New Street Cart: Indian Food from Vikram Vij

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One name in Vancouver is synonymous with mouthwatering Indian cuisine: Vikram Vij.

Vij’s, the eatery he opened off Granville Street in 1994, has consistently been named the city’s best Indian restaurant by Vancouver Magazine, justly famous for such delicacies as lamb popsicles in cream curry and spot prawns in coconut masala.

Now – to the delight of street food enthusiasts – Vij has branched out into the food truck business.

Vij’s Railway Express opened earlier this month in the heart of downtown, on West Georgia Street, between Thurlow and Burrard Streets.  While some of the menu items are similar to what’s in the restaurant, the theme is a bit different.  The focus is on the diverse cuisine you’d find at railway stations across India – dishes from Delhi to Bombay and Calcutta that go way beyond the typical tikka masalas.

Each menu item is intended to represent a different “station” on a rail journey across the country.  Offerings change all the time: day to day and week to week.   So just what kind of dishes are we talking about?  Even by Vancouver’s lofty street food standards, they’re something special (Warning: Stop reading now if you’re hungry.).

Earlier in the week, Vij’s Railway Express was selling halibut in a coconut masala curry with basmati rice and homemade naan.  Or you could have opted for lamb kebabs wrapped in chapati with cassava fries or chick pea salad with puffed rice.  Prices for mains are in the neighbourhood of $7-$11.

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Judging from the lunchtime crowd outside the bright blue food truck, Railway Express has become an instant favourite on the city’s street food scene.  It’s open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday.   Specials are tweeted daily from their creatively named Twitter account @CurryArtInMotion and can also be accessed from their Facebook page.

Anyone tried Vij’s Railway Express Truck?  First impressions? 

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