Featured Vancouverite: Gary Lohin

Hometown: North Vancouver, British Columbia

How long have you been a Vancouverite? I’ve been a Vancouverite all my life. I was born and raised here.

My occupation is Brewmaster of Central City Brewers and Distillers/Red Racer beers. I have been professionally brewing since 1990, and homebrewing for 10 years prior to that. I am currently overseeing a major expansion of Central City Brewing, at a second nearby location, which will allow us to increase production and introduce new and cutting edge beers and spirits. Oh yes, I did say distillers! We are also adding two stills within our new facility to create some new and exciting distilled products such as whisky and gin. I think the next craft wave will come in the spirits market.

The best way to spend a Saturday night in the city:
Barbecuing and drinking beer with friends after I’ve finishing my mountain bike ride on Mt Seymour.

Favourite Vancouver bar:
My favourite bar in Vancouver is the Alibi Room. They have a huge draft selection of some of the best beers in North America and the world. They don’t scrimp on the food either, as they have a menu that compliments the beer when paired together. The staff there are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and I feel like family when I’m there.

Best way to spend $25 in Vancouver:
Give it to my kids so they get out of the house!

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