Not a Lame Touristy T-shirt

T-shirts are a popular souvenir when traveling. They are relatively cheap, light, easy to pack, and are something people actually use. Unfortunately it’s not always easy finding something that doesn’t look tacky and cheap.

Ole Originals address this problem. They design & handprint all tees in a sparkle and glitter free studio right here in Vancouver. They specialize in quality retro / vintage style T-Shirts.

Every Ole Original is meticulously designed and silkscreed by hand. Their limited edition shirts are designed to have a vintage look and feel. The graphics are inspired by culture, symbolism and randomness from around the world.

Ole Originals have kindly provided 4 of their popular Vancouver t-shirts for our readers. We have two men’s and two women’s shirts. If you’d like one just post a comment below and we’ll pick the winners next week and notify them by email.

Updated Wednesday, August 8th: Congratulations to Carlos, Robert, Eunice and Tatiana who have all one themselves a shiny, new t-shirt from Ole Originals. Please check your email inboxes for further information on how to go about claiming your new duds!

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221 Responses to Not a Lame Touristy T-shirt

  1. Shannon

    Loved my time in Van last summer–can’t wait to come back!

    • Lilian

      Talented designer! Keep up the good work

    • love me ,love my dog.

    • What a quality retro / vintage style T-Shirts.
      We can customized printed t shirts like this.

    • what a quality retro / vintage style T-Shirts.
      but i think we can customized printed t shirts like it.

  2. Michele

    great looking T’s would love to have one

  3. marisa

    Yay! glitter free! Amazing to see people actually doing this the”right” way! Go graphic!

  4. Adrienne

    what a great t-shirt! I’d wear it with pride if I won it

  5. Karen

    Love the design!

  6. Anna

    Oh how I would LURVE! one of those tees!!!

  7. Torsten

    Really nice shirts. Was in Vancouver over christmas for two weeks and really enjoyed it (and not only gas town). Can´t wait to come back from Europe!

  8. Julia

    Great design

  9. Arnold J.

    Great looking shirts! Would be wonderful to have one!

  10. Kevin

    great shirt I would love to have one!

  11. Nick

    Classy, quality and a great representation of the vancouver skyline. I want!

  12. Tina

    Very nice!

  13. tatiana

    I’d be proud to wear this shirt. I love Vancouver!

  14. Amy

    would love to show off my van city pride!

  15. Natalie

    Love the design! Would wear this even if I wasn’t a tourist.

  16. Jaime

    Visiting for the 1st time next month! Would love to be sportin’ this! :)

  17. Kat

    Oi! This is a really cool business model! I would love a women’s shirt for me or men’s shirt for my husband!

  18. Carmen

    I’d love to have one.

  19. Dominic

    Month 4 of being away from my beautiful home town.

    The glitz of NYC, the Wall of Berlin, the industry of the Ruhr, the charm of Prague, the beer of Munich, the canals of Amsterdam….

    I miss the beauty of Vancouver. I miss home.

  20. Deirdre

    I lived in Vancouver for a year, and I have to say it was one of the most welcoming, friendly, attractive, inclusive, exciting, and interesting places I have ever had the joy of experiencing. I got to return earlier this year and show off the best city in the world to my boyfriend who agreed!

    I would wear this shirt with pride!

    • Marion

      Like this souvenir!

  21. Now those are t-shirts I would wear when I’m travelling outside of Vancouver and not be embarrassed about wearing a ‘touristy’ t-shirt.

  22. Laura Grady

    Love it! Can’t get enough Van city pride.

  23. Walter

    I’d love to get one to celebrate my visit to Vancouver in September!

  24. Brie

    I’d love to win one, my family and I just moved to downtown, and these shirts look great, I’d love to represent my new home!

  25. bel

    Nice one! I’d love to wear it!

  26. Mona L

    Nice T – would love one!!

  27. Aim

    really sweet, reminds me of Expo 86 vibe :)

  28. Juliana

    I could wear this shirt 24/7! :D

  29. Richard W

    Cool shirt! I hope i am lucky enough to win one!

  30. Patrick

    Id rock this T shirt !

