short period of time, shown, under duress, the stripped down nature of her character and going through 3 failed marriages I’m sure will put you through some of the worst moments of your life and quite frankly I am impressed with her resilience and grace under fire, yet, equally impressed with her strength. Not to mention she is easy on the eyes. I hope that she markets her drink, but honestly, she should have already finished it by now in order to leverage the show as a marketing tool to promote her drink. I could not find an site for it, but I tracked down that location where they stayed in Mexico.

    The private shopping event, was supposed to be a moment of serenity and calmness, but lets get it strait. That conflict, be it intentional by the writers of the show or intentional by Christine or unintentional in her consciousness, if it was indeed authored by Christine, it was her sub consciousness arranging for Mary to be placed into a confrontation. Now, that may not be all that bad as it has helped to mechanize the group against her and used that moment as a means to pull the trigger…(look what she said to Mary!…sneer sneer!) and Mary walks away like a martyr and leader.

    All in all, there is just way too much drama. I think personally that men are just not at all like this. The drama would be thrown out, we would not talk to each other, if drama like that went down, there would be punches to the face and charges laid….hahaha….then beers at the end.

    I don’t know what to tell you guys. Thanks for your kind words and sharing your thoughts, especially those who mentioned me and have conversed with me, but you know, in any bad movie that you paid to attend, there is almost a compelling reason to watch. For me, its seeing the restaurants I have gone into, locations, scenery and more. As a graduate of Emily Carr, and as an animator, I look at these women as puffy birds with poopy bums. I think Jody would be the fat hen that likes to think she controls the hen house, until the hungry fox of reality pokes his head in and boom…thats it….Christine would be more like a smooth talking seagul. They poop everywhere, they are not all that unique, hang out where are the nice condos are in False Creek but really, depends on handouts. Mary would be that Blue Heron…but who has taken a few scrapes, but can poof herself out to show herself as a bird of power, grace, beauty and more. Ronnie…well…shes a pellican…she has to have enough room to carry her wine with her. hahaha…when in flight, an aerodynamic creature of beautiful flight, but when she comes in for a landing, she always comes crashing in, hits the window and says “well i didn’t miss last call!”…Then there is Reiko…I would say she would be more like a peacock. She needs to show off, put it in everyones faces her access to wealth, but all in all, in her heart, she is pretty decent….God, I should just animate this hey?
    Here, let me show you something that took me 16 months to make. Its a long story, but its dedicated to my mom who died of breast cancer when I was 8 and I wanted to give her ad my dad one last dance together.
    Its called “The Last Dance of Nadine Green”. God, I could totally make a spoof of these ladies. Its too bad 3d animation just takes so much time. By the way, this short film I made will make you cry.

    Anyway, I think it goes without saying that everyone has their own issues, but we all choose to believe that at our core, we are all good people, decent people and we all try to help others in time of need. I just find it sad that Jody and her daughter don’t display that sort of character.

    You know, if I had 1/10th the resources that these people have, I would change the nature of Canadian and international art history. However, I’ll continue to watch to see where this story leads, continue to post and discuss how Vancouver can inspire great things in great people like all of you.

    I hope you all take today to do something really amazing, inspiring and unorthodox. We only have so much time left in our life. For me, if I live to the ripe old age of where Canadian men live to, then factoring in 8 hours of sleep a night, I have about 218 000 hours of life left. Try to do something different, amazing, positive and inspiring. Go out and buy a coffee for a homeless person and have a conversation with them and ask them “whats the very best thing to happen to them in the last week?” and see what happens.

    You are the beacon of inspiration and in the cockpit of your dreams, as you stare down at the desolate clouds of self serving arrogance, ineptitude and greed, remember to go with throttle up and climb and see what your engines are made of.


  118. Vancouverite

    Where, does one start…

    It was never my intention to give Real Housewives of Vancouver a plug! Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist the impulse to blog.

    I also understand how the entertainment business works…where there’s DRAMA, people will follow. Slice’s producers are well versed in that aspect! It’s all about ratings and viewers!

    But ladies, you’re giving our fair city of Vancouver a Real Bad Name. Real housewives do not behave in such an absurd and ostentatious manner, atleast not in my neck of the woods.

    Your cattiness, bitchiness, evilness, obnoxiouness, petty jealousies, pretentiousness, vindictiveness, ugliness, wackiness, are not attractive traits to possess. If I left anything out, my apologies to the readers.

    In regards to the cast…

    Christina appears to be doing the show for entertainment value and guilty pleasure. She comes across as the more sane of the women and plays the part of a semi-likeable gold digger. She actually looks like she would be fun to hang around, but I don’t do Botox.

    Jody, aka “The Rottweiller” needs to muzzle herself and her yappie wing-nut daughter. They’re giving Jewish women appallingly bad publicity.

    If she cannot handle concrete criticism or individuals critiquing her West Vancouver boutique, she literally has no business owning one. Not so sweet cheeks – it’s called feedback; restaurants get it all the time. Some good, some bad!

    Jodi has zero fashion sense, so how can you take the poor dear seriously. A 50-year-old woman hiding behind her hair extensions and ridiculously big glasses, need I say more. In reference to your comment wanting “to get Mary in a cubicle and stick her head in the toilet,” you cannot lie on film without getting caught.

    Mary was bang-on; Jodi’s clothing inventory does look like second-hand rags, definitely not riches. Appropriate attire for scaring people on Halloween.

    On the bright side she does charitable work in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, her only redeemable quality.

    Mary seems to be the victimized woman and running with a sadistic crowd. She needs to get out before its too late and they eat her alive. She should seriously think about finding a new group of girlfriends, that aren’t certifiable.

    I commend her for raising awareness for tuberous sclerosis, which her son suffers from, must be difficult.

    Dump the negative karma, those offensive social misfits, masquerading as real friends. Christina and Mary should start their own campaign: “Stop Inhumane Cruelty to the Real Good Housewives of Vancouver.”

    Reiko, with her stable full of fancy cars could feed a large portion of starving people in Africa. Jay Leno has a more extensive collection, that puts yours to shame. I don’t see him bragging. Over the top bragging rights are viewed as a vulgar slant on being rich.

    It’s all over the internet about her being married to a notorious gangster. Obviously, the Slice network didn’t do their research/homework properly in the screening process.

    Ronnie, although she may have some admirable friendship qualities, she is work in progress. My heart sympathizes with her story about her disabled daughter.

    I think deep down there is probably a good person lurking inside, but I don’t feel she’s done with rehab. I’m not referring to the new label of her wine. I may be interested in partaking in a bottle of Rehab with my real good friends down the road.

    • Vancouverite

      Please excuse any existing typos. That’s what you get when you’re in a hurry and don’t proof read. Forgot the “s” in obnoxiousness.

      Would like to add outlandishness, vainglorious, gullibility/naiveness in the business sense, to the above list of their character flaws.

      Apparently, I misspelled Cruella de Vancouver’s name: Jody with a “y.”

      @Joe from Cambie: loved the “Last Dance of Nadine Green.” The one saving grace of this reality program, is some of the location shots around Vancouver. I’ve frequented many of those sites where they filmed. I would positively pay to see an animated bird version of the housewives.

      Reality TV is hit or miss, either viewers love it or hate it. Where the Real Housewives of Vancouver are concerned, it’s painfully hard to watch women with money being so miserable towards one another. With all the pain and suffering in this world…it makes these small minded women’s lives seem inconsequential. Thank God for channel surfing!

  119. Sally

    Judging by the number of comments here, this show will probably be a big success. Many say they will not watch, but behind close-doors they watch with bated-breath.

  120. Dear Joe, Thank you for sharing your short film, it was so touching. Seeing the frail body of the woman destroyed by this awful sickness brought back many hard memories for me and I cried through the whole film. Last year my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer . She bravely fought through all the treatments . Her frail body looked so much like the woman you portrayed. Now a year later she is in remmision and hopefully it will stay that way because I don’t think she would be strong enough to go through all that again.
    Makes you change the way you look at life . I am sure that one day your artistique views will be reconized, a beautiful soul who has lived through pain and has so much to give to the rest of the world. Thank you

    • northern ontario

      I watched the reunion show last night, was hoping these women would see the tapes of the show and own up to their repulsive behaviour.
      I do believe jody is unstable, insecure, cruel etc etc etc
      if anyone should be in therpay , she is the poster girl for mental health week………….!! seriously jody get on some meds and tone down the attitude, mia is the echo of your voice, shame on you for raising a daughter who thinks she is entitled to treat ppl so shamelessly and no recourse for it……pathetic
      Mary quit, quit explaining yourself to jody, she just feeds off of it,,,,,,,,,,have enough respect for yourself to walk away from ppl like that, they are ill, u cant argue with crazy
      Ronnin u flip more times than a mattress at a whore house, grow some balls and stand up for what u believe in, and i do think u need some help with the booze hon.
      As for reiko at least she shows class and christina coodles to u for being so honest with yourself………..
      grow up mia, jodi……………….

  121. Why was Kelly’s remark deleted? I think many of Jody’s costomers , seeing how mean she is , will also stop shopping at her boutique…karma …. oh well

  122. Dear Joe: I left one post for you but wanted to repeat it. My heart goes out to you regarding your mother, but wanted to repeat my concern. I will also say again that I hope you have great success in the near future. You are already a star on this blog. I certainly do enjoy reading your thoughts. They are very comforting. I guess I missed some of the entries made by Cruella because I am not that handy when it comes to the computer. Her comments make one wonder just who she really is. I thought that all the posts were sent ahead to my email, but live and learn. Thankyou once again. I sitll think Christina is the best out of the lot. Sure Ronnie and Reiko had their eyes opened this week, but will it last? I really doubt it. I am glad to say that my friends and I never had to go through anything like this. It is sad to see women with so much taking the path they are on. I worked hard all my life too and have learned to be appreciative of many wonderful things.

  123. Here I go again picking on Jody. I am just tired of her making comments about fifty year old women. What is wrong with being fifty? I wish I was fifty again. I am 61 and I resent her coments about the fifty year olds. I thought she was close to that age myself if her daughter is 25. I still feel young in my mind. There is nothing wrong with being fifty plus so please Jody quit making coments like that. I have come to the conclusion that if you say you are sorry Jody will forgive you. It is a pretty simple thing to do and maybe we all should learn to say it more often when we are in the wrong that is. Now back to the fifty year old thing. I would think the other ladies would be offended by this too, because they all look like they are close to it except Christina. Of course, nowadays it is harder to determine how old someone is.

  124. Mar

    This is all orchestrated for television. I’m in my 50’s and have met a lot of people in my lifetime but never any individuals even remotely similar to these CHARACTERS (not individuals). Soon, they will all kiss and make up. Think how boring the show would be if they all got along. Hollywood scripts these characters. I’m sure all of these women get together after the filming and laugh their heads off!

    Like I said earlier, my only concern is that impressionable young women could possibly see these characters as role models and think that this is the way women are supposed to behave. That is the only danger in this type of programming.

    Just look at it as entertainment – a modern day soap opera.

  125. Joe from Cambie st.

    Hi Elizabeth Stefan! :)
    Everytime I hear the name Elizabeth I am recalled of Little House on the Prairie with Almonzo’s knickname for Laura as “Beth”.

