A Terimayo Before Your Flight? Japadog lands at YVR

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There’s been lots of food cart news lately in Vancouver: 12 new vendors; carts in public parks; a food truck block party at the Waldorf.  Amid all the excitement, however, this tasty bit of news slid through the cracks.

Japadog now has a food cart right outside of the International Arrivals Terminal at Vancouver’s YVR airport.   Airport dining may never be the same.

I noticed the brightly colored cart – with its endorsements from the likes of Ice Cube and Steven Seagal – while leaving the airport earlier this week.  The savoury smell of all-beef dogs topped with miso, wasabi, seaweed and daikon made me wish I’d skipped the in-flight meal.

I was disappointed to discover, however, that no one seemed to be patronizing the new YVR Japadog.  Travelers hustled by lugging carry-ons and suitcases, but nobody bothered to pause for some Asian-infused, wiener-based refreshment.  Considering that the downtown Japadogs are usually queued up day and night, this came as a surprise.  So I felt obligated to write this post and help get the word out: Japadog is one of Vancouver’s culinary treasures.  The thought of Negimisos (turkey dogs topped with miso and cabbage) or Oroshis (brats loaded with daikon) going uneaten is scandalous.

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My personal suggestion:  Budget an extra 15 minutes or so before or after your flight to indulge in the city’s most famous street eat.  If you’re just arriving, Japadog is a great introduction to the East meets West fusion of flavours that await you in Vancouver’s restaurants.  If you’re leaving, a Japadog makes a fine souvenir you’ll cherish for . . . well . . . at least the five minutes it takes to gulp it down.

Japadog will be grilling up its signature sausages from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. until September, right between the YVR Canada Line Station and the International Arrivals Terminal, Level 2.  If you happen to miss the one at the airport, you’ll have multiple opportunities to sample downtown.   There are currently Japadog carts at Burrard and Smithe, Burrard and Pender, Waterfront Station and Richmond, plus sit-down restaurants at 530 Robson Street, in Richmond and – for jet-setters – in NYC.

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