Summer Night Market in Richmond Opens May 11, 2012

Summer Night Market in Richmond. Photo: Dana Lynch

Like practically everyone else in the Lower Mainland, I love our summer night market tradition: eating Pork Sui Mai with toothpicks, sharing twirled “Hurricane” potatoes, browsing cheap sunglasses after dark…. I love the intimacy and neighbourhood-feel of the Chinatown Night Market (opening for Summer 2012 on May 18) and I love the carnival-like, night-bazaar atmosphere and incredible selection of food at the enormous Summer Night Market in Richmond.

But this year, the massive Summer Night Market—the night market that’s been at 12631 Vulcan Way since 2008—will have some major competition: the “original” Richmond Night Market is re-opening on May 18 (at 8351 River Rd., near the River Rock Casino), and will have just as many vendors as the Summer Night Market.

Maybe that’s why the Summer Night Market is opening today, May 11—to get a jump on the competition!

If, by some chance, you’ve never been to the Summer Night Market, here’s how it works: Every weekend night, hordes of people file past steaming food stalls, sampling Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Korean delicacies, and topping them off with Western fairground favourites like sno-cones and sweet waffles. Then, once everyone has eaten their fill, visitors head to the market’s “other side,” where discount retailers hawk everything from Chinese-language DVDs to sunglasses, jewelry, electronics, clothes, and art.

There are also plenty of special events scheduled for the Summer Night Market 2012—find a complete schedule here—including live music performances, belly dancing, magic shows, and more. (Entertainment, like admission, is free.)

The Summer Night Market 2012 is open Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm – 12am, Sunday and Holiday Mondays from 7pm – 11pm; it runs May 11 – September 16, 2012.

Confused about which Richmond night market is which? See Tale of Two Night Markets: Richmond Night Market vs. Summer Night Market 2012 for more info.

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