    Thank you for for your kind words of support. Recognition would be nice as its what artists live for, however support is critical too. In todays times where we have a group leading Canada where it has nothing but contempt for many artists and it seems the natural constituency that artists always find themselves in, be it the financially under privileged or struggling, its the artists that sort of lead the charge of cultural hallmarks of periods in our history. Recently I was involved in a project where I ended up falling in love with a girl, I was so incredibly happy and filled with so much joy, that she ended up stimulating the creation of a painting I did…not just any painting, but an 8 foot by 4 foot painting of the Canadian flag. I was commissioned to take it out onto the streets of Cambie and teach kids about oil paints, creativity and art and had an utterly lovely time. You know the sort of moment, where every other word is “thank you sir, thank you madame” and giving all people the opportunity to paint my flag and when they were done, to sign the back to anchor their names to art history.

    Well as time went on, the painting filled up and then Jack Layton, the former leader of the NDP passed away and I, like many Canadians, were left devastated by this loss. So, as an artist and proud patriot, I decided, not withstanding that I am a member of the Federal Liberals, to dedicate this painting to him and recognize a great Canadian as a way to sort of transcend political barriers under the guise where “some things are more important than political lines and I want to honour a Canadian” as that is my nature and the disease that took him, took my mother.

    Well, I was approached and befriended an NDP MP who agreed to help me guide it within the party so that I could present the painting at the NDP convention to Olivia Chow and give her the final brush strokes and complete the painting, along with painting with Jacks kids and grand kids and give them a great memory and as a symbolic thanks from all of us, including you, for his contributions to Canada. You may not agreed with some of his policies, but he was there as a counter balancing force for what we have now. Well I invested about 10k into this project all told, now bare in mind, as a Canadian artist who insists on remaining in my own sort of reclusive state, where I prefer not to have shows, or very rarely, coming out like this was a very significant moment. I have works hanging at the Canadian Space Agency HQ along with a couple at the military base in Edmonton and I arranged to have a flag of the Canadian Forces fly on the Space Shuttle on STS-115 and so, for me to be involved like this, was a natural sort of path for me. By the way, the painting was huge, thick with paint….I calculated my burn rate if I were to paint at 40 hours a week, would come in at around a little over 1M a year in paint alone. So, I escorted the painting into the convention in Toronto under the flag of the Third Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry of which I am one 16 Canadians in history to be an honourary member of, to ensure this flag got a military escort in symbolic means…and I arrive and the NDP simply did not have any of their act together, I had no credentials, was not escorted back stage to make preps for the friday night presentation and was relegated to set it up in the hall where all the leadership hopefuls had their rooms.

    So instead of unveiling it on stage, with Olivia Chow, and paint with a rendition of the Canadian anthem that I received permission from the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (, I ended up, to no fanfare unveiling it in the hall, which goes against the essence of what an unveiling was supposed to be and had more interest about where the toilets were than what that painting was. It was supposed to be unveiled on Friday Night at the peak of the Layton tribute, but was postponed to Saturday, than Saturday Night, then again to a bar at the victory party, to which I terminated it and moved it into the room where they were going to have their meeting the next day, along with two framed prints, put down a little white paint, saluted the flag as it was now disgraced by what I thought would be an incredible experience and I left. I didn’t even get to meet Ms. Chow. I even passed along a scarf made by hand by Canada’s last vanguard of fashion and textiles who is based in Vancouver, who also dressed Hallie Barry and other celebrities.

    So much for being acknowledged I suppose. Please excuse my little story about the history of but I thought I should put into context where I’m at as an artist.
    And so, I decided that I would no longer make available these prints, I refunded the monies to those who paid, along with a couple extra prints in order to ensure that this art project, involving our flag, remains pure as I could never sell our nation out. The girl who I fell in love with and who inspired this painting, got serial number 000 as the origin of it all, along with two tickets to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra as a thanks for inspiring this piece. Sadly, it never worked out with the girl as it turns out she is a massive flake, and I, like all artist fools, in love, was led on and crushed. I hoped for so much, but sadly, nothing, no matter what I did, worked. So, I have decided to only give these away as means to inspire and acknowledge various Canadians. On the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and 10th anniversary of the Friendly Fire Bombing, I did give 158 prints to the Third Battalion as way to acknowledge every Canadian soldier who died in Afghanistan and now, I am making arrangements to give them away to schools to inspire kids.

    To come back to this show and those people involved, when I say, that they lack the depth, it is said with magnitude of the depths of my experiences. When it comes to Jody and her family and the simply outrageous and inexcusable conduct she fashions towards others, my answer in reality in dealing with people like them are “I wish you the very best in life, good luck and goodbye.” because they operate at such a low point of integrity. It need not matter if they operate a used clothing store, frankly I think those stores are cool. Its the atrocious behavior exhibited by her, in particular, in such a venomous manner that simply does not make her a good person nor one worthy of knowing, nor even purchasing my art. I’ve denied people the rights to buy one of my paintings and with my flag prints, because I’m not selling them, but giving them away, I can deny anyone that does not meet the criteria for integrity, honour, kindness, support and community and frankly, she does not, at least what I have seen and presented on this show….and quite frankly, none of them have earned that privilege yet.

    Mary, I think is probably the closest person to some normality. She will only take so much for so long before she just says enough. Perhaps that’s why none of her previous relationships worked out. The men could have been giant douche bags and she just was pushed too far. It would certainly fit within her character. I admire the strength that she has shown and when it comes to the very real element of life, pain and hardships, I think she has probably been through the worst out of all of them, with the exception of Ronnie and the experience that her daughter has gone through.

    Its sad with Ronnie as it seems she accepts compromise and drinks as a means to self medicate. In any relationship, if one is not happy, the person not happy, will end up doing something to help bring into balance that and do something to counter balance it…like art, drinking, drugs or other people. With her, it seems, and I could be wrong, its her drinking and its just very sad as I come from a family of people who succumbed to that disease and its simply not pretty getting in the middle of fights between farming families and risking personal safety to prevent them from doing something really dumb.

    Her wine label and everything should have been done by now and leveraged the popularity of the show to promote it and sadly, thats just not happening. With her massive wealth, she could have and should have bought spots to promote it to air with the show. It seems that even not even attending to the very small elements associated with starting up this venture are not being addressed and we can see the results of it….no web site, if there was, the domain is not even owned by her and its just a giant clusterfu**.

    As for Christine, if she is 30, she may be nice, but if she was indeed married twice, and for money, then she divorced, it says to me that she is incapable of forming meaningful relationships with people and certainly not ones that have any sort of depth. You know the kind…where you council someone to not off themselves, are the ears in great times and bad, and in turn can dump everything on them and trust that they are good and reliable and a solid friend as its our best friends that form the best lovers. It need not matter what the tree is made of, but the fruit it bares and her fruit has no substance. Nice to look at, pleasant enough to be around I’m sure, but skiddish, does not want to examine that deep, uncomfortable root cause of who and why she is the way she is. As long as she has those distractions of shopping and shallow conduct to amuse herself and enable her to not delve deep into her own character, show aside now mind you, but the real introspective examination, she will forever be in this cyclical pattern she is in now and will probably be married 6 times over the course of her life. Let her own her horses, but let those horses ride in a corral where she cannot be unleashed to do damage upon others by virtue of her lack of depth. Like I said, nice enough and partially selfless in her conduct to help her new friend Mary, but dangerous because she arranged for a conflict where Mary was served with papers. Wow…like why would she even do that to anyone, especially a friend….set the stage for a conflict like that is beyond me. If it was me, it would be nothing but a peaceful experience because there is enough drama in the world.

    As for Ronnie, and her wealth..and problems…very real problems with alcoholism, its simply not cool to be like that when you have kids, regardless of wealth levels. She should go and spend some time in East Hastings and volunteer at a soup kitchen and see the hardships that she is honestly a blink of an eye away from. Wealth can be stripped from those as easy as it comes and I’ve always believed in appreciating what it is one has and respecting those around you because you never know when it can all vanish.

    With Reiko, well its good to see her riding her bike, I’m happy for her. However the essence of her wealth stems from her husband who is suspected to be involved in major crimes. Ask yourself this. Who does it serve when someone who is married to someone like this appears on a show like this? It jeopardizes the safety of her family because the underworld is now watching and God only knows what sort of criminal misconduct that her husband may have or may be involved with. It only stimulates her very large ego. All things being equal, her husband, if he was a welder could never ever get someone like her because it seems as though she has very expensive tastes, especially in cars. Give me the networth of her cars, and I’ll set up a system that will be the most advanced art project in human history. All my concepts are worked out and all I need is first stage funding. With her cars, I admire the fact that they are indeed pieces of art, but like all cars, they diminish in value and so much more could be done with that capital. Real things that can matter. Don’t get me wrong, having fast cars is nice, even a car collection, but I am left sort of shaking my head and thanking my lucky fortunes that I am not paired up with anyone remotely like any of these women. At 38, happily single, I could not hang out with anyone that is not selfless, genuine and not obsessed with wealth. It seems that with Reiko, she is nice, enough anyway, but I doubt I would want her in my corner, and I could be wrong, if the money ran out if I was her husband.

    As for Mary and the comments about being 50 and a tummy tuck….well Mary is smoking hot and 50 is not old, not by any means and Elizabeth, I don’t acknowledge you as old at all. We are only as old as we feel and once we give up that eternal flame of youth that dwells within each of us, it is only then, when our souls begin to whither, it is in those days when we fade away and eventually pass. As an artist, I’ll be painting until the very day I die and eventually, get cremated, have my ashes ground into powder and then mixed with thin pigments where I’ll be drizzled into my burial canvas and with God’s grace, reside in the National Gallery someday so that even in death, my body will still yield some joy, beauty and hope in those who see it.

    I’m not saying that some of these women are bad people or evil people, I’m just stating that for the most part, with all things being equal, they are not worth knowing or engaging with because with the exception of perhaps Mary, if I was kicked to the ground, beaten badly, by life or by another, I think it would probably be her to take charge and make sure that I would be rescued where I get a feeling that Jody and her daughter would simply sneer and walk away. As for Jody and her daughter and her character, given her character, I bet one could empirically measure the diminishing sales in her store based entirely on her lack of character and negative, rude and abhorrent nature. I would rather spend money in a store that promotes well being, positivity, love, grace and hope than what this woman is and I have faith that her trajectory with her business will tank and lets be frank here…she does NOT have the wealth she claims. Real wealth…I mean REAL WEALTH, manifests itself in people in a subtle, quiet and hidden manner and NEVER talks about how much they are worth. It is only those who are insecure in their positions who over compensate by overstretching the truth about the magnitude of their own wealth.

    What can I say other than that. If anything, I sort of feel sorry for them.

    As for everyone I’ve ever come across in my life, I think it goes without saying that many of them would probably would never want to engage with any real merits, any of these women, with perhaps the exception of Mary. I wish them the very best of luck, but you know, somehow I get the distinct impression that they would not care for it, want it nor even have the grace to thank those who wish it. With 6B people in the world, we all have the luxury of picking those who we choose to surround ourselves with and I choose to blanket myself with people of integrity, honour, loyalty at all costs, chivalry, honesty and selfless love. It seems that by that virtue alone, my character is deeply incompatible with these women.

    Anyway, ok, that is long enough of a rant.
    Thank you again for your support and kind words.


