Zombie Fighting on the Streets of Downtown Vancouver, Oct 13-31

Photo credit: The Zombie Syndrome from the Virtual Stage

Are you ready to save Vancouver from a deadly zombie invasion?

Just in time for Halloween, a new attraction turns the audience into zombie fighters on the streets of Vancouver.  Described as an “interactive, site-specific theatre adventure,” the Zombie Syndrome puts you in the starring role in a quest to conquer the undead.

Here’s how it works.  The exact starting point of the show remains a secret until the day before, when ticket holders receive a phone call from a character in the story with instructions on when and where to meet.

Once assembled at the secret rendezvous point, you and your zombie fighting colleagues are briefed on the outbreak of a deadly virus that reanimates the dead.  Check out all the gory details here in this “Department of National Defence” public service announcement.

Then the fun really starts.  As stars of this unique theatre adventure, the audience must travel from site to site in downtown Vancouver, gathering clues and eluding zombies on a citywide scavenger hunt.

The interactive show makes use of smartphones and GPS technology.  Audience members must use their phones’ GPS to move from scene to scene, tracking down a renegade scientist’s mobile laboratory while avoiding the ravenous zombies lurking around every corner.  In other words, this is one piece of theatre where phones are not only allowed, they’re encouraged.

The Zombie Syndrome runs from Oct. 13-Oct. 31, with five shows a day starting in a secret downtown location.  It’s produced by the Virtual Stage, a Vancouver-based theatre company founded in 2000 and dedicated to using emerging technologies in theatre.    Tickets are $25 and can only be purchased online here.

Anyone planning on fighting off zombies on the streets of Vancouver?  Let us know below.

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