Featured Attraction of the Week: Britannia Mine Museum (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

photo: Britannia Mine Museum

Back by popular demand, Inside Vancouver has relaunched the “Featured Attraction of the Week” series. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a different Vancouver attraction and will be giving away free tickets to our readers. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment.

The Britannia Mine Museum is the real thing – an authentic mine transformed into an award winning National Historic Site. It is the only place in BC where you can go from Sea to Sky to under the earth. Join your guide turned miner aboard a mine train and rumble into a dark portal to 100 years ago.

Clever exhibits, films and artifacts uncover the stories of a once bustling community. It was the largest copper mine in the then, British Empire. Today, the Britannia Mine Museum opens up a little-seen world that fascinates all ages. Every visit includes gold panning with the chance to take home frequent findings. With consistent rave reviews from visitors on Trip Advisor, this unique attraction is a must-do! Located mid-way between Vancouver and Whistler on the Sea to Sky highway.

Contact Information:
Britannia Mine Museum
PO Box 188
Britannia Beach, BC V0N 1J0
Toll free: 1-800-896-4044 and press 0
Local: 1-604-896-2233 and press 0
Fax: 1-604-896-2260

Tours: Please click here for tour times.

Events: Please click here for event information.

Getting Here:
They are located in the coastal community of Britannia Beach, on the beautiful Sea to Sky Highway (Highway 99), 45 minutes north of Vancouver, just south of Squamish and approximately 45 minutes south of Whistler.

To get here from Vancouver, follow the Upper Levels Highway to Horseshoe Bay, follow the signs to Squamish/Whistler and keep driving. They are 5 minutes past the Furry Creek Golf Resort and well signposted once in Britannia Beach.

The Greyhound Bus Line offers several departures daily from downtown Vancouver and several departures daily from Britannia Beach back to Vancouver. Please check with Greyhound through their website: www.greyhound.ca or at 1-800-661-8747.

We’re giving away a Flexible Family Membership – Good for unlimited visits for one full year for up to 2 adults and 3 kids (18yrs and under) – The flexibility allows an adult member to bring any adult family or friend, and any 3 children. All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select a winner at noon on Friday, November 16th and notify the winner by email.

Updated Friday, November 16th: Congratulations Vera! You are the lucky recipient of a Flexible Family Membership to the Britannia Mine Museum – Good for unlimited visits for one full year for up to 2 adults and 3 kids (18yrs and under) – The flexibility allows an adult member to bring any adult family or friend, and any 3 children. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. Be sure to check back next Monday for a new Featured Attraction of the Week!

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84 Responses to Featured Attraction of the Week: Britannia Mine Museum (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Paul

    Love the mine train

    • Liz

      We’ve been here a couple of times but my eldest two would love to go more. They love the gold panning and the train ride!

  2. Massimo

    that looks wonderful!!! How come I have never heard about it? Is it something not so publicized or what?
    Definitely on my “to-go” list….

  3. Joanne

    I saw the Britania Mine on the way to go Whistler but I didn’t know that there are train and things can see. I love to visit and I am sure my son will love it. Even I am not a tourist, I get lots of good information from here. Thank you for making such a wonderful website. I love it!!

  4. Allison

    I totally want to go to the mine museum! Woohoo!

  5. Brenda Chiu

    Like the new look. If I win this time, I will use this membership to bring my family and friends to enjoy this museum.

  6. Sandy Resendes

    I am looking forward to visiting Britannia Mine and to sharing the experience with family and friends from Ontario and Alberta.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  7. Claudia Blakemore

    Have always wanted to go, and would love to share this with family and friends!

  8. bogdan

    We’ve never been there.

  9. Michelle K

    I haven’t been since I was a kid. Would love to go again with my daughter.

  10. Greg Peter

    A spectacular step into the remarkable past of our province!

    The scale of the building and machinery alone are enough to leave both toddlers and seasoned travellers in awe…

    The tour of the mine placed us firmly in the shoes of the men who carved out the corridors and our three toddlers were fascinated by all of the tactile attractions.

    We would love to spend more time exploring – the kids can’t wait to get their grandparents on the train!

  11. KW

    Oooh! I would love to take my nephew to see the Britannia Mine Museum!

  12. I want to go down the mine!

  13. Cassie

    Never been but would love to check it out and bring different people each time!

  14. Sandra

    What a treat for the family! We’ve never been. Thanks for the chance!

  15. rossie

    Would love to go see this place with my 2 kids :)

  16. nikki

    Def looks like a fun place to check out!
    Especially for this new Vancouver transplant! :)

  17. Charlie W

    ALways pass it on the way to / from Whistler and always say “we should go there sometime”

  18. Ange

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would to have it for my sister’s family!

  19. A great prize to win, I would rotate who I would bring. I would make sure to put my friends with kids on the top of my list, they live on such a strict budget.

  20. Jason

    I would love to see this mine. Never been to one in my life and this looks a fun and educational attraction for the family. Well worth checking out.

  21. Kellie

    What a great prize! I haven’t been there in years!

  22. Charlene Courtman

    I’ve been wanting to visit here for some time! Please pick meeeeeeeee!!!

  23. kim legault

    Both my grandfather’s were miners.I would love to see this!

