Light Vancouver’s Olympic Cauldron for $5,000

Photo credit: IBSurfer91932 | Flickr

Photo credit: IBSurfer91932 | Flickr

Visitors to the Vancouver Convention Centre last Friday may have noticed an unusual sight.

The city’s Olympic cauldron, generally snuffed since the close of the 2010 Games, was burning bright once again.  Flames burst from the tips of the four giant icicles that make up the sculpture, which sits on Jack Poole Plaza adjacent the Convention Centre.

Alas, the ignition was short-lived.  The cauldron had been re-lit to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Club in British Columbia.  After a few hours, the icicles went dark once more.

But not to worry.  

A little research shows that B.C. Pavilion Corporation, the crown corporation that manages Vancouver Convention Centre, is regularly reigniting the flame in conjunction with celebrations and other events at the facility.

A spokesperson quoted in a recent CBCNews article explained how the process works: “The minimum charge is $5,000 for up to four hours, calculated from the time the cauldron is lit until it is extinguished. An administrative fee of 5 per cent is also applied. This fee covers all cauldron-related expenses.”

All things considered, it’s hardly a bad price for a moment of Olympic glory.  In addition to the Rotary celebration, the flame was recently lit for the opening of the new Cactus Club restaurant on top of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The unique cauldron – consisting of four glass and steel arms – was built for the 2010 Games to reflect the theme of fire and ice.  It was constructed by FortisBC, the private natural gas and electric company, in conjunction with the Olympic committee.

Vancouverites will no doubt recall that the cauldron was first lit by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, after his somewhat chaotic ride through downtown Vancouver in the back of a pickup truck during the opening ceremony of the Games.

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