New Forms Festival Sept 13 – 16

Meek Odyssey

Meek Odyssey performs at New Forms Festival 12. Photo credit: Meek Odyssey

Want your mind challenged, your third eye opened and your dancing feet stimulated?

The New Forms Festival, now in its 12th year, brings together musicians, visual artists and makers-of-things, including scientists, engineers and designers. All pool their resources, skills and knowledge for mind-blowing art installations and performances.

Where else can you see a Mixmaster repurposed as a drawing machine and catch a set by an influential UK DJ/producer?

Among the artists and work to watch for at this year’s New Forms Festival is Actress, a UK DJ/producer whose music is described as β€œmurky, minimal techno… programmed to suit afro-futuristic sounds of all persuasions.” Andres Wanner exhibits domestic devices (such as a Mixmaster) repurposed as drawing machines. Local band Meek Odyssey plays a set of electro-acoustic pop from their 2012 album Florid New Hymns.

And the French Electronic Music Showcase presents high-profile artists from France such as Canblaster, Kangding Ray and Pilooski.

Evy Jane press photo

Vancouver experimental R ‘n’ B duo Evy Jane performs at New Forms Festival 12. Photo credit: King Deluxe

For a full roster and schedule, visit the New Forms Festival website. For tickets, go here.

New Forms Festival 12 is held at the Masters of Digital Media building at the Centre for Digital Media campus on 577 Great Northern Way as well as the Waldorf Hotel and the New Brighton Special at New Brighton Park.


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