Come on Down! Price is Right Live in Vancouver, through July 29

Are you ready to come on down?  The stage version of the classic game show The Price is Right is at Richmond’s River Rock Casino July 12-21, then at Coquitlam’s Red Robinson Theatre July 26-29.

And the best part: The host is none other than Jerry Springer.

For its 40th anniversary, The Price is Right decided to launch a touring version of the studio show featuring a rotating cast of celebrity hosts – which has been a big hit in Vegas and throughout the US.  While contestants don’t actually get to appear on TV, they do have a chance to win the same spiffy new appliances, all-expenses-paid vacations and new cars as are offered on the real show.

Admit it: Wouldn’t it be a thrill to be up there on Contestants’ Row, playing Plinko and spinning the Big Wheel and – just maybe – bidding on the big Showcase?  (OK, maybe “thrill” is too strong a word – but it would be cheesy good fun).

Plus, there are other perks.

For starters, you can get your picture taken with Jerry Springer himself, as well as with the current cast of The Price is Right Live (including the lovely models, formerly known as Barker’s Beauties).  There’s also a rumour that you get a free T-shirt with your ticket.

It is important to note, however, that all this fun isn’t free.  Tickets are $29.50 for the River Rock show and $29.50 for the Red Robinson Theatre show.   It’s also recommended that you arrive up to three hours before showtime in order to register for the chance to “come on down” and participate in all the excitement.

And, just in case you’re curious, the biggest prize ever won on The Price is Right daytime TV show was $147, 517 by one Vickyann Sadowski.  On Sept. 18, 2006, Sadowski won a Doge Caravan playing Push Over, then went on to win both showcases, inlcuding a Dodge Viper and a Saturn Sky Roadster.

Could you be the next big winner?

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4 Responses to Come on Down! Price is Right Live in Vancouver, through July 29

  1. Jessica

    Its great that Jerry takes pictures after the show. I was there and had my picture taken with him, but I wasn’t told where to find the photo. And I’m getting frusterated that I can’t find out where to get it. Can I have the website or whatever where I can get my picture with Jerry please?

    • Dee

      If you can find oput please tell me because I can’t find it either! Thanks! Grrrrr!

  2. Costas

    So even if you buy a ticket you have to come earlier to be called down to the stage? It doesn’t tell you this on the ticke nor did the ticketmaster agent say this. I’m confused.
    I thought it was random.

  3. Chris

    Absolutely terrible. Save your money and go to the real thing in Beverly hills. Plinko was $500 instead of $10,000. TERRIBLE!