Voices in the Park Benefit Concert at Stanley Park, September 15th (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

Brockton Point, Stanley Park
September 15th brings the highly anticipated benefit concert to Stanley Park, Voices in the Park Presented by TELUS.

All proceeds from this fundraising event will go to The Sarah McLachlan School of Music, which aims to use the power of music to inspire youth in under-served communities by offering free music programs.

The star-studded line up features Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Bryan Adams, Jann Arden, Hedley, The Boom Booms, Chin Injeti, along with a special appearance by President Bill Clinton

Voices in the Park will be the first major ticketed concert to be produced at Brockton fields in Stanley Park. In keeping with evolving sustainable event practices, concert producers are encouraging fans to attend car-free. Shuttle buses will be running from Park Royal in West Vancouver as well as key transit points in Vancouver, with return fares of just $5 per person.

About the school:
The Sarah McLachlan School of Music is a registered charity and offers free music programs for under-served and at-risk youth in Vancouver. The school focuses on inspiring confidence and success in students, while promoting a lifelong love of the arts. Funds raised from the concert will be used to further expand the free after-school music programs available for students and to increase the number of students.

Event Details:

  • Dates: September 15th, 2012
  • Location: The Brockton Fields in Stanley Park
  • Tickets: On sale now – Click here
  • Breaking Details – Click here
We’re giving away a pair of tickets to Voices in the Park on September 15th! If you’d like them, just post a comment below and we’ll pick a winner at noon on Friday, September 7th and notify the winner by email.

Updated Friday, September 7th: Congratulations to Mellissa who has won herself a pair of tickets to Voices in the Park on Saturday, September 15th! Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone for reading this article and for posting a comment. 

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278 Responses to Voices in the Park Benefit Concert at Stanley Park, September 15th (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. kirsten

    ohhhhh…would love to go!!!!

    • John Hetherington

      Very worthy cause, thank you for offering this!

    • h.c

      would also like to go

      • Vienna henry

        Awesome cause,and would love to be there…

    • kellie

      What a great venue & a great cause. I even remember the B in :) takes me back to the day.

    • Nancy

      Music is a gift to the living soul—- it heals & is an integral component for a healthy global society. THANK YOU Sarah et al for sharing your gifts with all people ESPECIALLY our youth.

  2. Aaron B.

    Would love to check this out!

  3. Great line up and a great location; recipe for success

  4. Karen

    Sounds amazing! Would love to go!

  5. Carolyn Harris

    Would love to be part of such an amazing event!

  6. Awesome talent lineup. Would love to go

  7. Anne Bruinn

    Sounds good to me too!! Sign me up! Good luck to all, and congrats to the winner!

  8. Rita

    would LOVE to see this!!

  9. Gillian Pearson

    This looks great, an awesome benefit for the school. I hope it sells out and doesn’t rain!

  10. Julia

    Great place, great people, wonderful cause….

    I’d love love to go!

  11. Joe

    I wonder if Clinton is gonna break out his saxamophone?

  12. Stephanie

    This sounds like a good time!

  13. Lynn Montes

    I haven’t seen Bryan Adams since I went to school with him 35 years ago!!! Would LOVE to see him and all of these wonderful performers!!! Pretty, pretty please with sugar on it??? :)))))

  14. Elle

    Would really love to be there.

  15. Jean

    So Happy Sarah , put this concert together! for a great cause!,and look at the support she gets! Yay!

  16. Brenda

    Would love a pair for some deserving friends!

  17. alyssa

    ohh! this sounds awesome!

  18. Norah

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!~ I have a friend who would love to go to this concert! Here’s to hoping we can go! *crosses fingers*

  19. Devon

    I would love to attend!

  20. Wendy T

    What a great line=up. Would love to attend!

  21. Leah

    What a great cause and event!

  22. kale

    This sounds like a *great* concert — I’d love to go!

  23. angela r

    great cause!

  24. Andrea

    I’d love to go! :D

  25. Ximena

    I would love to go!!!

