Caffè Artigiano Gift Card Giveaway!

Freshly made latte from Caffe Artigiano Coffee House

Calling all coffee lovers!

Just steps away from the Broadway-City Hall Canada Line station, the West Broadway Caffè Artigiano is the perfect coffee break destination while in transit, or to sit and sip on your latte on a sunny day. In addition to coffee and tea, Caffè Artigiano also offers a selection of baked goods made fresh and locally every day, great for breakfast on the run!

Caffè Artigiano continues to shine as North America’s premiere coffee house, taking great pride in the training and skills of its professional baristas. Artigiano is proud to be the home of several champion baristas who ensure that each cup of coffee served is poured to perfection.

If you love the West Broadway café or simply have not yet gotten a chance to check it out, now is your chance! We have a $50 gift card to give away to one of our lucky readers (entry details below). To stay up to date on all things Caffè Artigiano, follow them on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook.

Caffè Artigiano
853 West Broadway, Vancouver BC

Café Hours
Monday to Friday: 6:30am to 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7:00am to 6:00pm

We are giving away one $50 gift card to Caffè Artigiano. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below. We’ll randomly select the winner next week and will notify the winner by email.

Updated June 28th: Congratulations to Trevor who has won a $50 gift card to Caffè Artigiano! Please check your inbox for further instructions on how to go about claiming your prize.

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275 Responses to Caffè Artigiano Gift Card Giveaway!

  1. Lorraine

    They are my favorite coffee place in Vancouver!

    • Marlene

      The coffee is only one of the great things Cafe Artigiano has to offer.. .the sandwiches are incredible too!

  2. Cafe Artigiano has THE BEST coffee!!!!!

  3. Svetlana

    My favorite coffee cafe!

  4. This would be a treat!

  5. Grant Bowen

    Yum! That is sooo much coffee!

  6. Bonnie

    Free treats sounds good to me. :-)

  7. Jenn

    I love love love Caffe Artigiano!!!

  8. Sandra

    Simply the BEST coffee house!

  9. Caffè Artigiano…of course!

  10. Victoria

    I <3 Caffè Artigiano

  11. Bons

    Love to win a gift card to Caffè Artigiano!

  12. Donna L

    nothing beats a coffee and a pastry on a dreary June day! Too bad we’ve had so many!

  13. Anna

    I <3 Caffè Artigiano! The best place to have coffee :)

  14. Tatiana

    Simply fantastique!

  15. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived! Thanks Caffè Artigiano!

  16. Rebecca

    Great coffee and AWESOME salads!!

  17. Lena P

    Caffè Artigiano! yay!

  18. Scott

    I <3 Caffè Artigiano! Second to no one! this is the place to sit and enjoy a pefect cup of java.

  19. Ryan

    I would just be really, really happy to get this card!


  20. Diane T

    Can’t wait for the new store at Robson and Thurlow!! Love Caffè Artigiano!

  21. Alan

    I love your cafe mochas!

  22. alyssa

    I’d love to win the card, cafe artigiano is my favourite coffee in the city

  23. Jeanette

    Your Baristas are great!

  24. Mil Principe

    Vancouver’s BEST! :D

  25. lawrence


  26. Emma

    They do such great coffee! Always a nice treat :-)

  27. PS

    love their soy latte :)

  28. melissa

    Go there on my breaks everyday. YUM!

  29. Mmmm, coffeee….

  30. Joyce Tull

    I love having coffee while studying!

  31. Shannon

    I’m coming to Vancouver in August. I will be needing coffee when I get there. A gift card would be great, but I’ll give them my money if I have to.

  32. Ada

    Best coffee :)

  33. evo

    love their drinks!

  34. Liz

    Would LOVE a yummy latte right now! :)

  35. your coffee makes me so happy inside

  36. Camille

    Never tried Caffe Artigiano yet, but I always pass by them when on my way to school.. heard they are also serving Erin Ireland’s To Die For BB.. now I have no more excuses to not visit!

  37. Kat

    Great coffee and friendly service!

  38. Amy

    Love their lattes!

  39. Nataliya

    Need a cup of good coffee !

  40. Love their espresso!

  41. Annie

    i love coffee!!

  42. Fressia

    The coffee is amazing, and my favourite treat is the lack forest cookie, mmmmmm just to die for!

