Featured Vancouverite: Clarence (CI) Au

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

How long have you been a Vancouverite?
All my life, I was born and raised in Southeast Vancouver.

I’m a music composer/producer at Chronico Music Group Incorporated, A&R, and Clot Media Division.

Favourite Vancouver neighbourhood:It’s a tie between Killarney/Champlain Heights and Commercial Drive. I grew up in the Killarney/Champlain area, and couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else. It feels like the epicenter of the GVRD to me. From there, I can get to Burnaby, Vancouver, New Westminster, or Richmond within 15 minutes.

Commercial Drive is a great example of how Vancouver is such an incredible melting pot of cultures. The restaurants feel local but the food is top notch, and each shop has its own distinct personality.

Your best Vancouver haiku:
There’s no other place
In the world that has rain or
Sun like Vancouver

Favourite Vancouver memory:
Vancouver’s weather is notorious – it’s never too hot, never too cold, never too dry, and never too wet. Most of my favourite memories happen outdoors during summertime. But, whether it’s jamming at any of the beaches (Kits, English Bay, Deep Cove, White Pine), grabbing a beer or a bite on a patio in any of the towns (Down, Yale, Gas), getting ice cream at La Casa Gelato, cruising downtown, or spending time outside doing absolutely nothing in the neighborhood… there’s nothing quite like having Vancouver sunshine to go with what you’re doing.

Five essential items for a Vancouverite: 
A hoodie such as one from Love Death & Sacrifice. They make some of the most comfortable shirts and hoodies in Vancouver. A hoodie is always good for that not-too-hot/not-too-cold weather that our city is famous for.

Locally-created Ephin fitted cap for the not-too-dry/not-too-wet.

CLOT khaki pants, which fit into the not-too-hot/not-too-cold reoccurring theme.

An iPhone for passing idle time, GPS technology, taking pictures, texting, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and to call people).

Last, but not least, a backpack or bag to put 26 other ‘essential’ Vancouver items.

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