Vancouverite Daniela Bobadilla Stars in Hit Show with Charlie Sheen, On Air August 12

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South of the border, the media’s buzzing about the new FX sitcom Anger Management and it’s not just because it cast Charlie Sheen, who “isn’t insane anymore.” Anger Management, co-starring 19-year-old Vancouverite Daniela Bobadilla, is a hit. The U.S. premiere June 28, drew record audiences.

So get ready Vancouverites. Anger Management debuts on CTV August 12, at 4pm.

According to interviews in The Vancouver Sun, Bobadilla headed down to L.A. two years ago and has appeared on Desperate Housewives, where she played Eva Longoria’s long-lost stepsister, as well as Awake.

Her new show is somewhat based on the 2003 film Anger Management starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. In the sitcom, Bobadilla plays Charlie Sheen’s teen daughter who has OCD. Sheen plays anger management therapist Dr. Charlie Goodson, who’s dealing with his own anger at the same time as he helps patients.

Martin Sheen, everyone’s favourite Sheen, has signed on to up the family value.  He plays Goodson’s dad and is rumored to do Marlon Brando’s entire speech from the end of Apocalypse Now  in one upcoming episode.

Bobadilla is full of compliments when when chatting about Sheen, despite his public meltdown and getting sacked from Two and Half Men. If the ratings are strong, FX will film 100 episodes with Bobadilla – a major coup for a new Vancouver talent. Bobadilla was born in Mexico City and grew up in North Van and Coquitlam.

Catch Daniela Bobadilla in the first episode of Anger Management August 12, at 4pm, on CTV.

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