Featured Vancouverite: Jeannette Ordas

Hometown: London, Ontario

How long have you been a Vancouverite? I’ve been here for 16 years and consider Vancouver home.

I’m a web designer and together with my husband we run Matchbox Creative. I also have my own greeting card business called The Beautiful Project. I sell my cards in shops around town and online. I’m also a food blogger over at Everybody Likes Sandwiches but I wouldn’t call that my occupation, though it’s probably what I’m best known for.

Best way to spend $100 in Vancouver:
A good start to the day would be brunch at Au Petit Chavignol and then a bike ride to the seawall. I’m a sucker for those little False Creek Ferries, so I’d hop on one for the view and head towards Granville Market for some meandering and some beautiful local produce. A stop at Lee’s for a cinnamon donut would definitely be on the agenda. Then I’d bike towards The Alibi Room for some hoppy IPA with friends before heading home. I’m cheap, so I’d pocket the rest of the cash for my savings account. It is Vancouver after all, and you need all the extra cash you can get!

Your best Vancouver haiku:
Sweet, charmed, Vancouver
Art, culture, and youth depart
But, still, en-captured

Top insider tip for visitors:
I think the best thing visitors can do is explore outside of downtown. Every neighbourhood has its own spark and it’s such an easy city to explore by bike (thank you awesome bike lanes)!

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