    • Christina kiesel

      I would like to further explore your hypothesis.
      This is Christina kiesel

  126. Cyrus

    I’m going to sprinkle a few RHOV comments throughout this post to keep it on topic! :o) Your freakin me out Joe! I’m sitting here with thoughts in my head SCREAMING to be released, begging to be unshackled and set free! But this is not the place. I just can’t do it here. I haven’t been able to see your clip because WebTV sucks and I can’t access YouTube. But I noticed a link to Jacks Flag that has a dot com at the end of it so I’m going to look at it soon. I haven’t been here all weekend but was logging on a few minutes ago when your post went up, and I’m sorry I haven’t commented on the one with the clip, but I have it stored because I want to read it for sure. I loved and was really pround of both Jack Layton and Olivia. I will leave you with this and if you are able to read between the lines, and judging from your comments you seem very astute,, hmmm, this is most certainly NOT funny. I’ve only had one lover my entire life and it lasted 17 years, well 15 good years anyway. This is a man of great integrity and an intelligence we don’t often see in our leaders. He had everything he needed to take him to the “top”, but when he got there the “other” party and a few of their pitbull bloggers did everything they could to destroy him, and eventually that’s exactly what happened. After the 93′ election people started looking for me. One day I was coming home from the store when I saw some a small crowd on the doorstep of my house in Vancouver. I can’t stand Jody. The next day I was in Costa Rica, where I stayed for 2 years. He didn’t deserve the fear of always wondering when the full story was going to break. When we first met I was very young, alone and scared. No family, nothing. He was the only one there. I want you to know this Joe because your smart and because you are a good person and a rabid patriot, as am I. Neither of us were blameless in his eventual “undoing”. Jody looks like Barney Rubble in drag.I was made to look like the “scorned lover” which was utter bullshit. He was not the only one who was devestated. Just because he was from a different tax bracket didn’t mean I hurt any less. The awful lies that were told about the both of us hurt and humiliated the both of us. Mia is a bitch. I had to remain quiet through it all because had I made myself public it would only have prolonged the agony and kept the story alive. As it was, the only coverage it got, besides the web, was in the underground press. The mainstream didn’t touch it because there was no proof of anything, just salacious gossip. They knew we’d both sue them if they moved to print any story based on conjecture and rumor. Christine lives in a rented apartment. It’s been over 10 years now, and while it’s still painful on a personal level, the worst part from my standpoint was the fact that this country lost a one in a million politition, and I know this to be true because I experienced three elections with him. I saw the blood and the sweat and the tears. I was there with him handing out flyers in front of subway stations at 6 in the morning in minus thirty degree weather. I can’t believe anyone thinks the RHOV is entirely scripted! So Joe, I think I’ve said too much, but I wanted you to know I understand everything you’ve said in your post from this morning, and I’m sure I’ll understand everything I read in your other post when I pull it up. I’m going to read it but as I said, I can’t open anything on YouTube. I wish the story of our relationship had a happy ending, but in the end a lot of good decent people were hurt. I don’t know what you call that dance Marika was doing but I say right on Marika,shake what your Mama gave you sister! I started reading your post and wanted to respond totally unedited, just a stream of conscienceness, I wanted to tell it like it really was, but I’m sure you understand I just can’t, there’s been enough pain, the whole story is best left in the past, but I’m pretty sure you know who the player’s were. We try to heal and move on. If you think you know who I’m talking about please don’t post his name on here, ok Joe? Please don’t.

  127. Kenner

    Uh… Vanna? I’d like to buy some spelling, some commas, some grammar and some periods, please.

  128. Cynthia

    After watching this series for a second time, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a staged production.
    These people are all actors, and someone is writing the script.
    It’s too unbelievable that this is a ‘real life’ so-called ‘Reality’
    We’ve all been taken in, and I think the hoax will be exposed at the last episode.
    No Canadian would exhibit such extreme behavour, plus allow it to be shown all over the Vancouver media.
    The women are probably having a laugh at how gullible we are!

  129. dom

    Urrgh as a Brit i cant stand it when people like Jody hash up a posh accent – this rubbish of suing somebody it was a cease & desist letter not a lawsuit filed under the rules of procedure & no it did not cost $5000 to get it done more like $200. me personally as a poor husband that has to watch this drivel – why cant they swap real housewives id love to see one of the Atlanta housewives visit the Vancouver group – would be hilarious fight – if not may i please hope that this nightmare ends soon im realited out.

    • dom

      PS it is a 2nd hand store if she is selling Hermes & Prada unless she bought new old stock from Europe its still resold hence used – unless she can show a bill of lading from the makers to her then it IS a secondhand item and she should stop trying to be something she is not – Money does not buy class you either have it naturally you cannot demand respect unless it is earned – we buy our items elsewhere because we don’t want to be associated with nevo rich.

  130. Joe from Cambie st

    You made me laugh buddy. You really did. Yes, he was a good man…that’s why I did what I did. I’m proud of the work I did, proud to honour a great Canadian and when I see that flag hanging in person at the new Jack Layton building, I’ll be happy knowing that a Liberal put it there. ;)

    I’ll keep it short for this entry.

    With each passing episode, I’d rather just see the footage of the city than to watch this. Honestly Cyrus buddy, I can understand why you went with men after seeing this…hahaha…makes me wonder myself sometimes.

    Well, Jody Jody Jody….a cheap, fake liar who reinterprets history and has atrocious fashion sense with an insignificant female as her daughter. Where to begin with this one hey…serving a letter that has no legal merit is not only bad enough and given how she presented it, speaks to her lack of class. She habitually lies, overstates and exaggerates her claim of wealth. The fact that she charged Reiko for the merchants fee is a statement of the cheapness of this woman. If any one of my friends pulled that, I would simply terminate any relationship as its clear that they are cheap. Its one thing to have wealth, its another to be so cheap that you nickle and dime everything. Aside from the whole Reiko/wealth/origin/criminal husband thing…the way she handles herself is admirable and I’ll give her props. She’s strait forward, loyal and it seems will only take so much before she just walks away. Its like if you do have money, enough to spend 1M on cars, you don’t want to be nickel and dimed by someone you consider a friend. Its like going out and always expecting that you’ll have to pick up the bill because the other person is so cheap.

    With each passing show, Jody and her embarrassment of a daughter drive ever more nails into the success of her store as NO ONE with any sort of class or any real wealth would ever support this store. From her Furs to her fraudulent character spewing lies….I’ve seen her MO before. Big talk, no real depth, no wealth, all lies. Talks a big game in order to appear bigger than she is.

    Why Mary would even want to go to any function at all where she is at is simply beyond me. I like that I’m a simple guy. If I think someone is being a dick or an ass, I’ll just not go, never talk to them again and we’re done. With these women, its all drama and drama, lies and venom and I’m left just shaking my head.

    So, Christina is a bi-sexual cougar. Right on. As long as she can pay her rent.

    I see Reiko and Mary just hanging out because the others don’t like the drama, lies and deception.

    Yah…even with all the wealth…”wealth”…these women are boring me.

    Thanks for Sharing Cyrus…and thanks for listening.

  131. laney

    why is jody so threatened by mary??
    jody is hell bent on apologies, but she struggles to expect that from herself.
    i still think alot of this is staged, other wise it would not be considered entertainment.
    being cruel, mean spirited, hyprocritical is not my idea of friendship………….there all drawn like moths to a flame, they keep coming back for more.
    have enough respect for yourself to walk away, this show is tedious…………..

  132. Vancouverite


    Slice producers or Lark productions were questioned if they were privy to Sun MacKenzie’s criminal history and court appearances, prior to the show airing or casting Reiko for RHOV.

    At first they skirted the issue, hoping it might disappear. Finally they released a statement that was suppose to appease the general public; “Casting on the Real Housewives of Vancouver is a rigorous and thorough process.”

    Apparently, Lark’s lengthy questionnaire asks about arrests, pending litigation, and any information that may embarrass the program producers, cable network or affiliates . When Reiko filled out the question about her husband’s occupation, she wrote: “soft spoken venture capitalist.”

    Public consensus thinks Reiko’s husband’s past criminal dealings are indeed relevant today, regardless if they happened 20 years ago. One’s history of illegal activities will always come back to bite them in the ass, sooner or later!

    The headlines are splashed all over the media, and dwelling comfortably in cyber world. It became front page news revisited, when Reiko became a cast member.

    Vancouver is an extremely beautiful city and melting pot of cultural diversity. It should be a safe haven to raise families free of crime or corruption. The public doesn’t want to hear that a person’s ill gotten gains were funded by drug money or other illicit sources. Especially, in lieu of gang turf wars and shootings running rampant all over the lower mainland.

    The Slice network didn’t do their research/homework effectively during the screening process or turned a blind eye.
    They ignored and bypassed public opinion in favor of fast-tracking RHOV. This may/may not cost them some of their viewers.

    As for Jody and her wing-nut daughter, the more the two ignoramuses open up their mouths; the more they dig themselves into a proverbial hole of distaste. Her constant negative chirping, with her mindless daughter in toe, has become extremely nauseating.

    Christina’s deflection to Mia spending the night and leaving her panties behind, was a great diversion. Totally threw the critiquing witch for a loop. When in doubt rattle your opponent with unexpected details, works like a charm.

    Her incessant rants about her high end goods not being second hand or fake, lead me to believe something is fishy. How is she able to carry the Hermes label as Ronnie mentioned. According to Ronnie, Jody’s mother was not Jewish, so technically she’s not either. Also, it was Ronnie that referred to Jody’s boutique as second hand, not Mary.

    I’m beginning to think that Ronnie is a real shit disturber. Her friendship loyalties seem to be out of whack. She hasn’t totally recovered from her battle with the bottle and would definitely benefit from another stint in rehab.

    Wonder how the copyright lawsuit is going with her trying to use the name Rehab? Monster Energy Drinks is all over that! That’s where a crash course in Business 101; copyright, domains, trademarks etc, would have come in handy.

  133. Yes it is true that Ronnie said the stuff about Jody’s store. I think she is a flake and really won’t stand up for Mary. She loves the nonsense and tries to play both sides. Next week she continues her friendhsip with Jody. As she says she likes them both. Hog wash. She likes the attention she gets. Mary should give it a rest, because Ronnie will never truly stick up for her. I was actually proud of Reiko when she asked Jody to apologize. Jody just makes her own mind up and is quite delusional-her favourite word, Mia likes the girls eh. Good for Chrsitina. I think she is terrific. Once again it was the Jody show. The show that is in her mind, only. Joe, what a great thing you did for Jack Layton. Yes it will be a liberal as they love to show-boat.

  134. Vancouverite

    Meant to say; Jody’s constant negative chirping, with her mindless daughter in TOW, has become extremely NAUSEATING!

    Damn You iPhone Auto Correct!

    The hefty $2,000 ‘merchant fee’ Cruella de Van, charged Reiko was the final straw. Who does that to a friend?

    As for myself and my close friends, we wouldn’t spend a dime in her store or help promote her business endeavours.

  135. kathy

    I completely agree how dare slice productions degrade our city and country. And to portray us canadian women as those rude back stabbers. This show seems more like the jerry springer show. These women should behave and make us proud or move out of canada

  136. motherearth

    I must say, I have watched this show right from the beginning and was shocked! Jody do you understand the definition of the word bully? You talk about how you are sooooo rich…..but in truth you are very poor in manners,kindness! I understand that in life you may meet people that are not your cup of tea, but do u really need to bully those that don’t fit your idea of a worthy person? I pray Jody,the day you may need a friend that you turn around and find many….. but I think you will find none!