  31. Schanell

    Would love a unique shirt to represent Van! It’s great to see local artists putting a spin on something so mundane.

  32. rubai

    Beautiful design! One a of a kind!

  33. Lisa

    Love it!

  34. My last visit to Vancouver was for the TBEX Conference in June 2012. Do you know how hard it was to find a decent Vancouver Canucks shirt???

  35. Diana

    Love the design! I’m a fan of cool designs and Vancouver!
    Hoping to get to squeeze in a trip up north soon… Although the t-shirt would make the waiting easier. :)

  36. Colleen

    Great t-shirt!

  37. Wendy T

    That’s a great looking T-shirt, one that I would wear w/o hesitation.

  38. Alice

    Oo I’d love one :) they look so nice!

  39. Dave

    Sharp lookin’ T; Like that fact that it gives props to one of Van’s oldest organizations.

    Would be cool if some of the proceeds from the sale of this specific design would go to the Union Gospel Mission; would be a nice kick back for sure!

  40. Mimi

    Cool looking shirt! :)

  41. Maggie

    Yes please, I’d love one! Great technique and strong graphic design. Its good to see local creativity inject uniqueness into their brand!

  42. jeff

    very unique design i like it alot

  43. Jennifer

    I was in Vancouver the first week of July and didn’t even buy a T-shirt for myself. I love this one!

  44. dani

    oooh i would love to have one of these!
    we love vancouver, but unfortunately live 4500 miles away from it :( the shirt would be a wonderful memory of our vancouver visits ♥

  45. Jessica Rico

    It is definitely hard to find a nice t-shirt. Loved the unique design!!!

  46. Andrew

    New to the city and want to represent Vancouver when i go back home to England!

  47. Heather

    Very cool design! I wouldnt mind getting one :)

  48. Marisa S

    Finally something Id actually wear! Love it and Can’t wait to win mine!

  49. Amy

    The design looks different from typical touristy souvenir shirts! Would love to have one! :)

  50. Mabel

    Very nice design! If I win, when I can get it? I have my cousin coming from oversea for a visit at our lovely Vancouver! Hope to get one as a gift.

  51. MT

    Great looking t-shirts. Give me one and I will wear it whenever I’m on holiday. I will help promote Vancouver!

  52. Chelle

    Definitely a t-shirt I would wear on a regular basis!

  53. Sarita

    Hello, pretty little t-shirt. Welcome to Sweden. I’ll wear you like crazy and stay happy all summer long. Promise!!

  54. i love these vancouver tee’s sooooo much!!!!!!

  55. Marissa

    I would love one of these beauties…a woman’s one PLEASE! :)

  56. My sister really loves this shirt ….and it’s her birthday soon, so it would be perfect if I won, and could give it to her (:

  57. Debra

    Nice shirts! We have visitors this summer from the UK and would love to win one for them to take home as a souvenir from our beautiful city!

  58. Erin

    Awesome shirts!

  59. Brianna

    That is the first ‘Touristy’ shirt I have seen that I would actually wear proudly!! :) Great job!

  60. sophie

    I would love one please!

  61. Rachel

    Love this design! I would wear this with pride here at home and when I’m travelling!

  62. Gigi

    Gotta love the creativity in these!! :)

    Will definitely wear them to all my beach volleyball events if I win~~

  63. Ian

    shirts look great!

  64. elvie

    What a great shirt! Super want one!

  65. Rizwana

    I would love to win!!!! They look really nice and very different from other tourist t-shirts that I have seen around! Very creative!!!

  66. Murray A

    I’d even wear it over here on Beautiful Bowen Island!

  67. Sharon K

    Nice shirt

  68. Rita Leung

    I totally want to win me one of these awesome tshirts!

  69. Robert

    I need new clothes. (Love the shirt)

  70. Brent

    Lovin’ the retro look – rock on!!!

  71. Peter

    Love the design. I’d love to have one of the men’s shirt.

  72. Kelley

    FINALLY, nice to see a cool tourist shirt that wouldn’t just sit in my dresser after a trip. Great job!

  73. Megan Kennedy

    Would love one to wear around and when I head to Europe this September.

