Inside Vancouver’s Arts and Entertainment: The Vancouver Recital Society

Concert Pianist Behzod Abduraimov, Photo Credit:

The Vancouver Recital Society (VRS) carefully crafts seasons of recitals that provide variety, entertainment and an undeniable high calibre of talent.  Whether it’s a young, fiery-fingered concert pianist, or a seasoned veteran of the violin, the VRS celebrates and showcases performances fit for music lovers of all types.

Going to a VRS concert might seem a little intimidating.  Sitting in a concert hall surrounded by chamber music admirers and watching a single performer illuminated by a spotlight might make you afraid to cough or even switch leg positions.  Not the case at a VRS performance.

If you’ve never been to a recital or chamber music performance, a concert with the VRS is a great place to start.  The artists play at a few of the best venues in the city: the Orpheum Theatre, the Vancouver Playhouse and the Chan Centre for Performing Arts.  It’s also a great feeling be in such a vibrant atmosphere full of people excited about music.

To make recitals and chamber music more accessible to a younger audience, the VRS has the Ru35 program.  Anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 can check out a VRS performance for just $18.  They don’t make you wear an evening gown or a tuxedo, or give you seats in the nosebleed section, they don’t limit what kind of performance you can attend, and you don’t have to go by yourself – you can bring a guest of any age.

VRS also has a Youth Club which reaches out to an even younger audience and caters to students between grades 1 and 12.  The club is a great way for music students and kids to get excited and discover new music.

Their next show is on November 25th at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts and features Stephen Hough, a concert pianist.  They have several upcoming concerts that feature pianists, cellists and guitarists – all ranging in age and experience, and are all crazy talented.

Keep an eye out when you’re strolling around Vancouver, hopping on the sky train or waiting for the bus.  You might see a plain black poster board drawing attention to a shiny, heart-shaped brass instrument.  That’s the VRS letting people know that they are passionate about sharing music in Vancouver.

To purchase tickets for the Stephen Hough show, or any of their other upcoming concerts, visit their website.

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