  137. I just read a few comments made by Joe from Cambie. I laughed my head off when he described the ladies as different birds. Ronnie, the pelican who always had a place to carry her wine and never misses a landing to make last call. Mary the blue heron who has had a few scrapes along the way but is an aerodynamic creature , full of beauty and grace. There is also Reiko the peacock who likes to show off and Jody the fat hen who controls the hen house until the hungry fox of reality pokes his head in and boom. Last of all Christina the smooth talking seagull. Yes Joe these describe these ladies perfectly. It would make a great animation. I tried to get on you tube but had no luck. I love to read your posts because they are like short stories. I am sorry but I do not like using the words poopy bum or bums like the younger generation do. These are two words that I cannot say. I am old fashioned and everyone loves to tease me about this. I remember looking after an elderly ill nurse, as I was a nurse myself. The other girl I was with suggested cleaning one’s bum. That old nurse corrected her and said bottom. I had made my point about using the word bum. The other girl was surprised to hear that I was right about using that word. I hear it all the time along with the plural of you. People using the word yous instead of you which is single and plural. I come from the old school of bottom and number two or BM. Sorry, just saying. Otherwise I enjoy your comments and insights into the character of these ladies and I use the workd ladies loosely too.
    I don’t think Christina was trying to set up Mary so that Jody could serve her with papers. I don’t think anyone knew that was coming. I thought she was trying to soften Mia with ragards to Mary when they went out that night. Somone tell me am I imagining things or did Christina and Mia have a sexual encounter. Is that what Christina was eluding to? Just a curious old girl Thankyou again Joe for your wonderful insights, stories and the genuine compassion you point out that should be given, even to these lost souls. Your words of encouragement have also inspired me to try and be a better person. Thankyou

  138. Hi Elizabeth,
    Yes I think that was what Christina was implying , which is perfectly alright , they are two ‘adult’ women (referring to their ages not their mentality) . But ,,,, I think in the next episode , mama Jody will find out and there will be hell to pay for Mia! hahaha can’t wait to see this one. As for Joe, I too really enjoyed your reference to the girls as birds , bang on with all of them but I would of made Jody a vulture, which is more appropriate for her kind. just a thought…..well , everyone have a wonderful day , enjoy life and do good around you , makes a difference in so many lives, including our own .

  139. Hi Michele from Quebec C: Thanks for clearing it up for an old girl like me. I believe that love is love whether it is between a man and a man, a woman and a man or a woman and a woman.
    Jody would certainly make a good vulture. Thanks and have a good day yourself.

  140. I agree with Terry. It is Ronnie who has passed on everything to Jody, concerning things that Mary and she have discussed. I wonder when Mary will realise that her so called best friend is really her worst enemy. This of course does not excuse the actions that Jody has taken against Mary.

    • Ashlee

      Jody/Cruella seems to be very jealous of Mary. Mary is beautiful, soft spoken and talented. Cruella is a short, older woman who looks like she battles with her weight because some of the clothes she wears disguise her figure.

  141. CW

    I think Cruella is a very fitting alias for Jody… I’m sure her father must be very proud of his little troll/demon/witch.

    Btw, her representation does not reflect on the jewish community. She is an embarassment wholly unto herself.

  142. Alot of things are bothering me with last nights episode. First of all , Jody and Christina meeting. Love Christina , but the way she makes people wait at the restaurant or anywhere else , shows that she does not have a lot of respect for others. If any of my freinds made me wait an hour and a half,without calling me to let me know, I would be long gone when they arrived , and the next time they would be on the waiting end. Seeing what we see about Jody’s character , it seems a little weird to me that she did wait …AGAIN,,,, for Christina at the restaurant.
    Then , we see Reiko planning for a Bollywood party. OMG!!!!! 80,000 dollars for a party???? Are you kidding me?? That is totallly rediculous! Were they real diamonds on her forhead?? That money would of helped so many hungry people in this world. Made it kind of a travesty . Even though she was very beautiful all made up in Indian attire, and the cake was cute, but worth 80,000???? I don’t think so .
    Mia lieing to her mother , acting like a a spoiled brat of 5 instead of 25 …. shows how much morales she’s been taught . nd is she really that stupid or what? She knows that her mother will see her as she really is when they watch the show…. And then we see Jody , talking about how her father gave her orales ?????? Excuse me??? which morales did he give her? Being a bully, exagerating the truth to her advantage, stealing money from her friends , behaving like a classless person at parties, or was it talking with jealousy and spite about her friend’s events but going to them ????
    Although I do not like this Jody person , I thought she created absolutely beautiful desserts , but would NOT by her cookbook , just because I don’t want to give her one penny of MY hard earned money.
    As for Ronny, the ‘best friend’ . With friends like this, you don’t need any enemies. She is the one who started all this hate-fest between Jody and Mary. A friend doesn’t share things with another that she knows will make trouble. She should not associate herself with the people that hurt her friend, but instead she did absolutely the opposite. I think Ronny loves being in the middle , playing the person stuck between two rivals , she likes ridiculizing both of them when she is with the other . My friends would NEVER treat me like this , Mary should stay away from her , far far away.

  143. Oups …… when I wrote ……..And then we see Jody , talking about how her father gave her orales ??????…… It should of been her father gave her Morales not orales …what a horrible misspelling of a word omitting a letter , was NOT intentional at all and I apolagize for it

    • Terry

      I was going to say something Michelle then I thought not lol.

  144. hahahaah Terry ,,,, I was completely embaressed when I saw my error , ,,, but still is funny

  145. Michelle from Alberta

    What the heck!! Really good Canadian shows like Murdoch Mysteries and Flashpoint are going off the air to make way for copycat American reality shows? Let’s have some original ideas Canada and be proud of the shows that are truly Canadian. I do not understand how people can watch so called reality shows like this that we know are edited for conflict and ratings. I read that CBC is making canadian shows cut episodes due to cutbacks but a better idea for Canadian networks is to just say no to trotting out revamped American drivel. I also recently found out that Disney wants Canadians to pay more to rent or buy their movies. Come on Canada wake up! We are our own country, we need to make our own decisions. This includes content on television!

  146. Mimi

    Elizabeth – What Christina is hinting happened between her and Mia is not love.
    The scene between Mary and Christina on the beach made me cringe. Her boys must be so proud.
    I thought Reiko looked fantastic at her Bollywood party.
    Mary and Ronnie will always be friends. This conflict is for ratings.

  147. Mimi

    I just read that the Bollywood party cost $80,000 so although I think Reiko looked beautiful that’s just ugly!

    • WVancouverite

      The party did not cost anywhere near $80K. The last time I booked a Indian dancing troupe, the cost was a fraction of 10k, ergo putting turbans and the like on the servers.
      Jody lives in a townhouse. In West Van, you live in a townhouse when you can’t afford a house on the hill or there is only one or two of you. No one worth of any value raises kids in a townhouse.
      Ronnie does not live in West Vancouver, she lives in Lions Bay also in a townhouse – albeit 4 of them. Waterfront bare property in West Vancouver would cost more than her new $10million mansion.
      This show is made up in someones mind with lots of meanness. This not reality. Ask Jody’s son – he’s embarrassed beyond reason – he posted something about being embarrased on his wall and someone commented that it couldn’t be worst than having his mom on RHOV.

  148. Dear Mimi: Yes you are right. It was lust between Christina and Mia. I was talking about love in the general sense between a man and a man, a woman and a man, or a woman and a woman. Eighty thousand dollars for a party is ridiculous. My home cost eighty thousand dollars in 2001. I don’t know why the have to waste money like that when so many people could be helped. I wouldn’t brag about it that is for sure.

  149. sue

    I think that Jody and Mia are queen of snobs thwy think yhey t better than anyone else ha ha yhey qear furs and tiaras like no tommorow secondly why does hody wear her sunglasses everywhere give me a break her and her daughter r snobs ronnie is playing between everyone ahe will have to choice down the road She is a drunk

  150. Bettsey

    They keep me laughing every week. I thoroughly enjoy the selfish, self centered, rich behaving like juvenile teenagers. We all need laughter and this fits the bill for me.

  151. Howdy! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you’ve here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

  152. Betsy

    I think one person said it quite accurately these gals are a bunch of botoxed clowns I added the botoxed. If christina is 30 I am Elvis Presly try 40 something girl. On a positive note they are a shining example of how having money can make you behave like these women do and this behaviour is not only unacceptable but heinous to say the least. Mia and her daughter exemplify the worst behaviour of all. Mia bullies people under the guise of being upfront and honest, she cannot tolerate critisism but she sure is a champion at dishing it out to others. Jody & Mia are soooo picayune, maybe if they consulted a therapist to find out why they hate themselves so muchthey could manage being a nicer human beings. I feel for the other little girl she has God forbid she turns out to be another Mia! Now Ronnie she is another piece of work, an alcoholic lush that expects her friend Mary to be responsible for her what a cop out. Money gives her absolution to be irresponsible??? She is no friend she is a backstabbing instigator and Mary would be well advised to dump her sorry butt she is a relationship pariah. Of all these women Mary is the one with some shred of decency, too bad she has such bad taste in friends. Now Reiko she is hillharious, all that wealth from the proceeds of crime and those ostentacious cars “oh please” I am so not impressed! All in all I love the entertainment these gals provide a good lesson in how not to aspire to become. I have been waiting a long time for a good comedy show to make me laugh my ass off and this one cracks me up every time I watch it I love it.

    • sam

      Don’t give these people the time of day. They seriously all need therapy. They really do need God more than anything else. I have watched this show a few times and not once has Gods name been mentioned. Obviously Money is their God. How sad!!!!

  153. Terry

    Okay Bravo, good one. You had me believing this show was about women acting badly. After the over the top finale, I have clued in – this was women acting. The whole thing was a scripted scenario, Jody and Mia, bad guys, Mari and Christina, good guys, Reiko, fill in, Ronnie – instigator, waffler, “peacemaker”, group whip. Ha Ha, good one – entertaining as hell I must say.

  154. lightenup

    I am from America. This show does not show how rotten Canadian people are. You forget that we have about 7 housewife franchises in the states, from nearly every region. We know that the women are ridiculous and unrealistic, and that’s what makes good tv – something worth making fun of! Lighten up.

  155. Dear Terry: I am staring to agree with lightenup. These women are ridiculous and unrealistic which makes for good tv. Jodi’s famoous words-” Let’s be honest,” got her a dose of honesty from all the girls last night including Ronnie. I DON’T SEE HOW Jodi does not get it. You cannot go around insulting people all the time like she and Mia have done many, many times including Ronnie’s party. Jodi even made a caddy remark about Ronnie’s wine saying that if you have enough money behind you you can do anything. The whole program left me shaking my head feeling very empty.

    • Terry

      Hi Elizabeth – There is no doubt that the show is entertaining. I love watching it lol. My guilty pleasure. However, I have a suspicion it is pretty much staged. Someone had to have scripted it, and it went over the top – beyond belief as far as I am concerned. C’mon, who acts like Jody and Mia? And Ronnie’s character makes absolutely no sense at all. Loyal friend who made a mistake and now sees the light? Fake. And Jody’s response to Ronnie turning on her? Fake Fake Fake. I liked the show better when I believed the drama was real.
      As for the drama, if there was no Jody and Mia, it wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting. We would have just followed the girls around to lunch and botox appointments.

  156. I absolutely love Christina, I don’t care what anyone says I think she was the most interesting cast member. Maybe she can use her new-found fame to start a career as an actress.

  157. Bettsy

    Well now I am confused is this all made up with wannabe actresses? If it is then Jody is the best of all she really makes one hate her and her evil spawn for their selfish centered childish behaviour. I enjoy it because it takes me away from my dull, pathetic boring life and I see the rich and wealthy are no different from me they are just as pathetic only they have money. I also watch Big Rich Texas for the same reason and those women are no different than our Vancouver gals, LOL. Keep up the good work ladies you are great entertainment.