  74. Luz

    WOW… Vancouver T-Shirt, Vintage Style, Glow in Dark I want it now… Amazing, really cool design! Not a Lame T-Shirt at all … and the best souvenir! La quieroooo!

  75. Pat

    H-ole-y Cow! These shirts look amazing and original! Would love to win these.

  76. Love Ole shirts! Especially the Vancouver one. Great article too.

  77. Carlos

    Gotta love a free t-shirt! Yes please!

  78. Dominik Jobst

    wow – great shirts – I’ve been looking for awesome Canada shirts for a long time now and this is probably my favorite! :)

  79. Eunice


    Would love one of these shirts!! I’ll be visiting Vancouver from Toronto from Aug 2 – Aug 12 – and definitely won’t be a “lame tourist” =)

  80. I am getting ready for my first trip to Vancouver, I am flying from L.A. with my family this Thursday (7/2) and staying for a week… Can’t wait to get there and find one of those cool t-shirts! Viva Vancouver!

  81. Trini

    Cute t-shirt would love to win one!

  82. Jessie

    nice T-shirt

  83. sherri

    pick me pick me :) awesome shirts!

  84. Michelle

    Love the t-shirt!! :)

  85. Tina

    Dro’OLE’ing at the thought of wearing an awesome OLE Originals!!!!…..:-)

  86. Donna

    We are coming to Vancouver next week all the way from South Florida! We would love to win a shirt and would wear all the time to encourage travel from hot, humid SoFL to beautiful Vancouver!!! It is also my 8 year old’s birthday when we are there so it would be cool to win :)

  87. meghan

    These t-shirts are gorgeous!

  88. Lindsey

    I just moved to Vancouver at the beginning of July and am in the midst of a honeymoon with this city..the shirts look great and would love to have one! Thanks

  89. Andrea

    skyline t-shirt would be awesome!


    i’d be proud to wear one!

  91. Love them! Would rock it all the time!

  92. Nataliya

    I would love to have one ! Looks amazing !

  93. Michael Ospina

    I love this Shirt. Van City ROCKS

  94. Dave

    Great shirts. Too bad noone from Vancouver actually calls it Van.

  95. Sandra


  96. Kirsty

    Great t-shirt. Would love to have one to wear on my return to Scotland from my Vancouver trip next week.

  97. Love these t-shirts and their designs!! Would love one!

  98. Juliana

    Awesome design!

  99. Gina

    Love it! Does it have anything to do with Union Gospel Mission?

  100. Tina

    Yes please! I would love to win this t-shirt. I would wear it every day!

    Please please please <3<3<3

    Thank you!

  101. Natalie Cheung

    Nice Design!

  102. Meghan

    Love the vintage feel.

  103. Bonnie

    Would be nice to wear this cool UGM style shirt. They do a great job helping those in need.

  104. Michelle

    Oh man, so many comments already. How can I get you to pick me? I just moved from Van and would love a memoire of the time I lived there! If I don’t win it I’ll probably be tempted to pick one up next time I’m there anyway!!

  105. Jess

    Love the design!

  106. Jesica

    Love the design and the colours :)
    I have been in Vancity for a while and I cant find a tshirt i like that says Vancouver, Vancity or Van, but this one i will definitely wear this one !!

  107. Erin

    Awesome design. I think I need one of these, asap! ;-P

  108. Iris

    That’s a nice looking design.

  109. Veronica

    Amazing t-shirt design to show off Vancouver!

  110. Lisa

    Wow I really like this. very vancouver!

  111. Cass

    Awesome! Would wear on my travels around the world.

  112. Anna

    Cool design. I’d love to wear it on the street!

  113. Abe


  114. sweet shirt!!

  115. Kathleen

    Fabulous design. If I don’t win one here, I’ll definitely buy one!

  116. Annie

    I would love to wear this T-shirt around the world, knowing that fellow Canadians, and others would recognize that I come from an amazing, beautiful, creative place.

  117. Edith

    I’m from Germany and am already spending my 4th summer in a row here. would love to wear that t-shirt to show off this beautiful city to my friends in Germany!! Great work!