  26. david yeates

    I ran around Dublin city trying to find grey goose vodka for bill when he came over for dinner to the church bar and now I’m arriving in Canada 2 days before this concert … be great to go and show support from around d world

  27. Amazing line-up! Would love to attend!

  28. Sarah

    I really want to go to this!

  29. Rachel

    LOVE that the Boom Booms are included in this star-studded line-up. They’re awesome! Would really enjoy being able to see them and Stevie Nicks in the same afternoon!

  30. aliya

    oooh! i would LOVE to go! sounds like a great lineup!

  31. shantel

    I would love to go to this amazing concert!

  32. Tannia

    Sounds like an amazing show. Would love to attend.

  33. Set Sail, Melodies
    Opportunity Opens
    For Vancouver’s Youth

    I love that this event supports The Sarah McLachlan School of Music, giving kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access music an opportunity to benefit from learning and engaging in music of all genres.

  34. KY

    I’d love to go!

  35. Ramona Lee

    I would love to go to show… nothing better than music outdoors! :)

  36. David W. Lemley

    OMG! Awesome line up! I’d love to go to this show, and what a great cause!

  37. Shaun

    Yes, please! I’m gonna hang with Bill C.!

  38. Jackie Cheng

    I want to go!

  39. Would love to go! Had to sell my Bryan Adams tickets in June to attend a wedding!!

  40. Sarah

    I would love to go!

  41. jasmine

    Would love to go. Such a good line up!

  42. Iris

    Sounds great. Would love to go!

  43. Lynda

    So excited – this is such a great event

  44. Matt Ward

    I would love the tickets.

  45. Patrick L

    Please pick me!

  46. Clinton Fernandes

    What a great idea for a benefit and an outstanding venue too!

  47. Eileen

    Would love to go!

  48. Jeremy


  49. Nancy

    I hope im the lucky one!!

  50. George

    I would love to go !!

  51. I saw this advertised in Savory Island Pie the other week and was thoroughly intrigued! Stevie Nicks, Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan and MORE?! Looks like a great line up, as long as the weather holds it would be the perfect date :)

  52. Chelsea

    Please please please, would love very much the opportunity to see these artists!!

  53. Mat X

    Love concerts in Stanley Park!

  54. Christie M

    Would love to win tix to this!!!! :)

  55. Asha sehra

    All such great performers. I would love a chance to go!

  56. eve

    Sarah always gives an amazing concert but with Bryan and Stevie too…? – A must!

  57. Mark R

    A great event for a fantastic cause. It’s important that children are given the chance to explore their music talents!

  58. bel

    I would LOVE to see Bryan Adams & Bill Clinton! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  59. A great concert for a great cause!

  60. Celine

    Sounds like a great event!

  61. ron

    Would love to see Bryan Adams!

  62. Regina

    Pick me pleeease!!!!

  63. LM

    Excellent line up of artists Sarah has put together and it will be a priviledge to attend. Also, a great way to close off the summer season.

  64. Mellissa

    Sarah McLachlan is amazing live and Stevie Nicks!!!

  65. Clark

    Cool. I would love to go.

  66. Michelle Gremsperger

    I would go nuts if I won OMG a lot of great people performing and really really hope I’m the special someone that gets picked ;) Fingers and toes are crossed all the way up to Sept 8th when the lucky person is picked!!!! Woot woot. Thanks for this AMAZING contest :)

  67. Unbelievable line-up!, gorgeous setting!, fantastic cause!..What more could you want?…well…I WANT THOSE GOLDEN TICKETS!

  68. Ashley


  69. MC

    What a great event!

  70. darren au

    Sounds like a good line up. Great cause too!

  71. randy thomas

    great musicians, great host, great cause, i want to be there!

  72. Tracey

    Pick me, pick me!

  73. Debra

    What a great venue for a once in a lifetime lineup of artists performing together! Whoever wins is very lucky to go to this benefit concert!

  74. Andres

    My wife and I will love to participate in this amazing event!
    Thanks for making this kind of events!
    We love it!