  43. Candy

    I love their lattes!!…and their pastries too!

  44. Ashley

    I’ve never tried Caffe Artigiano before but I heard they have great coffee!

  45. Marianne

    Mmmmhm – coffee!!!!

  46. jessie

    best soy latte in vancouver!

  47. Jenny

    I would love some Cafe Artigiano Spanish Latte pleaseee

  48. joyce

    So good!

  49. Jennifer

    Tasty – and beautifully served – coffees, salads and sandwhiches. Plus, I’m always served with a smile!! Love you guys.

  50. Katherine

    heard so many nice things about this place, would love to try it!!!

  51. Bernice

    Caffe Artigiano has great coffee! You can even buy some coffee beans, get the staff to grind them for your machine/coffee press, and enjoy Artigiano coffee goodness at home :)

  52. Have never tried their coffee but would love to try!

  53. kels

    this would be nice :)

  54. Sandra

    #1 Latte in Van <3

  55. Lesley

    I was so excited when the Burnaby heights location opened – I could walk to it from my house!

  56. Tracy

    LOVE caffe artigiano!!

  57. Garrett

    Boy I love coffee!

  58. tracy

    can’t say no to coffee!

  59. Kat

    The best chain coffee house in Vancouver!

  60. Grace

    I just love Caffe Artigiano’s cappuccino! YUM

  61. Jam


  62. Giancarlo Stefani

    Enjoy a cappuccino abroad transport myself directly to my home in Milan when i am abroad, for sure i will visit this caffe in my next journey to Vancouver, lovely city, lovely people, lovely spot.

    • Sean

      Smoothest Lattee in town and ambience !

  63. Sadie

    Going to Italy for all of next year — need to supplement my coffee drinking like a true Italian!

  64. M. Soleil

    Free lattes would taste even better.

  65. Jessica

    Caffe Artigiano was my gateway into the world of slow-pouring espresso, and rich and creamy lattes. While some locations can be very busy and sometimes the staff are snobby, the coffees are always so well done!

  66. Bev

    I <3 coffee!

  67. Christine

    I love Cafe Artigiano – great prize!

  68. I love Artigiano

  69. Miriam

    excellent coffee, excellent venue

  70. sareh

    LoVe It :)

  71. Kay

    nice people, cosy environment, and great coffee! ♥ Artigiano

  72. Sarah

    I would love to try!

  73. Rach

    I recently took a different skytrain line home from work and was thrilled to see your Yaletown location had popped up out of nowhere!! No more massive detours on my morning commute to Hastings/Willingdon – now I can skip across Yaletown for my caffine boost :)

  74. belinda

    artistically tasty!

  75. Wendy T

    My favourite coffee house in Vancouver.

  76. Pat

    I ‘heart’ Artigiano. Authentic coffee and super service!

  77. Kelsey

    Great coffee and great service!

  78. A great cafe to meet up and catch up with a friend, while admiring latte art.

  79. Ryan D.

    Fantastic place for a cup o’ java!

  80. I love Caffe Artigiano! Fingers crossed a location opens up in Gastown!!

  81. Lin

    Would love to try Caffe Artigiano!

  82. Jane

    Yay, now that’s a convenient location.

  83. Mitchel

    I love coffee :)

  84. Vicky

    Their Spanish coffee is amazing

  85. Nancy gates

    I would love to win !
    Thank you!

  86. Lammie

    Always crave caffee artigiano in the morning. This would be perfect!

  87. ann

    Spanish lattes are the best!

  88. Darcy

    Lattes to die for!

  89. Daniel

    I’m new to the neighborhood.
    I like coffee.
    I like Cafe Artigiano.
    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, be the juice.

  90. lin

    love the coffee!!

  91. KY

    I love coffee!

  92. Justin

    Have not been before but the decor and style seems appealing. Can’t go wrong with a nice latte

  93. May

    Perfection all around…love the latte, people, and service!

  94. Denise

    I would love to win! Caffe Artigiano is the best :)

  95. i work right around there so winning this would be amazing

  96. Natalie

    Would love to win this!

  97. The atmosphere, the location…a perfect setting for my machiatto anytime :)

  98. Sam

    I love this coffee shop!

  99. Virginia

    My favorite place for a latte!

  100. Alison Omelus

    A Coffee lovers dream of a prize!

