Vancouver International Burlesque Festival 2012

Photo: Vancouver International Burlesque Festival

Burlesque has a unique place in adult entertainment today. It’s “naughty” but still “nice” because, with it’s tongue-in-cheek sexiness and (frequent) inversion/subversion of gender tropes, it appeals to women as much as (if not more than) men, and to people across the sexuality spectrum. There’s a subversive element to the best of today’s burlesque, and that makes it as exciting to watch as it is titillating.

To catch some of the very best burlesque, check out the 7th annual Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, May 3- 6, 2012: three nights of bawdy theatrics, humour, dance, and showmanship with some of the best local and international burlesque performers around.

The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival (VIBF) features performances at the Rio Theatre (Thursday, May 3) and Vogue Theatre (Friday, May 4 & Saturday, May 5). Headliners include Seattle’s famous Miss Indigo Blue (who I’ve personally seen perform; she is amazing and her costumes are breathtaking) (you can also check out Indigo Blue in this doc on Seattle’s burlesque scene: A Wink and a Smile),  Mr. Jett Adore, B.C.’s burlesque legend Judith Stein, and Miss Nude Universe 1975 Tiffany Carter.

Each night’s show’s are multi-performer showcases, so you’ll get to see a wide variety of burlesque even in just one night. Ticket information here.

But seeing the shows is just one part of the Festival. You can also sign up for an array of burlesque classes, which means you can meet Miss Indigo Blue and Jett Adore in person and learn a few tricks of the trade from the masters. Don’t be shy! Part of what has made burlesque so appealing is its welcome to people of all shapes/sizes/colours/abilities. Check out the complete schedule of VIBF 2012 classes here: 2012 Class Schedule.

Every once in a while I’ll hear Vancouver referred to as “no fun city.” If you can’t have fun during the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, you aren’t even trying!

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