The ultimate Rock Paper Scissor competition

Anyone who’s ever had to battle it out for the last piece of pizza or the privilege to ride shotgun knows how invaluable the rock, paper, scissor method can be. For those unfamiliar, rock, paper, scissor (rps for short) is a hand game played by two people. On the count of three, each player has to motion their hand to resemble one of the items. Rock trumps scissor, scissor trumps paper, paper trumps rock. Easy enough, right? Not if you live for competition.

For over a year, a spirited crowd of Vancouverites have taken this seemingly uncomplicated game and turned it into a serious tournament. Every week Corduroy’s in Kitsilano becomes a crowded coliseum for the ultimate rps showdown: Rock Paper Corduroy! People dress up in costumes, come up with silly competitor nicknames and go head-to-head in the ultimate hand-to-hand battle.

It’s $5 to register and participants play seven rounds – best of four wins. Champions are whittled down to the final four and the top three take home prizes.

The atmosphere is face-paced and high energy – thanks in part to the event’s host, local actor Scott Patey – so be prepared to come away with little to no voice. And of course, strained hands.

It happens every Monday and generally sells out, so if you want to step up to the hands-on challenge, get your fingers cracking and get there early. Registration starts at 9 p.m. Just be sure you can handle it.

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