Vancouver in a Day – Flightseeing

When it comes to Vancouver flightseeing, the sky’s literally the limit.

So what’s the best, flight plan for your Vancouver and West Coast travels? Really, it all comes down to personal preference, though here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Floatplane and helicopter tours are roughly the same cost. They also both offer customized charters and regular transit service to Victoria and Vancouver Island.

Floatplanes are a classic form of maritime transportation, which is why they are so ubiquitous in Vancouver. The city is surrounded by water and throughout the daytime, the buzz of a floatplane is almost as common as the white noise from car traffic. And if you’re interested in visiting remote rivers or lakes for fishing, hunting or camping, a floatplane chartered tour will be a good investment of your travel dollars.

Mountain culture is a huge part of the lifestyle in Vancouver and helicopters are the ultimate way to travel through and land on the peaks, snowfields and glaciers just north of Vancouver.

Flying in a helicopter is like flying in a giant basket. For charters and regular transit service between cities, they can fly through rough weather without as much turbulence, which makes them well-suited to rough-weather travel in the winter and spring.

For more information on our floatplane tour, contact Harbour Air (

For more information on our helicopter tour, contact Helijet (

Cinematography: Rami Mikhail
Hosts: Sean Horlor, Steve Adams

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