  158. Cynthia Dent

    I am just disgusted with Jody I have never seen such a mean spirited woman in my life. She is not self made her xxx husbands made her money for her.
    I was truly shocked when Jody had the nerve to call Christina out for her pictures in teashirt and underwear telling Christina she was nasty and then Jody was in the race car with the driver and she was simply a pig a ditch pig when she commented one word HORNY that comment was uncalled for and shocking. She talks about her bringing up and she is a true lady. Hog wash she is not a lady, she is so far from it.

  159. Dear Bettsy: Yes it is hard to believe that anyone would act like Jodi. It would certainly lead someone to think that she is a want- a- be -actress. It is also interesting to note that she has ex husbands that helped her get her where she is today. It is too bad that by her own actions she will destroy what business she has.

  160. Debra S

    After watching the season and the first half of the reunion show,I must say these women do not represent Canadian women.Ronnie needs to to to rehab,not name her wine after it.Jody is juvenile,her opinion on everyone is just not that important.If she wants to show herself as such an expert on life,she may want to fix her nose and quit dressing like attila the hun’s wife.Reiko is beautiful and should exhibit her power not just through her physical demeanor.Mary is a lovely woman with a great talent.She shouldn’t give away her power by attaching so much importance to opinions who mean zip.Christine is someone I can relate to,very beautiful inside and out.Mia,good name as she is
    definitely missing in action in looks and brains.I will only watch next season to see if it’s more important to boost ratings with silly behaviour or if some real character can come through.

  161. Constance

    There is something seriously WRONG with Jody! She is like an evil school girl that has never grown up! She laughs at her own vicious outbursts, and her eyes are crazy looking! Her daughter is just a younger version of her, and that’s even scarier! If they had black hair they’d pass as witches for Halloween. It’s no surprise that Ronnie has taken a liking to Jody and vice versa as they are both in need of anti-psychotic medication! It is painful to watch those evil women rip apart the other three women all the time, especially Mary. They NEED someone on that show that will knock them right off that dillusional high horse they’re on because they have just gotten away with way too much! I think Jody and Ronnie should be left alone in a room for a week!

  162. Joe from Cambie st

    Hi Everyone………

    Well like so many of you, I thought that Slice and Lark pulled off a fast one and this was entirely all scripted until I saw the show which was set at the majestic Orphium Theater. I love and adore that venue, like so many Vancouverites. One of my dear friends who is an Dramatic Soprano and she had her debut there with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and then after the show, she and another soprano sang the Flower Duet in the under ground parking garage and I have to say, that it was one of the most lovely moments of my life where it was just me and these two world class voices that just penetrated my very soul. I ended up putting my 19 year old dog to sleep to that piece when she was ready to go and then buried her ashes in a painting of a portrait of her….and then, we have this “event” occur on the same stage…as if they are in any way comparable to the level of culture that something like opera or the symphony can bring.

    In the last episode, I honestly thought that no one would be so clinically stupid as to cast themselves in such a terrible light as Jody and her daughter have along with their store unless it was all an act. Honestly. Like why would anyone want to literally shove a grenade in their mouth, pull the pin, scream obscenities and blow the skull of their reputation into a debauchery of vile and self destructive gore is simply beyond me. This show is an hour long ad to showcase who they are, what they are, stand for, extol and argue for and what we see here, is a fascinating example of some very major and deep seeded sociopathy and psychosis which has removed any sort of rationality within Jody and her daughter to accurately understand what it is they are saying, doing, acting upon and within this little bubble called feigned wealth, think they are in some way entitled because they are Jewish, own a store, live in a condo or feign a higher order station than what they have earned.

    Its been clearly a very long time since I’ve peered into the minds of such lackluster, sanctimonious and perpetual victim as I have with Jody and her daughter. They are in all senses of the word, parasites. They selectively tell the truth and bend it according to the moment and passing it through the drama filter. I am going to go on the assumption now that this is her character, unfiltered, genuine and valid and as such, she exhibits nothing of merit, inspires no movements to create a better something or world, nor seeks to accept people for who they are, or are trying to become and contributes to them finding their goals, visions and reaching their dreams.

    I will not say that I hate this woman, as much as say, that this woman saddens me as she is someone, along with her daughter, are horrible people. Based on the Jewish people I’ve met and Jewish women I’ve dated, these women are a profound insult to that heritage and to the legacy that Jewish women have to live up to in their daily lives. These women feign the worst stereotype of Jewish women that could ever possibly exist and quite frankly, should be humiliated to show their face at Synagogue.

    They are simply, like Albert Eisenstein, after years and countless hours postulating his relativity formula, although E does equal the Mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light to yield the amount of energy so too is this statement, however not as so researched, that these women are simply not worth knowing under any conditions or circumstances.

    Now, with that black balloon wrapping their character and sucking them out and away from the collective consciousness of these readers, as though and alien rubber balloon sucking you into the netherworld of insignificance, away they go. Onto Ronnie and her fence sitting game she likes to play, attempting to always be in the power position, is just sad. Playing the dramatic card, threatening that there will be no more friendship and that its effectively over as I thought was the case at the last episode, and then act as thought nothing has happened in this episode, validates that your words have no merit, integrity, depth, power as your actions mirror. Like the boy who called wolf, Ronnie is the one who barks, yet has gums where teeth should be and I can only imagine how those who get gummed feel as the slobber of her arguments run down their arms and they need a towel to clean off the wet and meaningless clucks.

    Threatening doom, an exhibition of power, with the flare of a soap queen and then behave as though nothing happened is if anything, merits a slap from the karma master upon the yapping dogs ass, instructing her to be quiet and sit because the pathetic spectacle is no longer fun to watch and about as predictable as my morning bowl movements. Next time I wash my arms, I’ll think of the gums of her argument and as I wipe them dry, I’ll recall the words of “Sit Ubu Sit…Good Dog”.

    I can only hope that she is not as horribly inconsistent with her children as she is with these people because the worst example of this behavior is “Hunny, you don’t worry, I’m going to get you THE BEST medicare possible” and then Dr. Nick Rivera is called in.

    Jody, Ronnie and Mia, all deserve each other because of their self starting ways that they can literally invent a reality that has no basis in reality at all and they can feed off it, make things up and like the parasites that they are, multiply like a contagion that their arguments yield and when the nutrients of their fodder runs dry, and their arguments concluded, their reality, is rooted in anything but reality.

    Christine…well at least you know who you are. She should simply not be in any relationships with any men because she is not capable of being in a long term relationship. Aside from that scathing commentary on being a parasite, living off the wealth of men, by employing nearly exclusively her own looks, rather than her own merits, leaves me to feel that she is like a farmer of men….”Oh, I’m hungry, I should go down to the pasture and get a man to give me enough so I can make it to the next man to leech off of.”. Aside from all of this, which is substantial because its so reflective of so many issues with the women and dating culture in Vancouver, all in all, she is probably one of the most level headed, honest with who she is woman. I may not like what she is or does with men, but at least she is open and up front about it and in that alone, I respect that because too many women and people just lie about that and I’m glad that she is overt and direct and in that honesty, I admire her for that, however, her actions are less than stellar.

    When it comes to her supporting Mary and calling BS on these warped realities, she is very accurate, astute and objective and if anything, she is probably the one with the least drama…by least I mean if these women had bags of drama, hers would still fill a shipping container where someone like Jody or Ronnie would fill a massive cargo ship.

    Next, onto Reiko. An interesting, consistent breed of woman. Its really a shame that her wealth was not generated by herself, because she wears the wealth with a class befitting a woman a self made power. Classy, has very expensive tastes, yet treats her husband, aside from his criminal background and his out of shape life with respect. Aside from the rumors of infidelity as posed by Jody, I find her to be very classy and could possibly be someone, maybe…someone I would maybe, meet the criteria where I would entertain being her friend to her as her class consistency is where my friendship levels begin and wealth has nothing at all to do with it as I’ve found wealth to be something that acts as a mechanism to investigate what is really wrong with you.

    Then there is Mary. She does not have to do anything at all she can simply walk away, and her class, grace, elegance and integrity are all intact. She could sing at the venue tonight because she is at that level of competency. The way she has been treated, to be honest, is shocking and its a commentary on the exceedingly long fuse this woman has before she jettisons them out of their lives forever. To be honest, I have no clue why she is still friends with those who willingly escort her into dangerous waters of drama to cause conflict and destroy otherwise lovely days of positivity.

    As a guy, all this drama is entirely foreign to me. No guy I know would tolerate this from his buddies, they would just be done and that’s it and this show would be over. As a single guy, 38, no kids, drama, pets and happily drama free, a strait artist, I look into the ponds of this drama pool and slip on a life jacket and back away.

    Yes, Mary, Christine and Reiko, seem like they are decent humans, supportive and objective. Reiko, who seems like the wealthiest played the card of the merchant fee with class. Jody, a pig, simply wrote her and so many others out of her store by resorting to cheap tactics like charging her for a merchant fee. Wealthy women talk and given that she owns millions in cars, for her to say “yah, I don’t shop there anymore because they overcharged me thousands for merchant fees and the owner is a pig….” yeah…people talk and now they have reference videos.

    Well, I never thought this show would showcase such stripes of characters. It inspires introspection, reflection and pause to examine ones life to ensure that I and we are who we want to be. Why we are the way we are and inspire a path of life where we hope to be better than what we have seen here.

    Best of luck to you all.

  163. Cynthia

    Nah, I still think this show is all scripted. It’s designed to have you talking to your friends, workmates, etc., about how awful these people are, and to evoke in the viewers strong feelings toward these characters.

    It’s too much of a stretch to believe that women actually behave like this. No, it’s to get you hooked, and hope you’ll continue watching the next series.

    No one, and I mean no one, but a sociopath speaks to another human being in this manner. No one is this crude, mean-spirited, and soulless as the Jody character .

    The plan is to evoke feelings from the viewers…disgust, anger,
    indignation, you name it, and the writers have succeeded.
    Jody is the female equivalent of nasty J.R. Ewing.

    I just refuse to believe that this series is a ‘reality’ show, it’s
    pure theatrics.Has to be.

  164. I was sickened at last night’s reunion show. I thought I would give Jody the benefit of the doubt, but she sure lived up to her true unkind colours. She should watch the programs because it was definitly not Mary that had Mia kicked out of Mary’s benefit party. It shows the owner of the restaurant specifically telling Mary that he did not want Mia in any of his establishments. He also talked to Mary after had had kicked Mia out reiterating that he didn’t wamt Mia in any of his establishments. Mia even mentioned this to Jody when Jody was trying to talk her into going to the affair. Jody out right lied that the owner called her and said it was Mary that had Mia kicked out. Mary was there to raise money for her son’s condition and truly did not have time to think about Mia. Watch the video Jody and you will see the truth. Your daughter had acted badly in the man’s restaurant and she was banned for life. I would love to see the owner of the restaurant on the reunion so he could tell the truth. I do not understand how anyone can be like Jody. She accuses Mary of a victim. She is because you were constantly attacking her. Jody attacked Mary by criticising her looks-cheeks, tummy etc. We all saw and heard it. Mary used the words like wretched to describe things that Jody said and put her through. I think Mia should have been charged when she poked Mary in the chest.