  75. Bonnie

    Impressive group of people at this event. Hope it doesn’t rain.

  76. Lisa

    Yes, please!

  77. L C


  78. Great idea for a fundraising event! Looking forward to it!

  79. Kay

    Pick me! :)

  80. Allison

    Would love to go. Great location for an outdoor concert!

  81. Jason

    Awesome!! Sounds like a really fun concert and great that its raising money to inspire youths to pursue the art of music!

  82. This would be amazing! I’d love to win :)

  83. Lynette L

    I’d LOVE to win tix to Voices in the Park! AND it’s my birthday on the 15th!

  84. I would love to go. Sarah is awesome.

  85. Sandra uno

    Yes please! Huge Sarah fan <3

  86. Tom

    Sounds great! Id love to go!!

  87. It’s going to be a great show – I’d love to attend!

  88. Jeanne G

    I would love to go!!!

  89. Pauline

    Looking forward to fun and great sounds!

  90. Debbie R

    Such a great cause! Would love to attend to show my support.

  91. Neena B.

    The perfect end to a great west coast summer :)

  92. kirsten

    Lucky pick???

  93. Phil Law


  94. Shelly

    Sarah, Brian and Stevie!!!!! I wanna be thereeeee

  95. Melina

    sweet opportunity for a great afternoon =D

  96. Avia Costello

    Sounds great, love to be there. Hope I get picked! Exciting!!

  97. Meg

    Wonderful woman who gives to her community. I’d love to see this!

  98. grace w

    what a great cause, I would love to attend !

  99. Helen

    I would love to see this concert!

  100. Joe

    Sounds like a great gig,would love to go

  101. Shannon

    What an amazing lineup! Would love to go!!!

  102. Burk

    A great concert in a great park!

  103. Carly

    Love hey ocean and the boom booms!!

  104. Carlos

    We are traveling fro mexico and would be pleased to go

  105. Linda

    Jann Arden is a favourite. I would love to see her in concert.

  106. Paola

    Amazing event for an amazing cause! All the best!

  107. Mel

    Would love to go!!!

  108. Lily

    Am I lucky enough to win a ticket??? I’d love to GOOOO!!!

  109. Geoff

    Would love to go!

  110. Hidemasa Hiraishi

    I’d love to go!!

  111. Raunak

    Would love to join … Thumbs Up !!!

  112. Sara

    Would LOVE to be there for this event! I have always wanted to see Sarah, Adam and Jann, but haven’t been able to yet!!

  113. Sara

    Whoa, just realized I wrote Adam instead of Bryan Adams… lol. Long day… does that up my chances to win? Maybe? Hee hee…

  114. Kyle

    Looks like a wonderful event and would love to go and enjoy some great music with my wife and newborn!

  115. Tracey

    As a schoolteacher, I appreciate and see the results of what Sarah has done. Music is a fabulous learning tool for all children! This is such a fantastic cause. Thank you, Sarah.

  116. Meredith

    Great line-up and charity! Looks like an amazing evening.

  117. Mike

    Show sounds great! Great lineup and lots of Canadian talent on display. Looking forward to it.

  118. Amanda

    Sounds fun!

  119. Brenda

    How positively wonderful……sounds like a remarkable event!

  120. Yoomin

    I would love to attend this event with my sister for her birthday! :)

  121. Chris

    Sarah – you and your School of Music are such an inspiration. Thank you for organzing this amazing concert..

  122. Wow, sounds like it will be an amazing concert – would love to win tickets and go!

  123. Anselmo

    Sounds cool!

  124. bev

    What a great lineup! Sarah is AMAZING live, I’d LOVE to win tickets!

  125. Marty Desjarlais

    What an amazing line up i would LOVE to go and experience this concert for a great cause.

  126. Paul

    Cheers !!! going to be Awesome !!

  127. Diane Sheppard

    I would love to win these tickets. It would be such an honour to be a part of this amazing day and watch so many incredible artists. Sarah is an inspiration to so many and has been my favourite artist for 20 years. This would mean the world to me. :)

  128. Steven Rhead

    Such a great celebration at Stanley Park!

