New: Waddle Lane on the Seawall

photo: Vancouver Aquarium

You’ve probably walked, biked or jogged around the seawall, but have you tried to waddle around it yet?

For a limited time, Vancouverites will be given a chance to explore the city’s iconic seawall – penguin style. To celebrate the new Penguin Point exhibit, the Vancouver Aquarium and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation have created a “waddle lane” on the Stanley Park seawall.

The lane will consist of 40 walkway stencils sporting a penguin instead of the usual stickman for pedestrians. The stenciling will start at the beginning of the Stanley Park seawall in Coal Harbour and go all around the wall to English Bay.

Penguins waddle for a good reason – to conserve energy. They sway between steps, which creates momentum and uses much less energy to move. Let’s hope that Vancouverites save some energy and get waddling soon, as the waddle lane will only last until the next rain washes it away.

This summer, visit Penguin Point at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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