New Bacon-Only Menu at Edible Canada on Granville Island

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Bacon lovers, rejoice.

Your wildest bacon fantasies – Bacon poutine! Bacon tacos! Even bacon ice cream! – are about to come true.

Edible Canada at the Market, the hyper-local bistro on Granville Island, has just announced a special bacon-only menu for the summer.

That’s right, every single item on their new take-out menu is bacon-based.  And not just any bacon – 100-percent Canadian bacon.  Dishes highlight culinary traditions and ingredients from Tofino to Halifax, with a special focus on everyone’s favourite cut of hog.

But enough build-up already.  Are you ready to see the menu?

Start things off with a West Coast cobb salad ($10), featuring bacon lardons, heirloom tomatoes, Quebec blue cheese and smoked salmon (A lardon, if you’re curious, is just as tasty and healthy as it sounds: a big old cube of pork fat).  Or you can go high-class with bacon & duck rillette poutine ($8.50), made with Canadian curds and caramelized onions.

Ready for the main courses?  The BLLT ($12) offers a gourmet take on the classic sandwich.  The extra L stands for lobster.  Meanwhile, fish and bacon tacos ($7) wed Ontario pickerel with crispy bacon and apple-radish slaw.  Then there’s the beef-and-bacon whistle dog, a supercharged hotdog served with smoked cheddar and bacon jam.  Finally, true bacon-philes can dispense with the trimmings and just opt for the Box O’ Bacon ($8): six strips of pepper candied bacon served with rye chocolate dipping sauce.

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Don’t forget to save room (in your belly and your arteries) for dessert.  I’ve got my eye on the bacon chocolate gelato ($5.50) sourced from nearby Bella Gelateria.  There’s also bacon-banana bread with whipped maple butter ($6) and bacon cinnamon buns ($5).

Edible Canada’s special Coast to Coast – 100-Percent Canadian Bacon Menu is only available from their take-out window at the Granville Island location.  The menu was launched on May 18 and will be available throughout the summer, with new items added as the season progresses.

Anybody indulged in any of these bacon delights?  What do you think of Edible Canada’s 100-percent bacon menu? 

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One Response to New Bacon-Only Menu at Edible Canada on Granville Island

  1. Alisa

    It’s delicious bacon menu! I wish to try it too.
    It would be nice if Canadian bar would be opened in DC area and parts of Europe, including Ukraine, as well
    to honor historical events against Ukrainianes of 1915-1933 years and organize some
    Free days of tasting for here and there!
    Well, I love Canada, but I’ve been devastated to discover
    A new to my knowledge fact of Canada:” that Canadian government killed 15,000 Ukrainians -(1940syears)aristocrats and priests
    Who tried to escape from the Soviet government as well
    Many of the immigrants put in the labour camps a little bit better than Staline had… As well put their stuff on auctions”
    Well in Toronto there is a memorial stand ( In 2006 we’ve got the honor). It is forgiven… So, I’ve been in Canada a few times and with that they would share it here and there.
    Nice innovative idea… Is it similar to the Italian bacon-
    And the menu from Milan…?!