Top 5 Artery-Busting Foods at the PNE Fair in Vancouver

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The PNE is in full swing once again, delighting crowds with the usual assortment of hair-raising rides, barnyard exhibits and, of course, the most decadent food imaginable.

This year, there are some new additions to the deep-fried smorgasbord at the fair, as well as many favourites from past years.  Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Artery-Busting Foods at the PNE.  Hope you’re hungry.

Do you have a favourite PNE snack? A deep-fried, sugar-coated delight you enjoy just once a year?  Let us know below. 

  • Deep-fried Kool-Aid at Granny’s Foods: If the PNE has taught us anything, it’s that anything can be deep-fried – even Kool-Aid.  Syrupy juice concentrate is battered up, then fried in boiling oil and coated with sugar.   No nutritional value whatsoever and absolutely delicious.  
  • Humongous Turkey Legs at B&B Concessions: Where else can you look like a caveman devouring some prehistoric pterodactyl drumstick other than the PNE?  These meaty barbecued drumsticks are the size of a man’s forearm and a perennial hit at the fair.

Photo credit: Guzzle & Nosh | Flickr

  • Breakfast Poutine at La Poutinerie: Taking poutine to new, heart-attack-inducing heights, this reboot adds ham and eggs to the usual mix of curds, gravy and fries.  It’s just about the opposite of the breakfast of champions.
  • Double Dare Ya Hot Dog at Crazy Dogs: This absurdly monstrous wiener made waves when it premiered last year.  Take a two-foot-long hot dog, slather it in chili, cheese, grilled onions, green peppers and bacon bits. and you get the Double Dog Dare Ya.
  • Vegetarian’s Nightmare at Smoking Gun BBQ: The name says it all.  The platter consists of one-half pound of pulled pork, one-quarter of a chicken and five pork ribs.  Take your Lipitor and come hungry.

Got another decadent favourite?  Let us know what PNE foods you love by leaving a comment below. 

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2 Responses to Top 5 Artery-Busting Foods at the PNE Fair in Vancouver

  1. Alice

    The Double Dare Ya Hot Dog ingredients are miss quoted. The perogies belong to the pepperogi dog, the breaded shrimp belong to the surfs up dog, and the hot dog wrapped in bacon is the piggy in a poncho. The double dare ya has Chilli, cheese, grilled onions and green peppers, and real bacon bits.

    • Thank you – corrected above.