Tix on sale for Indulge n’ Dance: A dance mixer with treats from up-and-coming pastry chefs

Apple caramel pie pop from The Pie Hole. Photo credit: The Pie Hole

In answer to your most pressing question: Yes, those are pie pops – pie on a stick – by a clever Vancouver bakery called The Pie Hole. They will be a part of  Indulge n’ Dance by Social Bites taking place at W2 Media Cafe this Saturday, April 14.

Social Bites is Vancouver-based group that organizes creative communal dining excursions, where diners get to meet fellow foodies during hobby chef showdowns. Dining excursions also involve eating, foodie shop talk and exploring a Vancouver neighbourhood, gallery or park.  W2 Media Cafe, in Gastown, is a 10,000-sq.-ft. cultural hub where digital art, culture, food and social inclusion intersect.

Put these two together, and you can expect more dessert innovation than a bustling Portland food cart pod. And lots of Vancouver creatives with a sugar rush shaking their thing to 80s/90s tunes.

Find out about participating pastry chefs and how to get tickets after the jump.

Vanilla buttermilk cake pop coated in white Belgian chocolate & candied maple bacon by Some Kind of Wonderful. Photo credit: Some Kind of Wonderful

Indulge n’ Dance Tickets

Indulge n’ Dance tickets are $18 and include admission, a full-size dessert from one of 7 pastry makers, plus small dessert samples from W2 Media Cafe Chef Karen McAthy. You’ll also get one coffee beverage.

If your sweet tooth is still throbbing, it’s possible to purchase $6 add-on tickets for three additional full-size treats. Dessert tasting, mixing, mingling goes from 8:30-10:30pm. Dancing starts at 10:30pm and goes late.

About the 7 pastry makers

7 up-and-coming Vancouver pastry makers are participating in the event. Here’s a sneak peek at their wares, so you can decide what to dive on first and exactly how many extra tix are necessary.

Some Kind of Wonderful
Bacon, the immortal food trend that appeared in no less than 4 Bon Appetit April recipes, is well represented here. Vanilla buttermilk cake pops are coated in white Belgian chocolate and topped with candied maple bacon (pictured above).

The Pie Hole
You’ve seen cake pops and mini pies, but never pie on a stick. Eureka, eh? The Pie Hole will serve apple caramel pie pops.

Hyggelig Bakery
Look out, Cartems Donuterie. Here’s another doughnut innovator offering a dark chocolate baked doughnut with whiskey orange glaze.

Rosemary’s Bake Shop
Comfort treats at their finest: A Molasses spiced cookie ball coated in chocolate + eponymous rosemary shortbread cookie.

Guava Jelly Cupcakes
I’m down with cupcake trend resurrection as long as it’s something like this: Pina colada cupcake: pineapple cake, coconut custard, pineapple cream cheese icing.

Yummy Workshop
A classic, spring chocolate fix: Chocolate ganache tart with salted caramel

Kawaii Eats
Although Kawaii macarons appear more like art that eats, the eating bit is just as beautiful. Kawaii is serving matcha macarons with white chocolate yuzu ganache.

Indulge n’ Dance by Social Bites takes place at W2 Media Cafe this Saturday, April 14. Find out more about ordering tickets here.

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