  101. Melissa Hoffmann

    I love your coffee art!

  102. Jessie

    I love coffee~~

  103. Caffe Artigiano lattes are the best!

  104. Darlene C

    Love the coffee and atmosphere!

  105. T

    love the coffee!

  106. Great coffee, close to work – would be lovely to share with a friend or two

  107. Iris

    Haven’t been to the West Broadway one yet but would love to check it out!

  108. Desiree

    Caffè Artigiano, by far the best coffee shop in the GVRD!

  109. Ana

    Would love to try

  110. Kemal

    They have the best coffee in town

  111. Silvia

    best cappuccino!

  112. Tracy

    Haven’t tried them out yet! Would love to win and check it out :D

  113. Sarah

    They have the best lattes!

  114. Peter

    Just love their Lattes!!!

  115. Rachel


  116. a. r.

    I would love to sit there to enjoy a cuppa coffee with a signature artistic Big Heart foam design. You know you will get great coffee and great Art at Cafe Artigiano. I Heart you.

  117. Heidi

    I love a good cup of coffee.

  118. Phil

    I’ve always considered Caffe Artigiano one of the premiere premium coffee houses in Vancouver. Glad to see them expand.

  119. Grace

    I would love to relax at Caffe Artigiano !

  120. Kelvin

    I love their Spanish Latte!!~

  121. Sunny

    I’ve heard that it’s the best but I have yet to try it. Hopefully I’ll get the gift card and I can try it :)

  122. Celeste

    I love their location on the trendy and busy West Broadway. After a fulfilling lunch nearby, what is better to do than pop by Caffe Artigiano to grap some coffee?

  123. ohh such luvely luvely coffee

  124. Alicia M

    I adore their mochas!

  125. gina Maddalozzo

    Hands down the best coffee place in town!! :)

  126. Robert

    Mmm…more coffee please! I like it!

  127. Oana


  128. Donna

    Your coffee art is excellent!

  129. Jenni

    I’d love to try some of your coffee!

  130. Laurel

    Love the art in the coffee!

  131. Jamie Martin

    Perfect; I adore coffee!

  132. heather boersma

    love cafe artigiano :)

  133. Ali

    Best cafe in Vancouver!

  134. linda

    We love Caffè Artigiano!!

  135. s skerl

    Caffè Artigiano, best place for a mid-afternoon break.

  136. hailey

    Especially, i like Caffè Artigiano’s latte art :-D

    I love COFFEE <3

  137. Kevin

    Crema .. Crema .. Crema

  138. Kim

    I have never gotten the chance to try Caffè Artigiano. Winning a gift card would definitely get me to come in! Thanks!!

  139. Justin

    Caffe Artigiano’s sublime espresso and great ambiance is a winning combination. Keep up the good work.

  140. Jean


  141. Love their spanish lattes!

  142. Erin H

    Yummy, amazing ART-tigiano!!

  143. Inder S

    This place is nothing short of amazing. I love the atmosphere & delicious latte’s.

  144. the coffee art in each cup totally makes my day!

  145. amin

    Love my caffe artigiano!

  146. Hanson

    There are lattes you can easily choose to order in coffee shops and cafes, but a Caffe Artigiano latte is something you cannot live without ordering at least once!

  147. Lily

    delicious coffee

  148. Hide

    Awesome! Thanks!!

  149. Catherine

    This would be such a great treat!

  150. SMa

    Nice coffee and love the Uova Napolitano!

  151. Karim

    Love it. Smooth rich an the best in the world!

  152. Ruth

    I would looooove a great coffee from them

  153. Sheryl

    Would love this; within walking distance from my house!

  154. Micky

    I love how they make the designs on top of the coffee!

  155. Sunshine G

    I was just there last week and it was fantastic!

  156. Amanda

    I would love to buy a sandwhich from Cafe Artigiano! Its so close to where i work :)

  157. Ryan

    Best Coffee on Earth!!

  158. Caitlin

    Mmmm…. macchiato…. delicious. Love Caffe Artigiano!

  159. Amy

    I’ve never been here- would love to check it out!!

  160. Matt Ward

    Coffee Please!

  161. Carmen

    I would love a gift card!

  162. James

    I love this place!

  163. Diana

    I could always go for coffee!