  118. Sammy

    Finally a tshirt that doesn’t say Canada eh ! good design, would love to wear it and love to give it away to visiting family members !

  119. Haley

    Very inspirational to see someone creating a company like this. Amazing job!

  120. Hidemasa Hiraishi

    Great Tee!!!!

  121. Mabel K

    Love the design! :)

  122. Cristina

    I love living downtown right in the heart of Vancouver. I would love to represent in this beautifully designed Tshirt.

  123. Bonita

    looks so great. I’d love to have one definitely

  124. Sarah

    Love them, would love to have one!

  125. Rebecca A.

    I’d love one!

  126. kale

    Great design — I’d love to sport one!

  127. Joyce

    looks great! would love to wear one to represent the beautiful Vancouver! :)

  128. Shawn de Jong

    Coming back to vancouver next month. love the retro shirt

  129. Jane

    I would totally wear this. GIVE IT TO ME!

  130. Ron

    comment for shirt!

  131. Nicole

    Great shirts! Would be great to win one!

  132. Denise

    The shirt looks pretty cool! :)

  133. Norah

    The t-shirt design looks really nice! Loving the contemporary spin on traditional touristy shirts! ;)

  134. Caroline

    Being a granddaughter of a Canadian WW2 veteran, but never met him,living in TheNetherlands, saving money to visit Vancouver, his hometown once, is my goal. I’d love to do that in this great shirt!!

  135. bessie

    I love the design and blueness of the tshirt! Vancouver pride!!!!

  136. Masia

    would love to wear it :-)

  137. Elissa

    I came here on holiday from the UK and within a year came back twice to visit and moved over permanently. Would love a shirt to remind of that first trip when I fell in love with the city!

  138. Rafaela

    Wow… It’s really cool!

  139. Loraine

    Since I’ve been in Vancouver for one year I do advertising for Vancouver in Belgium but wearing this T-shirt would really help to make people visiting this beautiful city! Splendid T-shirt … as the city!

  140. Jean

    what a great t-shirt!

  141. Cassia

    An awesome city like Vancouver deserves an awesome T-shirt like this!!!!! By the way, I deserve one too :)

  142. cwid

    I will wear this proudly!

  143. Uslk

    awesome t-shirt. and really original. cheers.

  144. Dedge

    I’m still reppin’ my VanCity rucksack badge and Vancouver Grizzlies cap in England after moving back here this year. One of these Tees would go perfect!

  145. Cathy

    Love the t-shirt!

  146. anne

    Love the t-shirt design

  147. Claire

    That is by far the coolest vancouver t-shirt I have seen yet… love it. Oh ya and id love to have one as well… :)

  148. Yonglan

    very nice design, love to have one ;)

  149. Paul R

    just ordered mine! great looking tee

  150. M. Soleil

    Would love this t-shirt.

  151. Barb I

    I’m vacationing in Vancouver right now and loving it!! One of those great tees would be perfect for me to celebrate my new favorite city!

  152. David

    Love the design of the T-shirt! =)

  153. TQC

    A most excellent tee! Pick-me – pick me!

  154. Shel

    Great design, would totally wear it.

  155. Skye

    Love this design!

  156. Lydia

    One for me, yes me, I’m here !

  157. carol wiggins

    What a wonderful idea! I love to bring t-shirts home for my children and grandchildren but I avoid the abundant tacky ones wherever possible.

  158. Laura

    Love that they are all handmade! Great designs – I would love to win one!

  159. Eugenia

    Great shirt!

  160. Melski

    Wicked design =)
    We only arrived in Van on Friday night (from lonely old Perth, Australia)… little did we know it would be August long weekend, or that we’d be arriving into such a beautiful city and such perfect weather!
    Would love a functional souvenir… with a story behind it to boot!

    P.S. Glad I stumbled onto insidevancouver and your August long weekend posts =)

  161. LucieB

    Nice- a Vancouver inspired shirt that I would actually wear.

  162. kahhlee

    I really like the design on it!

  163. kirsten


  164. Sevan

    Awesome design! Would love to have one :)

  165. Bex

    These would make great presents for when we travel to the UK later this summer!

