Fancy-Pants Farmers Market at Shangri-La this Sunday, June 24

Unusual spot for a farmers market? Not in Vancouver! Photo: MARKET by Jean-Georges

I love Vancouver. I love that we live in a city where a luxury hotel (the Shangri-La Vancouver) and one of the cities top-rated, high-end restaurants (MARKET by Jean-Georges) decide to host an on-site farmers market and no one blinks an eye. Because, hey, why not? Even elite gourmands love a farmers market (right?), especially a fancy-pants one.

I jest; it really is a great idea (if somewhat ironic): MARKET will host the inaugural Shangri-La Farmers Market on its outside terrace, where guests can peruse stalls from nine different local vendors while enjoying complimentary canapés from Shangri-La’s Executive Chef Wayne Harris and complimentary wine tastings from Tinhorn Creek Vineyards.

Most of the nine vendors at MARKET’s market will sell prepared, gourmet items. Here’s a list of all vendors, taken from the MARKET Facebook page:

  1. Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery
  2. Organic Farm Connection (salad greens and leafy things)
  3. Maan Farms
  4. Purebread (strawberries)
  5. French Made Baking (French pastries and macarons)
  6. Yummy Baked Goods (traditional baking)
  7. Take a Fancy Chocolate and Sweets (chocolates)
  8. Sticky Spoon
  9. Erin Ireland – mother of banana bread & food writer (rave-winning banana bread, personally tasted & endorsed by Jean-Georges)

Should be quite the soirée!

Shangri-La and MARKET have two more farmers markets planned for Summer 2012, one in August and one in September (dates TBA).

The first Shangri-La Farmers Market runs from 11am – 2pm this Sunday, June 24.

(Want to see Vancouver diversity in action? Do Shangri-La Farmers Market in the morning then head to Greek Day on Broadway—I can’t think of two more disparate events to occur on the same day!)

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