New Craft Beer Mega-Pub Opening in Vancouver

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Vancouver craft beer lovers have more to toast about this week.  A 14,000-square-foot, 350-seat “mega-pub” is scheduled open in Olympic Village‘s historic Salt Building next summer.

The Calgary-based Craft Beer Market, Restaurant + Bar will feature an incredible 140 beers on tap, making it the city’s biggest taproom, according to an article in the Vancouver Sun.  The focus will be on local beers, as well as lesser known brews from Europe and even the American Midwest.  A full three kilometres of draft lines will be required to service the 140 taps.

The new pub will be housed in the 1930 Salt Building, the iconic red warehouse in the heart of Vancouver’s Olympic Village that once served as a salt packing plant.  After being lovingly restored in the lead up to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the building has sat empty and unused since, with potential tenants repeatedly pulling out of contracts.

But with Olympic Village (officially known as the Village on False Creek) coming around, it seems the time is finally right to open the Salt Building for business.  Here’s why.  More than two-thirds of the 737 residential units that make up the new neighbourhood have now been bought, according to the Vancouver Sun.  In recent months, the village has come to life with the opening of an Urban Fare grocery store, London Drugs market and most recently the Tap + Barrel, a 12,000-square-foot gastropub that will now be up for some stiff competition.

Olympic Village is also home to what is claimed to be the province’s largest private liquor store, making it something of an emerging mecca for lovers of wine, beer and spirits.

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The new Craft Beer Market, Restaurant + Bar will focus on “premium casual” offerings, with an emphasis on regional, seasonal foods and beer (Not a terribly new concept in Vancouver, but it seems to be working for just about everyone else).  The venue will be divided up into a main restaurant area and private rooms for special functions.

What do you think about Vancouver’s newest craft beer mecca? Any suggestions for beers it should have on tap?  

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5 Responses to New Craft Beer Mega-Pub Opening in Vancouver

  1. Peter

    this is good.
    but hopefully residents in the area won’t be longing for the days when the village was a quiet ghost-town.
    be careful what you wish for, Nimby.

  2. Ano

    Isn’t the tap+barrel sufficient for that area?? The square currently provides a range of other places to eat as well. There was such an uproar when the building was about to be demolished. Have we forgotten? It’s a historic building, the restoration job looks great while maintaining a functional purpose. Seems like a great indoor holding for community events. What will happen to that opportunity? It does rain a bit here, an indoor venue for the square may be needed.

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  4. Brandon

    How about an update on the status of this place and its possible date for when it opens?!?! :)

  5. Darleen Merz

    When is opening day? We have been watching it being re done and are eager to try it out. It will be great to walk down and have a drink and not have to worry about driving.
    We live in the lovely Olympic Village.
    We look forward to a new eatery.