  129. Shella Virina

    All of these amazing artists together in such a scenic venue!

  130. Carmen H

    Sounds like an amazing show!

  131. Carrie

    I was lucky enough to call Vancouver my home many years ago and would love to come ‘home’ for this wonderful concert! I’m only six hours’ drive away (Portland, Oregon) so I’d jump at the chance to be there!

  132. Kristy Elliott

    That’s a truly great concert. I want to attend this phenomenal event.

  133. Ella

    Been over a decade since I saw Sarah in concert (Lilith Fair). Such a great line-up for this show, and it’s for such a great cause. Kudos to Sarah and her team for organizing this event, and good luck!

  134. Luba

    Music, like laughter, is the key to happiness for my soul.

  135. Diane

    I would love to win these tickets. It would be such an honour to be a part of this amazing day and watch so many incredible artists. Sarah is an inspiration to so many and has been my favourite artist for 20 years. This would mean the world to me. :)

  136. Amy Rhead

    Could I win these awesome tickets, please and thank you?

  137. Mark

    Sarah has the voice of an angel and I have ALWAYS wanted to hear her live!! Bryan Adams is also a BLAST from the PAST that I would love to see!! …and what can you say about Stevie Nicks? I saw her perform with Fleetwood Mac a few years ago and she was sublime!! I have a HUGE things for Stevie and anything else I may feel for her would be totally inappropriate here!!! LOL

  138. Nicole Zelia Roy

    I sure would be surprised to win these tickets, but would happily accept and appreciate the gift!!

  139. Kathy

    Would be AmaZzzing!!!! :-)

  140. Patricia

    Would be one of a kind experience!!!!!!

  141. sharon williams

    I have never been to a music event in the park would be great to see!!

  142. Sharon Rhead

    I’m a big/longtime fan of several of these performers and curious to see the new ones too!

  143. Bill Macleod

    This i have got to see

  144. This line up is amazing!!! I’ve loved Sarah’s music since Vox … and Jann and Stevie and Chin and Bryan … phew … I’ve gotta go lie down just thinkin’ about it.

  145. silvia

    This I would Love to win!!!! What a great cause and great artist!! Ill keep my firgers crossed!!!

  146. Gladys Joe

    OMG all that wonderful awesome talent in one place! I would be lucky enough to say I was there if I win the tix :) well regardless I’m going to be there no matter what :) that’s an awesome line up. Wouldn’t want to miss it for the world

  147. What a fantastic cause. :)

  148. Beverly

    Everything about this concert is wonderful!

    Good luck everyone!! :)

  149. christon

    Amazing concert it will be! GL everyone :)

  150. I’d love to go…seen all of Sarah’s local performances. This will be the very first one I’ve missed :-(
    Been saving all my pennies to publish the first issue of a brand new dance magazine for local dancers and performing artists.

  151. Kim Rennie

    Would love to win!! Thanks!

  152. Thyra Gillese

    This would be so amazing. Thank you for the chance to win!

  153. Stephanie Motola

    I think its amazing what these artists do and the effort and time it takes to commit to something. These artists support in so many ways that people never see or hear about. Kudos to them for all they do …

  154. Maria F. Loaiza

    Love the idea! Would love to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. jason

    I would love to go, fingers crossed!

  156. Juan Diego Valencia

    Need the tickets please!! :)

  157. Luanne

    Love Sarah, Bryan, Stevie… Would love to be the lucky winner of this fabulous contest!

  158. Christina

    I would love to see this amazing lineup of artists!!!

  159. Jonathan Lee

    I only have one General Admission Ticket for myself and would love two more so two others can attend with me.:) I believe in the power of music to gather a whole community together, especially to a wonderful scenic landmark such as Brockton Fields, which is an ideal outdoor venue! Thank you Voices in the Park for allowing us to come together as one to experience true Canadian music, both from artists we know and love and those who are up and coming but will be successful in the future! :)

  160. Tanya

    I would love these to give to my parents

  161. Simone

    I would love to take my new wife to this lovely event!!!!

