Tale of Two Night Markets: Richmond Night Market vs. Summer Night Market 2012

Richmond Night Market. Photo: Target Event Production

Summer night markets—Asian-style night markets/bazaars with loads of food, discount retailers, and live entertainment—have become a must-visit tradition in the Lower Mainland. For many years, the biggest summer night market has been in Richmond, at 12631 Vulcan Way (near Ikea), but this year there’s a new twist: the “original” Richmond Night Market is back, which means there will be two (!) huge night markets in Richmond this summer, rather than one.

Confused? Then let me explain….

Back in 2000, Raymond Cheung and his Target Event Production company started the Richmond Night Market, an Asian-style night market/bazaar in Richmond.* As the Richmond Night Market grew in size and scope, it moved to larger and larger locations, eventually settling at 12631 Vulcan Way. But in 2008, due to a lease dispute, the Richmond Night Market went on “hiatus.” (It closed down, essentially.)

In it’s (exact) place, a new night market popped up: the Summer Night Market, operated by Lions Communications Inc. If you’ve been going to “Richmond’s Summer Night Market” since 2008 at 12631 Vulcan Way, you’ve been going to the Summer Night Market. (It opens for Summer 2012 on May 11 and will continue to feature 300+ food and retail vendors, just as it has over the past four years.)

But this year, Raymond Cheung and Target Events are bringing back the Richmond Night Market, to be held at a new location at 8351 River Rd. (near the  River Rock Casino). The re-opened Richmond Night Market will have 80+ food vendors, 250+ retailers, entertainment, carnival rides, and a pair of “Dragon zip lines” (to honour the Year of the Dragon). Bonus: The Richmond Night Market is just 200 metres from the Bridgeport Station of the Canada Line, so it’s easily accessible to people who don’t drive!

To recap:

  • Richmond Night Market = 8351 River Rd. location
  • Summer Night Market = 12631 Vulcan Way location

Of course, the big question is: Will both Richmond summer night markets survive the head-to-head competition or will one “win” the season?

What do you think? Will you visit the Richmond Night Market (the re-opened “original” at 8351 River Rd) or the Summer Night Market (the one at 12631 Vulcan Way), or both? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

*Correction: The original post claimed that the Richmond Night Market was the first night market in Richmond. This is incorrect; the first night market was held in 1998 by Lions Communications Inc (the same organization behind the Summer Night Market) and ran for six years. Apologies for the error.

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