Khatsahlano! Free Summer Street Festival Announces Line-Up of 50 Vancouver Bands

Khatsahlano! 2012

Khatsahlano! 2012

Khatsahlano! Music & Arts Festival, which takes place every summer in the beachfront Kitsilano neighbourhood, is a hotly-anticipated Vancouver summer event. Why? It’s a big free street party with live music all day.

This year, Khatsahlano! takes place Saturday, July 13. Kitsilano’s main shopping drag (West 4th Avenue between Burrard and MacDonald) will close to car traffic and 50 local bands will get on stage and do their thing. The 80,000+ spectators who camp out will be reminded of the Kitsilano of yore; in the 1960s Kitsilano was Vancouver’s hip, counterculture enclave and the go-to spot for concerts.

Khatsahlano! organizers have just announced the 2013 band line-up. If you’re into the Vancouver music scene, you’ll want to check out the well-curated list before you make summer travel plans. If you’re visiting town in July, this is a must-attend event.

Grant McDonagh, owner of Zulu Records, Kitsilano’s premier destination for music and concert tickets, has joined forces with the Waldorf Productions crew Arrival Agency and brand.LIVE to produce the musical component of the festival. And it’s going to be good.

Folks are particularly excited about hot Vancouver bands including Gold & Youth, No Sinner, Brasstronaut and The Pack A.D.  Find the full list after the jump.

The crowd at Khatsahlano! 2012

The crowd at Khatsahlano! 2012

Khatsahlano Music & Arts 2013 Festival Band Line-Up

The Pack A.D. / Brasstronaut / Gold & Youth/ Rich Hope & His Blue Rich Rangers / No Sinner / Cyclist / Longwalkshortdock / Evy Jane / The Vicious Cycles / Portage & Main / The Peak Performance Project Top Twenty / Christopher Smith / Koban / Village / Johnny De Courcy / The Gay Nineties / The Bonitos / Twin River / Gal Gracen / Rococode / War Baby / Sabota James / Younger / La Chinga / Sunshine / Chapel Sound / Blind Horses / The Katy Kurdyak Band / Cowards / Lié Needs / Bre Mcdaniel / Victoria / Corban / Skye Wallace / Killing Time / Jess Cullen

On June 11, Khatsahlano! organizers will announce 20 more bands: the Top 20 finalists from the 2013 Peak Performance Project.

Khatsahlano! takes place Saturday, July 13 from 11am to 9pm on West 4th Avenue between Burrard and MacDonald, In addition to 50 bands, expect food carts. shopping and other street performances. Entry and live music are free.

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