The True Heroines red carpet, live cabaret show and screening

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Fans of Canadian television and film are in for a treat this Tuesday. Sociable Films will be screening the first season of its web series The True Heroines at the Rio Theatre. The original series is stacked with multi-talented Canadian performers, who you’ll surely recognize from programs like Supernatural, Fringe, Arctic Air and many more. While the show doesn’t go live online until March 27th, the Rio premier will give the audience an advanced screener of all six episodes of Season 1, as well as a chance to see some bold-faced Canadian names on the red carpet event.

The True Heroines is a sci-fi musical “dramedy” originally produced for the web. The lead actors, Fiona Vroom (Supernatural, Tower Prep), Jovanna Huguet (Package Deal, Mr.Young) and Paula Giroday (Once Upon a Time, Fringe) play 1950s former cabaret dancers turned housewives who hold superhuman powers. They’re on a mission to bring down the evil corporation who cursed them with their powers.

The series also features apperances by some of Vancouver’s busiest actors, including Ali Liebert (Bomb Girls), Neil Grayston (Warehouse 13, Eureka), Daniel Cudmore (Twilight Saga, X-Men), Leah Gibson (Arctic Air) and Brendan Penny (Motive).

The True Heroines required that performers be certified triple threats as the show involves a lot of singing, dancing and of course, acting chops. These skills will be showcased at Tuesday’s event, as there will be a live performance, choreographed by dancer Joel Sturrock (Hellcats, Gunless).

So get ready for some old-fashioned Hollywood-style entertainment, right here in Vancouver. Oh, and those attending are asked to wear their red carpet best – so don’t be shy to dress your best.

The True Heroines red carpet, live cabaret show and screening takes place Tuesday, March 12 at The Rio Theatre, 1660 E. Broadway
Red carpet starts at 6:30 p.m., screening at 8 p.m.
Tickets are $20 in advance can can be purchased here

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