Free Ballroom Dancing in Robson Square Starts Friday, June 29, 2012

Photo: DanceSportBC

When it comes to free summer events and activities, Robson Square is the place to be! Not only will Robson Square host the free, two-day kick off of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival 2012 (Downtown Jazz Weekend, June 22 – 23), it will also host free ballroom dancing every Friday starting June 29 and free salsa every Sunday starting July 1.

The free, Friday-night ballroom dancing is organized by DanceSportBC and includes  a ballroom dance lesson at 8pm, show dances at 9pm and 10pm, and a chance to dance the night away in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It’s all free, and all skill levels are welcome; you don’t have to have any prior ballroom dance experience to participate!

Check out the promotional video from last year’s series:

What’s wonderful about the DanceSportBC Free Ballroom Dancing Series, as well as the Sunday Afternoon Salsa in Robson Square, is that you truly don’t have to have any dance ability to have a fabulous time. Come with a partner, with friends, or even by yourself—these dance events and communities are full of people who are there to dance and meet new people. So it’s both the perfect romantic date night (seriously, it’s hard to beat waltzing under the stars/Robson Square’s iconic dome) and the perfect activity for kids, friends, and everyone else, too.

Free Ballroom Dancing in Robson Square happens every Friday from June 29 – August 31, 2012.

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  5. Wow….that is soooo cool! What a great idea. I bet it’s very fun. I would go dancing there for sure.

  6. It should start again this summer. I miss those evenings with great atmosphere.

  7. Do you guys really think I really hope we’ll have a 2014 edition as well. 2012 had one of the best summers ever thanks to this

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