Top 5 Artery-Busting Foods at the PNE Fair in Vancouver

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The PNE is in full swing once again, delighting crowds with the usual assortment of hair-raising rides, barnyard exhibits and, of course, the most decadent food imaginable.

This year, there are some new additions to the deep-fried smorgasbord at the fair, as well as many favourites from past years.  Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Artery-Busting Foods at the PNE.  Hope you’re hungry.

Do you have a favourite PNE snack? A deep-fried, sugar-coated delight you enjoy just once a year?  Let us know below. 

  • Deep-fried Kool-Aid at Granny’s Foods: If the PNE has taught us anything, it’s that anything can be deep-fried – even Kool-Aid.  Syrupy juice concentrate is battered up, then fried in boiling oil and coated with sugar.   No nutritional value whatsoever and absolutely delicious.  
  • Humongous Turkey Legs at B&B Concessions: Where else can you look like a caveman devouring some prehistoric pterodactyl drumstick other than the PNE?  These meaty barbecued drumsticks are the size of a man’s forearm and a perennial hit at the fair.

Photo credit: Guzzle & Nosh | Flickr

  • Breakfast Poutine at La Poutinerie: Taking poutine to new, heart-attack-inducing heights, this reboot adds ham and eggs to the usual mix of curds, gravy and fries.  It’s just about the opposite of the breakfast of champions.
  • Double Dare Ya Hot Dog at Crazy Dogs: This absurdly monstrous wiener made waves when it premiered last year.  Take a two-foot-long hot dog, slather it in chili, cheese, grilled onions, green peppers and bacon bits. and you get the Double Dog Dare Ya.
  • Vegetarian’s Nightmare at Smoking Gun BBQ: The name says it all.  The platter consists of one-half pound of pulled pork, one-quarter of a chicken and five pork ribs.  Take your Lipitor and come hungry.

Got another decadent favourite?  Let us know what PNE foods you love by leaving a comment below. 

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