Turn your yoga practice upside-down

As anyone who practices regularly can tell you, yoga has the ability to take you to a higher level. Whether it’s the connectivity to your breath, or the way your mind floats away when you’re in a flow – yoga is what you do when you want to reach another plane.

Well, now there’s a class that can literally take you to a higher level.

Yogasilks takes your practice off the mat. Students practice their poses from large silk fabrics that hang from the ceiling at about hip-level. The purpose of the class is to do traditional yoga poses, but inverted. That way, students can feel an added flush from being upside-down, in addition to the traditional natural high they experience through yoga.

Yogasilks founder Ross Howatson came up with the idea for his class after taking an aerial silks class through the Vancouver circus school. The class focused more on trapeze-style movements, rather than yoga. That’s when Howatson decided to put his spin on it.

“It’s yoga philosophy and awareness of space,” he explains.

People from all different yoga practices come to his class and generally have a memorable experience – mainly because the practice is unique.

“It’s a wow thing, especially for people who’ve been practicing a lot,” Howatson says. “It changes everything. It’s a whole new perspective. They’re doing poses they’re familiar with but they’re doing them inverted.”

Talk about turning things around.

Silks are offered every Sunday from 1-2:30 p.m. at Che Baba.

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