  162. yipeee, hope it’s meeeeeee!!!!!

  163. Robyn

    Would love to go to this!

  164. My favorite city, my favorite performer!
    What a combination !

  165. Chris C

    a comment

  166. JC

    Love Peace & Happiness. Let the music soothe your soul!

  167. Rose Ouellette

    I would LOVE to see Stevie Nicks in concert again, with EVERYONE else. I Saw her in 2009 concert with Fleetwood Mac in Edmonton.
    I’ve a a really tough last 2 years….this would be a dream for me.

  168. Trevor

    I would definitely make the trip from Calgary! It sounds like its going to be an amazing show!!!

  169. Cheryl

    This is going to be so great!

  170. Leah

    This concert is going to be fantastically amazing. What a wonderful chance to be able to attend!! Thank you! Hooray for the lucky winner :)

  171. Maria

    Gotta go to this!

  172. Jen

    Seriously cannot wait to go! Have been wanting to see Sarah, Jann and Bryan for ages! Can’t wait to see Hedley again!

  173. Shawna

    WOW an amazing line up for a very worthy cause; would LOVE to go!

  174. Adrienne

    perfect venue & great artists!

  175. Shira

    The school sounds like a great opportunity for youth. I would love to go to the show!! :)

  176. Such an amazing event! Would love to check it out :)

  177. Suze

    Will my “dreams” will come true?

  178. linda

    Sure sounds like a star-studded line up. Did I hear Bill Clinton?

  179. Karma

    It would be the best Birthday present ever to see Sarah and all the other great artists :) She has been my favorite artist for over 20 years…figures crossed I will win lol

  180. Elizabeth

    What a great concert line up and cause….I would be the most popular mom ever if I won these tickets for my daughter!!!

  181. Laura

    Would love to take my hubby to this! What a great line-up of musical talent!

  182. TaraLee Houston

    I would walk, ride, fly from Regina because going to Voices in the Park would be truly extraordinary! I would loooooooooooooooooooove to see Bryan Adams, Jane Arden, Stevie Nicks and my favourite female volcalist Sarah McLachlan live and in concert, plus being introduced to new artists all in beautiful Stanley Park this fall. I think Voices in the Park is a great way to raise funds for Sarah’s School of Music to support a wonderful worthwhile charity that gives children and youth the opportunity to follow their musical dreams!

  183. CLM

    It would be a nice gift for my lady if I win. She was laid off over1.5 months ago and has been struggling with finding work. We can’t afford to buy tickets but more than that she feels like loser. I would love to have her feel like a winner even if it’s for just one day sometimes one day is all it takes to change your point of view.

  184. Debbie

    Wow, this sounds amazing!! Would love to come over from the island for it!

  185. cheryl

    your a dream come true..thanks for all you inspiration and positive power Sarah and team!

  186. Alexey

    А че, я бы сходил, на Клинтона посмотреть…

  187. Mairi

    Sounds like a fancytastic line up.

  188. Donna

    Wow!! Now this is an event!!!! :o)

  189. Sonda Steinaway

    I live in Seattle and am going to get tickets to go. I love the cause and esp. Stevie Nicks. I can’t wait!

  190. denise

    Epic concert. Can’t wait! I hope the weather cooperates.

  191. Debi Sullivan

    This would be AWESOME to see…and what a wonderful cause!…

  192. Kristy Barlow


  193. Gale Pipe

    I saw Brian Adams at the PNE a couple years ago and oh how he put on a fabulous concert. Would love the opportunity to hear him sing live again. I love listening to the music of Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks, Jann Arden and Hedley and would also love to see them perform live. Although I’m not familiar with the other groups I would still love to hear them sing. What an experience this would be to hear so many well known singers in one event.

  194. Louise Davison

    It would be extremely exiting to see all the great entertainment and have a day out with a friend in the park. Pick me PLEASE.

