Featured Vancouverite: Javier Campos

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

How long have you been a Vancouverite?
30 years. I was born in Chile and arrived in Vancouver to attend UBC after living in Montreal, Ontario and Iran. Being a lover of both the snow and water, this city was a natural fit. I insist on enjoying other parts of the world on a regular basis, but I never leave here for too long. To this day, some of my favorite weekends involve sailing and snowboarding.

I am a principal at Campos Leckie Studio, along with my business partner Michael Leckie. Three years ago, after many collaborations, we established Campos Leckie as an interdisciplinary design studio that works with a variety of scales and mediums. As always, there are trials and tribulations in running a small boutique design practice, but I believe that we are extremely fortunate to be able to work at what we love to do. We to try and live by our motto: “if the project is interesting, then we are interested.”

Best way to spend $100 in Vancouver:
Vancouver is great place to explore by bicycle, so I would head off to one of our most exquisite coffee shops, Le Marché St. George for a pain au chocolat and cappuccino to start the morning and browse their beautifully curated items. Being a bit of a clothes junkie, I would then ride down Main Street into Gastown and browse the independent boutiques in the area. If Cartems Donuterie was still open, I would have an earl grey glaze or two for lunch. I would end the day with a ride to Suika for some tomato kimchi, beer, and other delectable dishes.

Your best Vancouver haiku: 
Join and create here
We can all make Vancouver
Change for the better

Top insider tip for visitors:
Explore our neighbourhoods by bike or foot and search out the local Vancouver artists, restauranteurs, entrepreneurs, and other creative people that help to shape Vancouver as a city.

I would suggest visiting the many gallery spaces in the city, such as the Contemporary Art Gallery, The Or Gallery, The Western Front, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Equinox Gallery, and Catriona Jeffries, among others.

As I have a love of cooking and feeding people, I also have a love of shopping for food. Vancouver provides so many opportunities to buy delicious regional food. Not only do we get to browse the farmers markets, we are also treated to the local bounty from places like Finest at Sea, the Daily Catch, Jackson Meats, Pasture to Plate and of course, the magical creations from the likes of Oyama Sausage and Thomas Haas (this list is just the tip of the iceburg).

If you don’t want to cook, you can always enjoy the diverse cuisine in Vancouver, like Vij’s magical Indian fusion, the fun offerings at Hapa Izakaya, and the amazing tacos at La Taqueria. You can also sample some fantastic coffee culture at places like Bump and Grind, Rocanini Coffee Roasters, or 49th Parallel.

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