From Foraging to Fishing: The Best Guided Food Tours To Try Now

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The dining scene in Vancouver gets better every season. Let’s face it: we’re becoming spoiled for choice. In a city of hot restaurant openings, ever more creative communal dining events, pop-up/themed dinners and a mini horde of food carts, it’s a constant challenge to come up with a new way to experience Vancouver’s foodie bounty.

The Vancouver food tour scene (by tour I mean adventure) is a great way to change up the culinary experience by catching your own dinner, foraging, cycling or learning about the city’s history as you nosh.

Here are five outdoor food adventures to try now through September, before the the rainy season gets underway and a cozy restaurant is all you can imagine.

Catch and Crab Cook Tour, $139, Swallow Tail Food Tours

I’ll take crab over lobster any day. Swallow Tail’s Dungeness crab catching excursion offers the entire crab experience. Participants learn how to catch and then cook their own crustacean. The best bit is consuming the fruits of your labour on the beach.

World’s Best Street Eats, $49, Vancouver Foodie Tours

Finding food carts takes stamina, binoculars…basically everything you need on a safari. Van Foodie Tours’ budget-friendly street eat romp features 6 tasting courses and a lot more storytelling from the folks who make Vancouver street food so exciting. Expect a to hang with the Japadog crew, Roaming Dragon, Kaboom Box, Soho Road and more, as you learn about what happens inside these mini magic food machines.

The Food Tour, $99, Cycle City Tours

Cycle City offers diners the rare opp to nosh and exercise (Portland style), cycling to taste eats from all over our fair town including a changing rotation of downtown food carts, Granville Island Public Market and restaurants in Yaletown and Chinatown.

Wild Edibles, $39, Swallow Tail Food Tours

It’s all well and good to want to forage for your own dinner, but how do you know if you’re picking safe mushrooms or dangerous ones. Friendly red berries or foe? And where is it legal to pick?  Wild Edibles is the solution. Expert foragers take participants into the forest searching for edibles including mushrooms, fiddleheads, miner’s lettuce, wild berries, or whatever the season brings. Afterwards, sit by the river or in a rustic mountain cabin and enjoy a wild lunch and native herbal tea.

Gastown Food Tour, $39, Taste Vancouver Food Tours

If you live in Vancouver, you’ve dined in Gastown. But have you walked from resto to resto learning the layered history and lore of each cobbled street from Gassy Jack himself? Taste Vancouver Food Tours know that history goes better with food. They serve up an ample portion of both on this 2-hour walking tour. Culinary highlights include: Peckinpah bbq, lobster mac’n’cheese, crab cakes, cheesecake and tea time.

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