    I truly have never come across people like Jody. She laughs when she makes someone feel bad. She accuses Mary of being the victim, well news flash she is when you are attacking her. I must correct Mary on one thing she said about this happeneing when five women get together. I have had friends of thirty years and more and we have never treated each other like this. We have had disageements but never anything like this. I truly cannot get over the way Jody acts. It just baffles me. Ronnie is showing her true colours again, She is so jealous of Mary that she can hardly contain herself. She and Jody deserve each other. I was going to say that Jody was the devil and Ronnie was her right hand woman, but that owuld be unkind. Truly there is no arguing with crazy so Mary, Reicko and Christina are just wasting their breath arguing with Jody, Ronnie and Mia. You just cannot argue with Crazy. Mary had evey right to say the things about Ronnie as she was just reacting to the drunken things that Ronnie said and did to her. I truly do feel for these people as they have it all and yet they waste their time on this

  165. Jay

    J.R. Ewing? I was thinking more Nellie Olson, lol. I remember watching LHOTP thinking Nellie is pure evil.

  166. Bettsy

    Premiere – Love it or Hate it?
    Bettsy- Wow I watched the reunion show that was something else. On the show one expects them to behave as they do for the ratings but to see them in a sit down interview and behave as they did I am just blown away. Jodi really, really needs therapy that is so very evident, she has no conscience, no respect for anyone, she is quite literally beserk. Ronnie is now aware of how horrendous she looked behaving like a lush and perhaps will clean up her act for her kids sakes as well as her own, she needs to check into rehab. As for Mary always being the victim well I think if you are raised with manners as she obviously was she doesn’t need to defend herself to anyone much less to a person like deranged Jodi whom refuses to respect anyone’s opinion she is only concerned with her own that is so obvious. I saw so much childish, immature behaviour between all of them it was quite embarassing. It was an all out bitchfest. One thing that is totally lacking is RESPECT which is why there is the animosity and tension that there is amoung them. For Ronnie to say she really loves Mary then bashes her into the ground like Jodi that is a twisted kind of love she has going on. I noticed Reikoand Christina kept noticibly unparticipatory in the bashing that was taking place with Jodi, Ronnie and Mary. They did make a few comments, however it was nice that they didn’t get into the muck and mire with Jodi and Ronnie. I noticed that they sat the two vipers together and the nicer gals opposite to them. I agree with the comment that Jodi feeds off of Mary’s distress she loves making people miserable some of them said it so well when it was said that when Jodi enters a room it is like all the good energy just got sucked out and the atmosphere just turned ugly. She is in total denial of her behaviour towards others which I find quite perplexing, does she not watch the episodes to see herself and how poisonous her personality is she should. Looking forward to the next episode, thinking they can’t behave any worse but I am sure they wwon’t let us down. LOL

  167. Leilani

    I can’t help but be embarrassed by this show and what it has to offer the world in terms of Vancouver’s culture. It’s interesting that there are people who are most unlikeable ‘representing’ Vancouver’s Jewish community. Jody doesn’t even speak Hebrew properly, and she’s allowed to talk way too much, only because it’s sensational. I can’t help but wonder what the producers were after by having the most deranged member of the show be a cheap pseudo-Jew. What was their goal here?

    The one good thing about it all is that it will hopefully keep the rest of the world from wanting to come here and even further ruin our beautiful city.

  168. Bettsy

    In response to the comments Sam made you are a very kind person same and I applaud you for giving Jody the benfit of a doubt. I also am of the mind they she may some redeeming qualities after all we were all created by God. It is unfortunate that Jody has such a BIG chip on her shoulder and she obviously feels she has to be confrontational, rude and arrogant. In her mind I think she feels that she is being honest and upfront, but the reality is that she needs to understand that these qualities are not desirable in a persons character and at the least very least unacceptable in society. I feel that she is very misguided and needs some therapy, which she is always harping to that Mary needs. Wake up Jody and get some therapy for your own personality disorder, for your children’s sake as well as your own. I think Jody feels inside the way she says Mary is “always the victim” I think Jody feels like a victim herself which is a quality that she obviously “loathes”. I think Mary represents to many of the qualities that Jody is lacking which is why she dislikes Mary so much. Mary reminds her too much of the type of personality she would like to be however for whatever reason she thinks being a voracious, confronational barracuda is more appealing, so, so, sad. Thanks Sam for opening my eyes now I see Jody in a different light and I feel sorry for her I hope she eventually finds happiness in her puruit of evil, however we all know how that ends.

  169. Joe from Cambie st

    Hi everyone!
    You know, if I spent 30k on clothes in a store and they followed that up with a rude insult, I think it goes without saying that I would never shop there again, along with everyone else I know.

    What this small minded pathetic low brow woman who invents words and maligns the English language fails to understand is that people talk. People talk and people talk about this show, like you and I. That show is a season long infomercial for these people, their lives, goals, dreams and more and what I don’t get is how someone who is directly involved with the show could willingly behave is such an self destructive manner as Jody has. I would, along with so many others, would have have lost respect for her and her store if she just came clean, admitted that she sells used goods and just be honest. Like what is the problem here? So what? Who cares? Even if you sell a single used item. Now, I think it goes without saying that many people who were thinking about going there, just won’t. Why? Spend 30k on clothes and then be double dipped charged like the cheap harlot this woman is? Listen, getting rich by doing inappropriate things and lying is not worthy of respect. I have more respect for people who are just honest.

    As for Reiko and this whole over billing thing….If I was her, I would have just openly laughed and said “Honey…I have over a million dollars worth of cars alone. Dropping 30k in your store is nothing, but I and all my friends won’t be going to you again because you rip people off. You’re small town cheap.”

    Yeah, well this season is over. I enjoyed just venting. I hope Ronnie’s girl is ok and makes a full recovery as she seems like an awesome little girl. As for Mia…sorry, getting a bad nose job does not equate to being dead for a prolonged period of time and then being in a coma. Go get sympathy elsewhere.

    Vancouver is such a lovely place, with so many other lovely people but honestly, Slice has done a horrible job in portraying Vancouver by taking the worst, but very real and shallow nature of Vancouver women and putting them into the forefront of culture. I don’t think Vancouver is all entirely like this, but then again, perhaps it is.

  170. Olivia

    I watched last night’s finale and I have to say, the whole bit from Ronnie about her daughter seemed exaggerated, embellished and fake. To anyone else? First off, she explained that when Remi was born she was “asphyxiated for 17 minutes”…..this is not possible, the human body/brain simply cannot survive without oxygen for that long, no way is that physiologically possible. Secondly, she claims the night that her daughter choked on the piece of stake that she’d failed to breathe for 22 minutes; again, no human would survive without oxygen for that long — and if there was a foreign body (piece of steak) stuck in someone’s airway such that no air (oxygen) could go in (even with the assistance of paramedics), they would not survive. Very strange when she indicate that she ‘went into shock’ and woke up to her husband giving her mouth to mouth. I have a hard time believing that she (Ronnie) “stopped breathing.” Fainted perhaps but not stopped breathing. I also watched the faces of Mary and Christina as she told this all and Mary seemed unmoved and I think Mary is a very caring and compassionate person, particularly when it comes to children as she’s a mother herself…so it seemed more than odd that she didn’t seem upset to hear Ronnie telling the story. The look on Mary’s face, and Christina’s too, was that the story all seemed fake or totally embellished. JMHO.

  171. Bettsy

    Drama, drama, drama, what those producers won’t do for ratings unbelievable. Like are we really supposed to believe all that scripted drama of Jody’s and Ronnie’s. Good grief play it up girls you have to milk the sympathy from the public somehow right. If Ronnie can brag about paying six thousand dollars for that tacky dress she was wearing then in the next breath start bawling about her daughters health crisis how are we supposed to take her seroiously. LOL We certainly know where her priorities are, I wonder does her daughter get a six thousand dollar outfit? She should she is the one deserving of one.Was that Ronnie’s present to herself because she had to deal with such a traumatic ordeal? Well she needs to get real the whole world has traumatic issues to deal with. Ronnie and Jody just made ridiculous fools of themselves with their phony behaviour. I don’t buy the crocodile tears from those two they just aren’t capable of emotions like caring and compassion. I don’t care what anyone says those feelings that Jody and Ronnie displayed on the second half of the interview show were just plain phony soap opera material. I feel for Ronnie’s child though how awful that her mother used that health crisis in the manner that she did. Her dramatics didn’t serve to elicit any compassion from me neither did Jody’s phony tears. Mia needs a whole face and personality makeover never mind just a little nose job. Nope not buying any of that stuff. It was quite interesting that the other three didn’t show any heartfelt emotion towards those two vipers either which evidently is because they all know that it was all just scripted drama for the viewers.

  172. Cyrus

    I am in such a funk..listen, I have been MIA for 2 months because my WebTV box broke..I had to order a new MSNTV 2 box via EBay..I was freaked because I thought I had lost all my writing, 10 years worth..but the lovely lady at MSN told me “oh no dear, don’t worry, just go to Amazon or EBay and order a new box, an MSNTV 2 box, because WebTV is obsolete, and when you get it just hook it up and all your files will be there as if you never left”..uh huh..I went through living hell trying to find this thing..FINALLY I found one and my friend Lynda took care of it for me, paid for it and even got me a printer so I could print out all my work and never have to worry about losing it again. Let me tell you, until I was told all my files were saved I was inconsolable, a mess. SO, after a full week of US POST/CANADA POST hell, as in I payed for delivery within 1-3 business days LAST WEDNESDAY it finally arrived today…well, I was over the moon, on a cloud…my friend and I hooked it all up and guess what? It wouldn’t I call them and they inform me I need an American address and an American credit card before I can access my pages!!!! There are no words…I have had no access to any internet ANYTHING!! All my friends think I either died or I’m “in a mood”..yeah, a 2 month mood? Even for me that’s a bit extreme! Do you know what it’s like watching RHOV and not being able to read all your comments or contribute any of my own? I’m on a friends computer right now and I hate it…I don’t know from computers, my WebTV is connected via my phone line and comes up on my TV, a big screen that makes being half blind and bitter easier to navigate! LOL!! Elizabeth or anyone else who I met here please don’t think I’d ever be so disrespectful to just drop off and act like we never met! It killed me thinking that’s how it probably appeared, ya know? Anyway, I can’t type on this stupid thing but i HAVE to say at least something about the 2 part finale…you know me better than that. Ok, as long as I can tolerate this computer I will diss the 411, from my perspective anyway…first of all, who the hell was the host? BORING BORING BORING. At least Andy Cohen has a personality, hello! Male models with Walter Cronkite aspirations don’t put any dew on my lily. He reminded me of every tacky boring Toronto fruit I have ever met. Listen, I love the Vancouver gay community because it’s everything the Toronto one thinks it is but isn’t. I can’t elaborate now because I can’t type any more…ok..Jody, you evil nasty witch…her pathetic character has been exposed from sea to shining sea and THAT’S WHY no one wants to shop in her shit store anymore, NOT because Mary, Christina and Reiko have “spoken out of turn”. They are just the perfect fall guys for her own self destruction as a “self made successful business woman”. Mia had a RHINOPLASTY? On anyone else it would be called a rhinoplasty, on Mia it’s a schnozz job to fix that ugly mug of hers, the one that reflects her personality. How do these evil trolls show their faces? They have no dignity, no self respect, no respect for anyone else and to think Jody would have the nerve to just pick up where she left off during the finale confirmed everything I’ve ever said about her. And Housewives totally kissed Jody’s ass, why didn’t they play any of the blatant lies she told the way they played them during the season? I’m pissed at Bravo/Slice, they had the nerve to draw out that useless crap over 2 weeks? Christina said “shut up” in the last 5 minutes! The way they exploited that reaction I thought it would rise to a higher level of drama than that. The whole thing was a crock. Jody needs her ass kicked and hopefully her “customers” will buy a clue and shop somewhere else, maybe at a store that doesn’t take liberties with their credit cards. As for Ronnie, I was with her the whole way during her breakdown about Remy, UNTIL I found out she’s back at home and perfectly fine. How much had she been drinking before the show? You CAN’T tell me she had nothing to drink because I use to be a lush of the first order, so I know what alcohol does and that was one big drunk mess is what that was. Sorry, I’m not insensitive, but if I’m wrong and Ronnie had NOTHING to drink before the show I want to say I am sorry now. Only she knows the answer to that question. But I am pretty sure I know the answer too. Medical issues are not to be trifled with or gossiped about, but the girl is fine…after she dropped her on the ground and watched her die right in front of her. I find it pretty inappropriate to rant on and on like that when she’s perfectly fine and at home. The whole thing was just plain weird. Ronnie needs rehab asap because that was just sad. How drunk do you have to be to compliment Jody on her “fashion sense”? I mean c’mon people. She had to be plastered to come up with that prize of a statement. Jody’s “fashion sense” reflects her personality and her character. Mismatched. Pointless, Delusional, Sad, Desperate and Pathetic. Jody you’ve been such a waste of everyone’s time with your little “documents” and your comments about therapy and embarrassing yourself. Get some badly needed advice from a professional therapist who specializes in your particular brand of crazy. It’ll cost a fortune, but hey, isn’t the most important part of who you are the fact that your worth millions? So there you go, hire someone the next time your in Paris shopping for second hand Hermes bags for your little boutique. Gee, I hope I don’t sound too opinionated? I’ll try to get back here in the next few days because I’m dying to read what all of you have been writing, I have to get off here now though because my eyes are killing me…talk to you soon….

