New Vancouver Attraction Lets you go zombie hunting

Photo credit: Zombies by IcedCoffee

Halloween may be more than a month away, but it’s never too early to go zombie hunting.

A new, 57-acre attraction in South Surrey is billing itself as an immersive, zombie-fighting experience.  Dressed up in tactical gear and armed with paint guns, you and your platoon must fend off wave after wave of the undead under the cover of thick forest.

And, judging from the photos, these aren’t your garden-variety, dress-up zombies.  The production is the work of local special effects master Ron McCall, who has worked in big-time horror and thriller flicks, according to a recent article in the Vancouver Sun.

Ghouls with bloodied and battered faces stalk you from every direction, while a soundtrack of gunfire, air raids and blood-curdling screams blares.  Smoke, pyrotechnics and splattered blood add to the chaos.

The highly scripted, 45-minute experience is more live theatre than paintball.  Combatants are part of a critical military mission to rescue a group of trapped scientists who are frantically trying to find a cure for the zombie plague.  After a briefing by a soldier, you and your troops are sent into battle, with limited ammunition and only the faintest idea of the zombie-filled mayhem that awaits in the Surrey forest.

Zombie Combat Zone starts this Friday, Sept. 14, and runs Thursdays through Sundays until Nov. 15 at Panther Paintball, located in Surrey at 19022 16th Ave.  Because of the vivid nature of the experience, participants must be 16 or older, unless accompanied by a parent.  Advance reservations are required at  A one-person tour is $95; but if you get a group together the price is as low as $50 per person for a group of 12.

If you’re looking for something a little less intense, you can also check out the Gauntlet of the Dead ($20 per person), which opens closer to Halloween.  It’s a tour through a zombie infested forest where “the only thing to do is survive till the end!”  Fun for the whole family!

Anyone been zombie hunting yet?  What did you think of it?  Let us know.

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16 Responses to New Vancouver Attraction Lets you go zombie hunting

  1. it’s all there :

  2. it’s all there :)

  3. Marissa

    Their website says its open year round with the exception of the christmas holidays… not just sept 14-nov 15

    • Mark

      Yes, Panther Paintball is open year round, but this special zombie experience/production is only on during Sept-Nov (Halloween timeframe).

    • Raina Spam

      The paintball place is year round, the zombie killing is only for a few weeks.

  4. Terry McCarthy

    Hey Chris, which one are you?

  5. Marissa

    an email I sent the website owner
    “I noticed that on your site in the FAQs it says that your are open for bookings year round however the article says it is only sept 14- nov 15th. Which I am assuming is a mistake on their parts however I just wanted to double check; is the Zombie Combat Zone itself open yearround? Or is it just that you can book ahead of time?”

    The reply ”
    Yeah that one got away from us…lol. No we are open year round except the holidays.

    Ron McCall

    Zombie Combat Zone”

    ^ Zombie combat zone <— Open year round.

  6. Realist

    Uh… so those actors are cool with getting shot in the eye with paintballs? I mean, only headshots count, so that might put this up there with all time shittiest jobs ever.

  7. Military Zombie

    Hey that second pic is from a commercial I did back in 2008 along with some good friends lol

  8. Jeff

    The concept of course seems pretty cool, my only real concern is the equipment they’ll give you.

    Ive done a lot of Mil. Sim paintball and Airsoft at panther and for me (and most of the guys I play with) the “Realism” of the experience ultimately comes down to our equipment.
    The better the equipment (uniform,gun, accessories) the more immersed you can get in your character.

    This is something that “Panther Paintball” has severely lacked conceptually. Panther’s rental package provides a paintball mask that fogs up almost immediately once you start breathing, and the “Tippman Rental” gun that your provided with neither looks like a gun, nor can it hit the broad side of a barn.

    Unfortunately Z.C.Z’s website doesn’t manage to dash my worries as they don’t have an example photo of what your provided Load Out is going to look like.
    The CBC video they have shows the owner using a Tippman TPX pistol so I’m hoping that Z.C.Z has its own equipment that is separate from Panthers.

    I’m less worried about my uniform because even though they suggest you wear black I’m personally planning to wear my MARPAT Camouflage, although I will be a bit PO’d if they wont let me play with it on.

    Understandably the FAQ clearly says your not allowed to bring your own gear as their probably trying to avoid people bringing their own “UN-Chronographed” guns and rubber machetes :) .

    Ultimately I really like the idea of this Zombie survival scenario and am actually planning to go with a few of the guys I play with, I just really hope the experience doesn’t come out feeling cheesy because of the equipment I have to use.

    • Jeff – Thanks for weighing in on some subtleties that I never even considered. I’m sure your comments will give serious paintballers some food for thought.

  9. According to this article (,0), the zombies make $17-$20 an hour. Shitty job, but at least they don’t get paid minimum wage for it.

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  11. This is a cool idea. I bet that makes for a fun job. I want to be able to say I work as a zombie. Even a part time one :))

  12. I like the makeup. I’m sure it takes them a lot to do that everyday. You have to appreciate their commitment.

  13. Actually I looking for “how to hunting zombie bravejournal” but your blog. It means your blog is on page one Google. Congratulation :)