  164. Claire

    Best coffee in town!

  165. Elaine

    Luv their coffee art :)

  166. Robbie

    Feed my coffee addiction please!

  167. DV

    [_]P (=_=)

  168. warren mercier

    id love to try them i never have

  169. Kate

    Yay for coffee :)

  170. Connie

    GO Vancouver! :D

  171. love their designs on the coffee

  172. Masia

    I ♥ coffee

  173. Linda

    Love having coffee at Caffe Artigiano!

  174. Giovanna

    Buonissimo! Cafe Artigiano

  175. Shel

    yum, count me in.

  176. simon

    I’m still loyal to Café Classico on Hastings, but stopping at Café Artigiano in the Village at Park Royal in North Vancouver is always a special moment with my family.

  177. Mmm.. $50 of Spanish Latte’s…

  178. Eugene

    My parent’s favourite! They always stop by when they’re visiting Vancouver.

  179. Jamilla

    I would love to try Caffe Artigiano!

  180. Nabi Awada

    I love the location next to the art gallery!

  181. Malmurugan Kamaraj


  182. Leah

    I could always use some coffee :)

  183. Cindy KS

    Great prize, great coffee.

  184. Sarah O.

    my favourite!

  185. Ian

    Absolutely love this place. The 20 minute drive to the nearest location to me is worth it.

  186. Joanne

    One of the best in town! Love studying there

  187. Jessica

    I’ve heard so much about artigiano, and I’ve been wanting to check it out for awhile now!

  188. Love this place – gets me through my work day!

  189. LM

    Like their coffee/cream designs, wonder if they could do one of the Visit Vancouver app logo??? Now that would be neat!

  190. tracy

    love love their coffee!

  191. Min

    The best place for latte!

  192. Gary

    My favourite coffee place in Vancouver.

  193. Ron

    Caffè Artigiano

  194. Tintin

    I love Caffè Artigiano for their tasty food and tea drinks, and their friendly service and great atmosphere!

  195. Brigitte

    coffee and giveaways are very nice things :)

  196. There’s one by my workplace and I totally love it! Serious coffee lovers definitely need to try them.

  197. Tas

    great place to hang out and people watch

  198. Amanda Lam

    i am a coffee addict

  199. Siobhan

    I haven’t been to the West Broadway location yet, but I would love to try it! The coffee is great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  200. My Lam

    I love Caffè Artigiano! They always make their drinks perfectly! <3 spanish latte

  201. Juliana Lima

    what is life without coffee?

  202. BEST LATTES EVER!!! And the scones are HUGE!!

  203. Alex

    Remarkable service, always great when I come in with my son and. Even when he us being a pain you guys make sure I am served well. Amazing coffee!

  204. arlene

    I walk by this coffee shop every day but have never gone inside. If I win this card, I will try it out.

  205. Alice Ewart

    I’m crazy for great coffee!!

  206. Sarah

    Visiting for Canada Day — eager to see what the hype is all about!

  207. Alice

    Yes please! I go there all the time =)

  208. Marisa

    My husband and I absolutely are IN LOVE with caffe artigiano! Always puts us in a good mood! We finally moved from Abbotsford to Vancouver last month and can FINALLY enjoy the caffe more regularly. Keep up the amazingness ! :)

  209. Cecile

    This is my favorite coffee shop in town. I love it!!

  210. Mmm… I love the Spanish Coffee @ Artigiano!

  211. joanna

    love their americanos!!

  212. YES PLEASE – I love buying their ground coffee

  213. Aileen

    best lattes

  214. Dilara

    Love Caffe Artigiano!

  215. I’ve never been there, this would be the perfect way to check them out!

  216. I’ve heard they were good but haven’t been there yet:)

  217. Greg

    In addition to great coffee, Caffe Artigiano on Hornby will always be extra-special as it’s where my (now) wife and I had our first date on Dec. 31, 2006 and we’ve returned there every Dec. 31 since, and sit at the same table. We even had some wedding photos taken there!

  218. Linda

    i’ve never been but heard so many great things about it!

  219. Todd

    Sounds like a good deal! I love the area and the coffee1

  220. Tiffany

    Cofffeeeee. :)

  221. Irene

    what a treat :)

  222. Andrew

    Never been to Caffe Artigiano before. Great if I can win this GC to try out their food and drinks!

