Featured Vancouverites: Reverter

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia (for now)

How long have you been Vancouverites?
Reverter has been a Vancouver band for about a year now, but our members are from all over.

Kim Glennie (guitar, vocals) has been in Vancouver for 13 years, and previously lived in Montreal and Winnipeg. Kim met Patricia (Trish) Kavanaugh (guitar, vocals) about a year ago, when Trish had just moved here from Los Angeles. Trish had previously spent time living in San Francisco, San Diego and the midwest.

The pair met skateboarding last June on Go Skateboard Day at Hastings Skatepark, and were the only two ladies skating that afternoon (although a bunch of girl shredders showed up later). They bonded over skating, musical interests and commonalities like Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Slint, Sonic Youth, June of ’44, Rodan, and Shellac, as well as animation (both are professional animators/artists). They seemed destined to start a music project together, and Kim and Trish were soon joined by Barry Higginson (drums) of The Doers and Previous Tenants to complete their three-piece ensemble. Barry has been an essential part of the Vancouver music scene for over 15 years.

Reverter has played a bunch of shows, most recently as part of the Music Waste Festival, and have just finished recording a full-length album, Future You, at The Hive Creative Labs with the talented producer, Jess Gander.

Reverter will be launching their new release on Saturday August 18, 2012 at LanaLou’s at 362 East Powell Street. You can find more information on the band here and also on their Facebook page.

Reverter are all essentially artists and musicians. Trish works in film post-production, Kim works in animation (and occasionally at the The Naam Restaurant between contracts), and Barry works for Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery.

Best way to spend a Saturday night in Vancouver:
Playing a show! If not, then maybe a bit of skateboarding, food at Bandidas or Foundation, then going to see a band or art show and supporting the local music/art scene.

Favourite Vancouver gallery/shop:
Antisocial Skateboard Shop on Main Street.

Your best Vancouver haiku:
Vancouver best day
No rain, keep the rad alive
For the future you

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