Flying High

Photo: Helijet

…from sea to sky-high that is… but close enough to the tops of buildings that you can practically touch them.

Sightseeing from a helicopter has to be one of the cooler Vancouver travel experiences… up there with floatplanes, zip lining and kayaking. It’s even better when you get the jump seat next to the pilot and have a birds-eye view beside, above, and below you. If you’ve never been in a helicopter before, Helijet’s aerial city-tours (from $99) are a great way to check that item off your bucket-list.

Getting to the heliport via the Sea Bus overpass is about the only time you can go through a Translink “fare paid zone” legally. Right there, the adventure begins. You feel extra special and you haven’t even boarded the aircraft.

The Heliport is a quick walk from Waterfront Station, and a neat vantage point of the waterfront rail yards you don’t normally see while walking around downtown. Once at the Heliport, the atmosphere is relaxed… aided by “Rotor”… the SPCA rescued cat lounging by the window… keeping a watchful eye on passengers and crew.

Immediately as the propellers start rotating, you get that “I’m in a washing machine spin cycle” feeling as you lift off the ground and hover momentarily before the elevator goes up to 2000 feet. Your headsets are alive with the chatter from port air traffic control adding to the excitement. Definitely one of those “wow” experiences, the view is strictly amazing, and you know exactly what bald eagles feel like soaring in the sky.

Photo: Helijet

Helijet’s daily scheduled city tours (minimum 3 guests) ranging from 10 to 30 minutes, take you out over the water, and around the city and even through the Lions mountains at the perfect altitude for those cool aerial shots your friends, family and Flickr followers will envy you for.

To get more information on Helijet and their “Sea to Sky High” sightseeing tours of Vancouver check out their website.


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