    • Katrina L.

      Oh !!!!!! Welcome back Cyrus, we really missed you and your weekly comments !!!!!

  173. Darlene

    Jody reminds me of the red head in I think is the housewives of NJ. I quit watching it because of her. If Jody stays next season I will do the same. Boring! All the fighting makes no sense to me. Who in real life would be friends with her. It’s so TV crap. Love the rest of the women. It does not have to be all about fighting to watch a show. I just want to know what this has done to Jody’s shop because anyone with money would have no respect for her or her duaghter and would not shop there. What she wears on the show is any sample of what she offers is awful. Is her hair for real, I think not. Pleae get rid of her and bring someone new in. The fighting and lets get along episodes are just to far fetched. Please do not insult my intelligence!!

  174. vancouver girl

    how ever much jody says how the rest of the women talk out of turn, she is the one talking non sense and stepping in ALWAYS insulting others when it is non of her business ans ESPECIALLY when others speaking. if i were to be in this stupid show i do not think anything regardless could hold me back from slapping in jody’s face and tell her to shut the F up! jody makes no sense and she does not even understand the most basic behavior one should have. shes retarded and has no moral and uneducated and oammgee for christ sake too MUCH god damn opinion out of her bragging mind. why would anyone think of themselves being smart and intelligent enough to create words/language that dont even exist? its just funny and ugly and she just doesnt get it. she really should go back to elementary like seriously. but who cares? JODY is TOO BUSY! HAHA! i pity her and her daughter mia PERIOD.

  175. Joe from Cambie st.

    Well you know…if you really think about it…many people in Vancouver have watched this show, many countless thousands, perhaps tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. I think it could be best summed up in how embarrassed I feel for Jody and her family. Ultimately I feel life is about class, integrity, personal honour, grace, humility and hope.

    I just feel pity and I’m embarrassed for her because she’s not intelligent enough to understand the magnitude of her behavior nor her daughter. Like just sit and think for a moment…how embarrassed her family must be of Jody, to be related and dragged down to that level.

    Whats worse than insulting someone for their horrible character, is to pity them for having none. I may not be a “Millionarie” with “my own Jet Dahhhhling”…but I do have a sense of humility and frankly, I feel sorry for her family and ultimately for her because she is just sad and now, hundreds of thousands of people watched her air her character on TV.

    Sad. Just imagine…everywhere she goes, people will be looking at her, pointing, laughing and the whole time she’ll think its because she’s famous for her store, character or whatever. People will be mocking her because she’s too stupid to realize the magnitude of reality.

    • Cyrus

      Hey Joe,
      Your the only one I recognise on here anymore! Maybe that’s because most people are so over this pathetic ego trip they’re just fed up, period. I watched both finales and they made no sense to me whatsoever because #1 Ronnie was pie eyed, displaying waterworks that were so out of place, her level of drama was way out of sync with how a normal sober person would relate that story which from my standpoint was one of triumph and joy that hardly called for her over the top performance. You KNOW the first thing she or her “soldiers” would say to my opinion is how cold and ignorant I am talking that way about such a serious situation and ESPECIALLY when it comes to such a sweet innocent little child. You know what I say to that? TELL SOMEONE WHO FELL FOR YOUR CRAP because I didn’t. I’m not saying SHIT about her daughter, that’s not the subject. The subject is being a drunk and using your drunkeness to rant and rave like an emotionally disturbed 4 year old. THAT’S the subject. Not her child. Whatever. I too am so disgusted with the show. Jody and Mia are pathetic. They are both sorry excuses for people who have attained some level of success and let it dictate everything they say and do. They are just plain embarassing and ignorant. No one dresses like Reiko. She dresses with such style and class, ya can’t deny it. Christina is harmless and I like her and her friend as well as Mary too, but especially Mary. Ronnie did such an about face with Jody at the finale. What happened to the “after today I’m never speaking to you again?” WTF was that all about? I bet if Jody had just shut her mouth about her tacky shop no one would ever have known she sold 2nd hand goods but because she’s such a scam artist she opened her big yap and ended up shitting all over the reputation of “her own brand” then stepped in it herself. Jody has no one to blame but Jody. Whoever said “thou doth protest too much” was BANG ON! You just know she lost customers left and right for no other reason than the exposure of her shit attitude and pathetic character..but she’ll use Mary, Reiko and Christina as excuses to divert attention from the truth, that’s what she does all the time, it’s a character flaw she doesn’t even know she has. She needs major therapy, she’s an embarrassment to all working mothers who have achieved some level of success. Ok, I’m done. Take care Joe!!

      • Katrina L.

        You know, I do agree with a lot of your remarks and Joe’s too. This is a show and I hear that the girls get paid pretty good for their “roles”. What I don’t understand is, is all that money worth earning for how people now judge some of these women? It’s one thing to be bitchy, one thing to be snobby or catty, however, Jodi & her daughter are not looked in any sort of a light close to this. If I was to walk down Robson street and I saw Christina, Reiko or Mary, I would want to stop and say hi and tell them way to go for keeping some sort of normality on the show even if they are a little catty some times or bitchy or…. If I saw Jody or Mia coming down the road, I would not want to stop and say hello or even give them the time of the day. If anything, we would probably gawk, whisper while they walk buy and then give a good laugh at what a bunch of losers they are. I don’t think any money that show would pay, is worth getting the reputation those 2 girls now have….. It’s not about love or hate, it’s about not having no respect for them….. If you are a actor and you are in a movie portraying a charactor, that is one thing…and we all understand that. But to be on a reality show knowing that a lot of people would think this is how they really are in life, why would you want to portray this kind of charactor? They are not actors where they will move on and get a movie role or another tv role…. none of them have the experience or the characteristics to move on to something like that down the road…. I think they (Jody & Mia) should be concerned about their business’s and how this show just may affect their future’s in business….. In the beginning I found them funny and in the end, I just look at them now as losers!!! no class!!! ignorant people! As for the other 3 girls, I’m sure life will go on as usual with a little more fun with this show under their belts !!!

        • Joe from Cambie St

          Hi Cyrus and company and Christina Kessel who just chimed in.

          When Lark announced that they will not be proceeding with the show anymore, I can’t say that I’m surprised to be honest. The way the show turned out is just really sad. I offered Mary a signed print of the flag I painted which now resides in the House of Commons to pass onto Ronnie’s daughter who nearly died as a way to inspire that special little girl. I contacted her through facebook and I did not even get a reply. As a Canadian artist, a fairly prominent one now, I’m just sort of left feeling a bit sad now because at the end of the show, all I saw was negativity vomiting everywhere. By the way, I gave over 200 prints of the flag to a childrens cancer camp in Ontario as a gift to them to keep going and overcome that horrendous disease.

          The exhibition that I saw was nothing sort of a pitiful example of people that I would simply prefer not to deal with. As a painter and digital guy, the Russian Yulia seemed fairly cool in that regard and somewhat decent, and potentially someone I would possibly consider allowing to sell and show my work. I’ve had paintings sell off Granville Island and I’m also a graduate of Emily Carr. However, the self licking ice cream cone of negativity is a major turn off in every regard. I choose to live my life from a place of inspiration and kindness and not one of bitter jealously, rival wealth or otherwise. I don’t know what to tell you other than the drama that I watched was interesting, but at the end, I really was left asking myself, why would I want to continue to watch this, these people who are just sad and offer very little and infect my life with that social contagion.

          I’m busy trying to inspire this country and so far so good. With what I’m working on now, I’m making good progress and my goal is to change Canada, inspire Canadians and leave behind a legacy of inspiration and positivity and nothing in that show imparted anything worth while. Sure, there are some talented people there, but when you interact or try to interact with them, any positive thoughts are quickly countered by behavioral misconduct.

          I did however miss that Christina as she did provide some fun energy and she was easy on the eyes. It would be interesting to know what happened in that scenario as to why she was not hired back for the second season.

          Its too bad that for the most part, these women had nothing positive to offer Vancouver, Canada, our culture and trying to inspire a new generation. Instead we have a culture of lying, fake, slobbery drunks and if I wanted to watch trailer trash, I would turn on Trailer Park Boys simply because they are at least genuine in their portrayal.

          For as good looking as these women are, I have no interest in them or wanting to be with them because of their vacuous character and shallow nature. Its too bad too that these women are like this, because they have shaped a culture within themselves of such a caustic nature that they have precluded themselves from developing any meaningful relationship with anyone they can’t immediately profit from.

          Cyrus, good to hear from you buddy!

  176. Roxy

    The only two women on the show with any class at all are Mary & Reiko. The other women are classless, gossipy,insulting and bitchy and they act like a bunch of jealous high school girls. As for Ronnie, seriously do something with those duck lips, there not sexy nor is your frozen face, time to lay off the botox.

    As for jody and that daughter of hers, they are both ignorant, self absorbed, demeaning bitches and their not all they think they are…low class is the best way to describe these two ignorant bitches….money can’t buy class.
    These women haven’t a clue what friendship is all about,how sad that they will go through life bashing one another.

  177. Dear Cyrus: I am so sad that you have had so much trouble. I sent you an email because I was worried about you. My hotmail account has been hacked too so I will send the new email address to you. My new account picks up everything that is sent to my old account. I agree with you. I am sure that Ronnie was pie-eyed too. I am also embarassed for Jody and her daughter. I have seen a few comments of people that used to shop at her store but will never do it again after the shameless way she and her daughter have acted. The woman is so far gone that I don’t know if there is anything that anyone can say that will help her mend her ways. I also agree that the fellow interviewing the girls was no Andy Cohen. Where did they find this guy? I am so glad that you are still around. I also agree that they should hire you to make your comments.