  223. elena

    From CA: seems like for decades I needed to carry my own coffee with me when I traveled (rich, dark, decadent). A couple of years back, stayed in Vancouver with a friend and discovered your cafe-returned daily, smiling from the kindness and efficiency of your staff to the heart-shaped foam on top, oh and the taste, did I mention the taste? So, fast forward to next month: Vancouver, this time with my husband. You have a great city… but what I’m really looking forward to? Let’s just say I won’t be bringing my own coffee. Glad to have to opportunity to say thanks for the coffee in advance. As for the gift card, if I could vote: Greg and his wife (25 June)

  224. Mary

    We’d love to try it on our next visit to Vancouver.

  225. Lena

    never had caffe artigiano yet! Been wanting to try it

  226. Virginia

    They have the best chai tea latte! :)

  227. Dennis L.

    My favorite coffee spot in Vancouver!

  228. icitea

    Yummy food, delicious coffee, nice servers, atmospheric seating… what more can I say? Love it!

  229. Lynda

    Will be in Vancouver mid July for the birth of my grandchild so would love to try out caffe artigiano!!

  230. Sandra

    Café Artigiano knows cappucinos like no other coffee place in Vancouver.

  231. Jewels

    The first place I recommend to everyone for coffee and meeting spot is Artigiano’s!

  232. Ryan

    Can’t wait to get the card and try some new drinks!

  233. Liz

    I happily go out of my way to go to a caffe artgiano and get a cappuccino. Granville street is my favourite.

  234. Winnie Hung

    This is one of my favourite places to take a friend :)

  235. Aurelea

    The next location should be on Lonsdale in Norht Vancouver!

  236. Florence

    coffee from caffe artigiano is always a treat!

  237. I have never been, this is good incentive :)

  238. lucy

    coffee sooooo good.

  239. John

    I won!

  240. Pauline

    Great coffee and staff at Caffe Artigiano! Love to win this!

  241. Wingka

    Their Spanish lattes are yum :)

  242. Caitlin

    Love their lattes!

  243. Olivia

    Your coffee makes me happy.

  244. Danielle

    Love Artigiano latte art!! mmm~

  245. Urban Americano

    I love you, Cafe Artigiano!

  246. Ivy

    Haven’t been there yet so I’d love to try it out!

  247. Douglas

    Heard good things about the place but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Would like to…

  248. Agatha

    Always love the Artigiano latte Art

  249. lisa

    i always past by but have yet to try out the place

  250. Kate

    I’ve heard Artiggiano is good but am yet to try it…

  251. Jen S

    I <3 artigiano coffee. It has so much crema, makes it so delicious. Yum!

  252. Eve

    The days I upgrade to Artigiano coffee are the days I “treat” myself!

  253. mitchel

    i love coffee

  254. Jo-Anne

    I always feel special when I see the pretty heart on top of my Caffe Artigiano latte!

  255. Laura M

    One word: Love!

  256. harpreet

    perfect cup of coffee that never fails to boost the most horrid days. simply lovely!!

  257. Ronan Barrett

    You guys are how I get through some days, awesome staff & great coffee.

  258. shelly

    would love a latte! yum!

  259. Miryam

    Ohhh i love their coffee!!!

  260. Krista Ranta

    I would LOVE this!

  261. Celine

    The coffee there is excellent!

  262. Sandy

    My favourite thing is seeing tourists at the best coffee shop in town. Such a great a great representation of the sights, sounds & flavours of Vancouver !

  263. Ashlee

    I could take a lot of friends for coffee and try @erinireland’s to die for banana bread…sounds like win/win to me!

  264. Michael H.

    …from reading all the comments before me – I’d say that I gotta check this place out! It sounds great!

  265. Lauson

    Would love to try!!!

  266. Sarah

    Artigiano has the best latte’s in the city! So happy new locations are popping up all over.

  267. Marieke

    I just need the coffee!

  268. Coffee please.

  269. Miranda

    For an afternoon pick me up, I go for an Artigianno’s Spanish Latte. Tan delicioso!

  270. valerie

    Caffé Artigiano ti amo!

  271. Brenda

    I’ve been to the West Broadway location, it’s a great place to sit and relax!

  272. Angela

    The best coffee in Vancouver!

  273. Sam

    I like coffee!