  24. Kristen belong

    Totally would love to bring my son to this

  25. Darlene

    have seen this on the way to Whistler but have never stopped…should for sure

  26. Charlotte

    We have always said we’d take the kids every time we pass by. This will force us to finally go!! Can’t wait.

  27. Bonita Li

    Never encounter a underground mine in my entire life, love to see something new and experience the adventure!

  28. Judy Westacott

    This location has been on my “Got to Do” list for over 20 years. I can’t wait to explore the mines!! What a great contest!

  29. I loved it! Would like to go again!

  30. Gina

    Never been before! Would love to try!!

  31. daniella

    Woow thats amazing! I wanna go!!
    I just moved to BC and it seems like a great adventure! Even if i dont win i will try my best to visit this place! :)

    Good luck everyone!!

  32. Hanka

    On my list of places to visit – would love to win tickets!

  33. Jolene

    LOVE the Brittannia Mine, my son loves the giant dump truck. Def worth a visit!

  34. Franzi

    wow, this flexible thing is a good idea!

  35. Vera

    Always wanted to visit the museum on my way to Whistler

  36. Jessie

    I really want to visit~~

  37. Sam marriott

    We passed this place on the way back from Whistler and where wondering what it was. It looks excellent!

  38. Carrie

    Sounds fun! Want to check it out!!

  39. Shawn de Jong

    Have never been to this attraction. would love to go

  40. June

    would love to visit!

  41. lc

    havent been – love to go!

  42. Vivian

    I have never been there and I would like to go there with my family!

  43. Erin

    We visited the mine 20 years ago on our way to our honeymoon in Whistler and would love to bring our teens on a tour to see what has changed! Great contest!

  44. Johanna

    This sounds like a great family day trip!

  45. Corinne

    I recently moved to BC and I have passed the mine on my way to Whistler one day. I would love to check it out!

  46. Kestutis

    It would be nice to visit this amazing museum! :)

  47. Eugene

    My boys will be thrilled to visit the mine!

  48. James Inglis

    I have always wanted to be able to visit the mine.

  49. Jamillia

    Looks cool! Haven’t actually checked out this attraction yet

  50. Jodi M

    I hadn’t heard of this place or seen it while searching for things to do on our Vancouver trip.
    Will put it on the to do list for the next one!
    This is a great idea posting one new attraction, just wish it was more often than every Monday!

  51. Eleanor

    Would love to see this Vancouver attraction!

  52. TM

    Cool, that’s a great offer. I’ve never been, always drove by.

  53. I visited the museum in 1992 and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I would love to see the changes & learn more about the history.

  54. MrsF

    My son went with his school and is eager to go back! I have never been myself and would love to check it out.

  55. sneh

    would like to go visit the mine and see what it was like to be working in the mine

  56. Alicia P

    Would love to win this

  57. Naomi

    my kids would LOVE it if I won this!!

  58. Tony

    Passed by it a few times, but never got to visit it. It’s probably about time for a visit.

  59. Stephen

    I’d love to go! :)

  60. Mark

    This is awesome!

  61. Becs

    Would like to stop in and check it out :)

  62. Vincent

    Good to know such a great place near Vancouver. I hope my friends and I could visit there somedays. We are international students from Vietnam.

  63. KY

    Awesome package!

  64. Kim

    Always wanted to go to the mine museum

  65. My husband and I recently moved to Vancouver from Los Angeles, and have driven past the mine museum on our way to visit Whistler. Riding the mine train would be a blast, especially with a headlamp!

  66. Anita

    I remember going here when I was in school! The dripping water from the roof and the REALLY loud drills stand out in my memory. Looking forward to taking my kids

  67. Kyle

    Looking forward to the mine.

  68. Vivian Guan

    Amazing! I love this place! I’ve been here 3 times!

  69. Michael Pinter

    This place is great! Panning for them gold. ;)

  70. You had me at Underground Train Ride!
    The little boy in me already has his Choo-Choo Hat on! :)
    I`ll bring the bells and whistles!

  71. Yvonne

    Love this museum!

  72. Robert

    I go every year with 20 noisy children and two stressed out adults. Would be nice to go by myself, a friend AND NO KIDS :)

  73. Robyn

    My son loves the mine! Especially the tunnels!

  74. Hana

    Would love to visit!

  75. Nancy

    I’d love to check out the mine museum!

  76. Pawel

    The underground train sounds totally cool!

  77. Lydia

    I love this place!

  78. Marissa

    I’ve driven past the mine and meant to go, but somehow I’ve actually never been!

  79. Vaiduts

    Did not know that there is such thing here, now it’s in my wish list. Keep fingers crossed that I will get these tickets and see it soon!

  80. Christelle

    We have never been but I’m sure my two kids would love it.
    Fingers crossed!

  81. Kimberly

    Hi I am posting to see if I am eligible to win tickets since I am going up to Canada for Christmas and New Years fro the first time ! :)

  82. linda

    Awesome place to visit with kids or adults.

  83. Jenny

    I would love to share this with my kids and husband. What a great family outing!!! A truly memorable family experience to talk about for years!!!
    Love the idea of having an opportunity to do this with the whole family!!!
    Good luck to everyone who has entered!!!!