  166. Winnie

    Cool tshirts, love to win one! Thanks :)

  167. Karen

    Love these tshirts!

  168. Janice W

    Great tee! Would definitely wear it loud and proud.

  169. A comment on a website.

  170. Kelly

    Great looking tshirts!! Would love to wear one around Vancouver

  171. tatiana

    i LOVE Vanouver!!

  172. Brian

    I love t-shirts as souvenirs! I get one everywhere I go!

  173. Heather Palmer

    Wow!! Would be so excited to win a t-shirt representing VANCOUVER =) We are moving to Seattle this fall (from NY) and our 1st trip is planned to visit Vancouver!! We’ve never been to the West Coast…never even past OH! Can’t wait…and would be THRILLED to have a new t-shirt to wear as we start our new live on your side of the world =)

  174. Kj

    Whoa….I’d sport this everywhere I travel…and be proud of it.

  175. Angela

    Awesome shirts on the website beyond just the Vancouver one. They look soft too!

  176. nick

    me me me

  177. P.

    Great shirt. Love to rock the hometown pride!

  178. Trevor B.

    Great design!

  179. Grace

    I wanna rep Vancouver with these!

  180. Teresa

    I’d love to win one.

  181. Stephanie

    Love the look of the shirt =)

  182. Brandy

    would love to have one :)

  183. Raj

    I would Like to have one please, it’s hot in Vancouver :)

  184. Jan

    Nice tshirts! Would be cool if you could send me one.

  185. Maggie

    Yes please with a cherry on top!

  186. Leonie

    I would love one of these t-shirts! Thanks!

  187. Kim

    Would love to represent Van with one of these!

  188. Dilara

    Love the design!

  189. Gloria

    awesome shirt!

  190. angela


  191. Mairi

    Now those are some rad t-shirts! Not lame at all. Would treasure one if I won it.

  192. Wicked t-shirts!

  193. jay

    Wow these are so cute! I recently moved from Vancouver, would be great to have one of these to represent!

  194. vanna

    Best tourist shirt ever.

  195. Peymaneh chychi

    ThiS rocks! I love your business model it’s so “vancouver” of you and the shirts – well they are fantastic! Keep up the great work, we are now sending people away in style.

  196. peter

    they look great!

  197. au07

    Ole Originals specializes in quality retro/vintage style T’s, that’s something!
    I’m very PROUD to be in VANCOUVER and will be very, very PROUD too to wear OLE ORIGINALS T-shirt!
    Cool shirt, what more can I and the rests of you guys ask for?
    Come on guys, time is precious, shop with me @ OLE ORIGINALS!♥♥♥

  198. Jen

    Love the shirts!!! Vancouver has been my home my whole life and I’d be proud to show these off!

  199. Ivy

    Awesome design! Would love to have one.

  200. Farin

    Nice shirts! Can you buy them in stores?

  201. Heidi

    Moved here last year and loving every minute of it…
    I would love to be able to represent this fabulous city with a shirt from a local artist ;D

  202. Amanda

    Moving to VC in 2014. Can’t wait!

  203. Xing

    Sounds great! Love to try this.

  204. Marinette

    Cool design, I would totally wear this shirt all the time!

  205. Lena

    it’s a cool shirt! would love to wear one!

  206. SONYA

    Please place my name into the draw! thank you!!

  207. Ray

    Vancouver rocks!

  208. FINALLY someone designs a cool Vancouver shirt! And you don’t even have to be a tourist to love it!

  209. Nicole T

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Always love to support a local business and they have shirts that are perfect for my brothers! Christmas shopping? Check!

  210. Angela

    Even though I live so close to Vancouver, I’d happily wear this shirt both while at home and travelling!

  211. Love the t-shirts! Checked out the women’s shirts on the Ole Originals website and really liked the BC one!

  212. Great t-shirt for the Best City in the World!!!

  213. Mayumi

    I’ve been wanting to wear cool Van t-shirts.

  214. Kim

    Love me some t-shirts

  215. Jess

    Great graphic tee!

  216. orothy spitzock

    i want to win a awesome tshirt and also visit vancouver