  195. Cathy Nichols

    What a fabulous event for such a worthy cause. Good on you Sarah for choosing a cause to help our at risk youth in Vancouver. I’m familiar with many of these artists and would be so thankful to see them all perform live.

  196. Maria Monachini

    A great cause for our Youth. I would love to see Bryan Adams and Sarah M!!!

  197. Tania Shap

    The voices in my head tell me I shouldn’t miss this show! What a way to end Vancouver’s Summer!

    • Tania Shap

      BTW wrong email above..;)

  198. Lawrence

    It will be a great day in the park. A big thanks to Sarah McLachlan and all her work.

  199. Kari-Lynn Hatt

    It has been 15 years since I saw Sarah! And she rarely comes to the BC interior! And Stevie… Wow, What an event!

  200. Rebecca

    Would love to see Sarah!

  201. I love Brayn Adams and Bill Clinton, I would honestly love love LOVE to go to this show! And I always love anything that helps out kids with music!

  202. Mark c

    wow, would love to see this

  203. Good movie and good view! What a combination! I would love to go!!!!

  204. This sounds so amazing!

  205. Kerri

    How awesome is it that all of these performers come together for a great cause?! It would be a wonderful opportunity to be able to go!

  206. Taylor

    It would be a dream to go! Sarah, you’ve saved my life so many times! You’re an angel to all, and your generosity continues to inspire. Please, don’t ever stop.

  207. Susi

    Sarah is one of the true Canadian heroes and treasures – I would love to see and hear her and her fabulous cast. She truly inspires me and many of my friends.

  208. Diane

    Would love to see Stevie Nicks perform – it would be the perfect end to an amazing music-filled summer!

  209. Katie Pallen

    Named after the Anthony Browne book, Voices in the Park, maybe? Fabulous children’s book and fantastic looking concert. I hope I win!!! :)

  210. Grant Schlotter

    I love Sarah and Jan in particular although the whole show sounds like it will be a memorable one. Would LOVE to be a part of the energy!

  211. Frost

    will smile from ear to ear

  212. Alina

    oh i would love love love to go!

  213. Susan

    Can’t wait! Looks like a great event for a great cause!

  214. Rose Bennett

    Soooo…. Cool. It would be such a honor to have these guests in our city. So nice of them to come.

  215. Diane

    Wow…never seen such a lineup of artists together on one stage. Would be so excited to win these tickets. Going to be a concert to remember….and for a very worthy cause

  216. Tracy

    SARAH’S VOICE IS MY HAPPY PLACE! Would so love to go before I start chemo! Have a wonder-filled experience everybody! ~T~

  217. Jonathan

    This has a pretty good lineup, would love to win these tickets, it would be amazing for me to be at a live performance from Sarah Maclachlan, Bryan Adams, etc. *and* see Bill Clinton make an address/speech, all in the same event!

  218. Jerilyn

    Pick me! Love to go! I never been there before.

  219. Nabs

    Music meets service
    Celebrity meets purpose
    A fine opportunity to empower our citizens

  220. Car free day! How about ticket free day?!

  221. This would be so awesome and for a good cause, Good luck everyone!!!

  222. This would be so awesome, great performers and lots of fun!

  223. Sonia

    Such an amazing line-up! I would love to go!

  224. Christina Maria Morrison

    Lots of firsts ere for me…B.Adams was my first concert (w/Journey at the Tacoma Dome the day I had braces put on). Stevie was the first concert I ever saw with my parents. And, Sarah was the first and last concert that I was moved to tears at…she is amazing and a gift to the world!

  225. Ilona Oszadszky

    I would love to go! Such a great cause! Especially love that Bryan Adams will be performing!

  226. Charlotte

    Would love to see Sarah & Stevie perform.

  227. sabrina

    Would really love to go :)

  228. gina

    would love to see my favorite band Hedley while supporting a great cause on a beautiful day in a beautiful city!

  229. scotty

    First time I saw Bryan Adams was in 1982 (I believe) opening for BTO & Supertramp – and he still knows how to ROCK!!

