Da Vinci Exhibit Opens at Science World, April 28

The genius behind The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, who sketched out plans for a helicopter in the 15th century and is still regarded as the world’s first and foremost Renaissance man, is coming to Science World.

Da Vinci – The Genius is a sprawling, 10,000-square-foot exhibit dedicated to the life and incredible creations of Leonardo Da Vinci.  It fills much of the newly renovated space in Science World and is being labeled as “the most comprehensive exhibition ever compiled on the works of Leonardo Da Vinci.”

The exhibit opens on Saturday, April 28, and museum officials have remained tight-lipped about exactly what’s in store.  But from the few details that have leaked out, Da Vinci – The Genius looks absolutely spellbinding.  The exhibit features full-scale reproductions of Da Vinci’s most famous and whimsical machines, meticulously built by hand based on the master’s personal notebooks.  During his day, Da Vinci sketched out plans for not only a helicopter, but a hang glider, an early tank, an ingenious system of movable barricades and a steam-fired cannon, among hundreds of other ideas.

There will also be high-definition reproductions of Da Vinci’s most famous works of Renaissance Art, including the Mona Lisa and Virgin on the Rocks (that’s not a cocktail, by the way).  Visitors can explore the paintings in extraordinary detail, probing for all the hidden symbols and messaging purported in books like The Da Vinci Code.

Also featured are Da Vinci’s incredible anatomical sketches.  During his lifetime, he was given unique access to dissect human corpses at hospitals in Florence, Milan and Rome.  The result was more than 200 pages of groundbreaking drawings of the skeleton, muscles and sinews, the heart and internal organs and the first scientific sketches of a fetus in utero.

Finally, visitors can immerse themselves in three-dimensional, interactive versions of Da Vinci’s famous Last Supper and Vitruvian Man (that’s the naked guy in the circle, which illustrates the proportions of the human body).

The exhibit is accompanied by special programming that runs from now through September.  Check out the calendar to attend special demonstrations on the secrets of Da Vinci’s quirky mirror writing, the science of flight illustrated through a paper airplane challenge, catapults and cannons and more.

Da Vinci – The Genius opens at Science World on Saturday, April 28, and continues through Sept. 3.  General admission for adults is $23.50, youth 13-18 $19.75 and kids 3-12 $16.75.

We’d love to hear feedback on the Da Vinci – The Genius exhibit.  Please share your thoughts below. 

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