  178. Jennifer

    This was a mediocre show, good enough for some entertainment when there was nothing else on tv. While I enjoyed most of the ladies, I can honestly say I will not watch another episode if Jody continues to be on the show. What a terrible human being!

  179. Hayden Sprilton

    This show was intriguing for me. I wanted to see what happened each week, but after watching each episode, I would feel sick from all the wicked and unpleasant behaviour I’d see from Ronnie but especially Jodi of course. I had to stop watching for several weeks because I always felt awful after watching it. Like I’d just been punched in the stomach or back stabbed by a good friend or something. It sounds dramatic but I swear it is true! I just watched Part 1 &2 “the women return” on slice’s website and once again, I feel sick to my stomach. I feel hurt, sad, worried and scared of Jodi! Lol I know it sounds silly but I truly get such a terrible vibe from her, that it really scares me to look into her face when she is talking to people. She just seems so evil. I m not sure I can watch a second season if she stays. My favourite girl is Christina (oh my God I love her!!! :) :) She is so sweet and natural.) My second favourite is Mary. So bring back those 2 and definitely Reiko too. She is a nice girl too. A bit of a spoiled woman but oh well, she is fun to watch and does not hurt people. Ronnie frightens me too. I am indifferent to whether or not I want to see her return, but PLEASE, no Jodi! She is tooooo upsetting!

    • Gale

      Hi there,
      I agree,I find Jody so upsetting to watch,and so crazy,sometimes I just have to turn her off.
      -I like the rest of the girls,well not mia,and Ronnie I find two-sided..
      thanks for the ear–G

  180. Dee

    Is Christina really 29 years old? I am 27 and I look 10 years younger than she is and I don’t mean to be mean or pretentious in any ways. She seems to be over 35 – and there is nothing wrong with that but anyways, would love to hear what you think!

    • Ashlee

      Christina seems fairly sophisticated compared to other women her age, however, she was married to older men. I think she’s very mature in some ways and not so much in others, the only person close to her age on the show to compare her to is Mia and let’s face it, that isn’t saying much. It could be that Christina’s culture or upbringing has given her a more mature outlook on life. If she’d change her hairstyle she’d take years off, she has beautiful skin. She, Mary and Reicko were a breath of fresh air compared to Ronnie the alcoholic, Jodie the vile hag and Mia the Jodie clone.

  181. Kim

    I wonder what this show has done for Jodi’s business. Naturally she will blame any loss of sales on others, but I know that if I had have been one of her customers I would no longer be one.
    She really has given the most thorough example of what not to be. You can donate all you want, it doesn’t mean you are a decent person.

    • Ashlee

      Have you looked at Jodi’s website for the store? The shoes are outdated, they look as though they were purchased off-price from a jobber. None of the Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana’s are from THIS season so it’s definitley old stock. I’m not sure how old, but nothing is Fall 2012. None of the “Hermes” bags are on the website and I would love for Hermes to get wind of her claims, she’d be back to baking cookies. One thing I noticed about the store when Bravo/Slive was filming, there seemed to be lots of odd pieces and no run of sizes. In most stores they buy at least 3 pieces of one item if not more so if the size 2 doesn’t fit there is a size 0 or 4. The racks don’t have a cohesive look. Someone on another site posted they had been in the store and the merchandise was very shopworn. No real surprise!

      • Ashlee

        EDITED TO ADD: None of the Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana SHOES are from THIS season so it’s definitley old stock.

  182. Kenneth

    There are so many amazing women in the world why focus on this type of crap….. this is the worst of Vancouver and what is .

  183. Kenneth

    Real value and community contribution here thanks for celebration.

  184. Gest

    The are the biggest bunch of clowns,.
    I have to say the smart the know how to play the game and get rich with out going to school just find a guy clean him out and after the show there thru me.
    The got nothing going for them exept the gold digger thing lol.
    What I like on the show the not hide the bitches most people hide it.
    The lesson is you need no brain just a body and keep your mouth close then bammmm get married all over the hold the cards and the lawyers play the cards for them and Ching Ching money is flowing.
    I love carma and you get it all on the end back!!!

  185. Becky

    Jody is a bitch! She needs a slap across her ugly ass face!

  186. sandra bearss

    i am appalled at the behaviour of these women, especially jody and her spawn mia.
    perhaps they should spend some of the money they gleen from there husbands and get an education.
    thank god these vile women to not represent the bulk of canadian women.
    i feel ashamed that other viewer’s around the globe are watching this display of disfunction
    jody you need therapy!!! how does anyone live a life with
    such malice and total bullshit!!

  187. Joe from Cambie st.

    No wonder these women have so many emotional issues. Between the drama, likes, fake character, its no wonder Lark Productions loves them so much. Lets see…a gold digging Russian woman who gets passionately insulted when a joke is made about her going coach, when she probably havent worked a day in her life and relied on her looks…it should be a sad day indeed when she is traded up for a newer model when she slams facefirst into the 40 something wall.

    Then we have the new cushy girl who needs to fill her boring days because she has no hardships at all. Oh laa dee da…then we have Ronnie and Mary, both of which who have flipped and flopped more times than a burger at a retarded BBQ. Its really amazing to watch how these people conduct themselves at parties etc…they are vacuous, empty and need…NEED, they NEED the drama in order for them to lurch from crisis to crisis of made up fakery in order to justify their role on the show. Who would have thunk that Jody would look like the good one now.

    These women, all of them, are beneath the dignity of most all Canadians to even leave a snide comment. I’m just glad that Ronnies daughter was ok. I think out of all the families and kids I’ve seen, its that little girl who has shown any real form of sincerity, genuine and kind character and I wish her the very best of luck in life and in everything she pursues.

    These women are just really sad and offer nothing to the greater good of regular people, average Canadians, Vancouver and women in general. Sad. Just really sad.

  188. E.l.Gower-Gillan

    Watched the season finale. Jody has to be bi-polar,or has a borderline personality disorder. Nasty individual.
    Then we have Ronnie who has an obvious alcohol/prescribed drug problem, and possibly slightly schizoprhenic.
    Amanda ,quite a piece of work. Cold,abrasive and self involved.I almost am afraid to know what she got up to in her earlier years,beside the alcohol. Jody and her are well suited.
    ThenOuillia,well she can be amusing but what an egoist and self involved little gold digger.Beautiful,but somewhat trashy.
    Robin seems a down to earth good old Texas girl. But she might want to watch her alcohol intake. Overal I like her.
    Rhen Jody,s daughter Mia, not much good to say about her ,seems a lot like Mommy,only she drinks a bit more and at times is very trashy.
    Then we come to Mary. She may make mistakes,and everyone tells little fibs or small white lies at times. Overall I think Mary has a good heart and is a good person. She really doesn,t deserve how Amanda,Jody and Mia and Ronnie have treated her. They all could take a lesson out of her notebook,on how to carry themselves with a bit more class like she does. kudo,s Mary.

  189. jane

    Wow!! I have never seen anyone as evil as Jody on any reality show. She is like an evil witch from a Disney movie come to life.

    Interesting how the women were calling Mary a sociopath when she seems to be the closest to normal of all of them. Amanda is quite a devilish character as well. I am so surprised that they are following Jody around. She is so mean and mentally unstable. When I see the women on the show I think this can’t be for real. Do women really act this way or is it acting for the show?

    They are all extreme narcissists. I guess that’s what makes them so entertaining to watch. Hopefully watching themselves on this show will compel some of them to get seek out the psychological help they clearly need. It is sad to see. So shallow.

  190. Lynn

    I think Mary should get a gag order against Jody, she is very rude and sounds like an idiot when she speaks to Mary. I would of punched her out by now lol….Absolutely hate Jody she should be banned from the show…….no one should have to put up with her antics!

  191. Ann Milne

    How sad it is to see such bullying being portrayed on TV by low self esteemed women, when we have so many youths committing suicide due to this kind of name calling and unkind treatment (BULLYING). Do the producers of this trashy program not see the consequences of this type of entertainment, mistake (I mean treshy bullying.) When we are trying to teach our kids that this kind of behavour is not acceptable, but lo and behold I guess it is alright, to act this way because there it is right out there on TV. I’m totallying disgusted with this type of programing.

  192. canadianmom

    Seriously please take Jodi off of this show!! She is a bully!!!!! I am horrified by her behaviour! She is a grown up version of the highschool bully! Whether I like Mary or not is not the point. No one deserves to be treated and name called like she has. It make s me laugh that Jody presents herself as a lady when her rude mouth shows otherwise. No excuse for her behaviour in the final episode at the tea party! She is nutty and needs help!
    Who cares why its just inappropriate!! She is like the evil version of Miss Piggy. I think her nostrils may have out flared even the pig on that last rampage…. Yikes! Get a grip be a true lady and keep your mouth shut no one cares about your deluted opinion. You are an absolute embarrassment to Canadian women from to east to west coast. Get a grip or get off the show. Please I’m over you…top chef or not:) Never liked a pointy nose mean girl and never will!

    • real mom

      I second this!!! Lets start an online petition to have her ousted from the show! I want to watch a show about more then just constant fighting! Seriously is that all that they do? Loosing interest… especially if we are going to continue to support this type of bullish behaviour. If its on tv we are sending a message that this is normal behaviour for women and thats appalling!
      Jodi and Amanda need to exit …see ya.. good luck with your tea:) lol Lets find two true canadian women that build up each other and have interesting experiences that we can relate to or learn from. At the moment this show is none of that. Needs to change!!

  193. angel2006c

    Don’t blame it for getting cancelled after how much of an evil jealous troll Jody is. She only hates Mary because Mary is beautiful and Jody is an ugly person inside and out. She has to get her sidekicks Mia, Amanda and Ronnie on her side to look better and to make everyone hate Mary. She also is the one that pushed Ronnie and Mary to not be friends as she wants to be top dog and cant stand it when people like Mary. Take Amanda for instance if she wasn’t friends with Jody and Mia I think she would like Mary but she cant form opinions for her self and has to follow. I also can’t believe how Ronnie could treat her so called good friend Mary. You don’t treat friends like that Ronnie and you are supposed to have her back as a friend but you had the troll Jody’s back more shame on you Ronnie your a really un-loyal friend. Jody you act like a jealous school girl and hate on Mary. grow up you 60 year old jealous troll Jody

    • Micheline

      I was eager to watch this show with I thought would be wonderful self confident high achieving Canadian women. I saw none of that. Maybe one or two are actually Canadians and they are just embarrassing. Not one of them is a lady. Thank God it’s canceled.

  194. Lee

    the show has just hit the UK so am sure we’re behind by some months, or even years ..but I can honestly say that ive never seen such a vile specimen of a woman in my life .. Jody and her daughter should be deeply ashamed of their bullying, nasty and spiteful behaviour … If this is real and they get through their lives by being such animals then im glad I can turn tv channel button off … Disgusting and ugly personalities and should be ashamed ….

  195. Tracy

    What is wrong with Ronnie’s face? Her lips are totally awful, she is a two faced bitch, Mary has taken the brunt of her & Jodie’s backlashes for too long. It’s discracefull.

  196. Thank god, i was begining to think i was one of the few that thought jody is ugly from the inside out and now i feel so much better knowing, that many others have the same opinion, karma is a bitch

    • Tracy

      She looks like she can’t move most of her face, her lips look sore & far too swollen, I don’t understand how these women think it’s a good look, grow old gracefully not discracefully.

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