February Food Truck Fest – Double the Food Trucks at Vancouver Farmers Markets All February

Photo credit: Yolk’s Breakfast Food Truck

Attention Vancouver eaters. Although Street Food City II has just ended, Vancouver’s food trucks just keep on trucking – collaborating on more exciting opportunities for diners in search of food cart pods.

Vancouver Farmers Markets is hosting its first ever February Food Truck Fest. All February, you’ll find double the usual number of food trucks at the Winter Farmers Market, held Saturdays from 10am to 2pm at Nat Bailey Stadium.

Buttermilk pancakes and maple whipped cream from Yolk’s Breakfast. Panko-breaded fish and Kennebec chips from Feastro. Fig and chickpea tagine from Ze Bite. Comforting congee from JJ’s. Try them all and weigh in.

February Food Truck Fest is a food truck audition. Vancouver Farmers Market shoppers are invited to vote on their favourite food trucks and the most popular will be invited to join the roster as regulars at the busy summer markets. There are two categories to vote on: “Best Market Menu Item” and “Best of the New Recruits.”

Get the full list of participating food trucks after the jump.


Participating Food Trucks at February Food Truck Fest

  • Yolk’s Breakfast: Irresistible locally-sourced breakfast/brunch options including bennys, buttermilk pancakes, fried chicken waffles and truffle hash brown skewers.
  • Blue Smoke BBQ: Blue Smoke’s tag line is “Low and Slow on the Go” because their pork is smoked for almost 16 hours.
  • Chilitank: “The best mobile chili tank in town!” Try chili served hot from a 1943 military soup kitchen.
  • Crêperie La Bohème: Sweet and savoury buckwheat crepes served on-site from a charming gypsy caravan.
  • Slavic Rolls: Slavic Rolls offers a great tasting pastry, made fresh in front of customers.
  • Eli’s Serious Sausage: Eli serves up premium sausages handmade with B.C. pork and all natural ingredients.
  • Feastro – The Rolling Bistro: Feastro is the famous purple truck with the  award winning seafood tacos, fish & chips, salads and chowders.
  • Vij’s Railway Express: Celebrity chef Vikram Vij’s latest venture brings his creative Indian cuisine to the streets.
  • JJ’s Trucketeria: The brightest yellow food truck you’ve seen yet, serving seasonal creations made from scratch with a unique cultural mix of flavours.
  • Le Tigre: Chinese street food with a West Coast concept.
  • Old Country Pierogi: Old Country Pierogi serves homemade pierogies (regular and gluten-free!) with sweet and savoury fillings.
  • Pig on the Street:  Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. And sustainability.
  • Taser Grilled Cheese: Serving upgraded and innovative takes on an old favorite.
  • The Kaboom Box: The Kaboom Box is dedicated to local and sustainable food. They specialize in salmon and oysters and also make a mean poutine with gravy made from local mushrooms.
  • Transylvania Fresh: Delicious homemade pork-stuffed and vegetarian cabbage rolls.
  • Ze Bite: Vancouver’s premier French cuisine food truck featuring delicious stews and specialty sandwiches made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients.

Vancouver Winter Farmers Market takes place Saturdays 10am to 2pm at Nat Bailey Stadium – 4601 Ontario Street. There will be covered seating and live music for February Food Truck Fest.

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  1. Those waffles look delicious!

  2. Anne Smithen

    This is definitely an awesome idea, I am thrilled! I didn´t know there was something like this in Vancouver. Especially the homemade gluten free pierogies just sound amazing! I have wanted to learn how to make them for a long time now so I have decided to take up cooking classes. For all the other food lovers, feel free to join me in one of the best cooking classes which are offered in our city!

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