Inside Vancouver’s Arts and Entertainment: The Orpheum Theatre

Photo Credit: Vancouver Bach Choir

As one of Canada’s oldest concert halls, the Orpheum Theatre is rich with performance and history.

The Orpheum was built in 1927 for just $1 million dollars, and has been designated as a National Heritage Site.  A trip to the Orpheum is a definite way to learn about BC’s history.  Located right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the Orpheum boasts spectacular architecture and great acoustics from any seat.

Inside, the Orpheum is as lavish as can be: fabric-lined walls, intricate chandeliers and wall fixtures, beautiful tiling, mood-fitting lighting, tapestries and and endless supply of art work.  Every inch of the Orpheum is photo worthy.

Walk along the sidewalk surrounding the Theatre and you’ll come across BC’s Entertainment Hall of Fame star walk.  These stars pay tribute to some of BC’s finest performers.  The Starwall gallery on the second floor of the Orpheum also pays tribute to BC’s Hall of Famers.

Residents of the The Orpheum are the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Vancouver Bach Choir and the Vancouver Chamber Choir.  This holiday season, The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Bach Choir are teaming up as part of VSO’s holiday concert series to perform the Canadian premiere of John Adams’ El Niño, which has been known as a modern take on Handel’s classic, Messiah.

El Niño will be performed on Saturday, December 15th.  Tickets can be purchased online. For upcoming events and performances, visit the Orpheum Theatre’s calendar.


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3 Responses to Inside Vancouver’s Arts and Entertainment: The Orpheum Theatre

  1. ada

    A night at the theatre is great. Nothing beats a live performance and the sense of history in a place like this.

  2. I love old theatres. Just think of all the amazing shows they’ve seen

  3. I would donate a lot of money to preserve old, historical building. They give the town a special feeling that modern buildings simply don’t provide.