  230. David Lu

    Wow! I’m sure glad I found this. I would love to see Bill Clinton. My dad always tells me of how great a president he was.

  231. Grace

    Music is love.

  232. Music is important… I am so glad that I can play my music, and with my friends… and we are able to give back to the community. Look for our accordions at Accordion Noir Festival, Word on the Street Festival and Heart of the City Festival.

    the Sarah McLachlan School of Music is doing good things in the world.

  233. Andrea

    Hi I would love these tickets! It will be a great event and outdoor music is always soothing. I think this is a great idea for her music school fundraising. Unfortunately, tickets start at 85 -so it would be lovely to receive them. Andrea

  234. Cristina G.

    Wonderful cause! Amazing talent line-up and I’m so glad they’re doing this @ the Park!

  235. rachelle

    great contest and cause! would love to go!!! :)

  236. Jayne

    Wow! looks like a amazing concert. I would love to go :)

  237. Greg

    would love to go!

  238. Arthur

    Great lineup, great cause. Would love to be a part of it.

  239. jasmine

    I woukd love to go. Such a great chafity supporting music and what A great line up.

  240. Andrina

    i would love love love to go to this. thank you for this offer.

  241. Chris C

    Would love to take my Mom. It will be a great concert if it is similar to West Van’s Summer Sessions with Sarah from a few years back!

  242. Richard Woo

    Hopefully I am not too late! Just found out about this! I would LOVE to take my girlfriend!

  243. Cass

    Looks great, would love to take my mom as her birthday present! Thanks!

  244. Laura

    What a great show this is going to be!

  245. Jildau

    Sounds really cool! I’d love to go :)

  246. Malia

    Thank you to Sarah for always making Vancouver and Canada proud! What a fantastic event for a wonderful cause. Support the Arts & Music – always!

  247. tracy

    such wonderful artists all in one place!

  248. cam bullis

    i want to go!

  249. vance

    How I wish ill be lucky. This gonna be a great present for my wife for her bday that day. She loves the line up of the stars. Praying for it!

  250. Theresa

    I don’t think I have ever been to a concert in my life, however, I would certainly break a habit of a lifetime and go to this one.

  251. Support this great fundraiser! Kids & the arts:)

  252. Olivia

    I would love to!

  253. Dani

    Sounds amazing! Fingers are crossed :)

  254. K

    I LOVE JANN!!!

  255. Colette Lynch

    Would love love love to go!

  256. If I’m lucky enough to win, I am taking my sweet husband. It would be an uplifting and fun experience for us to have together, before he undergoes major surgery. He’s losing a kidney to cancer and was just diagnosed a week ago.

  257. Mae

    I’d love to go to this! Sarah & Jann? My two fav Canadian singer/songwriters!

  258. Sandra

    I would love to go!

  259. Alexandra

    I saw Bryan Adams at the PNE a few years back. Great show! Would love to see him again and the other great artists!

  260. Dana-Leigh

    What a wonderful project! I would LOVE to take my mom to this gathering of passionate artists….Incredible lineup! :)

  261. Rick Basile

    over here. hey, over here.

  262. Robert

    I’d like to go!

  263. Heidi

    I love Sarah! She is not only an amazing artist but a wonderful human being. Her outreach program has helped many children.

  264. Heather

    Pick me!

  265. Stephanie M

    My husband and I are very new to the area and would love to go! Thanks!

  266. alan w

    Would love to go! Thanks!

  267. My DAD would love to go…thats who I would take if I won. Father Daughter outing in the Park.

  268. It would be a dream to see Bryan Adams! My very first cd I ever bought was from him when I was 10, and the Stanley Park & the Seawall I visit weekly – so this would be so amazing to win!

  269. Julie

    I am looking for a good reason to come to the city!! Pick ME

  270. Andrew K

    Seeing Stevie Nicks live would be a dream come true.

  271. Gjoa

    Cant wait to enjoy our Canadian Talent

  272. W. Leung

    Oh i’d love to go to this concert! Good luck to me!