Bare Buns Run 2012 – July 15 at Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach’s annual Bare Buns Run.

Wreck Beach isn’t Vancouver’s best-loved beach because it’s clothing-optional, though that is its most often cited attribute. Wreck Beach is beloved because it’s unique: hauntingly beautiful, isolated from civilization (it’s the only Vancouver beach where you can’t see any signs of city life), and possessed with an uncanny, peculiarly Vancouver vibe (hippie, laid back, anything-goes-but-we’re-all-cool-and respectful, hey there’s that lady with the Jello shots). It’s unlike anywhere else, and for that reason alone we love it.

The annual Bare Buns Run is the seminal event for Wreck Beach, a chance to show your love by showing your ass(ets)—all proceeds from the Bare Buns Run support the Wreck Beach Preservation Society, the folks who keep the beach pristine and lovely for future bare-buns runners to come.

The Bare Buns Run is a 5K run (or walk) around Wreck Beach that attracts 200+ runners each summer. Entrance fees are $20 – $25 (again, proceeds go to charity), and the warm, relaxed atmosphere makes it fun for all ages. Registration forms and information here.

The 2012 Bare Buns Run starts at 11am sharp on Sunday, July 15. Get out there and enjoy a truly unique Vancouver summer event!

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