Best Sports bar in Vancouver? You make the call!

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The NHL may still be locked out, but the NFL and CFL seasons are heating up and NBA action is just starting.  For Vancouver sports lovers who enjoy a brew, wings and the company of cheering fans, this means one thing: the search for the perfect sports bar is on.

I’ve searched high and low, and I still haven’t found a truly great sports bar in the city – a place that brings together all the ingredients needed for a perfect game night.  So I’d like to turn this over to you.

What’s the best sports bar in Vancouver and why?  Please share your favourites below. 

So just what goes into the perfect sports bar?  The way I see it, there are a few key elements:

  • Screen Space: Let me start with the obvious.  A good sports bar has to have big screen TVs – lots of ’em.  Every seat in the house needs to be a good seat, with a clear view of the action.  And in 2012, it’s just no longer acceptable to be showing the game on grainy projection screens.  HDTVs are the only way to go.  
  • Beer: Another no brainer.  There are really two issues here.  First, a wide selection of beer – including lots of local craft brews – is essential.  The days are long gone when fans were happy slurping down Kokanee and Canadian.  Second, a decent beer special is also important.  $10 pitchers? In Vancouver, that would be a dream.

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  • Pub grub: I’m not asking for gourmet fare, but frozen chicken fingers and some stale nachos heaped with processed cheese isn’t going to cut it.  The ideal menu should feature fresh (not frozen) burgers, chicken wings that actually have some meat on them and – just maybe – some juicy ribs.
  • Atmosphere: This is the most elusive of all the factors.  It’s almost easier to define what a sports bar shouldn’t feel like.  It shouldn’t be pretentious – all dark and stylish like a club.  That’s fine for after-hours, but no one wants to get dressed up to watch the game.  But it also shouldn’t be a total dive.  Dive bars have their place in any city, but most people want to watch a game in a comfortable, clean setting where there’s no lip marks on the pint glasses.

So far, I haven’t been able to find a sports bar that brings all of these elements together.  But I know it’s out there.

If you’ve got a favourite sports bar in Vancouver, please let us know below.  

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